Viddyoze Review 2023: Is it the Best AI Video Editor?

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Video Quality
Online Support


  • 100% Mobile Compatible
  • Affordable prices
  • Comes with Movie Filters
  • Live-Action Animations
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • ALPHA Technology
  • Compelling Outros & CTAs
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Members Area & Training


  • No free trial
  • Social media sharing buttons are missing
  • Some of the templates are boring

Viddyoze is a cloud-based video editing and production application that enables us to make videos that appear incredibly professional without having to put in a lot of time or effort into editing.

Price:$ 67

Are you looking for an Unbiased Viddyoze Review 2023, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

While content still reigns supreme, video is rapidly gaining ground and taking center stage. We are given videos to accompany a lot of the material we receive. Because of this, each time you release a video of your own, you are in competition. Make sure that people are paying attention.

Present-day eye-catching videos and dynamic presentations can be produced without breaking cash. These days, making videos is incredibly rapid, simple, and affordable.

Why is that? Viddyoze is only one of several digital tools that are becoming more widely available.
Viddyoze templates and other striking details make a significant impact.

You may utilize killer touches to capture their attention and help people remember your message regardless of the type of content you generate or the sector you’re in.

Continue reading our Viddyoze review to learn more about the app’s features, what it is, and how it can help. We’ll also find out if we truly can make a beautiful video in just one minute.

Viddyoze Review 2023: An Overview

Viddyoze is the world’s first and only 100% automated video animation service. The cloud-based platform provides users with all the tools required to create competition-crushing video content.

As Viddyoze is cloud-based, there is no need to download anything and install it, killer content can be created in just a few clicks.

Viddyoze Reviews

The team behind this project is the talented Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside, and David Chamberlain. Using their design and developer background along with a shared vision, they developed the video animation software.

Bottom Line Upfront: Viddyoze is a great platform to create animated videos online real quick and fast. Viddyoze offers a great number of professional templates that offer great opportunities for anyone who wants to make a masterpiece from regular footage, amateur video designers, and professionals alike. Viddyoze gives you an easy way to make impressive logo stingers in no time. The interface is simple and easy to use, making it ideal for making changes.

Viddyoze reviews trusted by 240k users

How Does Viddyoze Work?

  • You can get outstanding studio-quality animations and next-gen live-action animations for any video in just 3 clicks
  • Make high-class pro videos to sell more products and services
  • Raise your prices and establish yourself as a real professional
  • Give pre-existing videos a new lease of life (and a boost to conversions) with a single animation
  • Give pre-existing videos a new lease of life (and a boost to conversions) with a single animation
  • Add lucrative extra revenue steam by selling your animations
  • Sell your desk and take Viddyoze on the road… it’s 100% cloud-based, and built from the ground up to work on your mobile devices
  • The Viddyoze point-and-click system means ANYONE can now create intros that rival the top studios – ZERO previous experience is required!

Viddyoze is simple and straightforward to use, making it ideal for users on any level. The process of creating a video using the software couldn’t be easier. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose a template

Viddyoze Review - Choose A Template

Step 2: Customize Your Video

Viddyoze Review - Customization

Step 3: Preview Your Video

Viddyoze Customization - Video Preview

Step 4: Render Your Video

Viddyoze Customization - Video Rendering

In just a few clicks the first video has been created! There are hundreds of templates available that can be customized to fit any industry, business sector, or branding.

The team even offers some free training that shows users how to edit templates to fit a brand! Once a template has been chosen, users can upload their own logo, and images as well as edit text and change colors.

Once the template has been customized, it can be previewed to make sure all of the features appear correctly. Once the user is happy with how the video looks, they can go ahead and hit the ‘Render’ button. The video will download in mere minutes.

Viddyoze Features

1) Live-Action Animations

This isn’t something users can do with any other software, not even with some of the leading animation software on the market.

Give videos all the glamour and gloss of a high-class advertising agency, with real actors, real models, and professionally shot video that’d normally need a Madison Avenue budget to produce.

2) Studio-Grade Intros & Logo Stingers

These are not the logo stingers users will find anywhere else. These are high-tech, professional, studio-quality animations that used to only be possible with AfterEffects.

3) Stunning Social Animations

If users aren’t being social, they’re being left behind. Viddyoze’s social media animations bring in the likes, follows, shares, and retweets that say ‘this guy is worth talking about.

4) Seamless Transitions

Users don’t want to be known for their scrappy scene cuts. With Viddyoze’s huge template bank, the user’s videos will flow effortlessly from start to finish.

5) Compelling Outros & CTAs

Maximize sales, shares, and sign-ups… because these outros aren’t just designed to look pretty. They’re all approved by pro marketers, so users’ videos will look amazing and convert like crazy too.

6) Lower Thirds

Viddyoze’s lower thirds give videos a professional shine and gain that next level of respect. Videos can instantly stand out from the pack with just a couple of clicks, without the need to open up any other animation software again.

7) Movie Filters

Lens flares, light effects, film grain, blockbuster-style grading and more let you turn any video into something Spielberg would be proud of. Stick it on YouTube and wait for Marvel to come calling.

8) ALPHA Technology

EXCLUSIVE to Viddyoze. Transparency technology takes ALL animations to the next level. No other tool can do this…which is why users will blow their competition off the map.

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Viddyoze Pricing

Viddyoze offers two pricing plans to customers:

Viddyoze Personal – $77 (One Time Payment)

With this plan, you will get:

Viddyoze Pricing Plan

  • World’s #1 Automated Video Animation Software including all features
  • Jaw-Dropping Live Action Video Engine including all features
  • Maximum 30 Renders Per Month
  • Unlimited Usage Rights On Personal Videos
  • 170 Professional Templates
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Superstar Support

Viddyoze Commercial – $97 ( One Time Payment)

With this plan, you will get:

  • World’s #1 Automated Video Animation Software including all features
  • Jaw-Dropping Live Action Video Engine including all features
  • Unlimited Renders
  • Unlimited Usage Rights On Clients’ Videos
  • Unlimited Usage Rights On Personal Videos
  • 170 Professional Templates
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Superstar Support
Viddyoze Offering Bonuses: Great Viddyoze Bonuses

Viddyoze bonuses

When You Purchase The Viddyoze Commercial License Today, You’ll Also Get Access To Our In-Depth Training Worth $300 The “Reverse Sales” Frictionless Client-Winning Blueprint In this complete ‘step-by-step’ video training series, discover our deceptively simple yet powerful method to sell simple video services using Viddyoze and NEVER worry about getting new clients ever again.

Important: These strategies have never been revealed before, but for a limited time you can get access when you purchase Viddyoze Commercial today. $197 Value, Yours FREEYouTube Profits Elevator

  •  Uncover the hidden secrets to launching a highly successful & profitable YouTube channel! This is a proven ‘copy & paste’ video training series.
  •  Warning: This video training course cannot be purchased anywhere else. Purchase Viddyoze Commercial today to get free access.

$97 Value, Yours FREE 

  • How to go from zero subscribers to powerful influencers in the fastest time possible.
  • How to correctly optimize your YouTube channel for more views, subscribers & sales!
  • How to use Viddyoze to turbocharge your YouTube channel!
  • How to sell YouTube channel services to your clients & make even more moola!

30 days Money-Back Guarantee

Users have the opportunity to test Viddyoze for 30 days. If users aren’t 100% satisfied, for any reason, they can simply send one email to the friendly support team and they’ll refund 100% of their investment without hesitation.

Viddyoze Money Back Guarantee

Best Viddyoze Alternatives

Viddyoze is a video editing and animation software that allows you to edit and use different effects. It is designed to be easy to use, so it is easier for beginners.

There are other video editing software programs out there too, but Viddyoze stands out as an option because it has more features than most programs do.

Still Unsure about Viddyoze, Don’t worry we got you covered, here are the Best Viddyoze alternatives.

1) VideoReel

VideoReel- Viddyoze Alternative

VideoReel is a website that helps you create videos for social media and ads. It is easy to use, and you can make short or long videos with it. VideoReel comes with 100 templates, 2500 clips in the library, 4500 images in the library, 650 different sounds, text-to-speech, Facebook posting features, and more.

VideoReel has many benefits. You can change the background to either a video or an image. There are over 650 music tracks and 4900 images to choose from, plus your own images if you want.
There are also many different styles of animation that you can put in your videos. You can even have text that moves around the screen or is fixed in one spot with different fonts too!
VideoReel offers two licenses: one for personal use and one for commercial use. For the personal license, it costs $57.00 and for the commercial license, it costs $67.00.

2) Offeo

OFFEO-Viddyoze Alternative

OFFEO is a video maker that you can use online. It helps to make social media videos for small to medium-sized businesses. The software has thousands of graphics and templates that help create a video that is perfect for your company.

Offeo has the ability to produce high-quality videos that you can post on Facebook, Youtube, or LinkedIn without needing a graphic arts education.

There are lots of great features and they’re easy to learn. It is automated and user-friendly. Offeo is perfect for people who are just getting started in video making because it’s easy to use.

Offeo Packages have been mainly classified into two parts: One is a free package and the other one is a Premium Package. The Premium Package includes unlimited high-quality video downloads, unlimited projects, 3-minute videos, 20GB of storage, and $19 per month.

3) Doodly

Doodly-Viddyoze Alternative

Doodly is one of the best doodle animation software. It can make videos quickly and easily. You can create professional, realistic doodle animations in minutes with this software. It is compatible with Windows, MAC, and iOS.

You can draw really cool things to entertain and engage visitors on your website or social media platforms! You could use it for sales or just for fun to draw anything you want in seconds!

Doodly is software that lets you create videos with custom images. It is easy to use and learn. You can install it on as many computers as you like, there are no restrictions. I have this on my laptop and computer.

It’s easy to save the video and export it, share it on Facebook or Youtube, or publish it on your website. Doodly has new updates every few months, so the product is always getting better!

Doodly plans have been classified into different plans. The two types of monthly plans are the Standard for $39 per month and the Enterprise plan for $69 per month.

There is also an Annual Plan where you can pay a lower price, but you must pay that each year. It is still a good deal because it costs only $20 per month billed annually or you can pay more with the Enterprise plan to get more benefits at a higher price of $40 per month billed annually.

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FAQ Related to Viddyoze Review

💰 Is Viddyoze trusted?

Viddyoze is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make their videos more engaging and entertaining. They have an excellent support team that will help you no matter what level of expertise or experience.

⚡️ Can you use Viddyoze on your phone?

Viddyoze is a new way to change videos. You can add animations or other changes. You can also make money by selling the animation, too. Viddyoze is a cloud-based service so you can access it anywhere with your phone or computer.

😃 What is Viddyoze used for?

Viddyoze is a way to make videos easier. It is made for businesses to edit their videos using custom templates with watermarks. It can help video editors design CTA overlays and floating animations, share videos with clients, engage with target audiences and render animation in different formats.

⚡️ Is Viddyoze a video editor?

Viddyoze creates smaller video animation assets. This includes logos, introductions, outros, lower thirds, and more. All of our animations are template-based. Lots of our templates work for social media directly, so if that is what you are looking for then you don't need to use a video editor

💰 Does Viddyoze have a free trial ?

No Viddyoze doesn't have any free trial.

🤔 Is Viddyoze good for YouTube videos?

Viddyoze is a video-making software. It allows you to make videos for social media, YouTube introductions, and ads, among other things. This is most likely the best kind of software for people who are marketers because it can be easy to use. You will never run out of templates with Viddyoze because there are so many design templates available. There are templates for every type of situation that you might need them for, like social media or YouTube introductions, etcetera.

❓Is Viddyoze free to use?

Viddyoze is a company that makes easy-to-use animation software. They are offering one month free for their subscription service called Template Club to small businesses.

Conclusion: Viddyoze Review – Should you Go for it?

I assure you Viddyoze is a piece of software that any user of any level can use to generate breathtaking animations in just a few clicks.

The Viddyoze templates can be used to create stunning video animations that grab attention, engage an audience, and ultimately convert viewers into customers. You do not need any complex, costly software or set of freelancers.

You can create stunning animation using Viddyoze.  Did you like our Viddyoze review 2023, let us know your thoughts below.

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13 thoughts on “Viddyoze Review 2023: Is it the Best AI Video Editor?”

  1. For those who need to be more creative with their video content, Viddyoze is not the right tool. It only has a limited number of templates that can make certain industries look cheesy or unprofessional at times

  2. Constantly reminding customers that they can’t get away without buying something.

  3. It’s so easy to find and create your own graphics with these guys! The price is amazing, plus you can’t go wrong for the style.

  4. I found Viddyoze to be ridiculously easy-to-use. I was able to create animation my first day on the site, which is amazing for those who want more control over their animations. The best part? You can download your video and automatically upload it anywhere – even YouTube with any sort of watermarking included!

    No longer will you have to worry about building a business model around animation software or needing expensive training programs – just follow these 7 super easy steps that take less than 10 minutes and get animated video marketing up in no time!

  5. Create engaging videos with Viddyoze’s high quality animations. Choose from a variety of styles and live-action options to create videos that are sure to capture your audience’s attention. With Viddyoze, you’ll have everything you need to create powerful marketing videos that get results.

  6. It’s really cool to create a video and there is no other software that works in videos like Viddyoze! Type something in the box, then choose time warp or camera man mode. After you’re done recording your video, just go back to the Viddyoze screen and click play to see how cool it looks after editing it for less than 20 minutes. The animation effects are also really good too!

  7. Viddyoze offers library of styles and live-action options is sure to give your video the edge it needs to stand out from the competition.

  8. Viddyoze is here to help! With an easy-to-use interface and powerful effects, you can create professional quality videos in minutes.

  9. This powerful, easy-to-use platform will help you create stunning videos that will engage and excite your audience. With Viddyoze, you’ll have everything you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level!

  10. With Viddyoze, you can create spectacular videos with little effort. Just select one of the templates, add your own content, and you’re good to go!

  11. Viddyoze is easy-to-use platform makes it simple to create stunning videos with incredible effects. With Viddyoze, you’ll be able to take your marketing to the next level.

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