Vultr Pricing: Cloud Dedicated Servers and High Performance Hosting

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Vultr is an SSD cloud server provider that continuously improves the reliability and efficiency of its services. Vultr’s standardized platform is one of the most flexible and affordable platforms for developers, small businesses, and large corporations

Vultr is a specialist provider of cloud hosting services that is highly regarded for its ease of scaling and high-quality edge services. The company offers a range of services, including cloud computing and block storage. Its servers are located in 16 different countries.

Vultr Pricing


Simple, Straightforward Pricing Options

When it comes to pricing options, some cloud hosting providers deliberately try to confuse potential customers, but Vultr is relatively straightforward. You are able to use existing packages or build your own, with hourly or monthly pricing. In short, you pay only for what you want and when you want it.

Although the pricing is higher than the average, that’s offset by the flexibility and ability to deploy instances that only have the resources that you need. PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin, Alipay, and WeChat Pay are all accepted.

I will demonstrate those products to you.


The first package is the Cloud Compute package. As I mentioned, these are basically more affordable VPSs (virtual private servers).

Generally speaking, it works like this: you pay a flat fee for the number of resources you want, then you are billed based on your usage per hour.

Now, we have a lot more options. The maximum storage, cores, RAM, and bandwidth for this package is 1,600 GB, 24 cores, 96 GB, and 15 TB.

You can upgrade to a higher tier if you need to use more. The only difference is that you’ll be charged hourly rather than on a per-minute basis. Block storage can be added if you only need storage.

The monthly cost you see there is not separate from the hourly cost: divide it by 672 hours (equivalent to 28 days), and you get the hourly cost.

In comparison to yearly or monthly contracts, which are common and force customers to limit their usage, or to accept disproportionate price increases, this is much more flexible.

If you have a lot of RAM and bandwidth, but you want more storage, block storage will be the solution for you.

It costs just $0.10 to add 1GB if the baseline price is $1 per 10GB.

All of the remaining products offered by Vultr work on the same basis of per-hour usage.

Dedicated Cloud Instances and Bare Metal products (which are only available in one package at the time of this writing) are more expensive but are still capped per hour.

Cancellations & Refunds

It’s important to keep in mind that Vultr doesn’t accept returns. In case you decide to stop using the service, you will need to delete any active instances and submit a support ticket.

This makes canceling plans relatively simple, but you will not be able to receive a refund if you have a large amount deposited in your account.


Vultr is a pretty good app. If you’re looking for an adaptable and versatile cloud hosting provider, you could do worse. Although I was happy with all of my interactions with customer service when I was writing this article, customer support may be insufficient in some situations.

Especially if you’re serving customers around the globe and need to ensure fast loading times, Vultr should be considered. The cloud services it offers are suited for e-commerce companies, and they can be scalable as the company grows. The grade is a solid B, though not quite an A+.

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