Best Video Sharing Sites For Backlinks In 2023 (HANDPICKED)

In the past few years, Digital marketing has now become a new normal. Many are working in those domains and its as a huge demand in the current market. I’m also one among you, working out serious stuff and getting success in digital marketing. Nodes of digital marketing are being continuously updated but I believe video marketing is still having the same impact as it used to have in the beginning.

Brand awareness can be created by using video marketingvideo marketing to be more impactful towards the customers as it gets an impression into their minds. You can share videos on various sites and so can generate better brand value.

Here, In this article, I’m going to help you to know about the popular video sites for getting backlinks and get impressive results. All these are free sites and videos can be uploaded for free.

Know About the Best Video Sharing Sites For Backlinks In 2023

We have done research about some and found out that below mentioned free sites for SEO are having high domain authority, DA and PA.

1. YouTube

Optimize Youtube Videos for creating backlinks

It is the biggest and the most popular site for video sharing and it is free and easy to use.

It has a PA rating of 96.5, its DA rating is 100 and domain authority MOZ is 100. Users can upload, watch and share videos of YouTube.

Creating a free Google account will make you eligible to upload a video by creating a channel. Masses can enjoy your videos once you have uploaded it.

2. AOL:

Aol Video backlink image

It has high ratings and has a huge pool of active users.
Its PA rating is 85.3, DA rating is 98.6 and MOZ domain authority is rated to be 94.

High video quality makes it more effective for video marketing.

It is one of the favourite platforms for digital marketers, news agencies and bloggers to spread their content.

3. Vimeo:

Vimeo video backlink tool

It’s PA rating is 97.3, DA rating is 98.4 and MOZ domain authority is rated as 97.
It lets the user control who can see the video and who cannot.

Its customized privacy control is an attraction for marketers. It is suitable for targeted customer based SEO.

4. DailyMotion:

free video backlink sharing site-n dailymotion

Ratings for PA, DA and MOZ domain authority are 81.6, 95.7 and 95 respectively.
It provides categories namely music, news, sports and entertainment for videos to be uploaded.

It has many users to watch video and gather engagement on a regular basis.

5. MetaCafe:

Metacafe video sharing site

It’s ratings for PA, DA and MOZ domain authority are 64.7, 82.1 and 87 respectively.

It is mostly known to share short videos and pictures.

It provides a number of categories on which videos can be uploaded like pets, news, tech, entertainment cooking, etc. You can gather backlinks traffic from here to have better SEO rankings.

These were few popular video sharing sites famous among masses which can be used by digital marketers to improve their SEO rankings.

List of Other Video Sharing Sites For Backlinks 2023







After gazing over popular video sites sharing means, let us discuss some benefits of sharing videos:

◆ Videos keep people more engaging. Also, not everyone is good at reading long texts. It also becomes boring to do so. Videos grab the attention of the viewer and leave a long impression in the mind of the viewer.
◆ Videos are like one to one communication for the user.
◆ It is easy to share a video on social media and gather masses to promote it.
◆ Videos can be watched on any of the devices like smartphones, laptops, etc.

Moreover, as per Casey Henry at Moz, a video would gather triple the average number of views when compared to a text.

Moreover, as per a study, a video is equal to 1.8 million words.
With videos, you can have a better communication and connection with your viewers. Correct optimization would lead you to have a better position in Google search results.

Best Ways To Get Video Backlinks In 2023


Below mentioned are the ways in which you can get backlinks for videos:

1) Create a video and share it on sites:

You can create videos on anything like discussing a controversial topic, DIYs, tutorials etc. Create a video and submit it to one of the popular sites and you can also upload it on your website. This would generate traffic for your video and make users brood over your creativity.

2) Comment on other’s videos:

Try to comment on other’s videos as this will give you backlinks. But go through the video properly and comment. Make sure you don’t be pathetic while commenting.

3) Create a profile on video sites:

You will get backlinks by creating a profile on the popular sites.

4) Follow SEO guidelines:

Make sure that your video is of good quality and also take care of the other SEO requirements before uploading it to the video sites.

5) Proper usage of keywords:

Keywords would help bots to categorize your content. Include these keywords in the title, tags or description of your video. Do a bit of research and provide simple and effective keywords to your video.

6) Attractive title:

Have a title which would make your video look different from the masses. Try to include some important keywords in the title for a better reach.

7) Proper description:

This becomes important for sites like YouTube. Bits cannot go through the videos and so it becomes important to have a thorough description which has all the important keywords.

8) Schema and Sitemaps:

Creating a sitemap for your videos is advisable as it will let the bot index tour video. is used to provide other necessary information to bots and also ensure about the optimization of your video.

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Conclusion: Best Video Sharing Sites For Getting Backlinks In 2023

Free video sharing sites is something that most of the digital marketers and neophytes search for.

Getting details about the same and knowing about a few of the tips about uploading a video, you can now jump start with your journey to upload your video and gather a huge crowd for the same.

Hope my article as helped you to know the best sites and I wish a huge success in the future.

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