EXCLUSIVE: Vignette Banners by PropellerAds To Increase Revenue

I’m sure you’ve heard about PropellerAds – advertising network for brands, affiliates, agencies and traffic owners. I use the platform myself to monetize my website’s traffic and it performs well. I’ve also come across positive feedback and reviews about it from the publishers I know.

PropellerAds has six (6) ad formats for publishers to earn more. Here are their formats:

  • Classic Push Notifications
  • In-Page Push
  • Direct Link
  • OnClick Popuner
  • Interstitials
  • And MultiTag – a great method for fully optimized complex monetization that includes 4 ad formats.

This month PropellerAds has launched a new monetization format – Vignette Banner. The most amazing thing about it is that it increases CPM & CTR up to 65%. Wow!

Let’s see how it works!

What are Vignette banners?

Vignette banners are small native banners that appear shortly after a user gets to a website.  They include a small header and description, plus “Close” and “Continue” buttons.

Vignette banners are placed in the center of the display and can be set to appear with a 5, 30 seconds, or any other custom-set delay.

Vignette Banners by PropellerAds 1

What do the numbers say?

The PropellerAds team put Vignette banners format to the test and discovered some amazing results!

About the test

Testing Period: December 24, 2021 – January 16, 2022


OS: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

The test showed that Vignette banners have 65% higher Click-Through Rates (CTR) compared to Classic banners.

Impressive, you say. What if I told you that it can do even more!

Vignettes bring twice as many clicks on desktop devices than on mobile. So, if you prefer desktop devices traffic, you will probably want to check Vignette banners. Just imagine your income growth when using Vignettes!

Vignet Banners also have user friendly and stunning features

– Having a central position on the screen, Vignette has higher CPM rates and contributes to an overall higher CTR – 60% higher on average, compared to classic banners

– With Vignette you’ll only get clean and safe ads – like games, Google Play\AppStore applications, utilities, etc

– The large “Close button” also makes the format compliant with the Better Ads Standards

– They are highly effective native banners, with a clean and safe ad feed, performing on every platform (Desktop, Mobile) and OS

– They come with an integrated Anti-AdBlock solution, making it 100% visible to every user

– This format is compatible with all of Propeller’s 6 other monetization solutions available with PropellerAds – Classic Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Direct Link, OnClick Popuner, Interstitials, and MultiTag.

Vignette Banners by PropellerAds 2

Ready to try this fresh ad format?

Then check out these super easy step-by step instructions and start to earn more!

Final conclusion

According to the eCPM, CTR, and desktop engagement rates of the test, I can say for sure that Vignette is the exceptional ad format that every publisher should try. It has the potential to improve your website monetization!

Moreover, Vignette’s features make it extremely easy, effective and user-friendly at the same time!

Try it yourself and increase your earnings now! 


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