Vidnami (Formerly Content Samurai) Review 2021: 25% Off Coupon Lifetime Save $144/yr

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Ease of Use
Automatically Bolds Keywords
Value for money


  • 790,000+ Storyblocks Video Clips
  • 30+ Popular Fonts
  • Automatic Captions
  • Intelligent Clip Selection
  • No Video Editing Necessary
  • 14 Automatic Text to Speech Voices
  • Landscape & Square videos
  • Premium video templates
  • Vidnami is fast in exporting the videos
  • Unlimited team members
  • Regularly updated with new features and more built-in media


  • More pricing options needed
  • No video animations available

Price:$ 35

If you are someone who desires to create attractive videos that would take your message around in an amazing manner, then the best tool I proposed you with is Vidnami.  I was amazed by his user experience and like to give a review on it with my experience with the tool. Vidnami is easy and quick to use, moreover it doesn’t require any previous technical knowledge About Vidnami. And you’ll also have fun using it.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Vidnami is a video maker. Its artificial intelligence examines the text entered and it automatically picks related images or videos allowing its users to speedily produce videos that look professional without any requirement for any previous technical knowledge.

Content that is present in written form (for instance blog posts) could be reallocated into a medium that would be much more appealing visually that helps to keep the audience engaged for more time and thus, increase conversion rates. Other video makers are complicated and time consuming and it takes the fun out of the process, but Vidnami allows you to create professional looking videos at a cheap price and with twice the fun!

I hope that this Vidnami Review will provide answers to all your queries and will provide you with sufficient information so that you’ll come to know if it’s perfect for you as well as to your business. Click here to maximize your saving by using the Vidnami Coupons here.


 Vidnami Coupon Lifetime Discount $35/mo

Vidnami content samurai reviews



The best thing is that it is all done through an instinctive interface and one step at a time approach which crushes the time required to produce a video by eliminating every challenge related to technology.

Neither your face will be shown nor your voice will be used, tools such as Auto Voice feature can be used instead; you even don’t require to install or download anything at all, it’s an internet-based app.

Exciting Highlights of the Vidnami : In-Depth Vidnami Review (Formerly Content Samurai)

Content samurai videos review

1. Many distinct types of Videos can be created

vidnami video review

The thing about Vidnami that I like most is that it’s not at all a video tool that fits all. You may already know this, when online marketing is concerned, possessing a presence on every popular social platform is the secret to grow your brand. As mentioned by me earlier, videos are all around the online world.

However after saying that, there is a little issue when video marketing is concerned on some major platforms. Most of such major platforms use distinct video dimensions.

Moreover, after testing a lot, it’s proven that distinct kinds of videos work distinctly on various different platforms. Like, a video that is performing well on Facebook might do badly on Instagram.

However, the good news is that the makers of content Vidnami/samurai took this thing into account and they regularly update the tool so as to make sure that you are able to produce all different kinds of videos that would work well on all popular social platforms.

Important Note: In the image above you can see various kinds of videos that can be created by you.

2. Content Samurai /Vidnami is absolutely Beginner Friendly

Allow me to say that, I am not at all a technology person. When video editing is concerned, I am a newbie.

So if getting in video marketing scares you because you are unable to use complex video software to produce your videos that appear professional and polished, then don’t worry at all.

With the help of this particular software, you only have to do some clicks by mouse and then your video will be completed in very less time, which also depends on the length of your video.

However, if you still don’t believe it, just be patient. I will show a step by step procedure to produce a video from the beginning till the end.

3. You will have access to many images and Video Clips that would be royalty-free

Vidnami templates Vidnami features

Let’s be truthful, the videos by PowerPoint are boring and dead. They could provide the necessary information and sum up the content you want to bring to the viewers, they however don’t possess the capability to grab the attention of your viewers for a long duration.

This is not the case with videos made in Vidnami.

After you sign up, you will instantly have access to around 790,000 video clips that will be Royalty-Free, and also 112,000,000 images of superior-quality to select from.

Vidnami-Royalty free images & Video clips


Getting Started With Vidnami

That’s so much media to attach to your videos in order to spice and enhance them. You don’t have to no worry any more about your videos being a boring and dead presentation by PowerPoint because you will possess many images and video clips to add them up. All this can be used to the maximum without burning a hole in your pocket with video editing.

4. You’ll Have Access To a number of Music Tracks that will be Royalty-Free.

I know, some people neither want to record their voice nor be on camera to make videos.

But are you familiar with the fact that you are not required to do any of these to make superior -quality videos?

Yes, that’s true!

After you own a nice script, you’ll have the option to only use background music yet, produce a superior-quality video that your viewers will love.

Well, known brands like Tasty and Buzzfeed have specialized in this technique thus, some of their videos are only with background music and it still gets millions of views.

And know this…

Everything like that can happen in content samurai/vidnami. Yes, experience all this with no extra expenses with our working Vidnami Coupons.

5. Your Media Content can also be uploaded

Let’s assume a video was shot by you on your camera or phone and you wish to incorporate it in the form of a B-roll footage – you can even do that!

Your video can be added as a background of your presentation or in the form of stand-alone video and the same thing can be done with the images.

Vidnami-Media Content

However if you dislike the audios, videos, and images that you’ll acquire by Vietnam, you can even upload media content of your choice. This is specifically nice if you wish to build a brand and you wish to put a custom outro/intro to your videos. You can even put a watermark throughout.

6. Automatic Voice Text into Speech Program (A Feature which is least favorite of mine)

Vidnami review how to use it

Honestly, I don’t really like this feature and thus I don’t actually use it. However, according to the reviews that I look at in “Vidnami Facebook Group”, few people really like it.

The reason why I dislike auto-voice as they sound a bit robotic considering my preference yet, I wanted to introduce this feature to you too.

Vidnami-Voice Text

What is this – when a video script is uploaded and you produce videos, you do have the choice to let Vidnami/content samurai develop a voice-over which will have a text to speech software.

You can also choose if you want a female or male automatic voice and if you want an English accent, an Australian accent or an American accent. (look at the image below)

7. Vidnami on its own includes Slide Transitions, Animate text, Motions into pictures, Bolding Keywords, &  Image Layouts

Vidnami templates how to use Vidnami

Honestly, only seeing a video that has a slide presentation appears dead. Moreover, when the presentation contains some images and video footage, they also might be somewhat boring thus, your viewers will easily lose their attention if you do not have any form of a motion to make it interesting.

You’ll need to know that people stay attentive for little time. Recently it’s announced that people are now having a competition with goldfish for who has a shorter attention span.

Do you believe it?

Anyways, the makers of Vidnami also known as content samurai know this fact and that’s why software has the ability to place slide transitions on its own, motions to pictures, bolding keywords to highlight them, they even have various different layouts for the images and text.

Vidnami is the only product on the market today that allows you to create all 5 types of video that your business needs to be successful:

Vidnami reviews on Google

1. Influencer Videos

Combine a video of you talking to camera with images and other clips to produce authentic videos that grow your online audience.

2. Content Videos

Convert existing blog posts and articles into professional videos and repurpose your content for today’s social platforms.
3. Video Ads

Launch your promotions and special offers using attention-grabbing video ads.
4. Sales Videos

Convert your viewers into paying customers.

5. Training Videos

Communicate with your customers and help them achieve results using your product or service.

Here’s how Vidnami compares to Animoto and Lumen5:

So if you’re looking for the fastest way to create ALL the videos your business needs to grow, Vidnami is the obvious choice.

Who is the creator of Vidnami?

Vidnami founder

Noble Samurai created Vidnami, which is an Australian software company that produces highly advanced applications to assist internet marketers to increase their success in online marketing.

The company is based on many year’s experiences in that field and it’s proven us with items like Market Samurai (amongst the first keyword and market research tools), ask Vidsy and Samurai.

Vidnami is not for whom?

Vidnami is good yet it’s not for all. If anyone of the given conditions is similar to yours, then it isn’t for you.

1. Marketers who have Shoestring Budget

Although, you can cancel the account at any point in time. Yet, not everyone can pay $47 ($35 on discount) monthly for a video producing tool.

2. Content Marketers

If you only do content marketing only sometimes, then spending this amount of money on a software that you’re not going to use often would not be a good option.

3. If someone wants to fully edit the video

If you want a video editing software that provides absolute control, Vidnami isn’t a good option.

4. Video Editors

If you possess advanced video editing expertise and you have a costly video editing software, then Vidnami isn’t for you.

For whom is Vidnami for?

If you’re not able to relate yourself to any above-mentioned cases and if you’re thinking: is Vidnami for me?

See if you are able to relate yourself to one of the following categories –

1. A person who wishes to add video in their strategy and not spend much money

Vidnami is definitely for people who wish to insert a video marketing strategy but are unable to afford or are simply not desiring to spend dollars on it.

2. Non-technical people who know a video’s importance and who value time

If you get how substantial video could be and if you’re looking for something that can be used easily for video creation which can even save your time and give results, in that case, Vidnami could be for you.

3. Everyone who is looking enhance their content, reach a greater audience and get greater exposure

This video tool of Noble Samurai is suitable for anyone who wants to enhance its content strategy.

That’s simple, the one who wishes to: 1) enhance with a video their blog posts, 2) use a lot more engaged kind of medium and 3) doing repurposing of content by changing it from written form to videos.

4. Bloggers, influencers, and marketers who aim to produce stunning and quick videos

Anyone who wants to produce professional-appearing videos of any type quickly will definitely find this tool awesome.

From sales-related videos (which would accompany letters of sales), to video advertisements for social media, from influential videos in which you converse with your community to online course /training videos in which you instruct your students to anything you can imagine, it is an endless list and Vidnami is perfect.

5. SEOs who want to develop a natural content marketing

Putting a cool, attractive video (such as the ones Vidnami permits you to create) in the content can surely help it to boost and make the content interesting.

To an extent that you’ll probably want to make (rather, better “earn”) connections naturally by other websites.

The higher backlinks a page receives, the higher the SEO power. And higher SEO power means higher search engine rankings.

6.  People who have privacy concerns and want to build on video

People who don’t like showing their face on camera or speak publicly, people who are privacy-concerned yet want to make a video would find Vidnami perfect.

Features of Vidnami. What does it offer?

The software development team at Noble Samurai is working regularly to enhance Vidnami. New features are frequently updated. Here’s a brisk summary of what’s incorporated at the current moment.

Artificial Intelligence

Vietnam’s major feature is its software’s advanced artificial intelligence which reads and understands data you feed and rapidly selects related pictures or videos to demonstrate your data.

This single procedure significantly reduces the clock it would typically need you to make a comparable video on any costly video editing software.

Vidnami-Artificial Intelligence

Variety in media sizes & 1080p resolution Full HD Quality.

Vidnami authorizes you to take top-notch video recordings at 1080p resolution and at various sizes to coordinate the suggested video format of one ‘s social media (e.g.: square or vertical configurations).

Multi Video Templates

Vidnami templates

Using a pre-designed template in order to create your Vidnami videos is one of the options available, Yet they truly speed the process of making videos. According to them, there are around 100s of professional video layout for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc which are organized and grouped in the same order.


· Content video ( based on one’s blog post)

· Tutorials / online video courses.

· Sales letter recordings

· Influencer videos

· Recorded video ads

The opportunities are boundless: you’re allowed to make everything from local conversion marketing videos to even social media recordings.

Full  Custom Themes

Likewise, you are also independent to make your custom logos and watermarks comprise cool background pictures with several textures.

As well as customizing the fonts and shades to create your videos fit your business’s or website’s face and feel.

Inbuilt Royalty-free Media (Like… Thousands of them!)

Vidnami really offers millions of royalty-free chunks of reusable media which you can put into your video edits. That consist of:

· 125,000 tune tracks from Videoblocks.*

· Morethan 790,000 video recordings from Videoblocks. *

· 112,000,000 HD-quality pictures

By side of all these inbuilt media, you even have the choice to upload your custom tune tracks, video recordings, and images.

* An all-access annual plan purchased presently from Videoblocks will cost you $384 per annum. If you’re a company it’d be actually more costly.

Automatic Voice Overs

While developing your videos, you’re eligible even to record your voice or upload a custom pre-recorded voice track.

Or, rather, utilize AutoVoice to rapidly turn text to speech — a certainly cool thing for those who like not to use their own vocals.

AutoVoice proposes hundreds of distinct male and female vocalists with accents from Australia, the USA, and the UN for you to select from.

The best part is that it does not even sound like a bot reading, also you can modify it’s reading tempo to your preference.

Endless Video Creation

Vidnami permits you to make as many videos as you would prefer. Unlike other web-based app subscription programs where there are limits on daily/monthly usage.

Special Community

Vidnami offers you entry to a private community on FB where you can discover or learn with fellow users, consult them to get tips or their viewpoint on the clips you produce, and many more.


Vidnami or preferably a Noble Samurai, the developers of this media tool, have fast and friendly support services.

I know of all this just because I was concerned with them via mail a few times just to understand there were no issues with their software – although it was nothing more than a terrible user error.

The support staff is too cool and friendly. I actually told them an age-old computer joke in order to absolve my lameness and that too they found funny. Even they deluded that they got the joke, lol.

In accordance with email support, there are several tutorial clips that will surely help you get used to the software and create the clips you desire to raise your career faster than you might read this complete Vidnami journal.

As I mentioned above, It also has a Facebook group limited for premium members with tons of other Vidnami clients willing to give you proper assistance and guidance.

Vidnami Video Example For Getting More Visitors To Your Website

Here is an example video that was created using Vidnami:

Pros and cons of Vidnami’s Review

Similar to any other things there are some pros and cons of vidnami.

Merits Associated with vidnami

Let’s take a look at the most attractive things about Vietnam.

  • It provides a decent and more instinctive interface.
  • It promotes fast delivery and is easier to use.
  • It does not require the experience of preliminary video editing.
  • It provides customized videos according to your need.
  • It ensures the availability of nobility free media in a massive library.
  • It ensures easy conversion of the article into a video within a few clicks.
  • A realistic approach to words regular update of newly implemented features
  • Ensures voluntary voice over facility through excellent sounds and many more options.
  • It is basically a web-based method where there is no need for any kind of installation.

Cons associated with Vidnami.

As we know that every system or tool has some demerits associated with it, and actually these demerits will help the system or tool for growing and improvement.

Below few concerns have described the cons of vidnami.

  • It doesn’t provide a lifetime subscription.
  • Unavailability of animated video. (Whiteboard and typography)
  • It is contemplated as a little expensive for a tight budget.

Vidnami pricing: How Affordable it is? (Vidnami Coupon Lifetime Discount $35/mo)

Monty subscription cost for Vidnami will around $47.

Yearly subscription payment is around $397 which will reduce monthly payment up to $33 and ensures a 30 % discount on the total price.

There are some great discounts and contracts are offered by vidnami which reduces monthly and annual payment options substantially. Maximise your savings with our Vidnami Coupons.


You may have a free trial for 14 days.

Below section may give you an overall idea about free trial and discount.

25% discount as Vidnami discount.

Here is some deal that ensures a way of locating Vidnami offers.

I have got 25% off as a part exclusive Vidnami discount which actually reduced my monthly subscription cost to $35 instead of $47.

Now you can get Vidnami at 25% off with our Vidnami Coupons

It simply means that you can save your $12 per month. In order to acquire the above Vidnami deal of monthly subscription, you can simply click on the above option which will take you through a discount.


About a free trial of 14 days.

Instead of getting happy by reading grateful information about Vidnami, have your own experience with the same which will take you through the real experience of comfort.

Here are the good points about the free trial.

  • It totally offers a risk-free environment, in fact, it does not require any payment details for building an account on it.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time whereby no further questions will be asked to you. It can be done more quickly.
  • Once you have completed a free trial, your 25% discount offer will get the end, and if you want to continue your enjoyment with the same in that case you may have a discounted price for a monthly plan.

You can start now the free trial of 14 days with Vidnami.

According to all the amazing benefits associated with Vidnami, it has been clear that Vidnami creators are very much confident about their quality of the method, hence they are considered as trustworthy.

Limitations with a free trial.

Vidnami provides another useful offer for the free trial user to use the tool for a long extend in order to download and create some unlimited video content with no restriction on it.

However, it has been found that there was a massive increase in the number of people for free trial subscription in June 2020. In order to tackle the above problem, Nobel Samurai has taken the proper decision for introducing the limitation on free trial uses which ensures great user experience.

  1. All video downloaded and created by trial account users is marked as ‘TRIAL’.
  2. An auto voice facility is only usable for a paid user.

Above mentioned changes are completely sensible.

According to research, it has been found that trail-based users are utilizing the platform of Vidnami for downloading a  large number of videos for absolutely free, which actually hampers the quality of service for paid users. And also costing the company more.

Vidnami Reviews FAQ’S – Answered

👉 What does Vidnami mean?

Vidnami name comes from combining the word “Video” and the Japanese word for wave “Nami” and it relates to the idea of using video to creating a positive wave of influence in the world.

👉 Do you have a Vidnami free trial?

Yes! We have 14-day free trial that you can promote as an affiliate.

👉 Why change the name?

Content Samurai was a very long name that was hard to spell, and didn’t really sound like a video creation tool.Vidnami is a short name that is easy to spell, and we believe it sounds much more like a modern video creation platform.

🔥Can I sell the videos I make with Vidnami to my clients?

Absolutely! You own the rights to all videos you create with Vidnami, and you're allowed to sell those videos to clients.

Is there a limit on the number of videos I can create each month?

Vidnami always encourage you to make as many videos as you like - unlike other video creation apps out there in the market, Vidnami allow you to make an UNLIMITED number of videos each and every month!

🔥Can I use Vidnami to create videos in other languages?

Vidnami was designed to work with English, but they do have many users successfully creating videos using other languages. You may need to manually adjust the timing of your video if you upload or record a voice track, but if you're making music only videos everything should work as expected. The best thing to do is open up Vidnami and try to create a video in your language.

👍Does Vidnami offers money-back guarantee?

If for any reason you decide that Vidnami isn't the right video creation tool for your business, simply get in touch with their support team within the first 30 days, and they'll cancel your subscription and give you a FULL refund - no questions asked!

👍Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Please keep in mind that when you cancel you may not be able to subscribe again in the future at the 25% OFF discount price.

Vidnami Reviews & Testimonials

Easy to use process, the voice options give it a real commercial outlook that advertises your brand and services! I enjoy using Samurai and would recommend it to anyone that wants to engage customers.

Kimberly Y Frederick Griffin

The guys at Content Samurai have never stopped improving the software, I’ve been following them as a member for almost 3 years now and I can say that they are behind the product 24/7.

Sergio Rodriguez

Content Samurai Reviews online

Vidnami_ Testimonials

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Conclusion: Vidnami Review 2021 Vidnami Coupon Lifetime Discount

Action speaks louder than a word – Yes you are right!

There are a variety of things which involve many difficulties which we need to deal with, for example, financial problems, time shortage, lakh of technical details, and lack of confidence to face the camera.

It’s a very great thing that there are some tools that are available for solving such issues which include video creation by Noble Samurai’s, which is considered the best way as a problem-solving approach.

Vidnami is such a simple tool for users that it doesn’t require the experience of video editing. Here we just need to follow some standard procedure of creating video content and which can be done within a short span of time.

Since vidnami is basically a web-based tool that provides a realistic platform for making the best video content. The best thing about it is that it can be more easily available anywhere and anytime.

In addition to a simple way of making video and best quality of service, it also ensures service at an affordable price even at start-up,  because it is not much expensive compared to that of another alternative.

If you use it as part of the investment with enhancement in the ranking of a search engine, traffic, and awareness in order to boost up the sale then ultimately it will be going to pay you returns.

When things come to my ruling, I consider it beyond positive. Here it is a very incredible thing that Vidnami scores around 4.5 out of 5 which makes a big difference in terms of quality of service.

After considering all the positive things about Vidnami, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a great experience with full quality service with Vidnami.

It is considered more secure and risk-free which does not require any payment details at the initial stage.

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