Uduala Review 2023: No.1 E-Commerce Software? $31.05 One-Time?

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Dreaming for the successful E-commerce business is certainly the best feeling for the E-commerce business owners. A 5 or 6 figures e-commerce store is hard to build and takes a lot of time as well as the patience. What If you get a tool that does almost all the task for you to bring it steps closer to the 5- figures E-commerce store?  I have found the one stop money-making solution for all kinds of E-commerce tool Uduala.

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Uduala review

What Is Uduala?

Uduala overview pic

This is what I read when I first entered the site. It’s pretty obvious that this tool has some money-making tactics for you. 

When I searched for the best E-commerce tools, Uduala was the #1 tool to solve all the e-commerce problems. You face a lot of problems and certainly devote more time to your E-commerce store. Uduala resolves all the problems such as creating a user-friendly site, integrating and purchasing apps, choosing the best products and the advertising for you.

Uduala is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that will resolve all these issues and help you get started with your e-commerce or dropshipping business store.

It is said that the Uduala does 90% work for you. You just need to copy and paste from a successful e-commerce platform of your choice.

To be more precise, Uduala suggests the industry winning products for you and you just need to choose out of those products.

Uduala works best with the Shopify stores and the WooCommerce stores as well.

Detailed Review of Uduala April 2023: No.1 E-Commerce Tool

Uduala Features review

Features of Uduala:

Clones Your Website

The most intriguing feature of the Uduala is that it reduces your cost as well as the time for creating an E-commerce store. It will look for the best e-commerce sites in your niche and clone them for you.


Find the Winning products

What makes it the leading platform for e-commerce stores is that it has the tendency to find the high performing product of your niche form the five or six-figure e-commerce store. This feature imports the chosen products to your Shopify store automatically.

Uduala product selection

  DFY Facebook Ads

When you upload a new product, the tool creates the Ad for you. It creates different Ads and different targeting and helps you choose the best for you.

Let’s consider a product is added to the cart, the Uduala creates the Ad instantly targeting the larger audience and making it more convenient.

Everything from the targeting to posting the ads of your product is automated. Thus, you just need to copy and paste.

review for Uduala facebook Ad targeting

1-Click Integration with Shopify

Just one click enables you to integrate your Shopify store with the uduala. Once done, you can post your products which will eventually be posted on your Facebook store page.

This feature also lets you import products quickly to your Shopify store.

1-click integration Shopify Woocommerce for Uduala


Auto-Comment reply

You can also convert your Facebook comments on your sales page by auto comment reply feature.

Increase Your ROI

The retargeting feature helps you boost your monthly ROI by up to 40%. As proven, Uduala targets all the visitors who clicked your Facebook Ads.

It targets those audiences with the same product on different platforms wherever they go online until it is converted. It was found that the retargeting boosts your sales drastically.

 Inbuilt E-mail Newsletter

 Do not forget to leave your old valuable customers. Old customers are most likely to purchase the product from the same E-commerce store. This also boosts your ROI.

Thus, the Uduala creates the list of buyers and sends them the email automatically when a new product is added. The success ratio for the email blast is almost 70%.

Cart Reminder

It happens often that the customer checks out your product and leaves it abandoned in the cart. Set up a reminder for the customers through Facebook messenger.

Facebook is the best social platform to reach your customers as the messages are read and there are no spam messages.

Uduala review abandoned cart

Email templates

Over 50+ written email templates makes your job easy and helps you boost your sale as compared to when you write the mail manually by yourself.

Thus, if you don’t like writing and want to save your time, you can choose any one out of 50+ email templates.


You might have heard about the dropshipping. Even if you don’t, it means that it doesn’t require any inventory. Thus, the customer can choose the product from your store and the supplier delivers it. You are just the intermediate making millions. Read more about the dropshipping here.

Games and Quizzes

Engaging your customer is a vital and troublesome task. Uduala gives you the free fortune wheel tool to engage your customers to get free stuff.

Offer them the promo codes and discount coupons. Use spin wheel and quizzes to give away offers.

Uduala Fearures

What Do You Get In Bonus?

Another reason why I chose to review Uduala is that it gives a lot of bonus. These bonuses can be utilized well to optimize your E-comm store further.

These bonuses worth $3,897 are given for free with just simply sign up.

Uduala VIP bonus with review

·         Bonus #1 – FB Messenger ChatBot Setup

The automated chatbot becomes really important when you want to serve well and increase conversion. Uduala gives the Fb commando which is the messenger chatbot. This bot allows the customer to contact directly through messenger.

The company’s automatic system answers the queries within minutes. Not just chat, the client can also browse the product of your store in the messenger and they can pay via PayPal directly from the messenger.

As a vendor, you can arrange the products, browse the earning analytics and also manage customers by navigating through the admin dashboard.

The bots will do the following task for you with ease:

  1. Sales Funnel
  2. Audience Segmentation
  3. Push Notifications
  4. Auto Comments on FB post
  5. AI Powered Customer Service
  6. Targeting Specific Customer


·         Bonus #2- Access To Vidzio

This is one of the most unique ways to boost your sales. Your E-commerce store will have a tool called Vidzio which will engage your customer with the product video and boost your affiliate sales automatically.

Yes!! You heard that right… Vidzio enables your customer to shop as well as watch the video simultaneously. It will lead your customers directly to the purchase page inside of the video.

Vidzio has partnered with big brands like eBay, Amazon and Aliexpress. It would also integrate your shopping cart with payment gateways such as PayPal, JVZoo, Clickbank, SamCart, Deal Guardian and various others. This app worth $297 will be given as a freebie.

·         Bonus#3- Clickbank Niche StoreFront

Clickbank is a digital platform which connects the affiliate and the digital vendors for selling their products. The affiliates then promote their products to the consumers. Thus, If you are a Clickbank affiliate, you can make millions by just promotion.

All you need to do is to choose a niche when you become the affiliate. After the registration, you can use this plugin to host your niche specific WordPress blog. You can choose from more than 60 pre-made niches.

All you have to do is to copy the shortcode and paste it in your WordPress storefront.

·         Bonus#4- ClickBook Instagram

This plugin integrates your WordPress or WooCommerce store with your Instagram Business page and adds the product to your business page.

It associates your products well and creates a nice layout of your products as a click book. All the pictures and products have the clickable link.

This way your Instagram followers can turn out to be the potential customers with just a few clicks. After they have clicked on the link, they will be redirected to the e-commerce store which will help them navigate and eventually create your sales.

·         Bonus #5- CartActivate

Just like the FB command, the CartActivate integrates your WooCommerce store with the Facebook messenger.  This WooCommerce extension can help you to increase your ROI by re-targeting.

In case, your customer has left the cart abandoned and hasn’t checked it for a while, Facebook is certainly the best platform to help them recover the products they chose.

The most extensive features of this extension are:

  • Generates and Boost leads by Facebook Chatbot
  • Get High open and Click rates
  • Message Customization
  • CTA buttons
  • Collect users data and create follow-ups
  • Massive re-targeting

Similar to latter, just copy the shortcode and paste it to your WP or WooCommerce page or post.

·         Bonus#6- Mobile App

Yep!! You heard that right. A mobile application for your e-commerce store will lead you to better conversions. The convenience of mobile application makes it easy for the customer to navigate the products and shop.

Uduala gives mobile app worth $997 in its VIP bonus. Boost your sales and watch your money grow with this awesome VIP bonus.

 Note: These VIP bonuses might be available for the limited time period. All the bonuses may or may not be given.


The pricing package for the Uduala might be costly but it is still relevant with features that it offers. At first, the sign-up fee for the Uduala is just $30.05 for a lifetime.

After the sign-up, you can choose anyone out of the two plans. The two plans are:

Pelican and Eagle Package

Pelican Package

  • One-time Cost- $667 (Special Offer)
  • Readymade e-commerce store with all the Apps
  • Added 30+ in-demand products to boost your sales
  • Hookup with Right Suppliers
  • Unlimited Customers, Orders and products
  • Manual Dropshipping
  • 30+ Facebook Ads
  • 25+ email templates
  • Free Bonus worth $3,897

Eagle Package

  • One-time Cost- $997 (Special Offer)
  • Readymade e-commerce store with all the Apps
  • Added 100+ in-demand products to boost your sales
  • Hookup with Right Suppliers
  • Unlimited Customers, Unlimited Orders and unlimited products to add
  • Automatic Dropshiping
  • 100+ Facebook Ads
  • 50+ email templates
  • Free Bonus worth $3,897

You can pay via credit card, debit card, PayPal, Visa and American Express.


Does It Give Upsells?

After you have purchased the products, the checkout section will also show some best products in the form of Upsells. These upsells are different from the VIP bonus and they are charged.

  • Video Ads: This upsell will give you 100+ video ads to promote your campaign on social media and around 7 new video ads every week. It costs $67.
  • E- Com Set up: However, this might cost you dearer. This upsells costs you $997. It includes everything including the set up of your e-commerce store, product management, installing plugins and other relevant things. After the setup, you can generate revenue.
  • ClickFomo: It costs you $27.
  • E-mail Templates: Get over 100 professionally written email templates to save your time and create more follow-ups. It costs $67.    


How Does It Work?

Uduala is too easy to use even if you are a newbie. All you have to do is to integrate your Shopify, WooCommerce or any other social media account with the Uduala. Once you have integrated it, the next step is the addition of products.

1-click integration Shopify Woocommerce for Uduala

In the dashboard, you will have a number of categories broadly divided into Wears, Beauty & Health, kitchen jewellery, and kiddies and lot more others. After selecting the category, it will display the most profitable products in that list. The products can be filtered on the basis of profits, score, free shipping, ratings and positive feedbacks.


After selecting the product, you can import the product with the same content in your store. But, it is recommended to use your own product description. There will be different options to post these products and share them with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Shopify or WooCommerce store.

Next in the line is the Facebook Ad targeting. The Uduala creates automatic suggestions for you and you can choose anyone out of the three Ads. After choosing the best target option, it creates the suggestion for you displaying the Ad heading, Ad description and the Ad image. Post this ad on your facebook with just one click.


Uduala Review 2023: Should You Choose It? 2023

reeview for Uduala features

Yes, I would highly recommend going for the Uduala. It is one of the best professionally designed tools which is perfect both for the newbies as well as the experienced marketers. You can save up your time, learn about the best products in the industry and earn larger revenue by just spending less than an hour per day.

Thus, easy deployment, quick addition, targeted promotion and less investment of your time are the perks of using Uduala. This was my review of Uduala. Hope you have liked it!!

If you have something to share with us about it, write us in the comment box. Show your love by sharing on your social media.


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