7 Best Video Sitemap Plugins for WordPress 2023

Before we learn about the site map plugins for word press we should understand the various aspects of Sitemaps.

What is a site map?

Basically a site map can be best described as a text representation of all the pages present on a website. These maps can sometimes be very complicated and sometimes they contain graphics. However you will also come across site maps that are very simple in nature. The whole purpose of creating a site map is to assist people to find what they are looking for on a blogging website. You also have the option of including certain elements of SEO and you can get good rankings.

The importance of Video plugins for wordpress

There is no doubt that WordPress has gained tremendous amount of popularity. This is because they are very powerful and using these you can create membership sites or online stores. If you do own a wordpress blog you can bring things to life with video plugins. However if you do not have a website that involves wordpress you need to get one real soon to enhance your marketing efforts online.

Using videos is a considered to be a very powerful tool for artists. You can actually showcase your art of point of view with a video. The video plugins will allow you to place videos in your blogs but the only difference is that the videos will now be a permanent fixture on your templates. A nice video will make your website very welcoming for a reader who is interested in blogging and content writing. You must keep checking your plugins once in a while for updated ones.

Here are 7 best Video Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

1) TubePress


This is by far one of the most popular plugins as it already has a record of 500000 downloads. This will permit you to embed Videos from Youtube and Vimeo with the blog, so you will be able to create a stunning sidebar widget or a video gallery. You will also have the liberty to choose to display random videos that are sorted by the tags assigned to them. The steps for setup and configuration for this plugn is very easy and you can follow them without any confusion. After you have finished the configuration step you can utilize the shortcode to get things started.

The good news is that this plugin is available in both free and premium category.. the premium version comes with certain additional features. To understand how this pluging works you will need to watch a demo video.

2) Contus Video Gallery (Free & Premium)


This particular plugin will help you create a gallery that is very professional and you can have it on your WordPress website. The plugin can transform your gallery into a FLV player instantly. F4V, Mp4v, MOV, M4A, M4V, MP$ and MP3 are some of the formats that this plug in supports. You can also add embedded videos which is the plus point of this plugin.

3) Responsive Video Embeds

Responsive Video Embeds

This plug in is a favorite amongst all the WordPress users. This can include videos into one article by using oEmbed method in WordPress. This can also resize the video to fit different screens. After you have activated the plugin, you need to go to the settings option and click on Auto-embeds. This will automatically resize all your embedded videos without any problems. This plugin supports videos from Scribd, DailyMoyion, Vimeo and Youtube. In fact you can visit the official website and use the demo to see how things work.

4) Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

You only have to pay a nominal amount of 15$ to use this Worrdpress plugin that is developed by Digital Zoom. This is not like an ordinary video gallery but it is a multimedia gallery where you can add audios, images and videos into the player. The best part about this plug in is that you can do away with the Youtube logo and put in your own and it is a fantastic way to advertise. You will have access to social sharing and other code buttons which are visible on your screen. This plugin is very customizable and has more than one menu and multiple skins that you can use.

5) Youtube Channel Gallery

Youtube Channel Gallery

This is just perfect when you need a simple plugin that is free and easy to operate. This plugin lets you include Youtube playlist into your website very easily. In this plugin you can literally customize everything like ratio, theme, quality of video and the type of video feed.

6) Vixy YouTube Embed and Download

 Vixy YouTube Embed and Download

This will let you embed videos from Youtube  to your website . The step for configuration process is very simple and short. You can utilize the shortcode to put in a video to your blog. This plugin gives you the download link for videos on youtube.

7) Video.js

Video js

This is for self hosted videos, this plugin uses an HTML5 player to play videos. All internet browsers support this player without any problems at all. You can also use this from your mobile phones. The good part is that you can customize the look of the player without any problems at all. This plug in is open source so you can customize it as per your requirements. The set up and configuration steps are a really very easy to follow.

All of these plugins are very useful but they also have their set of drawbacks however you must decide which one you are going to use and which of them will serve your purpose to the fullest.

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  1. Why the disconnect between the title of video sitemaps plugins and the content which is completely different?

  2. This post is good but not relevant to the title, actually i thought the author is list the video sitemap plugins but no one related to my query. I am owing a video hosting website, if you find any best video sitemap in future, kindly let me know.

  3. Nice article. WordPress is an elegant enterprise web content management solution that delegates complete authority to the users for designing and managing powerful websites. Along with the flexibility, scalability and security its ability to handle multiple websites with number of users is incredible. Due to the popularity, WordPress has to ensure that it has all the features that makes life easier for a developer. Videos are an essential part of marketing and tool that help user to efficiently manage video’s in WP site is a big plus. List has some good alternative and rightly mentioned that TubePress was one of the finest plugin, However it has discontinued its supply to WordPress.org users and now is exclusively for tubepress.com users. As a replacement, Video List manager is a good alternative that display video’s easily from YouTube Vimeo and Dailymotion. The reason to suggest this is that the support for this is up-to the mark and it can be used will almost every theme. Many other options prevail and it is important to understand their use and functionalities before selecting any plugin.

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