Wave Video Maker Black Friday Deals 2024 | Get Upto 50% Off 🤑

Bottom line Upfront: Best  Wave Video Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals 2024 is live. I will keep updating this page, so please bookmark this page for the latest Wave Video Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal.

Best Wave Video Maker Black Friday Deals 2024 | Get up to 50% Off


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Welcome to the ultimate guide to Wave Video Maker Black Friday Deals! If you’re a video content creator, marketer, or just someone looking to enhance your online presence with stunning visuals, you’re in for a treat.

Today, I have featured Wave Video Maker Black Friday Deals 2024.

This Black Friday, Wave Video Maker is offering fantastic discounts and exclusive offers that can take your video editing and marketing efforts to the next level.

The Black Friday Sale is in progress and ready for everyone with significant sales, offers, specials, and gifts. It is the best time to shop. Do not miss Black Friday offers and get a great deal.

Join me as I dive into the exciting world of Wave Video Maker deals and discover how you can create eye-catching videos effortlessly.

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How to Use Wave Video Maker Coupon Codes?

1. Click the “Activate Deal” button

  • This will open a new tab that takes you to the Wave Video Maker website.

2. Select the pricing plan.

  • Select the pricing plan as per your requirements.

3. You will get the best price at checkout.

  • If not, copy the coupon code given in the article and paste it into the apply coupon section.

4. The discounts will be applied. Enjoy your savings

  • Hopefully, you saved a lot!

Wave Video Maker Black Friday Deals 2024 | Get Upto 50% Off

With Wave.video 4.0 the entire positioning is changing:  Until now, Wave.video was a video editor used to make videos for social media.  But now users will be able to do the following:

Free Online Video Maker Wave video

Upload -> Store -> edit -> add in-video clickable Calls to Action -> get an instant landing page -> Share via email, social or on the website.

Who is it for?

Calling any business with a digital presence: Wave.video is no longer just for social media marketers..  Any and all content marketers, digital marketers, videographers, small business owners and digital agencies, will all find the new Wave.video beneficial.


  • 400;”>Easily generate and repurpose video content for your entire customer journey. 
  • Add Clickable Calls to action right inside your video.  
  • Add videos to emails, websites, blog and more.
  • Easy, affordable and unlimited video storage for sharing, tracking, editing, and repurposing.
  • One place to store, edit and share your videos. 
  • Automatically create videos from your web-based content.

Wave video Black Friday Sale
Wave video Black Friday Sale

What makes it Unique?

Wave.video brings together all the features you need to create and use videos along the customer journey: From ads to email, from the creation of Video Landing Pages to adding videos to your blog or website. Wave.video is focused on letting you drive action through video and get to business results more quickly.

  • Wave.video is the only service that combines a video editor and video hosting services in one
  • Automatic creation of Video Landing Pages 
  • Email integration
  • Automatic, editable, video captioning, matching your brand’s fonts and colors *coming 2020
  • Native in-video clickable calls to action
  • Unlimited use of (10 million) premium stock videos + a marketplace of more videos.
  • Automatic brand creation and application the user’s videos
  • AI-powered storyboard building based on your web/blog content

Wave video Functions And Options


Notable Features

Add videos to your website or blog

  • Generate video landing pages with a click of a button
  • Add clickable Calls to Action to any video
  • 400;”>Share videos with one easy link
  • Customize the video player to match your brand 
  • Control the video controls – Fully customizable video, player
  • Never worry about ads, suggested videos, or outbound links
  • Repurpose your videos into ads, social stories, email, and more
  • Your videos are always private until you decide otherwise

Video FX library with tons of video filters and animated effects

Create videos for all sorts of content, including banners, infographics, webinars, presentations, landing pages, live streaming videos…

The built-in text editor allows adding captions to videos. Perfect for making tutorials and training materials. Either type it out yourself or put your marketing team’s copywriter on the job.

Its cloud-based video hosting eliminates dealing with file management tasks—uploading/downloading/deleting files. Simply turn on the Wave Video Cloud addon in your Wave account to get started! Our hosting service is blazing fast—our customers’ websites experience a decrease in bounce rates up to 30%. And security is our priority, so your files are always protected.

Pricing Policy: Wave Video Maker

Prices will start at just $39 per month. 

Our most expensive plan (which has no limitations) will be priced at only $99/month.

A free version will be available to get started with


Wave - video - Pricing - Policy

Wave. video pricing starts at $25.00 per month. The free version is not great, with limited features and no API available for embedding videos directly onto a webpage.

Users have reported file size restrictions and incoming traffic limitations. Paid plans offer unlimited storage. If you’re willing to spend $25.00 per month, Wave is a good choice.

Otherwise, consider other free options like Gifxr which has an API and a tweet button to upload videos directly onto Twitter.



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Wave Video Maker Alternatives 

1. InVideo

InVideo – Headquartered in San Francisco, California, is the most comprehensive video creation platform to produce video ads, promo videos, social media videos , and more.

InVideo offers a vast library of 5000+ templates, millions of stock videos & images, including iStock, and various editing tools like Youtube Video Editor, Invitation Maker, Intro Maker, Outro Maker, and more.

YouTube Video Editor lets users edit and add text, images, and videos to their YouTube videos. The free version of the Creative pack includes ten effects, while other quality packs are available at a lower price than other alternatives in the market.

Introduction Maker helps brands introduce themselves or their products. Outro Maker adds text, images, and links to videos and is especially useful for company videos or promotional videos created by InVideo Ad Maker.

Invitation Maker is perfect for creating videos for businesses, social media pages, or websites. It includes graphics such as text, images, and special effects that can help reach a wider audience through social networking sites or by embedding them on the user’s webpage.

2. Biteable


Biteable is a free video creation platform that lets users create videos in no time, which can be used for multiple purposes like marketing, social media, explainer videos, etc.

Users can access over 800,000 real-life stock footage clips and eye-catching video animations. It allows users to create videos from a vast collection of templates.

Biteable is a free video creator platform that allows users to create videos quickly and easily. With 600,000+ HD clips and pre-existing templates, users can choose from various social media, events, education, and training options.

Businesses can use marketing templates like restaurant menus and product brochures. Users can upload their own photos and videos and add effects and animation. The platform has a logo creator tool with many fonts, colors, and styles.

3. Animoto



Animoto is a video-making tool that creates attractive videos in minutes without any prior video editing experience. Creators can add photos and video clips, choose a storyboard template, and adjust every element of the videos.

Animoto offers 17 pre-integrated templates and advanced facial recognition and image stabilization technology. Creators can share their finished creations on websites, social media platforms, etc., without worrying about technicalities like encoding formats, aspect ratios, file sizes, etc.

Animoto is a SaaS model software that runs as a web-based platform and supports operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Linux kernel 2.6 or later, Chrome OS, and browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox 3.0 or later, Safari 4 or later on Mac OS X 10.3 or later and Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Internet Explorer 7, Apple Mobile Safari (iPhone), and Opera 9+.

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Conclusion: Wave Video Maker Black Friday Deals 2024

This year’s Wave Video Maker Black Friday Deal will take place on Friday, November 24th. Waves appears to be maintaining its annual Black Friday tradition by offering users a free supplement to e-mail registration.

While waiting for details, a teaser video has already been released on Facebook, promising a “new free (abnormal) Waves plugin”.

There is little to see in the video, just a dark surface and explosive club music.

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  1. Wave is a tool designed for video creators. If you’re looking to create videos or landing pages, this has some great benefits. You never have to worry about hosting again because everything lives on your Wave account which gives you so much more creativity and accessibility than other platforms out there! With this app, your marketing possibilities are endless!

  2. Is it time to finally get serious about your S.M.S.? You don’t have to keep squeezing the best sales copy into a 140 character tweet, or begging for attention on Facebook with grainy video clips that could be misunderstood by your viewers – Wave is right there at your fingertips! With the landing page feature, you’re able to upload any kind of media file directly from Wave and tweak it until it’s perfect before adding an embed code or linking out. It doesn’t support other social networks yet but I’m hopeful given its potential!

  3. Simple, straightforward video editing just got a lot more awesome. Wave Video Maker harnesses the power of online tools to create quick and easy productions from any device anywhere. They’ll get to work on your next big idea or marketing campaign in no time flat without needing to download the software and install it on their computer. Even with its high-quality features, this easy videos creation service is simple enough for beginners too!

  4. Wave.video is a simple and easy to use video tool for professional quality videos, which you can access from any device anywhere! This tool packs some very good features that make it comparable with full-feature professional video editing tools – give it a try now & see why everyone’s using Wave.video as their favorite video editor!

  5. Wave is a fun and easy way to make videos with your computer. In fact, each video takes less than 30 seconds because it’s that easy! You can do this for yourself or create tutorials to share with friends, family members, and clients. Wave helps you upload right from your phone or tablet within seconds to social media channels like Facebook Live and YouTube Live so you never miss a moment in life again!

  6. Wave makes it easy for me to create great-looking videos whenever I need them. Good for home movies, weddings, or even business meetings – Wave has all the tools I need in one system!

  7. I had a pile of complicated video editing software and programs on my computer. It was constantly crashing, taking up space on my hard drive, and the tutorials were so confusing. Wave Video Maker is different because it’s easy to use even if you’ve never used anything like it before! Just click the “Start Editing” button at the top of your screen, spend some time tinkering with any settings that might be want you need, and click “Publish” – I’m good to go!

  8. The Wave Video Maker will change the way you make video. It’s a fast, flexible, and affordable way to edit videos that meet your needs. Using this app is not hard which means it’s easy to learn too. You can upload or take your photos from Instagram then customize them by adding filters and stickers before turning them into shared content with friends on social media feeds. We’re always looking for new features to bring even more power and innovation to help you create meaningful projects.

  9. Finally, a video editing program that does it all and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Wave is perfect for any web or mobile audience – whether you’re targeting teens or retirees. And with the versatility of their affordable pricing packages, there’s something everyone can use!

  10. Wave.video is a tool both creative and professional videographers love to use, giving them more time to focus on the creativity of their work. From a creative perspective, the simplicity and sleek design of Wave’s drag-and-drop interface make editing videos simple and entertaining- with all your assets conveniently in one place with no need to download or install! Making an immersive video that speaks specifically to your target market just became unbelievably easy thanks to this amazing online tool!

  11. It only takes a few minutes to make, and none of my videos take more than 30 minutes. So you can do the math: I’ve at least made five (5) videos PER DAY. It’s easy; you just cut out & paste whatever materials into your video that you want. I write up all the text captions once my friends send me photos/videos/whatever, and then it’s as simple as dragging & dropping them onto the screen after I choose which template. Then it plays automatically for me so I can lay down any music or sound effects afterwards!

  12. Simple, straightforward video editing just got a lot more awesome. Wave Video Maker harnesses the power of online tools to create quick and easy productions from any device anywhere. They’ll get to work on your next big idea or marketing campaign in no time flat without needing to download the software and install it on their computer. Even with its high-quality features, this easy videos creation service is simple enough for beginners too!

  13. Wave.video is a simple and easy to use video tool for professional quality videos, which you can access from any device anywhere! This tool packs some very good features that make it comparable with full-feature professional video editing tools – give it a try now & see why everyone’s using Wave.video as their favorite video editor!

  14. If you have a product, service or any other marketing opportunity being offered to your target market, there’s no better way to convey the benefits of what you’re offering than through a well crafted video. Wave Video Maker is a first-rate online editing toolkit for everything from reviews and testimonials down to webinars and tutorials which was built specifically for businesses that need an easy going yet powerful way to craft their videos. Wave lets you repurpose content with our drag & drop editor so if something great happens during your shoot it will be easier than ever to put out content regularly on social media because it will take less time move things around without needing editors help.

  15. If you’re looking to stand out and distribute video content, Wave.video will give your company a competitive edge and save you time and energy on new marketing campaign creation! Easy-to-use editing tools with powerful options for customizing movies will ensure that your viewers feel entertained and engaged with each viewing. The landing page builder lets you present videos as part of sales pages like never before!

  16. This all-inclusive video marketing platform helps businesses increase ROI for every stage of the marketing funnel using videos. Wave’s online editing toolbox is perfect for creating, repurposing, and publishing quality videos on websites, blogs, social media posts or emails to prospective customers.

  17. Finally, a video editor that understands design. With Wave.video, you get the raw editing power of popular tools paired with a beautiful and elegant interface to make every detail gorgeous and seamless. Unlike other editing programs, this one is packed with preset templates for common needs like company histories or testimonial videos. And did we mention the drag-and-drop functionality? Now you can do anything from converting a file to uploading photos to adding music in seconds!

  18. I love Wave.video because I’m not off on a trainer learning how to use some clunky editing software or having to wrangle with it and wrestle for an hour every time I want to try something new. They’re approachable, seamless and friendly–I can just create what my soul calls me to make today!

  19. Users who are tired of clunky, outdated video editing software will be elated to use Wave.video to have their creative content ready for wherever it is needed. There are so many features available in the library that would take forever to list them all, but here’s a taste of what you can do with this tool: create custom background music loops and videos from pre-existing tracks on this site or upload your own files; transcode video formats at high speeds; insert text into photos or overlay catchy stock quotes over footage–the possibilities are endless!

  20. “This is a high-quality, intuitively designed product that will make your videos sing in front of a live audience,” the old saying goes. Wave Video Maker was built from strategic insights on how video influences conversion rates and it’s perfect for marketplaces looking to grow their customer base with next-level lead generation. In fact, 95% of users say they prefer watching videos over reading long text articles when learning about new products and brands. With this revolutionary toolkit at your fingertips — plus unlimited storage — you’re ready to leverage video marketing success like never before! Make your business more engaging and turn leads into customers quickly by uploading high quality videos on any digital platform: Facebook ads, landing pages, email marketing campaigns and social media profiles.

  21. “Would you like to be made by YouTube? The answer is likely yes, if you run a business. But wait! There’s more… Wave.video has all the tools and features that you need for building and launching your video marketing strategy: it’s designed with everything from easy-to-use HD editing software to analytics and engagement reporting. With smart templates built right in, publishing your videos across any of your digital assets has never been simpler.”

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