Vouchercloud: Promises Big Savings While Shopping online

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More and more people are buying stuff online today. Ecommerce as a whole has become the biggest virtual marketplace on the globe generating trillions of dollars annually. The whole concept of a customer’s marketplace where consumers’ choices and decisions dominate the business decisions has come alive in the ecommerce sector.

Supporting the ecommerce roller coaster are websites which offer coupons, deals and other very exciting avenues for online shoppers. These websites provide exciting deals and discounts on popular brands in almost every genre from products to travel and luxury. That is why they are hugely popular. Vouchercloud.co.in, is one such site. It is similar to groupon or snapdeal in some ways but on many counts I analysed that it had a great deal more to offer. Some of its ideas are very unique and may even go on to become hot ecommerce trends.

vouchercloud coupon site

I made a thorough sneak-peek into what it had to offer and here is what I found

If you have a fast internet connection then you are to be impressed by the entire interface which presents itself. The landing page is exhaustively informative and the chooser can get pinpointed to the exact category without going through extensive menus and sub-menus. The fast internet connection will disallow the slight clutter which happens if the page loads slowly.

The forms for login and signing up functions are quite simple and easy to comprehend and execute. The site does currently lack on social media connectivity which it should work on. Currently they only have facebook available for importing user information. This scope needs to be broadened.

Apart from that the interface does not disappoint.

A well categorized store or gallery is always attractive as it offers more clarity and eases the decision making process saving both time and energy. Vouchercloud’s catalogue is extensively diversified and will surely catch your eye. The representation of various categories in a very simple banner of black and wide icons representing various categories is minimalistic, clean and potent. This increases the focus span of the user and is bound to cause engagement. I appreciate the creativity and thinking behind this creative idea. There is also an option of viewing all deals and coupons if your window of choice is undecided or vast.

The idea of community codes is also a unique, simple and brilliant one. It is a top notch idea which impresses venture capitalists into financing such ventures. In a way they have introduced a simple barter system which has a lot of potential in the near future. One user can exchange a coupon with another based on the requirements of both.

For instance, you may have had a food coupon for long and not used it and someone might have a spa coupon but instead wants to take someone to dinner. Now if you want a spa, you can go on and exchange your coupon with him (given that they are of the same monetary value). Isn’t that great?

I will have to say that this is very good idea which has a lot of market potential. For instance, an algorithm can be created where the site automatically lists the people with their coupons who would wish to exchange it with you. This can generate a lot of traffic and engagement!

Wait! Vouchercloud has more to offer

The most engaging part of the website is the competition page. Here you can win the coupons you want by participating in simple contests.

Awesome, right?

I believe this is a great idea and can go on to become a trend accepted by the leading websites too. This is because it is a terrific tool to enhance user experience. Everybody likes freebies. After you add the thrill of competition into it, it becomes even more engaging. It is another very investor-friendly idea as it has the potential to generate huge traffic and thus increased possibilities of click through rates and conversion rates.

You will like to know that the site has some very good list of sellers and merchandise providers to its list. This means more power to you in the form of more products to choose from and the entire window shopping done at once place.There are numerous good brands in almost every category available on the site. To add to that, they are also providing good deals which are bound to raise the interest of the customers.

Considering the entire outlook of Vouchercloud.co.in I must say that I am impressed by the site. A few issues which need to be solved are

  • Decreasing the clutter for slower page uploads
  • Making the site more graphically optimized. Sometimes the colour mix seems to be overwhelming
  • Increasing the social media access to its users. Adding Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular channels.

With that being said, I would happily recommend Vouchercloud to anyone looking to buy a good deal.

You can download there app here: Vouchercloud

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