Wave.video Review 2020 | Can it Scale Your Video Marketing? 

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  • 30-minute editing limit
  • 100 million royalty-free video clips and images
  • 50 brand presets
  • Unlimited automatic captioning 
  • Upload your own fonts
  • Unlimited social media native shares
  • Whitelabel preview
  • 200 free video embeds
  • Customizable video player


    If you’re reading this Wave.video review, I bet you’re planning to start a video marketing campaign or get better results from your current efforts. With so many tools available out there, it’s crucial to understand which of them covers the majority of your needs and is reasonably priced Wave.video review.

    Let’s take a closer look at the video marketing platform developed by Wave.video Review. 

    Today, adding videos to any marketing channel ensures your higher reach, engagement, and sales. You can add product overviews or video customer testimonials to your website, complement your how-to article with an explainer video, add a video to your email campaign, run video ads, create fun posts for social media, and many more. Wave.video platform combines different instruments under one roof and helps you incorporate videos into your marketing and sales funnels. Below, I’ll show you how it works. 

    Keep on reading to see:

    • What is Wave.video platform
    • Key features of Wave.video
    • Wave.video Pricing overview
    • Which is the right Wave.video plan for you

    Wave.video Review 2020 | Is It Worth The Hype?

    Wave.video Review in a Nutshell

    Wave.video is a video marketing platform that combines complete online editing toolkit, cloud-based video hosting, and a landing page builder in one place. Basically, using just one platform, you can:

    Wave-video OverView

    • host your videos and embed them to your website; 
    • create videos for any marketing channel;
    • add videos to your email campaigns;
    • create video landing pages to drive more sales. 

    All these instruments are included in every Wave.video plan and allow you to manage full-cycle video marketing campaigns. Imagine planning your next webinar – with Wave.video, you can make catchy promotional videos, upload the recording on Wave.video hosting, add captions, embed it to your blog, send your webinar via email, and re-purpose bits of it into social media posts to drive extra engagement. All these steps can be done with Wave.video.

    Key features of Wave.video

    Over 1000 pre-designed templates

    Whether you haven’t created any videos yourself or you make them on a daily basis, in both cases, you might want some nice examples for inspiration. Wave.video offers a big choice of ready-to-use videos made in different styles for various industries and business cases.

    Wave-video - Template You can search for a template that will help you solve your problem by category or keyword. By simply tweaking colors, text, and messages you get the video that will work for you very fast. 

    Everything you need for video editing

    With Wave.video editor, you will be fully equipped to make very diverse and professional-looking videos. It contains the most comprehensive set of editing features among online video editors. 

    Wave-video - Video Edit

    • Library with over 100M royalty-free video clips and images
    • Ability to upload and easily cut your own video footage
    • Auto-resizing tool for 30+ most popular formats
    • Auto-captioning tool that helps your videos speak in a silent mode
    • In-place text editor with a big variety of beautiful animation effects
    • 30 customizable layouts that will help you make your videos always look fresh and original
    • Drag-and-drop feature to nail a great composition of every footage 
    • Access to a royalty-free music library to always add a mood to your videos
    • Watermark function and branded pre-set to keep all your videos recognizable and consistent
    • Graphics & Stickers will encourage you to have some fun while editing and boost social media engagement
    • Call-to-action on every last footage will remind you to ensure that you lead your viewers further though conversion funnel.

    With Wave.video editor, you will be impressed by your video design skills even if you’re a newly-minted video maker. It has a very simple and intuitive interface that significantly shortens the learning curve.

    Ads-free video hosting with customizable player

    If you make videos for your website, you don’t want YouTube to ruin your work with random video ads or suggested webinars with your competitors. A way to avoid this is by keeping all your videos on a cloud-based video hosting. With Wave.video hosting, you will be able to have all your videos in one place and embed them to your website using light-weighted responsive codes. Thus, your videos will automatically adapt to any screen size and won’t harm your site speed load. 

    Also, you can adapt to the video player, so it perfectly matches your style and goals. You can color it using your brand palette and change the controllers to make sure your viewers get the best viewing experience.

    The benefit of having an editor and hosting in one platform allows you to fix embedded videos anytime you need it.

    Video landing pages that drive sales

    Every video you create and host on the platform automatically gets a stylish video landing page that you can customize according to your campaign purposes. It contains a heading, description, video player, and call-to-action – everything you need to turn your viewers into clients. Below you can see how simple and effective such a page might be – nothing distracts your visitors from purchase. 

    Wave-video - StatsYou can also design an eye-catching thumbnail and generate a special embed code that will drive your email subscribers directly to this page. Such a short and straightforward sales funnel will help you increase the ROI of your videos. 

    Wave.video pricing | How much does Wave. video cost?

    Wave.video offers a monthly and annual subscription that allows you to save up to 20%. No matter which plans you choose, you will be able to create an unlimited number of videos. Let’s see which subscription level will cover all your business needs. 

    Pricing-Wave-videoGet Upto 50% Off

    Wave.video Free Plan

    If you want to explore the capabilities of the Wave. video platform, you can start with the free version. It enables you to create 15-sec video clips and check the full array of editing features. 

    Also, you will have a chance to upload up to 5 videos to Wave.video and embed them to your website to investigate the capabilities of hosting. To sum up, with a free version of Wave.video you will get:

    • 15-second editing limit
    • Unlimited social media native shares
    • Wave.video branded player
    • Access to 2 million royalty-free video clips and images
    • 1 brand preset
    • 5 free video embeds

    Wave.video Creator Plan

    With the Creator plan, you will be able to create 15-min long videos and download them to your laptop. Besides, you will have an opportunity to embed up to 20 videos to your website and make a video player look like your own. It’s perfect for SMB companies and outsource video makers as it helps you make an unlimited number of video ads, social media videos, explainers, or other product-related videos that generate sales. Here is the full list of capabilities you get:  

    • 15-minute editing limit
    • Unlimited social media native shares
    • Customizable video player
    • Download in mp4
    • 5 million royalty-free video clips and images
    • 1 brand preset
    • 20 free video embeds

    Wave.video Business Plan

    If you aim to drastically scale your or your clients’ video marketing, you would need to go for the Wave. video Business plan. You will be able to make as many short and long format videos as your goals require. You will get access to over 100M royalty-free video clips and images and will be able to add custom fonts. Also with a Business plan, you can automatically add captions to all your videos and design them in different styles. If you run a digital marketing agency, you will have branded pre-sets for 50 different clients. Here is what you will get:

    • 30-minute editing limit
    • 100 million royalty-free video clips and images
    • 50 brand presets
    • Unlimited automatic captioning 
    • Upload your own fonts
    • Unlimited social media native shares
    • Download in mp4
    • Whitelabel preview
    • 200 free video embeds
    • Customizable video player
    • Password-protected videos

    Wave.video Review & Testimonials

    Wave-video - TestimonialsQuick Links:

    Conclusion: Wave.video Review 2020 |

    Whether you’re just exploring the capabilities of video marketing or you want to find a simple tool that will streamline your work, you should check out Wave.video. This is indeed a great platform for all your video campaigns to boost your business and sales.  

    It’s a great all-in-one solution to create business videos and ensure they bring traffic and sales. 

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