Vimmy Push Ad Network Review 2023 As Publisher Perspective

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Are you interested in monetizing your website? Vimmy’s push advertising network review might prove quite helpful and interesting.

A site owner can join a large number of ad network lists and generate handsome income from their sites. The vast majority of the monetization space is covered by push notification ads, excluding contextual advertising, such as Google AdSense and Media.Net. In addition to push notifications, you’ve probably also seen them on other websites.

It’s because notification ads provide the highest return on investment both for advertisers as well as ad publishers. Vimmy, an ad network launched recently, is creating buzz on the market. To give you a comprehensive look at this platform, we will analyze its events and odds.

Let’s begin with,

Vimmy push ad network introduction:

Emuparadise has announced the launch of Vimmy in 2018 push notification ad company. This Dutch company operates in several countries. The company website states that all employees have at least 8 years of experience in this field.

Vimmy Push Ad Network Review As Publisher Perspective

Vimmy review - Overview

The company has hired ad tech specialists to serve customers with the latest technology available. In spite of push notifications not being a new concept, Vimmy has been around since 2020. Nevertheless, it has gained so much popularity due to its innovative push notifications and other functionality. Usage of it can tell us how popular it is. Taking into account the number of requests it receives and the number of impressions it shares, it gets 650 million daily ad requests.

It’s an excellent ad network from a publisher’s perspective because it’s a valuable way to make money from website traffic. So many features and earning opportunities can be found on a website that are rare elsewhere. A wide range of advertisers use its network, including Clickdealer, Adcombo, and MaxBounty, among others.

Vimmy Ad Network dashboard introduction:

In Vimmy’s dashboard, you will find the easiest-to-understand metrics and insights, even for a beginner. Filters can be used to view all earnings reports. Changing the starting date, ending date, and hour of the report will provide a more detailed report. Advanced filtering is also possible. Reports can be downloaded in CSV or Excel formats.

Why do ad publishers choose Vimmy’s push ad network for their website?

Dashboard Vimmy review

The market is full of advertising networks. Several of them are for an extended period of time. There is intense competition on the market these days. These are the Vimmy points that stand out:

Publishers have the option of multi-format ads:
The advertising types offered by Vimmy are as follows:

  • In-page Push.
  • Push.
  • Calendar Push for iOS.

Let’s discuss them in detail here:

Push ads:

Advertisers and publishers alike benefit from push ads, as they offer a high return on investment. Native advertising is a form of advertising that is only shown to users who choose to have the ads delivered to their mobile or desktop devices. Due to the fact that people have already demonstrated their interests, they have a better conversion rate. Through Vimmy Push notification ads, you can reach the right people in an engaging and smart way.

In-page Push ads:

These are new types of ads that look similar to push notifications but actually aren’t. Users do not need to allow these in-page push ads as these are banner ads that display on the publisher’s website. All Android, iOS, and Windows-based devices can view them as well.

Now, let’s come to an advanced ad network offered by Vimmy.

Calendar Push ads for iOS:

The calendar push ad format is new, innovative, and helps publishers maximize their advertising revenue. With this ad format, you are able to reach your target devices through native calendar apps they have installed on their phones, especially if those devices are iOS-based. A user must allow calendar subscription reminders in order to see this type of advertisement. Each of these ads serves as a reminder that appears on the calendar app of that user. The ads often include a title, the URL of the landing page, and some texts. As they have no image of that, the context must be highly compelling. One of the major factors contributing to higher conversion is the fact it comes from a daily-used app, which enables them to gain more trust. Both iOS and Mac userscan run Vimmy calendar push ads, making them a highly profitable ad format.

Calendar Push Ads For I O S And Mac Devices

Publishers benefit greatly from Calendar Push Ads, including:

Vimmy Advantages

Higher CPC rates:

One of the top CPC providers is Push Calendar ads, as it has exceptional conversion rates. Due to the fact that iOS consumers interact more with ads and act upon them, this happens to be the case. As compared to Android devices, it is quite easy since the subscription rates are lower on iOS devices.

Easy to integrate:

The Push Calendar ad has been made as easy as possible for publishers at Vimmy. The platform has created tailored multi tags that publishers simply need to add to their backend. When the smart tags are triggered, a subscription request for the calendar will be sent.

High earning opportunities:


Vimmy Partners, also called affiliates, can earn a lot of money with Vimmy. Publishers on Vimmy’s push advertising network receive the highest revenue percentage. You can earn more money by using all the ad formats Vimmy offers. Ad publishers have a greater chance of becoming profitable and more efficient with a revenue-sharing model. In comparison to other ad networks, Vimmy pays its publishers 85% of their revenue. When you receive a click from a subscriber, you are paid 85%.

Vimmy Payment Slip For Publishers


This is insane because it’s more than three times as much as their competitors. You will not have to wait for a month for your payment because we make payments every week.

24×7 customer support:

In addition to our dedicated client support team, we offer 24*7 support to both publishers and advertisers. You can ask them for help if you’re having trouble or need information. The Vimmy team provides helpful support whenever needed with information and specifics.

The drawbacks of ad networks are inevitable, as with all services.

Publishers will find Vimmy to have the following disadvantages:

Fewer ad formats:

Publishers have more monetization options with multiple ad formats. You can reach a broader audience through multiple ad formats. There might be an inconvenience for Vimmy here. Their ad formats are limited to three. Comparatively, that is a relatively small number.


We do recommend Vimmy because it is growing as a Push notification Ad Network, and this ad type generates good revenues.
Revenues deserve to be mentioned twice because Vimmy gives 85% payback for publishers. Isn’t it great? Your money is paid weekly, and now you can add PayPalto your withdrawal options!
The support helps and the admin panel is easy and simple to use, so no technical issues will stop you from gaining your profit. Clear analytics and smart optimization tools are worth mentioning too, because Vimmy gives you everything necessary to work and increase your payback. Vimmy’s referral program gives you a chance to gain even more, so do not wait, just go and register your account right now! The Vimmy ad network would be a perfect fit for you if you are searching for long-term employment and a good income.


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