How To Use Facebook Ads Account Safely Without Getting Banned

No doubt, Facebook is a powerful source of traffic for sellers. And, I think it is still one of the best sources of traffic in the world.

But advertising on Facebook comes with lots of restrictions and guidelines. And somehow if they found your account suspicious then they will block your account if they have the slightest hint of distrust.

If Facebook finds out someone advertises in a way that affects the user experience, their account will be suspended immediately. So what’s the solution we have got for it?

I have advertised on Facebook for a few years and I have an idea how your Facebook account gets blocked. 

So what options we have to keep advertising on Facebook without getting your account banned. We can follow their Facebooks Ads guidelines, Designing the landing pages carefully, watching the level of daily ad spend and more. 

So let’s find out why Facebook Disable your ads account.

Why Facebook Suspend Or Disable  Your Account?

First, simply check your PayPal account or credit card and find out if you have a real security threat, have your account has been hacked or spent more than you usually do.  And trust me, for the sake of your safety you should verify your payments methods on your Facebook Ads Account. 

If your account or page somehow has been hacked, you must report it to the Facebook ASAP. 

And if your account isn’t get hacked! Then it’s good news, let’s move to the second option. 

So here the second question to ask is whether you have ignored an advertising rule on Facebook without knowing it, I mean have disobeyed Facebook Ads rules and guidelines.  We all don’t have time to go and just read all the long-form of ads guidelines but we should definitely get aware of a few important ones.

Here I have listed some general rules on Facebook that you might have ignored:

  • Illegal products or services
  • Illegal products or services
  •  Third-party infringement
  •  Third-party infringement
  •  Personal attributes
  • Use more than 20% text in adverts
  • Somehow didn’t write Facebook right with uppercase “F”
  • Somehow access you Facebook Ads Account via Proxy IP
  • Somehow used the words that indicated to gambling/betting
  • Your landing page didn’t match the ads you have created
  • Somehow used images that generally portrays the ideal body type

Simply Keep in mind that Facebook uses computer-assisted processes in order to easily approve or reject your Facebook Ads. 

You can read the complete list of the things you don’t need to do while advertising on Facebook. I highly recommend you to go through these guidelines before you start advertising. Facebook, will flag any rejected adverts (for any reason) and may suspend your account without any notice. So you better be following all the rules and guidelines. 

Somehow if you are working on a brand page with multiple administrators, make sure you know all the rules and this happened with me many times. As I have multiple admins for my Facebook Ads Campaigns and got so many problems because of them. So I make sure each my team member knows all the do’s and don’ts of facebook ads. 

And trust Facebook doesn’t give a damn if you or a member of your marketing team broke the rules. Your account will always be suspended if you or your marketing team break the rules. Simply make  sure you and your marketing team if have any follow all the guidelines of Facebook in order to prevent the Account Suspension

How To Recover & Get Running Your Facebook Ads Account Once Get Banned?

This is the hardest part, as recovering and getting your Facebook ad account running is not easy or fast. Most of Facebook’s “support” is generally based on electronic forms and community-driven forums. And most probably it might also have happened that your ad has been suspended without a real visitor look.  Your ad has probably been suspended without anyone seeing it. If you appeal against the decision, of course, you may have to wait up like one month or so. 

  • Reach Out to Them:

Reach out to them and take follow-up, this is from my experience and belief, I believe that by returning the appeal form, you will simply be not at the bottom. 

  • Log in to another account:

The best of all time, simply without wasting much time you must republish your ads as soon as possible to use a different profile associated with the page with a different payment method as well.

We all know that it’s impossible to recover or re-run the banner ads but you can easily get your new ad running up. If you do not have another account, then don’t simply rush as it might get suspicious and your other account also might get banned by facebook.

  • Search for contacts:

It is well known that Facebook intentionally withholds contact information, so you won’t be able to find a phone number or a public email address for these people.

That is, they have a Facebook page for business. This is the page where you can just question them about your suspended ads account.

And the best part is that there you will see that most of the comments on the page refer to this problem! You can reach them on other social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

  • Get Running ads simply using another page:

I would like to say this isn’t the best solution I will recommend. However, if you have a Facebook page, you can simply post ads from another brand.

  • Review your social strategy:

If you mainly rely too much on paid advertising on Facebook, it’s time to get back to basics and focus again on organic engagements as well. You can just go and ask your friends and followers to share your posts, use groups and forums, and tag others to your posts and share to other channels too.

If you somehow get block your Facebook ads account, you should rethink your general social media strategy and find out how you make use of other social media marketing strategies in order to promote your products and services.

And look, you’re not the only one who got his account get banned by Facebook.  Actually, there are thousands of adverts whose account get banned same as yours. So better not get worried about it and get going with alternate solutions. 

Wait if you are fed up with doing this, and none of the above tips worked for you then I suggest you might take help of a tool that can help us in Running Facebook Ads With Even Getting Blocked.

But wait, how you gonna do, because there are a lot of things that you need to take care of in order to keep advertising on Facebook. Don’t worry we have got a one-stop solution in the form of Don’ – An integrated solution for working with whitehat and blackhat advertising on Facebook. It offers you access to Facebook Cloud Accounts that you can use for your Facebook Ads without even getting blocked. 

So let’s find out what Don’ actually is and how it can it help you to get FB Account for advertising along with keeping your account secure. 

What is Don’

As I mentioned earlier Don’ an integrated solution for working with the whitehat and blackhat advertising on Facebook, And it also helps you to get Facebook Cloud Accounts that you can use to safely advertise on Facebook. 

Basically, cloud accounts is a kind of solution where the browser cookie along with the quality account works together in order to give the best and profitable advertising results.  

dont farm - facebook cloud accounts

Don’ also provide access to trusted 5+ years old facebook accounts right from all the world via configured RDP that mainly includes anti-detect browser and high-quality private residential proxy. 1-click access to an account. And the best part is that there is one-click access to the account. 

Key Features of Don’

  • Only for real users:

They do not sell average accounts or robots. Only real reports from real people are there. They care about their customers. 

  • Huge Account Age:

The best thing is that they only issue an account that is 2 years old or so.  

  • Active account:

Actually, there is a session entry because all the accounts have activity on the wall. Apart from that the real user mainly uses the account. 

  • Proxy access:

Get connected with the resident reverse proxy of the same country from which the account owner logs in. So there is no chance you will face any difficulty in accessing the account.  

  • Unlimited Expenses:

Almost all accounts do not have a daily cost limit or increase rapidly according to our instructions. Mainly with this platform, almost all the accounts don’t have any daily limit cost. If somehow there is then one can instantly increase it by contacting them. 

  • Ease Of Use:

The best part is that each account has its own virtual machine with access to RDP. You can easily work with several accounts at the same time easily and effortlessly.  

  • Countries Supported:

Don’ support to almost all countries that allow you to adapt flexibly to all advertising campaigns and industries.  

  • Professional Support:

Their experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about our service. Their customer support is friendly and one can easily rely on it.  

What’s the cost of Don’ 

Too many expensive options are there but Don’ is one of the most reliable and affordable options available in the market. This platform offers very simple and affordable pricing plans so that one can easily get started right away. 

The pricing plan for this platform is listed below:

dont farm review- pricing 

The Don’ price starts from $99. And if you’re a bulk buyer then a discount is also available is there. So you can have an idea now how affordable this platform actually is. 

What Does Don’ Guarantees?

This platform is totally reliable and so they guarantee:

  • Guaranteed spend up to 900$.
  • Also can replace the account within 2 weeks

How to Use Facebook Ads Accounts Without Getting Banned Using Don’t .farm?

Now we have come to the main part of this post, as here I’m gonna tell you simple steps that you can follow to easily use Facebook Ads without getting your account banned.

Step #1: 

The very first step is very simple and straightforward. Just sign-up with Don’ and get your profile activated instantly.  

dont farm- Signup

Step #2: 

Now in this step, you need to just top-up the balance and simply request the accounts that you need. 

dont farm - add balance

Step #3:

And once your account is confirmed by them. You’re ready to Advertise on Facebook with your accounts getting blocked. 

dont farm review - request account

Why You Should Choose Don’ Instead Other Platforms? 

And one of the biggest advantages of Don’ is that the account owner continues to use the account without losing access to it. That truly indicates that you can safely Advertise on Facebook without even getting your account banned.  

It’s not a break-in, Don’ generally apply completely different techniques of which there is no analogs on the market.

Also, Don’ provide payment solutions for advertisers, that means they will never get blocked by payment. The best thing that I liked most about Don’ is that they offer full support, guarantee replacement. 

The clients are successfully driving traffic for all kinds of offers. They also have huge average spends and long-time of ads campaigns. And the best of all the prices of Don’ is super competitive. 

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As of now, you have an idea of how useful Don’ is as it helps you in getting Facebook accounts that can be accessed easily for more profitable Facebook Ads Campaigns. 

No doubt I would like to say, Don’ is the finest Facebook Cloud Accounts Solution in the market. 

We hope now you’re able to continue with Facebook Ads without even fear of getting your account blocked. And if you liked the post, then you can share it on various social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. 



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