Webs.com Review 2018 Pros & Cons: Is it Really Good ?

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Webs was setup around 2001 and their popularity still seems to grow even with newer website builders joining the competition. They primarily target small businesses and entrepreneurs, but don’t mean we can’t build a personal or non-profit website using Webs. But the tools that they provide are slightly more useful for building sites for small businesses. Webs powers over 55 million websites, nevertheless, being able to power so many websites and attract so many users is an impressive achievement.

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  • Intuitive, but the number of features makes it a little tricky to use in places
  • The interface is available in English and Spanish. No special feature to create multi-lingual sites.
  • Video tool and nice photo gallery options are included. It even has its own app library with third party widgets.
  • Send email blasts to members of your site. Premium users can also use certain HTML elements .



  • Serious technical issues that can quickly destroy the Webs experience.
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor hosting ratings
  • Return policy is bad.

Let’s take a look at some Features of Webs

Webs Templates

webs review templates

Webs professional designers have built 450 mobile-optimized design templates for us to choose from, which is a fairly large collection and since these templates spans over 20 different industries we can select a template which relates to our industry but they don’t allow us the flexibility to edit the HTML and CSS of the templates, so even if we want to hire someone to modify the design for us, we won’t have the option with Webs. But on the positive side Webs does allow us some customization options. Some themes come in several color schemes, and some allows us to customize the background image/color. We can also customize the font styles of the navigation bar, body and footer.

Webs Themes

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Webs E-Commerce

webs review e-commerce

Suppose If we are building an online store, Webs offers a pretty comprehensive e-commerce solution. We can choose to add a Web Store or integrate your Existing store (if you have one) directly into your website.

Web’s web store has all the practical features that any online store will need.  It allows us to insert product images, descriptions, prices, set tax options, shipping options, configure product versions (so our visitor can select different versions of the same product), and product status. We can also set our products in different categories to allow for easier sorting. For premium accounts, we also have access to the inventory tracking system.  This system helps us manage and track our products directly in Webs dashboard.

Webs.com Review

Webs.com Dashboard

Webs SiteBuilder Dashboard Overview


Webs SiteBuilder Dashboard

Webs Cost


We get 5 web store items and 1 image per item


We get 10 web store items, 2 images per item and ad free.


We get 30 web store items, 3 images per item, ad free, inventory tracking and custom domain


We get unlimited web store items, 5 images per item, ad free, inventory tracking and custom domain

Webs Search Engine Operations
webs review SEO

Webs allows us to optimize all the basic SEO functions, such as titles and descriptions for our overall website.  However, we will need to subscribe to a paid plan in order to customise the titles, description and meta tags for individual web page. Webs also provide us with an internal traffic tracking tool which allows us to see how many visitors we have, number of page views, monthly averages, traffic sources, etc. We also have the option to use Google Analytics instead of Webs tracking tool just by inserting the snippet of tracking code we get from Google Analytics into the “Settings” tab when we are in our Webs dashboard.

Webs Hosting

webs review web hosting

Webs also provide free hosting, so we don’t have to pay extra for that, even if we are not using their paid plans. This is helpful as we will not need to manage our own hosting.  If there are any technical or security issues, Webs will manage it for us so our website will always work properly.With the free plan we have limited storage space and limited bandwidth so the size of our site will be restricted.  However, the free space we receive should be sufficient for us to build a basic website we can always upgrade to their paid packages to receive more storage space and bandwidth.

If we ever want to use a different website builder or host our own website, we can’t take the website with us. We will need to build the site from scratch if we ever choose to leave Webs.

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Webs Pricing



We get Custom Domain, Unlimited Pages, Password Protected Pages, Premium Themes, Removal of Webs ads for $ $1.66 per month


In this we get Custom Domain, Unlimited Pages, Password Protected Pages, Premium Themes, Removal of Webs ads, advanced settings, custom email address for $ 7.50 per month


We get Custom Domain, Unlimited Pages, Password Protected Pages, Premium Themes, Removal of Webs ads, advanced settings, custom email address, SEO Booster, Unlimited Storage, Mobile Web site all this for $ 16.67 per month

Note:- If we sign up for a 2 year plan, we will save 33% and for a 1 year plan, we will save 15%.  If we sign up for either the 1 year and 2 years plans, we will also receive a free domain name. Follow Webs On Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

webs review conclusion

Webs.com is a solid website builder with lots of practical features and apps to allow us to build a fully functional website for small business and/or online store. Further, if we want to set up a membership sign up website, Webs is one of the very few website builders that have this feature provided for us as part of their builder.  The benefit for us is that we don’t have to install an external membership system which may cause conflict with the website builder which is a headache we don’t need.

Overall, Webs.com is that it is a user-friendly builder and the learning curve to learn how to use it is pretty low, so we can build a website without tearing our hair out.

Although the design template selection is somewhat limited when compared to other website builders but they do provide us with some decent customization options for each template.  If we are not overly picky on design, we can find something you like.  In addition, Webs has good mobile site customization features, which is helpful as more people are “going mobile”.

A good approach is to start with a free website, familiarize yourself with their tools and how easy or difficult it is for us to use webs, then it is our decision to upgrade or not.

Because Webs is free for us to try, and even if you decide to upgrade, they still have a 30 day money back guarantee policy, which removes the financial risks from us.

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