7 Ways to Engage Website Visitors and Increase ROI

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Making money online sounds fascinating, you can work from home sitting in your jammies, it gives you the freedom to travel, see the world and work at the same time but running a successful online business is not as easy at sounds, you cannot expect traffic flooding your website and money flowing in your account just by creating a website, you need to promote your website, inform your target audience about your website. A lot of people take help of paid services to promote their website, but you don’t have to rely on that.

There are a lot of ways through which you can drive traffic to your website. Here are 7 ways to engage website visitors and increase ROI


are 7 ways to engage website visitors and increase ROI homepage

Your homepage leaves the first impression on your visitor, theme and look of your homepage should meet what impression you want to leave on your visitors. Display customer testimonials, name or logo of publications your website has been featured in.

Consider adding your and your employees photos on your website, studies show uploading pictures of business partners and employees leads to major increase in sales. Keep your homepage simple, don’t add too many things as it might confuse your visitors and drive them away, also don’t oversell your products and use cliché, it will never do you any good.

Don’t waste visitors time

7 ways to engage website visitors and increase ROI homepage

It is very irritating to answer tons of question for buying a simple product, asking your visitors to create an account and entering their details for one product doesn’t make any sense, a lot of users might not feel comfortable in sharing their phone numbers and other details you might be asking. It is better to give them options of creating an account or shop as a guest, just like ebay.

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Landing Page

7 ways to engage website visitors and increase ROI landing page
A landing page means the area of your website visitor lands when he clicks on your websites advertisement or links, landing page should be related to the product that the advertisement was referring to, it should satisfy the needs of the visitor, all landing pages are basically a one-on-one selling technique, so if it is not specific to your visitors need then your revenue and conversion rate will decline rapidly.

Tone Of Your Content

The tone of your content is very important, you don’t want to look too casual or too arrogant to your visitors, you should always mix professional and casual tone in right proportion. Your visitors are looking for expert opinion and guidance, so it is important that they see you as a trustworthy source and not arrogant.

Instead of bragging about yourself and your company it is advised to display reviews and customer testimonials. It is also advised to keep the tone and language according to your target audience,  it will be easier for you to connect with them and create a following.

Be active on social media

7 ways to engage website visitors and increase ROI social media

Social media is a great platform to drive traffic to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are your best friends when it comes to increasing traffic on your website and to build a brand image and following. Share your blog posts, products and updates on your profiles, interact with your followers, participate in Twitter chats (I highly recommend this) ask influencers of your niche to retweet you. Use trending hashtags, there are hundreds of  ways you can use social media to increase traffic and your revenue.

Virtual Design

Apart from publishing unique content you can also focus on communicating through graphics, level of your creativity, theme and overall look tell a lot about you and your organization. Also graphics will for sure catch attention of your target audience, if your graphic and design is good enough, it will intrigue them to visit your website and read about what you have to offer.


7 ways to engage website visitors and increase ROI analytics

Check your analytics frequently, I highly recommend Google analytics. Check the bounce rate of your website, real time traffic, source of traffic, also it is very important to know which page or content has more traffic and engagement on your website. Do an extensive research on keywords related to your niche, it is very important to get yourself ranked and set yourself as an expert of your niche.

Watch out  for next post where we disclose an awesome tool  to increase your and conversations.

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