Why You Should Use A Plagiarism Checker For Your Blog Posts

Why is a Plagiarism Checker Important?

At present, one of the main concerns of website owners, publishers, and even teachers is Plagiarism. Content is freely available on the internet, books and other publications that is why people can get access to any information they need anytime, anywhere. But, what most people don’t know is how to use content properly. In this post, featured a useful post for you “Why You Should Use A Plagiarism Checker”. Let’s get started here..

Many people would just copy and paste them elsewhere, this practice is also known as Plagiarism, and it is not acceptable in the online community as well as in many parts of the world.  This is the reason why you will find many free online plagiarism checker tools that can help stop this unlawful practice. Yes, plagiarism is a serious offense that is punishable under the law that is why you need to be cautious when writing and using the content.

A plagiarism checker or plagiarism detector is an effective tool to check plagiarism in any written content. It is a kind of software that is designed to scan content and check for plagiarism. Most of these online plagiarism checkers are readily available and can be used free of charge.

Whether you are a teacher, student, a freelance writer, a publisher, or a website owner, you will surely find plagiarism checker tools very important in checking the authenticity of your content. Most free plagiarism checker allows a user to scan content and quickly check for plagiarism; it would normally take only a few seconds to come back with the results. If you haven’t tried any plagiarism checker yet, this is how it is typically done:

Steps To Use A Plagiarism Checker Easily and Effectively

  1. In your browser, search for a plagiarism checker (I use the plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools.com)

Use A Plagiarism Checker- Enter smallseotools2.  Copy the content from your work file. Then, paste it into the box. Alternatively, you can upload your work file directly as long as it is in .txt or .docx format.

Use A Plagiarism Checker- Copy And Paste Text  3. Click on the “Check Plagiarism” button to send your request.

Use A Plagiarism Checker- Click The Button4. You will find the results below the box. If there are any matches found, it will also show you the link to the source.

Use A Plagiarism Checker- Download The Report

5.To help you further improve your content you can hit the “Check Grammar” button.

It’s very easy, isn’t it? Now, you can say goodbye to plagiarism issues with the help of these free online plagiarism checker tools. I personally like to use the one from Small SEO Tools because I find it efficient and very user-friendly.

Use A Plagiarism Checker- SmallSEOTools

A plagiarism checker works by cross-checking your content against billions of sources from the internet and in other publications. If you are a website owner, you should know that content is the holy grail of any website. Your web pages will rank high in search engines only if you have plagiarism-free and high-quality content. Otherwise, Google and other search engines can mark and penalize your website if your content is found plagiarized.

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If you are a content or freelance writer, it is very important to scan your content using a plagiarism checker to make sure that it has no duplicate copy elsewhere. Skipping this process of checking for plagiarism can get you into trouble with your boss especially if the submitted content is found plagiarized. Whether it is for a website, a book, or any publication, the content must be carefully checked using a plagiarism checker before submitting work.

The same goes for students who are completing a course, most of them are required by their teachers to submit a term paper or thesis. Using an online plagiarism checker is definitely a great help to them because they don’t need to spend extra cost in their studies whenever they need to check their content for plagiarism because most of these online plagiarism checkers are free to use. It will help them get good grades in school and save them the worries of having punishment because of plagiarism.


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