WeCanTrack Review 2023: Is This Affiliate Tracking Platform Worth The HYPE?

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Read here our WeCanTrack Review and decide if this affiliate network platform is worth the use or not!

A good click aggregation API is something any business would like to use to get a number of clicks, sales and royalties for content IDs or product IDs based on a number of clicks. This will allow the company to recognise the content elements are the most valuable to your visitors.

So, if you are looking for one such reliable software to suffice this purpose of yours, then you are reading just the right post.

In this post we’ll take you through a thorough overview of WeCanTrack, a common click aggregation API that can help you boost the marketing efficiency of your brand by integrating all of your affiliate conversion and traffic data into one sophisticated dashboard.

WeCanTrack Review 2023: What is WeCanTrack?

WeCanTrack affiliate platform review

WeCanTrack is an Affiliate Click aggregation system designed to help affiliate publishers scale up by enabling them to link all of your affiliate conversion and traffic data into one sophisticated dashboard and incorporate it into your marketing software so that you can concentrate on optimising your promotions and marketing outcomes.

Let’s get deeper into our WeCanTrack review to see how well it can track your affiliate sales.

WeCanTrack allows you to aggregate all your conversion data in:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • One Dashboard
  • Data Studio
  • One API
  • Microsoft Ads

Even when it comes to commission data, this tool lets you aggregate all your commission data in:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • One Dashboard
  • Data Studio
  • One API
  • Microsoft Ads

Everything at your fingertips with the WeCanTrack dashboard!

Dashboard for Affiliates- WeCanTrack review

All affiliate conversions in one dashboard were linked to the traffic data. Stop wasting your time logging into any affiliate network account and platforms for Analytics to check your results. Get all your data in one dashboard with your traffic data linked to the conversions.


By assigning your affiliate conversion data to your traffic data, you will be able to see how your traffic sources, promotions and website content actually perform.


They compile conversions from all of your partner network accounts to give you the best possible summary.


Quickly find out which of your campaigns and merchants are underperforming with their data comparisons or are doing well.


The server gathers the data as near as possible to real-time, so that you will still be up to date at any time.


The tool also lets you know when new declines are coming in and gives you a summary of the rate of declines.

Track your sales in Google Analytics in 4 simple steps!

WeCanTrack Google Analytics integration- We Can Track review

As an affiliate, you ‘d always like a tool that lets you track all of your sales in Google Analytics seamlessly. WeCanTrack helps you to do just that in 4 easy steps! To incorporate your affiliate sales data into Google Analytics you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Create your wecantrack account
  • Connect your affiliate networks to the system
  • Implement the wecantrack JavaScript snippet on your website
  • Enable Ecommerce in Google Analytics settings

WeCanTrackData Aggregation Affiliate Dashboard – 5 Benefits!

WeCanTrack aims at providing you an all-in-one solution through which you can track, aggregate and manage all your data including traffic, conversions, commissions and a lot more all under one well-organized Affiliate dashboard.

So, here are 5 major benefits you will be entitled to if you are using the WeCanTrackData Aggregation Affiliate Dashboard.

  1. All conversion and traffic data in one dashboard

Transaction Report for WeCanTrack

The compilation of all your affiliate data into one affiliate dashboard would help you stay up-to – date with your affiliate marketing results without logging into any of your affiliate network accounts and manually collecting reports with Excel or Google Sheets.

Both data relating to your affiliate network account and website data can be automatically gathered and allocated and displayed in one sophisticated affiliate dashboard. This will help you track the efficiency of all available measurements very quickly.

You should look at the data at all levels:

  • Advertisers
  • Affiliate network accounts
  • Websites
  • Traffic sources
  • Landing pages
  • Campaigns
  • Status
  1. One Currency & Time Zone

Tap Settings > Account to pick your desired currency and time zone. All transactions and dates will then be translated into your preferred currency and time zone.

  1. Affiliate Conversion Attribution

With the WeCanTrack system, your affiliate conversion data can be automatically added to your traffic data, and recorded in their affiliate dashboard. This will provide valuable insights into the success of your traffic sources, websites, and landing pages, providing the ability to refine and scale up campaigns.

You will need to link your website(s) to our framework, by placing their JavaScript snippet or by installing their WordPress plugin on your website(s) to enable their affiliate conversion attribution function.

Their system will then position sub-id parameters inside your affiliate URLs by redirecting them through their system using the redirects of cloaking plugins that you already use, such as Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates or Redirection.

  1. Customising your Affiliate Dashboard

The benefit of their Dashboard affiliate is that it can be easily modified. Only let them know what you want them to alter in your dashboard and they’ll do it quickly.

  1. Export your data in Google Sheets or download it in CSV format

WeCanTrack will also create an export feature for you, allowing you to export all the data you have selected or filtered in the affiliate dashboard for the network conversion.

If that function has been enabled for you, you can swing over a table and click on the three dots that will offer you a menu where you can pick whether you want to download the report or export it to Google Sheets.

How the Data Aggregation Affiliate Dashboard works?

By supplying the requisite API credentials, once you have connected your affiliate network accounts to their system, they will automatically collect your affiliate conversion data from multiple affiliate networks and process the data to aggregate the data and report it to you.

The data collection takes place in close proximity to real time, but their dashboard can update once an hour. If you want more regular updating of your results , please contact us and they will arrange a custom solution for you.

WeCanTrack Prices:

WeCanTrack Pricing & review

WeCanTrack is a budget performer that will suit the wallet of every kind of user who is looking to improvetheir campaigns and marketing performance currently through Affiliate data aggregation. The software currently offers users to choose from 4 different subscription plans which includes 1 free plan and 3 paid plans.

The paid subscription starts at a price of €50 per month, scaling up to €200 per month. The minimum standard features that come with every plan regardless of price include:

  • 1 Data source
  • 50 transactions
  • 2000 clicks
  • 8000 sessions
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Real time data updates
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Facebook Ads Integration

Why Should you try WeCanTrack?

WeCanTrack affiliate tracking benefits

All in all, WeCanTrack is an incredibly capable software that allows businesses and brands to effortlessly improve their campaigns and marketing performance by connecting all their affiliate conversion and traffic data in one sophisticated dashboard and integrate it in their marketing tools.

So, to save you the effort of thinking deep on how good WCT is, here we are giving you 3 top reasons as to why we recommend you to try it out.


By getting all of your affiliate network data in one dashboard, you will save a great deal of time as you no longer need to log into any affiliate network account to verify your sales results. In multiple pre-set reports we will report your data: purchases, advertisers, network accounts and affiliate networks.

In addition, their Partner Dashboard incorporates all reports in one, which also offers a summary of changes in status.

Just pick the time period and their report will show you your sales data immediately. When you add a network account, they can get the data from the last 2 months (if possible). If you would like them to gather more historical details, simply contact them.


You can compare your sales data with the preceding time by clicking one button (if you selected the last 7 days it will be compared to the 7 days before). In this way, you can easily recognise which of your advertisers are underperforming and which ones in your selected time produced more sales or profit. You can quickly arrange the changes by clicking on column names.

To delete columns from the delta, simply click again on the Compare tab.


Get updated about newly reported decreases, warning you if a high percentage of your sales decreased by an advertiser. As the status is typically changed after months, many affiliate publishers don’t keep track of their decline and approval rates properly.

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Conclusion: WeCanTrack Review 2023| Should You Trust This Platform?

Overall, WeCanTrack is a Great tracking software for affiliate marketers.

They can even create custom reports for you at an affordeable price. In comparison to other affiliate network aggregators, WeCanTrack is the best value for money, and is the only one which shows the negative numbers to improve your business.

I hope you have gone through the WeCanTrack Review 2023 and would love to give it a shot.

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