5+ Best UseProof Alternatives In 2024 (Top Pick)

Provely is the best platform where we increase our sales and signup conversion.

LetConvert is another lead conversion software under the LetX franchise that has been specially designed to help you instantly increase your leads and conversions.

In this post, we have listed the best UseProof Alternatives in 2024 to help make your decision easier.

Conversion is a key element in your paid search strategy, particularly because it is conversions that ensure the number of profits and revenue that your business obtains over time. The term “Conversions” quite simply means converting or turning your website viewers and lookers into buyers at a high rate. Thus the primary objective of each and every advertising campaign is to boost the conversion rate of the brand.

This post is a comprehensive guide with the crux being conversion and conversion rates and relevant aspects that revolve around them. In this post you will get valuable insights and explanations to the following questions and topics:

  • Conversion rate
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Use proof Review With Alternatives
  • Best UseProof alternatives In 2024
  • How to increase conversion rate optimization using social proof?
  • What is a good conversion rate?

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the rate at which your visitors or lookers are converted into potential customers who ultimately purchase your products and services. It can be mathematically defined as:

Conversion rate = Number of conversions

 Total number of visitors

This aspect can be easily explained using the following example. Suppose you own an e-commerce website that receives 200 visitors in a month and has 50 sales. The conversion rate here according to the formula mentioned above will be 50 divided by 200, or 25%.

Best UseProof Alternatives

Best Useproof Alternatives April 2024 (HANDPICKED)

1) Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin particularly designed to work as a list building solution for WordPress websites to optimize their conversion. The software has been commended by experts and users as a list-building and conversion expert, as well as a powerful piece of software.

UseProof Review With Alternatives- Thrive Leads

The tool is different from the conventional list building plugin as it utilizes the most cutting edge conversion tactics to use on your own site. The tool has been globally used by smart businesses and growth hackers who have experienced explosive list growth and the amazing business benefits with the help of it.

Thrive Leads combines every type of opt-in form, a simple drag-and-drop editor to create the perfect design, highly advanced A/B testing feature and many more tools you need in one single plugin to get a massive conversion boost. The software allows you to build hyper-targeted and profitable lists and show relevant, highly targeted offers to your visitors based on posts, categories, tags and more.

Thrive Leads is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, giving you a simple overview of the most important metrics to see exactly where your most valuable traffic comes from and how your opt-in forms are performing over time.

2) Provely

Provely is a pop-up and leads generation tool that allows you to have small pop-ups on your site near the bottom. These pop-ups have a Google Maps picture, and it shows who last purchased your item and where from. All of these operations are automated, making sure that it doesn’t need a lot of upkeep and maintenance, saving you your valuable time.

UseProof Review With Alternatives In-Provely

Provely makes it easy for your site to move into the future of marketing and takes the guesswork out of installing something new. The software is slick, intuitive, and doesn’t take much needed time away from anything else equally important, which is perfect for busy people. You can effortlessly track your campaigns live, choose to rotate through different specified time periods or past dates.

Be it WordPress, Shopify, Click funnels, and a LOT more, Provely can integrate with almost anywhere you are. If you only want to increase conversions in one geographical location, it can cater to specific locations and frequencies of the display. The tool offers you plenty of popup templates to choose from and you can match the color scheme with a beautiful palette of color scheme options for your widget design.

3) LetConvert

LetConvert is another lead conversion software under the LetX franchise that has been specially designed to help you instantly increase your leads and conversions. LetConvert is the only app you will need to grow hack your sales by 3x and boost up the sales on your site with social display proof.

UseProof Review With Alternatives In -let convert - use social proof to convert more visitors

LetConvert makes use of strategically designed Social Proof & Real-Time Testimonial Pop-Ups to guide your users to take actions on your website more effectively. These techniques work incredibly in establishing credibility, fear of missing out, and relatedness. These are considered the main ingredients of driving herd mentality.

LetConvert has garnered widespread critical and commercial acclaim from customers and critics from across the globe for their sensible and powerful use of social Proof & Real-Time Testimonial Pop-Ups that has helped numerous online businesses worldwide boost their conversions and profits.

Highlight features

LetConvert is a feature-rich software for lead generation and offers the following powerful tools right at your fingertips in a neat and well laid out dashboard.

  • Activity Alerts

LetConvert Show notifications for leads, registrations, checkouts, purchases, or any other action on your website and converts the visitors into users by creating Instant Credibility among them.

  • Advanced Customization

It allows you to choose from a range of fonts, colors, and animations and completely customize your ALERT. Choose how your alert will look and where it will be displayed.

  • Live Visitor Count

Show live visitor count to the visitors and let them know that they are not alone on your website.

  • Custom Curation

Have your own email list of users? Worry not! Simply upload the list and show them on your Websites.

  • Customer Card & Journey

Track complete details of your Users under Customer Card once he signs up and maps their journey across the website.

  • Customer Rules

Choose when an alert will be displayed on your website and for how long will it show.

  • Autoresponse Integration

It Captures the emails of the users and integrates it with your favorite Autoresponder.


LetConvert offers four separate pricing plans, designed to suit the requirements and budget of everyone who’s looking to employ the power, efficiency, and innovation of LetConvert.

UseProof Review With Alternatives In -let convert pricing



  • 10,000 Unique Visitors per Month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Priority Support
  • Live Visitor Count
  • Customer Journey



  • 30,000 Unique Visitors per Month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Priority Support
  • Live Visitor Count
  • Customer Journey
  • Power Trails
  • User Reviews
  • Removable Branding



  • 100,000 Unique Visitors per Month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Priority Support
  • Live Visitor Count
  • Customer Journey
  • Power Trails
  • User Reviews
  • Removable Branding

All of these plans offer a 14-day trial period to users in case you are confused which package you should choose or whether you should invest your money into it or not. You can also contact the LetConvert support team in case you need a higher traffic plan or are looking for an enterprise or agency solution.

4) Proof Leads

Proof  Leads is a lead generation CTA and pop up a combo that has been developed with an aim to let you easily get quality leads from your website visitors without ruining their browsing experience and being intrusive.

UseProof Review With Alternatives In -proof leads - Use Social Proof Notifications

This software allows you to easily export those leads to popular marketing and sales automation integrations like MailChimp, AWeber or to their upcoming Zapier integration. Social Proof Leads notifications are manually created by importing existing or new customers and you can take full advantage of the proof Notifications to Increase Conversion rate by up to +15%.

5) Fomo

Fomo is a web app was created by Ryan Kulk back in 2014, where it first started its life under the name “Notify”.  The application was rebranded as Fomo 2 years later and today it is one of the most established and popularly used conversion marketing tools.

 UseProof Review With Alternatives In-Fomo

After a quick setup, you can just you add your website into your Fomo account. Next, you can take their javascript code and add it to the header of your site. You can then integrate Fomo with one of the many integrations it supports once connected.

Furthermore, you can even connect it with your favorite email service. This email list integration will show real-time notifications whenever someone joins your email list. Fomo has been popularly used by webmasters and business owners for effective Viral Affiliate Marketing Funnel popup on this site.

Then you can integrate Fomo with your Stripe account and display a notification whenever someone buys something from you. Showing these notifications to your visitors is an easy way to add social proof to your offer, which will, in turn, boost your conversions and get you more leads and sales.

Key features

As powerful as it is known to be, Fomo is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. The registration and setup of your Fomo account are quick and you can add your website into your account with just a few clicks. Once signed up, all users get access to the Fomo dashboard. This dashboard is neatly organized by offering all the necessary tools and features right at your fingertips.

  • Unlimited customizations

Fomo boasts of a patent-pending architecture that supports unlimited message permutations so that you can customize your messaging campaigns to keep up with the changing market trends.

  • Theme builder

Fomo’s custom theme builder lets you unleash your creativity so that you can make use of your accumulated knowledge of CSS and create attractive custom themes by tweaking their pre-made themes with a simple point and click mechanisms. Be it a custom Star Wars theme, or a Marvels one, it’s totally up to you!

  • Refined settings

What makes Fomo a versatile tool for marketers is that you get to mess around with over 30 controls and also make use of Fomo’s machine learning to optimize conversions. The combination of both these outlooks will help you know your visitors best.

  • Translations

Fomo makes sure that language is never a barrier while strengthening your marketing and conversions. Fomo translates to 23 languages based on the user’s localization so that they can experience Fomo in the language they understand.

  • Filters

Control every element of your conversion by adding fallbacks, automation, and styling.

  • Template rules

Fomo gives the complete creative freedom to transform data as you wish, ensuring that your marketing remains only yours.

  • Page rules

Fomo’s page rules modules allow you to control what visitors see, and where.

  • Intelligent

Fomo helps you figure out how to increase conversions and which configuration works best for you as it crunches 10 billion data points every hour.

  • Insights

Fomo’s servers generate insights that help optimize your conversions by referencing the big data with your small data


Fomo is a powerful and cost-effective application, considered one of the most affordable of its type in the market today. Fomo currently offers customers 3 pricing packages to choose from. These packages are loaded with features that can help businesses of all types unleash their ultimate potential and achieve profitable results.

UseProof Review With Alternatives In-Fomo pricing

The prices mentioned below are monthly subscription charges. All these packages are priced at 30% off when billed annually, meaning you can save more when subscribing to the annual packages. Another good thing is that all of these packages offer a limited period free trial.


Price: $39 per month

  • 50,000 notifications
  • Unlimited website domains
  • Custom page rules
  • Email support
  • API access
  • Active visitors counter
  • Machine learning insights


Price: $79 per month

  • 250,000 notifications
  • Unlimited website domains
  • Custom page rules
  • Email support
  • API access
  • Active visitors counter
  • Machine learning insights
  • Live chat support


Price: $199 per month

  • 300,000 notifications
  • Unlimited website domains
  • Custom page rules
  • Email support
  • API access
  • Active visitors counter
  • Machine learning insights
  • Live chat support
  • APU implementation support
  • Managed a / b testing
  • Optimization support

Visit the Fomo official website to know more about the application, its features, benefits, prices and more.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing or increasing the percentage of conversions from a website or mobile app. CRO is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website by taking any desired action on a webpage to typically convert visitors into customers. This typically involves improving several key elements of your website, app or your advertising campaign by generating a set of techniques and then validating those hypotheses through A/B testing and multivariate testing.

Conversion rate optimization is considered to be an important step in building brand loyalty among existing and new customers and ensuring the long-term success of a brand. It enables you to find that sweet spot that convinces the maximum percentage of your prospects to take action to maximize every cent of your PPC spend.

This is the primary reason why Proof’s software is growing in demand day by day, simply because it helps website owners increase their conversion rates by 10% in less than 10 minutes. 

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Conclusion: Best UseProof Alternatives 2024

UseProff is one of the tools that is available out there in the market that can really help in boosting the conversion rates of your website. And there are also few UseProof Alternatives are also there that anyone can easily get started with and boost the conversion rates and lead of their websites and blogs.

We recommend you using Thrive Lead if you really want to generate more leads and boost the conversion of your website without putting in the extra effort. And if you prefer using UseProof then it’s okay other you have plenty of options available out there.

We hope this post UseProof Review With UseProof Alternatives suits your purpose well. Feel to share which lead generation tool you use for your website or blog, just drop a comment below. Please, give us a moment to share this post on all trending social media platforms.

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