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A video can deliver emotions and messages in the most impactful manner. That is why a huge chunk of each major marketing budget goes in video advertising every year, whether on YouTube or TV. I wished to give it a try but I also knew the depth of my pockets.

So the only choice that was left with me was to do it on my own and in a limited budget or probably buy a great package. After trying everything I found that the answer lied in VideoMakerFX. It is more of a great idea than just a product, as it lets you create interactive and sensible videos by combining pre-loaded slides. Here is a detailed review of VideoMakerFx 2020.

 Videomakerfx Review August 2020: Huge BONUSES & GET at 37$ NOW

I am sure all of you have been through the trauma of preparing slideshows. While the presenting part can be nerve-racking, the audience could be equally bored. In most of the official presentations, I have found my mind begging for freedom.

VideoMakerFX review homepage

But now you can skip the ancient trend and switch to VideoMakerFX, which empowers you to create friendly, personable videos out of your imagination.

Watch this demo of VideoMakerFX by Peter R

VideoMakerFX Preview Video

Watch this promotional video by Peter R, the developer of VideoMakerFX

VideoMakerFX - Kinetic Typography Example

It is a piece of user-friendly software meant to create videos for marketers and businesses. With over 240 customizable slide themes, now you can create videos to present the various aspects of your business. With VideoMakerFX you can stay sure that all the creativity and effort that you put into creating each piece of video is yours and yours only. As the work created on this tool is not saved on an external server, you can save your work, use them and even sell them.

Ease of use

VideomakerFX Features review

Usually, it would take you very expensive software or a professional to help you with creating your own video. Even if you manage to dodge the technicalities of software by hiring a professional, you would still find yourself trapped for the bill that you would be charged with every video file created. VideoMakerFX allows you to create videos which are a combination of slides that you can place anywhere in the video’s timeline. The idea behind the package not only turns it into an inexpensive tool but also shortens the learning curve for you.

Customization options

videomakerfx review customization

Modifiable aspects

Each slide that you select from its list of templates is customizable on four parameters, namely Texts, Images, and Shapes & Animations. This means that you get to manipulate all the important aspects on every cutting of slides. As for the Text part which happens to be the most highlighted part of an instructive video, you can vary the fonts, alignment of words, size and colour of texts, and also add special effects.

Play with slides

VideoMakerFX Amazing Video Creation Software Top Features

The images that you chose as the representative of your video can be added edited and added to any number of slides. Just like a word-based document, you can add background images to the slides, scale up images and have a lot more fun with it. You can also craft stylish shapes inside the main page of slides by using the ‘Shape Option’. With all the themes available you can add an edge to the videos. Once you have made up your mind about the slide theme that you desire, all you have to do is click on ‘Add Slide’ option to add it to the video’s timeline.

Add creative animation

videomakerfx review animation

With a very basic model, VideoMakerFX creates a video as a combination of slides being represented in an animated form. Nevertheless, you don’t need to sweat about personally designing these animations or taking an additional help. The animation quality that you are looking for can be well found within its system. With the animation tool, you can specify the number of seconds for which each slide is supposed to run. The best part here is that most of the slide templates are supported by the ‘animation option’. You just need to select from its list of animation option and make things happen. Once you are through installing the software you can begin practicing your first video.

What makes VideoMakerFX so special?

Tutorial Videos

videomakerfx review tutorial

The things VideoMakerFX is capable of doing already make it an excellent tool, but if you read on then you will find the things that make it exemplary. Although the options to create a video are intuitive, but VideoMakerFX comes preloaded with tutorial videos which aim at sharpening your video making quality. The developers of the software have also added sales videos to introduce you with techniques of pitching a sale by creating videos at par with industry requirements. 


Pump in the music
videomakerfx review music

In the end a video should be a piece capable of being interactive, delivering the motive and a good show. You can experiment with some amazing photo slideshows to create your finest work, while still taking lesser time than PowerPoint. As for making it a good show, VideoMakerFX adds a finishing touch with 20 royalty free music tracks that can be fit into your video to deliver your concept more effectively to mass audience. Since a video could be about anything, VideoMakerFX has made sure to cover as much variation in music tracks as possible. The preloaded tracks cover pretty much everything from common ads, raps, festive tunes, even tempo tracks etc.

Pitching Sales
videomakerfx review sales pitch

Today the concept of video marketing is so successful that it has already proven to improve sales conversion rates by three fold. VideoMakerFX has been provided with tutorial videos to help you generate quality work as well as create a sale out of. You can add these well designed videos to your social profile and advertise for your channel. It can be ideally used for events or promotional activities. The after sale assistance of the product is also good and consistent.

What can it cost you? VideoMakerFX Pricing

Videomaker FX review coupons

If you scroll the article from top to bottom then you will find quality video, friendly functions, tutorial video and everything that can help you create a video from scratch and even market it. Moreover, any channel with numerous valuable videos gains greater number of viewers over those channels that have highly invested to make a clip or two. So to have this evergreen freedom of documenting multiple videos you will have to dispense $57 for its monthly subscription.
videomakerfx review pricing

Also VideoMakerFX is compatible for both Windows and Mac platform, so you can create HD quality image from almost any system. As such I have been monitoring its price value and it seems to have taken a steep rise in past few months, so it would be a better winning if you can start with VideoMakerFX at the earliest.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

VideoMakerFX Reviews & Testimonials

Special Bonuses: The Value Of EVERYTHING You are Getting Today!

Powerful VideoMakerFX Software
You are getting the most powerful & complete package for creating beautiful & engaging videos for your audience/clients. Value easily $297!

Full Resell & Monetization Rights!
We are in the business to make money & provide for our families & provide value for others & build the life style we want. You’ll have the tool to make awesome videos, so you can easily sell & market your video creation services with no restrictions. Value of at least $299 for each video you make!

Over 35 themes consisting of more then 240+ scenes for your videos
Each with fully customisable elements. Themes range from the most basic to create beautiful video sales letters quickly to full blown explainer style videos.
Value of at least $5075 (35 themes x average video theme price of $135)

Over 20 Professional Royalty Free Music Track Integrated!
Use them for any of your VideoMakerFX projects with full rights to use them in all the videos you produce!
Value at least $197

Beautifully Designed Graphics & Backgrounds
Every video or presentation should have a great background & graphics set that should complement & highlight the content your presenting. We include over 100 different beautiful backgrounds & even more graphics!
Value at least $97.


  • Make amazing videos that looks very professional.
  • Animated Videos engage your audience, increase retention and sales conversions.
  • Profit from your videos or sell them to small businesses (Profit creator for anyone).
  • No Monthly Fees needed (Pro Membership is $17 and gives 50 new themes monthly).
  • Easy to Use for Anyone, Professional Enough for Designers to Use.
  • No Restrictions or Watermarks on Your Videos.
  • Unlimited Usage for the Software.


  • No Trial Version.
  • There are a few bugs in audio effects.

Videomaker FX review coupons

VideoMakerFX FAQS

✅What is VideoMakerFX?

Basically, it’s a reliable and powerful video creating software that comes with amazing advanced feature.

🔥How much VideoMakerFX Cost?

The best thing that I liked about VideoMakerFX is that they offer flexible pricing options, and now you can get started with VideoMarkerFX right for $37 Now.

🤔Is VideoMakerFX Reliable?

No doubt, I would like to say, VideoMakerFX is a reliable video creation software and it offer exceptionally easy to use and advanced features.

Conclusion: VideoMakerFX Review 2020 | Should You Go For It??

Overall, I’m pretty much impressed with the VideoMakerFX software quality and believe it’s one of the best video editing software on the market today.

Go grab this software and save your hard earn money. I hope you like our VideoMakerFX review 2018 and kindly share your experience with this software.

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