visual assistance solution for remote technical & immediate support – Review 2023

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  • Equip technicians, empower experts
  • Integrate with all major platform
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When most firms were forced to seek out a new way to deal with employees who were stuck at home in 2020, Zoom stepped forward as an easy-to-use option. The number of users increased manifold. Customer support inquiries skyrocketed and continue to do so today, with Zendesk reporting global requests 20 percent more than pre-pandemic levels.

Furthermore, this “work from home” trend has impacted all the company’s sectors. The maintenance and support team had to shift their processes toward solutions such as remote inspection, maintenance in order to eliminate all the unnecessary displacements.

ViiBE offered this solution of remote diagnosis allowing technicians and experts to optimize their displacements after evaluating clearly the needs and urgency of each situation. ViiBE is also allowing them to give directions and immediate support to the on-site team thanks to its different collaborative tools.

ViiBE Review

ViiBE is a visual support for Customer Service and Technical Support that helps you to improve the customer experience while also reducing on-site travel. All of this may be accomplished with a single click without the need for any download. You can easily enable diagnostic, resolution, and guidance with ViiBE without having to use several platforms.

ViiBE is web-based video assistance, ticketing system, and knowledge management platform for technical support centers, after-sales services, and customer support. The system uses a live video feed paired with augmented reality and collaboration technologies to perform remote diagnoses.

The adoption of ViiBE improves “First call resolution” rates and lowers expenses by avoiding unnecessary expert travel. ViiBE also enables companies to measure the reduction of CO2 emissions as well as the increase of customer satisfaction thanks to a data tracking ticketing system.

Services offered by ViiBE – Some Use cases examples

ViiBE can assist you in identifying and addressing a variety of difficulties remotely. ViiBE’s ticketing system and collaboration functions can help enhance net promoter score, first-call resolution rates, boost remote communications, and reduce tech dispatch.

Insurance sector:

If you have, for example, vehicle troubles, you can call your insurance company. They will ask you several questions and the struggle can be real as the situation is often quite stressful. With ViiBE, the insurance agent can send you a link through a text message or an email, this link will make you access the ViiBE call without download. From there, the expert can have a visual inspection of the vehicle and address the priorities.

Thanks to several functionalities, the agent will be able to know your localization, take snapshots, light on your lamp and get an accurate idea of the root of the problem.

The positive incomes for roadside assistance are numerous:

  • The agent can decide that it would be safe to drive to a nearby car repair garage. Thus reducing truck roll.
  • Have a clear idea of the type of tow truck necessary to solve the problem. Thus avoiding any mistakes.
  • The ticketing system allows keeping track of the issue resolution
  • The experts can solve more issues as he or they can take care of problems from a computer room
  • The first call resolution rate would be much higher as the issue can be escalated to other experts

When you use their service, everything runs more smoothly. In other cases, the professionals can use the red laser and live video feed features to more easily instruct the mechanic of the same car.

Industry Maintenance

Various pricey types of equipment with sophisticated functioning mechanisms are used in industries. The team must work together to move forward, but when a problem happens, the maintenance professionals must be available to assist you. Because of the extremely high repair expenses as well as the length of the problem, the entire project will be halted until a solution is found. Through the ViiBE virtual network, the operator can contact actual machinery specialists and receive assistance. You can also submit a link to the expert group, and whoever responds first will assist you with the procedure.

This is a great way to reduce machine downtime, technician dispatch, and increase the lifecycle of heavy machines.

Incident Report

They can employ a previous solution to a specific problem in places where problems are expected to occur, such as offshore oil rigs. The on-site specialists work diligently to maintain the complicated pieces of the machinery working together and producing oil. They can also reach out to the ViiBE remote specialists for assistance.

Thanks to the ViiBE report functionality, an on-site agent can prepare a report inspection and send it to the experts. This way, the knowledge management and issue prediction system is much improved.

IT helpdesk

With ViiBE, many companies are changing the way they think about their IT support processes. For example, some functionalities such as the screen sharing option or the connected devices are offering a wide variety of use cases for technical IT assistance.

The collaborative tools are also very interesting for ViiBE users when they need some specific and technical IT support.

Transportation industry:

For metro, train, bus lines, or plane maintenance, ViiBE has proven that they are capable of providing some great results. With users such as RATP, Keolis, or Air France, ViiBE is providing them the right visual assistance tools to conduct some effective maintenance operations, as well as a great follow-up thanks to their ticketing system.


ViiBE is a provider of Total since 2017, their visual assistance solution allows Total to reduce the number of helicopter trips to an offshore platform. The economic impact is great, as well as the safety reinsurance of eliminating unnecessary trips to a highly hazardous place. Finally, the CO2 emission savings are very impactful


Within the retail industry, one of the main ViiBE features to really make a difference is the fact that the WEBRTC technology allows starting a video call with anyone without the need to download any applications. For example, with a user like Decathlon, an agent can use visual support to properly understand their customers’ issues, indeed, the video offers much more information than a classical phone call.

Only by sending a link through a text message or an email, the interlocutor can enter a ViiBE video call without having to download anything, just by using the WEBRTC technology into his or her browser.

ViiBE Ticketing Solutions

ViiBE provides world-class ticketing solutions that will come in handy for your company while dealing with increasing consumer complaints and concerns. Here’s a rundown of the features and functions in question.

ViiBE Call

When the technicians run into an issue that they can’t handle on their own, they can make a ViiBE call to receive help from experts in that industry. All of this can save a lot of time as compared to having a real professional come out to fix the problem. The operations can communicate with the operators using a range of AR tools and collaborations. These tools were created with the goal of resolving issues more quickly.

Quantitative Data for tracking

Following a conversation, participants have the option of providing comments on the interactions and calls, as well as adding names and tags to the calls. The interaction will be saved in the system, and if you encounter the same issue again, you can easily seek up the call using the tags, names, and other practices.

Archive ViiBE calls as a Single Ticket

If your situation necessitates many calls to be resolved, ViiBE has a tool that allows parties to call each other back. When using the callback function, follow-up calls do not require multiple tickets, but rather the same ticket. When you press the “call back” button, a call is automatically routed back to the request. This way, you may follow the support agent’s instructions without wasting tickets. Plus, all the archives such as the annotated snapshots, the video recording, the chat, and the end of call feedbacks are all gathered into one ticket.

Deep search of ticket solutions for In-depth insights 

Through the usage of a ticket tagging system, the managers may easily search and sort the tickets. They can retain high-level control in this fashion, and tickets can be screened by experts, users, and call centers. Furthermore, managers can acquire a better understanding of the issues that arise repeatedly with the team or users.

Call Routing

Tackle troubleshooting challenges

When the on-site technicians have a technical difficulty, they don’t know who to call for help. They frequently contact professionals in this field, yet they are unfamiliar with them and their availability. It takes a long time to get in touch with them and address the situation. Even so, there’s a risk the specialist won’t be able to address the issue. ViiBE offers skilled assistance to help you solve all of your problems.

Organizing operations by the domain of expertise

ViiBE’s internal collaborations and the tag system allow you to quickly connect with the correct professionals. Depending on the user’s specific knowledge, each member of this platform is assigned a different call center and expertise. This call center depicts a unified group, a country, or even a business unit with a manager in charge of operations.

Call routing to groups of competencies

Operators may easily and quickly contact the relevant expert for any type of issue using ViiBE’s routing system, which is based on the tagging system. If the operator is having problems with the PLC, for example, he or she can call anyone who is labelled as a PLC specialist or a digital engineer. You can choose a tag to send a request to that expert’s group.

Connecting with the suitable expert

The first expert who answers the tag call will immediately connect with you. The routing system ensures that operators are connected to the correct export on their initial ViiBE attempt. They are able to troubleshoot the issue instantly, which results in less downtime and lower costs.

CRM Integrations

ViiBE is integrated into all CRMs, allowing all enterprises to have single sign-on access to their CRM without having to register an account or download anything. Here are some of the most well-known:

Integration with Zendesk

ViiBE can be purchased directly from Zendesk’s marketplace. Any Zendesk CRM user who downloads ViiBE from there will be able to start a video help call using the video module button found in all customer tickets. All of the data acquired during the call will be saved in the ticket along with the rest of the data. Any Zendesk user will benefit greatly from this ticket enrichment feature.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamic 


Microsoft Dynamics is an excellent CRM for gathering data about a company’s clients. Microsoft Dynamics has added live visual assistance to its marketplace offering by integrating ViiBE. Any user can download the ViiBE solution and have a module automatically added to each client ticket. All of the information obtained during the video conference will be available alongside the information for the other tickets. All features, such as file transmission and screen sharing, will remain accessible.

Integration with Salesforce 

Salesforce is linked with ViiBE. When a phone call isn’t enough to resolve a technical issue, Salesforce allows users to video call their customers. ViiBE technology is integrated into all customers’ tickets with a few clicks. This is a fantastic addition for Salesforce users since it allows them to use the ViiBE solution without having to download anything to their devices.

Integration with IBM Maximo 

IBM Maximo has been successfully integrated with ViiBE. This time, however, it is more difficult to incorporate ViiBE solutions into all of the customers’ tickets because IBM Maximo does not have a marketplace where third-party solutions may be downloaded. However, integrating ViiBE into your IBM Maximo CRM system is still rather simple.

ViiBE standalone solution

Even if you don’t utilize a CRM, ViiBE is still available to you. Indeed, ViiBE may function independently while maintaining the same knowledge management, virtual call centre, and other features. Because it is a WEBRTC solution, there is no need to download anything; all a user needs to do is choose a password to have access to his or her license.

ViiBE Dashboard

You might wish to look out for your ViiBE dashboard while you’re not making calls to provide remote assistance. The dashboard displays the history of your call sessions as well as call statistics. From the dashboard, you can also access and alter the users’ information as well as their expertise.

Administrators and Managers have exclusive access to the dashboard interface. It can be found on the ViiBE main page. Look in the upper right-hand area of your homepage heading for the dashboard link. To interact with the dashboard interface, click the symbol with concentric rectangles.

Dashboard Statistics

Administrators and Managers have access to the ViiBE dashboard interface and dashboard data. The front page of the dashboard displays user statistics once you’ve logged in. Look in the upper right-hand area of your homepage heading for the dashboard link. To interact with the dashboard interface, click the symbol with concentric rectangles.

The dashboard overview shows all of the statistics accessible for each call center expert, including FCR and NPS rates.

ViiBE Subscription Plans

ViiBE offers a 14-day free trial. Then, it proposes a subscription plan in SaaS mode based on the number of users. Click here for more information.

Basically, each ViiBE user will be assigned to a role, where he or she will have access to different functionalities. The pricing here is a SaaS pricing model, it will depend on your needs and usage.

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An Eco-friendly Approach with big CO2 emissions reduction!

ViiBE saw a vacuum in the market when established video conferencing systems like Zoom and Google Meet were reaching new virtual heights as a potential company.

ViiBE expanded on the capabilities of virtual video calls by enabling video support solutions aimed at resolving difficult customer concerns. ViiBE was the first startup to offer a video support service that could be accessed without the need for a download on any device, giving proximity and immediacy to remote challenges in difficult locations like offshore sites.

ViiBE eliminates the requirement to dispatch experts by 20% on average, saving up to 994,500 tons of CO2 in 6 months for a customer like Allianz Partner. The environmental impact is considerable, with millions of miles of air and land travel being cut short.


ViiBE is a web-based video help, ticketing, and knowledge management system dedicated to technical support centers and after-sales services, as you may have guessed. The system uses a live video feed paired with augmented reality and collaboration technologies to perform remote diagnoses.

The platform is widely regarded as an industry leader in remote technical support, having been designated by Frost & Sullivan as the Best Remote Video Assistance Solution in Europe, as well as one of Challenges’ Top 100 Startups to Invest in for 2021. ViiBE also earned the gold medal for Most Innovative IT Provider at IT Night, in addition to these awards.

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