Upleap vs Kicksta 2024: Which One Worth The Hype? (Top Pick)


In this post, I have featured Upleap vs Kicksta comparison that includes an in-depth comparison into Upleap vs Kicksta. Check it now.

When we see the social media influencers blazing bright with millions of followers and a blue tick account, we consider we should hit a try too. Instagram and its growth algorithm is a hard nut to crack, albeit possible with simple tools. Some of these tools may offer you an account manager that will put in engagement to increase your reach and some tools may give automated software. These automated software’s are designed in a way to target the followers of the accounts which are closely related to your niche.

The content world is ever-growing and social media runs hand in hand. Following counts and the number of people your content reaches to is a major factor for any influencer. From Grand Ventures to petty vendors everyone fancies flashing out on some social media platforms. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms with high conversion rates for both B2C and B2B businesses.

Tools like Kicksta and Upleap promise you to grow your follower count organically and using techniques that do not violate the Instagram service terms and conditions. No, I think you got me wrong there. These tools are not ‘buy 1000 followers for 100$ deal’, instead they use engagement and account targeting to organically (authentic) increase your social activity and followers. So, let us check what they have to offer us:

Basic Overview: Upleap vs Kicksta

About Upleap

Upleap‘s Instagram growth is not an AI-based automated engagement tool. Rather, it is a website that gives you a dedicated account manager to you. This account manager uses custom ways like viewing and liking similar account’s stories and posts to increase engagement. The Instagram algorithm is designed such that when it sees that a particular account is either getting or giving a lot of engagement to other accounts, it increases the reach of that account. As easy as you know it, when you reach rockets up, so do your follower count.

Upleap vs Kicksta - Upleap

The account manager likes and comments on very specifically targeted account’s posts. For this, you need to give a precise description of the content you want to showcase on your Instagram handle. Upleap will also ask you for relevant hashtags related to your niche and the trending accounts which are similar to yours. Their promise of giving 100 percent organic reach and followers sounds pleasant to the ears as you know that there is a real person behind the account manager chatbox.

About Kicksta

Kicksta is one of the most powerful AI-based Instagram growth tool. They wildly promise to not use fake followers or spammy comments to increase the reach and engagement, instead, they assure organic growth. They do so by creating automated engagement records on the profiles which have similar interests as your niche. Kicksta doesn’t provide you with an account manager or a real person to market your growth, alternatively, it devises ways for people to get to you organically.

 Upleap vs Kicksta - Kicksta Overview

Liking posts of accounts that are following some famous accounts belonging to your niche and viewing their story are some ways to organically attract already interested users. For this to happen, while registering, Kicksta will ask you for similar accounts as your or your competitor list. Under that only, it will start its growth work. Kicksta is very specific with its service and best at what it does, although it doesn’t allow users for content scheduling, following accounts automatically, or sending automated DMs to similar account followers.

Features Upleap vs Kicksta

Upleap Features

Signing in to your Upleap account is easy. Just go on to their website, click try for free to avail their 3-days free trial course. Put in your details namely name, email, and choose a password, and click continue.

Kicksta - How It Works

Then they will ask you to input your Instagram handle and also will take email verification of that account. Payment details will come up after the free trial period ends or you can access the billing and payments tab in the settings section of your dashboard. There are different plans and pricing to choose from.

Kicksta Features

Registering in the Kicksta account is relatively difficult. There is no free trial that they offer thus you are bound to start with a paid plan. There are two plans to choose from and before that, you need to register your Instagram account using email verification on their website. After you are done with all this, you will land on your Kicksta Dashboard ready to get started with your Instagram Growth.

Upleap- Features

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Offered Work Style

Upleap Ease of Use

Upleap offers you a full package in one box. From creating engagement with interested users to keeping a track of your growth, it provides you with everything. It targets potential followers using trending hashtags related to your niche, similar account followers, and location targeting.

Upleap - Followers

It boosts your engagement records by viewing stories of these potential clients and liking their posts. Out of curiosity, these real people check our profile and follow us. Thus, you get real results with this super cool organic growth!

Kicksta Ease Of Use

On the other hand, Kicksta is an automated software that strategically gives you organic growth just by liking the posts of the followers of your targeted account.

Kicksta -Features

It also uses location tagging and liking posts in particular hashtags related to your niche. It asks you to specify these accounts and hashtags which are similar to yours so that targetting potential followers is easy. Their powerful automation also keeps a track of your growth and gives you good results.

Audience Targeting Techniques


Upleap lets you describe your account manager as to which niche your account’s content belongs to. You need to pre-inform your account manager about the accounts that you find similar to yours and also the hashtags closely related to your business or idea.

Putting in the location targeted to all the mix above, it targets the perfect set of potential followers for you. Their targeting deals with engaging with the posts they target using all the above specifications. With the mantra of “hashtags, users, grow”, Upleap offers smart targeting without automation. 


Kicksta on a similar basis takes in the information of related hashtags and accounts. It likes the post of the followers of the accounts you targeted. The accounts you specified were relatable to your brand and the people following them have a genuine interest in your niche. Therefore, Kicksta only targets those users who have a genuine interest in your brand or niche and can become potential customers in the future.

 Kicksta - Target Account

They use an automated working style wherein smart tools do all this targeting. This targeting option not only increases your follower count but also gives you an edge for engagement gain in your future content.

Advance audience filtering


You can get onto Upleap’s audience filtering menu by going on to the settings icon. Upleap lets you target using multiple techniques:

  • It lets you give two broad classifications to your brand. This allows your account manager to decide which domain your business stands strong in.
  • As told above, describing your brand is also very important in Upleap. As a human is handling your account, you must be descriptive yet skeptical while writing about your brand.
  • It uses location and hashtag targeting. It asks you to specify both and then squeeze the audience range to where you want.
  • It allows you to give a record of accounts that are comparable to yours. Users following these accounts are then targeted using various engagement tactics. It also allows you to block certain users or accounts to get engagement from you. 


Kicksta, on the other hand, provides you with highly targeted growth. In addition to location, hashtags and similar account targeting, it also offers you some really advance targeting options to ensure that your growth is safe. You can filter out spammy followers and other suspicious accounts which will not give any engagement or growth to you. Kicksta also offers you filter for avoiding spammy comments in your comment section. You can also filter on the basis of gender and language your audience uses. Also, you have an option to stop some people from following you including the exclusion of blacklisted or business accounts. 

With these advanced filtering options, the automated software can easily target only those accounts which are genuinely interested in following your content over a longer period of time. 

Growth Tracking


Upleap is averagely good in tracking growth. It can give you statistics segmented by dates, weeks or months. You can monitor your account growth using these graphs which also indicate what is your goal.

Upleap- Growth

It tells us how many followers are we lagging to reach our set goal. Althemore, it intimates which of our used hashtags are best and worst-performing according to the reach they have bright to the post. You can read about the ‘Account Manager’ who is doing all the interactions but you cannot see how many interactions are collectively made on a daily basis. 

On average, tracked growth records show that there is a 113% growth is the followers after registering with Upleap for a new account. That approximately means that the followers double in number within a month. If we talk of the average number of followers gained, it will be around 600-1700 a month with the numbers gradually increase as the content on the page enriches. 


Kicksta is much better in providing customized and segmented statistical data of the followers gained over a certain time range. With all the above-said options present, it also can show us which targeted account performs better. In other words, which targeted account’s followers are better responding to the interactions automatically being made by the tool. This can help you in removing the targeted accounts which are least performing. It also allows you to keep track of the number of likes and other engagement criterions using various data description methods like charts. Kicksta surely takes an edge here.

Pricing Upleap vs Kicksta



For the monthly subscription offers, you can choose between three of the plans from Lite, Standard, and Premium.

  • Lite $39/mo
  • Standard $69/mo
  • Premium $99/mo

Whereas the annual options offer a great deal with a discount. Flat 40% discount from what you were paying in the monthly plans.

  • Lite $349/year
  • Standard $579/year
  • Premium $709/year

The pricing seems quite reasonable for the service and feature Upleap provides whereas Kicksta is hefty.


Kicksta - Pricing

Kicksta provides its users with two plans:

  • The Creative Plan

If access to the basic filters and the growth tracking tool is what you need, this plan is for you. This plan suits budding entrepreneur or brands which are just starting to seek some to little growth on their handles. This plan would cost you $50 per month which is quite a lot to pay if you consider the services they are providing under it.

  • The Professional Plan

A whole new feature of the Customer access Manager opens up to you with this plan. With it, you can access all the advance filters and targeting options and customize your growth much better. It is suitable for the top brands and social media agencies that are looking for consistently growing their Instagram overtime. This would cost you a fortune of $149 per month which is probably a huge blow to a middle-class men’s pocket. 

Good news! Both of these software come with a 14days money-back guarantee. Your money will be refunded if in case you retract your mind. 

Customer Support Upleap vs Kicksta


Upleap provides a detailed FAQ section that covers majorly all the common issues with arise with your account. From plans, payment to tool glitches, you can find answers for everything. Moreover, they provide you with quick reply email support. If you don’t find your answers in the FAQ section then you can submit a question request to be answered by their team. If any issue arises with your subscription, security, or anything, they provide an eBook with troubleshooting instructions to almost every issue that can possibly arise. 


It provides live chat features albeit with particular timings. This means that you can have a chat with customer support only when they want you to. Other than that, even they have some detailed FAQs and guide book. With quick email response support, they really make their customer feel more than just a customer. In the premium plan, they offer you real account managers which can instantly get in touch with you 24/7. These are real people working in a San Diego based office. The live chat feature of Kicksta gives it an edge over Uplead in customer support.


👉🏻Are these softwares safe to use?

Both of this software guarantee no use of bots. Bots can instead hamper your Instagram growth. They either use Artificial intelligence or real people as account managers to create engagement through your account. The more the number of interactions these create, the more number of authentic organic traffic is driven to your account. I understand you fear sharing your account details in an online platform but trust me these are SSL secured and on a registered gateway. What that means is they have https instead of HTTP, the extra ‘s’ tells about the website being secured. Also, all their payment gateways are legit and from credible sources. And these softwares having worked with companies like Forbes, BMW and others have proved their mettle in the Instagram growth tool industry.

👉🏻Do you really get the results you are looking for?

Being very honest, it depends. Depends on your niche, your plan, and your content. Engagement alone cannot work, your content needs to be engaging as well. Growth comes with everything being planned and regular content updates. If you doubt these kinds of tools, you can give Upleap’s three days trial a shot and you will notice that the daily average follow count increase is 17. Then when you purchase a plan, you will very soon realize that your follower count is skyrocketing with your engagement rates going higher every day. As the month-end nears, your follower count would have been doubled by then, and you would be content with the results. Thus, the results to showcase may take time but stick with the tool to find out what it has to unfold.

👉🏻Do we have some good alternatives to these tools?

Ingram, Media Mister, Hashtags for likes, and Stellation Media are some of the alternatives which provide the same service as these two tools. Their service might differ rate or feature-wise, but they can surely be worth consideration.

Testimonials Upleap vs Kicksta

Kicksta Customer Review

Kicksta - Testimonials

Upleap Customer Review

Upleap - Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Upleap vs Kicksta 2024 

If Kicksta gives you nice audience filtering options, Upleap covers it up by giving nicer targeting options. If Kicksta gives you better customer support then Upleap takes advantage of being more affordable. The workflow of both these softwares and the final motive is just the same, so it finally lands up to be a decision on your plate. Decide on the basis of what you require the most.

You are the better judge as to you require filtering or targeting? Or whether do you require just liking the posts of followers of targeted accounts or you want other interactions with Upleap as well? The choice remains yours and in accordance to your motive. Both these softwares are leading the Instagram growth market with salient features and user-friendly interface. The final verdict rests with your personal choice and also should you be keeping in mind that using some fake tools may result in your account being ‘shadowbanned’. So chose your tool wisely, spammy or blacklisted accounts, or violating the terms and conditions of Instagram can lead to the permanent deletion of your account too. 

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