How To Get Virtual Assistance Jobs: The Complete Guide for Beginners

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What do you think when this term Virtual Assistant comes in your mind. What I think is a new term involved in this field. Most of time we just thought of doing something fruitful in our free time but we ended-up with nothing. Here in this article, you will know how to work as a Virtual Assistance.

“Virtual Assistant is basically a freelancer who is always giving service or provides online support by working from their homes. A freelancer can work for individuals or for organizations. You will never work physically when you are a freelancer. Earning good amount is very simple through freelancing. All you need to develop few skills regarding the trending things in freelancing.”


The job of Virtual Assistant:

website builder design - Virtual Assistance

For your kind information if you are in any type of business then you will have to work hard for earing a great amount of money. Most of the time it happens that all the companies hire persons for the task.

But sometimes it happens that if a person is starting a startup and he does not have sufficient money to hire a full-time employee, then he will definitely go for freelancers so-called Virtual Assistant.

When you are doing this Virtual Assistant job, then keep one thing in mind that there is no limit of the variety of positions.

You will get an assignment so that you can complete that without leaving your job and earn right amount of money.


Here we will go with 7 such options : Virtual Assistance Jobs The Complete Guide for Beginners


1) Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant: 


Impact Radius - The Smarter Way to Manage Your Digital Marketing

The job of the Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant is to look for the online marketing campaigns of the company.  All you have to do is that have a good knowledge of online marketing.


Various Category of Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant:


The job of Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant:

  • They will have to conduct competitive analysis
  • Making campaign strategies and analyzing success
  • Plan, schedule and will have to manage content
  • Analyzing data to receive ROI


2) General/Administrative Virtual Assistant:


The job of the General VAs is like office secretaries. You will have to learn how to manage time efficiently, and the most important part has a good command in regional languages (mainly English).

A General Assistant will handle:


Just develop these skills to be a General Assistant.


3) Programming Virtual Assistants:

top Programming Languages to learn 

The heading itself is describing the work. You will be hired as a developer for a website or you for a mobile app.


You have to manage their database and provide security.


Programming Virtual Assistants Jobs:

  • Reviewing the current system
  • Ideas for system improvements including cost proposals
  • Design of website, app.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Preparing of training manuals for users
  • The maintenance of system once they are up and working


4) Design Virtual Assistance:

Here the job of the Design Virtual Assistance is making the company’s website user-friendly. Graphic designing skills are mandatory for this Designing VAs. If you have excellent command over the graphic design, then you will be paid more.

Design VAs jobs:


5) Writing Virtual Assistance:

Content Writing - Data Entry Jobs


This is the most popular type of VAs because you will be responsible for Content Writing Works. Sometimes it might happen that you will have to work as data entry clerk.  All you need is have an excellent Writing Skills.


 Writing Virtual Assistance Jobs:


6) Audio/Video Editing Virtual Assistance:

market youtube videos


Any favorite video you see on the internet is edited by someone. The reason behind the excellent videos and audios is the Audio/Video Editing Virtual Assistance. They clear the unwanted sound from the audio and unwanted scene from the shoot of the video.

Editing Assistant job is:

  • Giving sequence to the given content
  • Removing the clutter
  • Adding to sound to engage the audience
  • Adding to Computer Generated Imagery


7) Financial Virtual Assistance:

Financial Assistance

It sometimes happens that many successful businessmen cannot look after their finances. So all they need is some Financial Assistance to after their personal and company’s financial status.

Financial Assistance Jobs are:

  • Advising on business management strategies
  • The analyzing of account information
  • Checking the financial discrepancies
  • Auditing the documents
  • Documentation of all money matters


There is no need for a degree to do such type of job. All you need is having necessary knowledge and skills regarding the topic.


Levels of hiring Virtual Assistance:

  1. Basic          ( requires some basic knowledge only)
  2. Specialist   ( requires unique skills like writing, coding, and SEO)
  3. Expert       (involves working experience with expertise in the field of working)


Qualities Required:


  1. Excellent Communication Skills ( This quality must be there if you want to stable)
  2. Passion (There must be zeal to do something, you need to work hard in this field)
  3. Honesty (Be honest with your client, because he is relying on you)



How to Find VA jobs:

You need a platform and a client to work with. The list of the platform where you can work is:


Also, read:


Final thought:  (Virtual Assistance: The Complete Guide for Beginners)

Freelancing is right if you have a particular set of skills to full fill the client requirements. And the earning can vary in VA jobs $10 to $30 per hour. But keep one thing in mind that first, you learn and then you earn. Expertise in some area and definitely you will be gaining more. Do let me know if you are a freelancer in the comment section. Share it with all the trending social media platform.

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