Udemy Vs Lynda (LinkedIn Learning) 2023: Is Udemy Better Than Lynda?

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Udemy is an online learning platform which offers technical and non technical along with certificate after the completion of the courses.

Lynda helps you to achieve your personal and professional goals. Join LinkedIn Learning today to get access to thousands of courses. Lynda is now LinkedIn Learning.

  • Easy to use
  • Support
  • Reliable
  • Budget Pricing
  • Value For Money
  • Great Instructor
  • Project based learning
  • Support
  • Ease of use
  • Value For Money
  • The count of beginner lessons for certain languages is quite
  • You are also free to learn intermediate to advanced subjects
  • Udemy targets a large audience from all domains.
  • Some courses and free and they offer regular discounts on ma
  • Udemy offers a low price per course.
  • Accessible
  • Cheap price model
  • Wide range of available subjects
  • Technical content is surface-level at best.
  • Great platform for engaging.
  • Assessing the quality of a course is difficult.
  • Due to different teaching methods, you’ve to pause the video
  • Very basic not very feature-rich.
  • Sometimes the platform hangs up a bit.
Ease of Use

When you have a look at the landing page of Udemy, you will realize that it is quite straightforward.

Once you visit Lynda’s homepage, you will notice a few main courses and subjects which can be previewed.

Value For Money

Udemy has a few free courses in addition to paid courses. The courses could range anywhere between $20 to $200 with increments of $5 in between.

Users get a free trial on this platform for a period of ten days. Once the trial period is complete, you can choose any plan for yourself.

Customer Support

Customer Support 24*7

Customer Support 24*7

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Looking for an unbiased Udemy vs Lynda comparison. We’ve got you covered.

The main differences between Uddemy Vs Lynda are:

Udemy is a one-of-a-kind online education platform. They self-identify as a “course marketplace.” Udemy provides teachers with an open platform to build and advertise their courses. The courses are then assessed on a five-star scale by online students, resulting in an educational meritocracy.

Coursera, in comparison to Udemy, provides a considerably more curated online learning experience. Their learning platform features courses and degree programs developed by some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and academic institutions, including Duke, Stanford, Penn State, and the University of Michigan. Each course is taught by a member of the institution’s faculty.

These days, it is not just convenient but also a necessity to get the environment of a classroom right into your home. Online course providers that offer learning techniques like practice exercises as well as lectures like Udemy vs Lynda ensure that the classes can be accessed anytime and anywhere, wherever internet access is available. They make it possible for students to study and learn either at work, at home, or even in a coffee shop. 

The content of both Udemy, as well as Lynda, focuses on adult-aged people with experience in the industry. It enables customers to gain knowledge on their own time with minimum investment.

So which platform is better – Udemy or Lynda? This review will look into the offerings of each platform and give you an idea of which platform will enhance and improve your educational development.

Udemy Vs Lynda 2023 | Which One Is The Best? 

🚀Bottom Line Upfront: Udemy vs Lynda


With over 55 million active students, Udemy is the world’s largest learning marketplace and our preferred option over Lynda. It gives anyone the opportunity to learn and teach in a dynamic setting. Courses on Udemy are meant to educate you on how to put a variety of skills and information into practice.

You won’t have to waste time looking for the proper course ever again. Any skill may be learned in a fraction of the time it takes now. All of the courses are taught by world-class instructors. Udemy offers a wide range of course selections for everyone from beginners to experts, as well as support and direction as you work toward your objectives.


Lynda is a training program that teaches you how to excel in your career with an online business, design, and technology courses. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the web and how it works.

Lynda is for people who want to start their own business or expand their online presence. You get to create something unique and special with Lynda.

Udemy Vs Lynda: Overview


Udemy is popularly known as an online as well as a global marketplace for learning as well as teaching wherein student can enhance their skills in different fields. Learners focus on certain skills and opt for interactive classes that help in achieving their long-term goals. Udemy has quite an extensive library wherein registered users find about 4500+ courses offered by expert trainers. 

Udemy Vs Lynda - Udemy

The course material is given by way of interactive videos sometimes, however, a few topics are covered with some additional articles. Users can access courses on Udemy through a mobile app that is user-friendly.

Learners can obtain active support from a few professionals of Udemy via the mobile app or the official website. This learning site mainly focuses on offering a platform where people can teach and learn about a certain topic. Udemy allows people to register on the platform and create a course on their own which can be sold at a profit. Once you complete a course, you will not get college credit.

Lynda (LinkedIn Learning)

Lynda is quite a popular platform for online learning and it has a very big user base from different organizations all over the world. They offer classes on skill development in subjects like software, business development, and technology, and they also cover many creative topics.

Udemy Vs Lynda - Lynda

Lynda is an online platform that was designed to help learners in achieving their professional along with personal goals easily. This platform has been active for the last 20 years and at present, about 10000 or more organizations are benefiting from the online training system offered by Lynda. The tutorials can be accessed in five languages like English, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German.

Lynda Reviews

Udemy Vs Lynda: Course


On this platform, the very popular course topics are entrepreneurship, arts, health, business, academics, fitness, music, technology, language, etc. The users can get access to about 42000 courses or more on this amazing platform of online learning.

The best part about this platform is that the courses can be taught in about 48 distinct languages. Now, the platform Udemy follows a standard video duration that lies between 2-30 minutes. 

 Udemy Vs Lynda - Course

A lot of the demo videos on Udemy are less than 2 minutes. Also, there are courses on Udemy which offer a certificate of completion, which might not add much value to your resume. Udemy’s courses might also offer credit toward the technical certification.  A few courses can be a lot cheaper or could be free as well, depending on the course teacher.


This platform is popular for a lot of creative topics such as photography, graphic designing, creative writing, etc. There are, approximately, about 5467 courses on this platform. The majority of these courses are being taught in English whereas people could also choose topics in 3 more languages such as German, Spanish, and French.

Udemy Vs Lynda - Course

On this platform, many videos range from just seconds to minutes. The videos on this platform are not very lengthy and comprehensive. The courses in Lynda do offer a certificate in skill development. 

Udemy Vs Lynda: Membership and Access


When you buy a course on Udemy, you do not have any timeframe to complete this course. Once you pay for a course, you are provided lifetime access to this course and its material. This is quite convenient as people can learn and complete the course at a time that is convenient and at their own pace. They need not hurry and rush with the course in order to complete it. 

Once, the pressure of timelines is eliminated, the user will learn a lot better and have a great learning experience. Udemy’s goal is to provide a service that makes sure unlimited learning is offered in a very accessible manner. The platform also has an application for Android as well as iPhone users. Remember that in Udemy, the one-time purchase is the mode of payment – you can buy a course and get lifetime access to that course.


Lynda is a platform that works on subscriptions. They give you a trial of 30 days and you can try out the platform. In case you are interested, you could opt for the Monthly Subscription. Once you have this subscription, you can access about 12,000+ courses in 5 languages – Japanese, German, English, French, and Spanish. A subscriber can access unlimited courses. Every week, there are new classes added and this offers customers a lot of variety as well as unlimited skill learning.

Instructors Comparison:


On this platform, in case a person has valuable content for a course, then they can get enrolled into this platform as an instructor or trainer easily. The professionals on this platform will check the content and approve the course, post which it will be made available to the learners in case it is of good quality.

Udemy Vs Lynda - Instructor

Udemy is a platform that gives instructors from all over the world open access. Also, there is a particular plan for the course requirement, the revenue share, and the format of videos, which is quite easy to understand. The courses can be uploaded by the instructors on their own whenever it is needed.


In this online learning platform, becoming an instructor is quite a complicated task as the platform is very particular regarding skills and qualities. A form can be filled out online and you can send across a video lecture to the experts of Lynda

Lynda Authors

People are not provided information regarding the process of becoming an instructor on this platform. Once your application is processed and approved, you will be given the rules of the platform.

Pricing Plans Comparison: Udemy Vs Lynda


Udemy has a few free courses in addition to paid courses. The courses could range anywhere between $20 to $200 with increments of $5 in between. You can also get some special discounts on the courses. Many times instructors do offer coupons on their courses to attract the learners to their course.

Udemy or Coursera - Udemy Pricing Plan

So you could get a course costing $200 at almost half the price or lesser. Also, before you purchase any course on this platform, you can get access to some videos of the instructor free of cost.


Users get a free trial on this platform for a period of ten days. Once the trial period is complete, you can choose any plan for yourself. The monthly subscription for membership on this platform is about $19.99 a month whereas

Udemy Vs Lynda - Lynda Pricing

in case you wish to move a level higher and be a premier member you will have to shell out $29.99 a month. Learners can make selections related to the group course plans.

Udemy Vs Lynda: Networking and Business Development Opportunities


Another service offered by Udemy is known as Udemy for Business, which enables businesses/organizations to pay for employees to undertake specific courses that improve their overall success.

Companies can choose from a range of about 25,000+ courses and the topics could be technology, design, business management, development, etc. 

This platform also gives employers the opportunity to personalize a course plan which can ensure that the employees are learning the required skills in a very consistent manner. The bosses of the companies or businesses can also see the performance of their employees in these courses. This access to the learning patterns is essential to make sure that the content is well-understood.


A premium feature offered by this online platform is the ability to contact people whom you might not be connected with on LinkedIn. This gives workers the opportunity to connect with other people who may have insight into particular jobs or to get some professional advice as well.

The buyer can also check who has checked out their profile on this platform in the last ninety days, thereby giving them a lot of information on the potential competition related to the jobs that they have an interest in or might have applied for.

Ease of Use: Udemy Vs Lynda


So, how easy is it to find a course on this platform or just simply navigate on the Udemy platform? When you have a look at the landing page of Udemy, you will realize that it is quite straightforward. What you see on this page is a promotional banner, the list of various courses on this platform and you will also be able to check out some reviews put up by users when you scroll to the bottom.

The page layout is simple and will not cause confusion. When we talk about the interface of Udemy, the user can select from the drop-down menu and check out the courses and the subcategories. 

 Udemy Vs Lynda - Stats

Or the user can also check for courses using the search bar. Once a course has been selected, you will observe that the course page is simple and generic. It shows you a preview, states the requirements of the course, the user reviews on the course, etc.

In case you decide to purchase a course, you will be quite happy to have a very simple and familiar method of checkout. On the whole, the experience provided by Udemy is quite a standard and basic one.

There is nothing extraordinary that will surprise you. However, an area of caution would be their system of rating – all the instructors rank their courses!


Once you visit Lynda’s homepage, you will notice a few main courses and subjects which can be previewed. The first promotional gimmick to attract users is the blue button which offers users of a free trial for a month.

Once you scroll down further, you will come across sections like top courses, partner lists, reviews, learning paths, self-promotion, etc. Though this is the basic information that can be found on almost every single online learning platform, it has been presented well on Lynda. 

Udemy Vs Lynda - Our Global Reach

The homepage follows a theme of black and white which gives it a very professional appearance. Every section through simple is quite appealing and cannot be termed as  “generic”.  You can select the subjects, or browse through the different categories or learning paths, etc. When you select a course, the page has all the required information – overviews, list of lectures, descriptions, or instructor notes, and the like. 

It is quite short and crisp, yet has a feeling of emptiness in contrast to the various MOOC providers in the industry.

Content Comparison:


When we talk of an online platform, an aspect that is very important is the content and the quality of content offered by an online learning platform. Now, Udemy is known as an open platform, where if someone has good content and a good course,

they can become a trainer on this platform. Now, there is no specific process to be followed in order to become an instructor on this platform, unlike other platforms in the market. 

Udemy COntent

With the platform offering more than 50,000+ courses, it can be quite tough to check the quality of all courses – it is almost impossible to do so! Also, as mentioned earlier, the course rating system is a bit weird, as the instructors themselves rate their courses and yes, nobody would give their own work a negative score!

There are people who like the platform and its courses and have also benefited from them, whereas there are a few people who say otherwise. We need to remember that every online platform of learning is a business and every business is created to earn revenue and profits.


Irrespective of the attractive appearance of a site, what matters is the features offered. A lot of users are not happy with the content quality of the courses offered on Lynda. They also claim that the platform has outdated content and that many topics offered are no more relevant. This is mostly applicable to courses and lectures related to technology.

Technology is advancing at a pace where it can get tough to match the trends. There are updates almost every day! However, it is not a justification for the platform, as when a platform charges money, it must ensure that the courses are relevant and useful. 

Lynda Online Courses

Another issue faced by users is that a few courses are quite slow, where a simple topic is being explained for over 10 minutes! Though there are a few issues here and there, there are many students who have loved the experience offered by Lynda.

Features Comparison:


When we talk of features, we speak about the quality of videos, the extras received for signing up for a course, and similar things. Firstly, the video player on this platform works fine. Additionally, even the user interface along with the downloadable content function well. They are intuitive and do not crash.

Also, whenever you buy any course, the platform gives you unlimited access to that particular course, downloadable content along with a completion certificate. The value of these certificates though cannot be commented upon. However, when it comes to feedback, a lot of users have complained that many times no responses are given to their queries.

Most of the course-related questions are sorted out by the instructors. However, in terms of other complaints, Udemy needs to look into the issues faced.


The platform has a very unique feature known as the learning path, where there are many courses that fall under a certain “umbrella” course. For instance, in case you want a learning path that focuses on writing, then you could find one which is being taught by three instructors, covering different themes and topics.

A few courses could be unique to a learning path, whereas others might simply be gathered and put together so as to create a learning path. Learning paths need a lot of time to learn and complete successfully. 

These are treated as “tougher” alternatives to a course. If you opt for studying the learning path, then it is equivalent to studying a specific subject for college credits. There are many different learning paths offered by Lynda.

Another feature worthwhile on this platform is the ability to learn courses offline! You will just need a desktop app and you are sorted.

Student Reviews & Testimonials: 

Udemy Students  Reviews

 Udemy Vs Lynda - Learning Experience

Lynda Students Reviews

Lynda Customer Reviews

Lynda Reviews

Pros and Cons: Udemy vs Lynda

Udemy Pros:

  • The platform offers more than 80,000-course options
  • Once you buy any course, the platform gives you a lifetime access pass to that course
  • There is just a one-time payment option 
  • It offers customizable business options
  • It has a mobile app for Android and iOS
  • There are discounts offered on courses regularly
  • You can also get some high-value courses 
  • The courses can be taken by students in more than 80 languages
  • The platform also offers free courses
  • The courses offered include those of intermediate as well as advanced levels
  • The platform has a very friendly community

Udemy Cons:

  • They do not offer free trials
  • College credits are not offered, you get credit options toward technical certification
  • The content quality can vary as anybody can be a trainer
  • Some courses offered are very costly
  • It is quite tough to manage many courses at one go
  • The certificates offered for some courses are not very valuable

Lynda Pros:

  • The videos on this platform can be watched at a 2x speed.
  • The course quality is quite good
  • The video tutorials come with commentaries
  • Most of the courses offered offer a practical approach and encourage the learner to apply what is learned by building projects.
  • You can also get video transcripts
  • You can connect with other members for professional advice
  • You can view who has checked your profile
  • The courses are created by people with experience and the videos are approved only post an evaluation
  • The courses can be taken in 5 different languages
  • The courses come with a certificate of completion which can be shared with employers as well
  • It enables a company to pay for its employees to learn courses on some skills that are essential 
  • The company can also track the progress of their employees on the courses

Lynda Cons:

  • The platform does not have any community for the users
  • The mobile applications on Android and iOS are not that great
  • There are very fewer quizzes, assignments, and tests
  • The courses are very short

FAQs On Udemy Vs Lynda:

Is Udemy any good?

Udemy is a great way to learn new things. You can learn hobbies, or you can do it for your work or for other purposes. If you want to know if Udemy is worth it, then yes!

Is Udemy certificate valid?

The udemy certificates are not as powerful as other courses to help you get a job, or worth mentioning in your resume. They are not accredited.

Why is Udemy bad?

Udemy is not a good choice for people who want to sell courses. You do not own the platform or the brand. You do not own all of the course sales.

Can Udemy courses get you a job?

Benzinga have teamed up with Udemy so people can reach their professional goals. This includes the things you always wanted to do. Can Udemy courses get you a job? Yes!

Why is Udemy so good?

First, the variety of courses is great. You can find many courses on different subjects like dog training, applying makeup, and video editing. I think that Udemy is a good choice for taking courses for fun because they have so many choices!

Why is Udemy cheap?

Udemy has tens of thousands of students. Students from all over the world like it because it is cheap and you get a certificate when you finish.

Do udemy courses expire?

The courses on Udemy don't ever go away. They stay there as long as you have an account with Udemy. Once you enroll in a course it doesn't matter if it is free, paid or discounted, you can keep using it until you decide to stop the account.

Is Udemy safe to use?

Udemy payments are safe. It's no different than paying for other things on applications or websites. Be sure to keep your account secure.

How do I put Udemy on my resume?

If your Udemy course is not job-related, it can be listed in the personal advancement section of your CV. It will show that you are a good fit for any role and can do many jobs.

Does udemy have a monthly fee?

On Udemy, free courses have fewer features than paid courses. But if you want to learn more and get the full experience, we also offer paid courses.

Is Udemy really free?

Free courses on Udemy are a simpler way to learn. But these free courses have fewer features than paid ones.

Are udemy courses worth it in India?

Online courses, like Udemy, are a great way to learn something you want to know about. They are affordable and often discounted. Doing an online course shows employers that you have an interest in this subject and that you are willing to continue learning it.

How much does Lynda cost?

The Lynda pricing structure is actually quite simple. It's a subscription-based plan with two levels of service: basic and premium. The basic package is $25 per month and gives you access to all of the website's courses.

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Conclusion: Udemy Vs Lynda 2023 

Udemy and Lynda have completely distinct models of learning. Both online learning platforms are quite good and they cannot be compared easily. The platforms have their own pros and cons.

Though the price on Udemy is quite attractive and the lifetime access can be very appealing, Lynda’s monthly membership gives you access to all the courses. In case you wish to learn just one topic or all you need is some study material for future reference,  you can purchase a course on Udemy. 

Udemy is good for those who are keener on topics related to hobbies. Lynda does not have courses on hobby topics. If you wish to learn any subject in detail, you could opt for the Lynda subscription.

It is good for those who wish to get promoted in their current job or those who are on the lookout for new jobs. The course completion certificates can be displayed in your profile on Linkedin, which could boost your career. 

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