Weglot Review 2021: Is This Translation Plugin Worth It? (Features & Pricing) Is Weglot Good for SEO?

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Ease of use


  • Easiest Plugin to use
  • Automatic & Human translation
  • SEO-Optimized & Customize your subdomains for specific languages
  • Team Collaboration
  • Available with all CMS
  • Free upto 2,000 words
  • Seamless Integration with various plugins
  • Weglot works with dozens of leading web agencies to help them develop premium multilingual websites
  • Great support for SEO
  • In context editor & Manage your translations by URL
  • Access to professional translators
  • Visitors auto-redirection
  • Localized experience all along the customer journey
  • Automatically translate multiple URL slugs at once


  • No live chat support
  • Ownership of translated website is not clear
  • Expensive for blogs with higher word count

Weglot is a translation website that helps the customer translate websites into many languages, which further helps in expanding the reach of their website. 

Price:$ 9.90

Looking for Weglot Review ? I am here to help you today .

Are you worried about the reach of your website? Do you also want to expand the reach of your website at a large scale and reach a wider scale of audience? Translation can help you reach more audience. 

But translating content is time-consuming and costly.

Do you know what it’s like to create content in a language that is not your mother tongue?

It takes a lot of energy and creativity to make your work accessible and understandable for non-native speakers.

But what if there was a way to help overcome this pain?

Let Weglot do the work for you. You’ll save time and money, and you’ll have access to translations in over one hundred languages.

Weglot makes it easy for you to translate your content into any language with just a few clicks.

I have done a complete Weglot Review in this article which will help your website in many ways.

Many of the website owners want to reach a good level of customers and expand the reach of their website internationally. If you are looking to expand the reach of your website, then you should look into “Weglot website” and surely use it.

I have used Weglot, and it truly helped me expand my website’s reach around the world. Now it’s a habit for me to meet customers around the world who have different languages but the same needs. It helped me unite the customers with various languages under a single platform.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Weglot is very easy to use, and it also gives us some specific features which aren’t offered to us by the other websites. This makes it truly appreciated for its work and the best when it comes to the Multilingual plugin. While Weglot is known for its most popular WordPress plugin, it’s quite noticeable that it also works with any type of website. 

In  any case you encounter problems with Weglot, the support staff at Weglot provide swift feedback and help you out in best possible way. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to translate a website in different languages.

Start 10-day free trial (no credit card details required) and see for yourself why top brands use Weglot as their website translation solution.

Don’t change the way your website works. Weglot is compatible with all wordl class Content Management Systems (WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, …) and web technologies. It only takes minutes to implement.

Weglot translate plugin reviews

Let’s dive into my “Weglot Review”  to know more about it in detail.


Overview: Weglot Review ( Top Pros & Cons of Weglot)

Weglot Overview- best wordpress transaltion plugins

Weglot is a translation website that helps the customer translate websites into many languages, which further helps in expanding the reach of their website. 

Today, Weglot is available for all the web technologies and is capable of translating large amounts of words in just a few minutes. This helps the managers of the website using it expand the reach of their website internationally.

Weglot is available in more than 100+ languages all around the world, which further helps the website owners in a huge expansion to the reach of their website and interact with a wide variety of customers all around the world.

Many of the big and known websites are currently working and using Weblog as their translator. Websites like WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace are mostly known all around the world because of Weblog.

It works in a simple manner. Weglot simply adds a language switcher button to your website, which helps in quick switching of languages by just a simple click and further helps in understanding the customers.

The installation of Weblog is just very simple. Its installation is dependent on the CMS and Web technologies that we are using and it just simply installs and starts acting quickly to ensure that no delay is given in translation of the website.

Weglot is used by multiple varieties of websites. Whether it is an E-commerce website or a Marketing website, Weglot has ensured to expand the reach of these websites by making them available in as many languages as possible.


Weglot Features: Weglot Reviews

Weglot has some features that other plugins don’t. One of them is compatibility. Weglot is compatible with WooCommerce and more WordPress plugins and themes.

You can also translate your site into more than 100 languages with the plugin, so that all people can read it in their own language without turning it off.

If a visitor’s language changes, they will automatically be redirected to the translated information on your site.

You can also do translations manually or automatically by clicking one button or doing everything manually if you want to make sure that the translation is right.

Weglot features- weglot review

Weglot offers us many features which help us to understand the usage of the website more enthusiastically.

In detailed Weglot top Features

  • Quick Install

A translation or multilingual website must be easy to install so that not much time is wasted in just the installation process. Weglot is available in all of the CMS and Web technologies, and it can be installed on your website and start functioning in less than 5 minutes.

  • Content Detection

Weglot website has an awesome feature of Content detection. This website automatically detects your content and translates it. So you just need to focus on your content which you are providing, and not on the technical details.

  • All in One Platform

The Weglot website has more than 100 languages available for you to translate your content. Just choose the language you need from the list, then easily review it and edit according to your needs.

It provides a simple interface which makes its usage easy and understandable.

  • In Context Editor

This website also has a feature of Context Editor. This Context Editor automatically translates your website without disturbing its design and structure and you can easily see the results of the translated websites and how they look like.

  • Automatic & Human Translation

This website provides an automated and human translation. There is no hesitation in starting it. No need to learn it too. This website automatically translates your website, which is provided by one of the best machine learners available on the internet.

  • Optimized for SEO

Every website owner wants Google SEO to rank his website. This website indexes the translated pages automatically by following the best Google Practices in terms of Multilingual SEO. This further helps in customer interaction on a large scale.

  • Visitors Auto-Redirection

The website also helps you in improving the bounce rate of your website with the feature of redirection. It allows us to automatically open up the pages in the language preferred by the audience based upon the language in their browser settings.

  • Team Collaboration

This website ensures teamwork at its best.

If you are not the translator of your website, you can simply invite your team members to work together in a trusted collaboration and make your website look enthusiastic and attractive to the audience.

How to Use Weglot WordPress Plugin

Weglot is very easy to use. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. If you also want to translate your web pages via Weglot website, follow the steps below:

Go to the Weglot website.

Make your account by signing up.

Weglot usage

  • Download and install the Weglot plugin.

Weglot plugin download

  • At the page of plugin configuration, enter your account API key.

After signing up, Weglot website gives a ten day free trial to its users. In this trial, they can translate upto 2,000 words on their website into one language.

Weglot plugin review

The users of Weglot can install the Weglot plugin to their website by using the official Weglot WordPress plugin which can be downloaded from the WordPress admin area.

  • After activating the Weglot plugin in your WordPress, you will be redirected to the configuration page. There you have to enter your Weglot API key, set the language in which your website is published and choose the language you want to translate in.

Configuring the language button & excluding languages

Weglot multi lingual website plugin

After the API key gets accepted, the main configuration page of Weglot WordPress gets expanded. Then it shows the option to change the designs and the language button.

Weglot language change

You can even choose to present the languages either in Dropdown box manner or list manner. Mostly people prefer to present it in Dropdown box only.


Weglot also allows you to disable language names by the help of language selector and it also allows you to style the languages using the CSS.

Managing your Translations on Weglot

Weglot language button change

If you visit the main Weglot website, you will be able to check your translation statistics, billing, modify the settings and much more.When you visit the dashboard of the website, you will also be able to have a check on total number of words and views translated every month.

You can also have a check on all the languages from the translation page. You will be able to see the total number of translated words and the percentage viewed by the audience of each language.

Translation Statistics

Weglot translation statistics 2 Weglot translation statistics

The Weglot website also allows the user to have a check on his translation statistics by displaying charts which represents the statistics over days, weeks, months.

These statistics help the user’s of the Weglot website a lot in understanding the growth rate of their business. They are also able to make some improvements to increase their growth.

By this, Weglot website helps the users a lot in growing their websites internationally. Users are also able to see the additional traffic on their website.

Additional Weglot Settings

weglot dashboard setting

There are ampul amount of additional settings provided by Weglot website which further helps the user in translating their websites in an easier way.

The first setting they provide is the Automatic translation setting. User just have to type the information of their website and it will automatically be translated by Weglot.

Next important setting they provide is Auto Switch. When the user enables this feature, the website automatically opens with the default language set up in the visitor’s browser.


Weglot is Easy to Use:

Weglot is a website with the most simple interface available on the internet. This website is so understandable that you can use it very easily and in an efficient manner. 

Connecting Weglot to your website is very simple. Just select the website CMS and Web technology to link your website with Weglot. If you are unable to find out your CMS, no worries, Weglot has an awesome feature of Generic Setup Guide to connect your website with Weglot.

You can install the Weglot extension to your WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Jimdo, and many other websites. There is an installation guide also given at the Weglot website to help you further in installation.

Weglot integrations

The process is simple, just create a Weglot account and log in to it. After logging in, you have to link your website (regardless of the CMS and Web technologies). 

After linking the website, simply select the original language in which your website is created and then the destination language in which you want to display your website.


Weglot Security:

Weglot website offers the best security to its users. It ensures that the data which the users provide remains safe and isn’t used by anyone.

The terms and conditions of the website truly satisfy the customers of the website. The terms and conditions state how the website saves the data of the users and also ensures that no one else uses it.

The trust of the user is a must in the collaboration of the website and user. The user can give the payment details without any fear. This makes the trust between the website and the user more powerful.


The website also ensures that the payment details of the user are used only for the website payments, and the data is not used by anyone else. 

The website also has a refund policy. For example, if any user wants to withdraw his/her subscription, they can easily withdraw it by the awesome refund policy of the Weglot website.

Is Weglot SEO Friendly ?

SEO Friendly

Being SEO friendly is one of the appealing features of this plugin. Search engine optimization is important for e-commerce and blog sites. Websites need to follow Google’s best policies for multilingual websites, like adding hreflang tags in the source code automatically. This ensures that Google can easily find and understand pages that are translated.

Separate URLs are dedicated for each language that your content is translated to, so you can rank higher on search engines and get more traffic from them quickly!

Weglot Customer Support:

weglot customer support reviews

When it comes to customer support, the Weglot website ensures that no delay is there in answering the queries of the customers.

The customer support of the Weglot website is available 24/7. We can also use the email feature to ask our queries, and replies are usually within a few hours. 

Many articles are already available on the website, which helps the customer to easily find out their queries along with the solutions. 

There are articles related to almost every field of a query. You can always go through the articles and solve your problem. In case you don’t find your query in the articles of the support, you can easily write the email out to the support, and the support is always ready to answer your queries as soon as possible.

Weglot case studies

Customer service is the main reason for customer satisfaction and also the reason why Weglot is one of the most used multilingual plugins available on the internet.


Does Weglot Slow Your Website Down?

Website performance is an crucial issue to me and I always pay attention to whenever I install a new WordPress plugin or service into my website, I really want to see that it dotn slow down my website.

I’m super happy  to say Weglot didn’t affect the performance of my niche website, which was awesome feeling for me, thousands of users have trusted Weglot and it dont slow down your website at all.

Weglot only affects website performance if you choose to show images of the flags in your language selection menu. I did a test on my site and it slowed down by about 0.2 seconds when I had images turned on. But some people like the pictures of flags so they can see which languages are available, so you might want to keep this part of your website even though it slows things down a little bit.

Google page speed score


Weglot page speed issues

GTmetrix did not report the weight of the flag image file, which created a strange situation where GTmetrix reported translated pages as 0.1 to 0.2 milli seconds slower than the original page and showed a lower total page size.

Gtmetrix score


Weglot is able to translate your website into different languages. Weglot does it all on the server side. This means that you will not need to increase the size of your WordPress database. But if you use a cache plugin, Weglot will make more HTML pages for your website and this will require more storage space.

You can delete these cached HTML pages with your caching plugin, but you would have to remove Weglot rows from the WordPress options table manually.


Weglot pricing review


The pricing of Weglot is very affordable as compared to others. The pricing begins with a ten-day free trial which is the most given in a free trial by any other website.

The pricing comes in 5 categories which are Starter, Business, Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise, starting with as low as 99€ per year, which is cheapest as compared to other websites.

The plan begins with the starter plan with less than 10€ per month and 99€ per year. It allows you to translate 10,000 words into one translated language.


Next comes the Business plan with 19€ per month and 190€ per year. It allows you to translate 50,000 words into three translated languages.

After this, we have the Pro plan with 49€ per month and 490€ per year. This plan allows you to translate 200K words into five translated languages.

Next comes the advanced plan with 199€ per month and 1990€ per year. It allows you to translate 1 Million words into ten translated languages.

After this comes the last plan, the Enterprise plan is 499€ per month and 4990€ per year. It allows you to translate as many words as you want into the language defined by the user. It also gives some advanced features of customer support too.

Can Bloggers Use Weglot For their business ?

When you publish your website in languages other than English, it will help to reach a lot of people. Weglot is an attractive way to do this for your shop or business. You can just pay yearly and the cost will be only €40.83 per month – which is not so much money when you think of how much Weglot can do for your company and how big a difference it can make.

Weglot blog pricing

Weglot’s pricing makes it hard to recommend to bloggers. They have to pay a lot of money for their blog. Weglot provides a word count tool that tells you how many words the blog has and which plan to get. My blog had over 1M+ words and I would need the €499-a-month Enterprise plan, but there are other translation softwares like GTranslate and Polylang that don’t cost as much as Weglot does.

Weglot Translation Tools:

Weglot offers two tools: Glossary and Search & Replace. The Glossary tool is like a word book. You can add words you want translated a certain way or left untranslated altogether in all translations of your website. Use the Search and Replace tool to make sure that certain phrases are never translated, e.g., brand names or company names, or always translate, e.g., the words “contact us” at the bottom of your website pages in English but not in every other language (e.g., Spanish).

Pros and Cons of Weglot Review

  • Pros

      • This website is available in all CMS & Web technologies.
      • It has the most simple user interface available on the internet.
      • This type of editor also helps in the manual translation of any website in just a matter of minutes.
      • The website also ensures professional translation to the websites of the customers.
      • It is one of the easiest and best performing translating plugins available on the internet.
  • Cons

    • The free plan of Weglot is just limited to 2,000 words.
    • The content which is translated by the website is good, but its ownership is not clear.


Weglot Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Weglot customer reviews


Weglot’s first layer of machine translation gave us an instantly multilingual website. We were able to modify the translations and then publish the content faster than with a traditional translation method. We saw a big increase in conversions after launching 4 new languages with Weglot – in particular, a significant increase in the German market.

Albert Baqués

Marketing Manager FELT Bicycles Europe


We needed a quick translation solution for the Italian market. Weglot allowed us to have immediate translations, accelerating our conversions and letting our merchandisers focus on other tasks. We now have more flexibility and launch available stock much faster.

Matthieu Galtie

Head of Digital, Volcom


Weglot removed the pain of having to manage multiple stores for multiple locales. The integration was easy and the support is incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Weglot to anyone looking for a simple and cost effective solution to translate their stores!

Mike Robertson

Director of Sales Operations, Nikon


The integration of Weglot was very simple and we were able to implement all our translations in record time. The Weglot team is very prompt in helping us with the slightest question and they are always listening to our suggestions for improvements. We know we can count on them.

Guillaume VerganoFounder at Baltazare


I was looking for a simple translation tool for our hundreds of sites. It was SO easy to create a trial account – I was able to get the translation working in less than 30 minutes and I really appreciated how Weglot’s support was so helpful and responsive. This entire experience has been fantastic!

Beth Mattern

National Director, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

FAQs On Weglot Translate Plugin Reviews

💥 How to set up your own DNS?

Setting up your DNS is very simple. First of all, simply login to your Weglot account. After logging in, the next step is to add your DNS entry to the registrar of Domains of the website. After submitting, you simply have to wait for the process of initialization of the subdomain. Once this process is done, you can click on the Finish button and simply check your subdomain and translate your website.

👀 How to Reset your Password?

Remembering passwords has now become one of the most difficult tasks. If you have forgotten your Weglot password, you can easily recover your account by resetting your password. The first step is to go to the login page and put up your details. In the section of the password, there will be an option of Forgot?. Click on that option. After that, you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to put up the mail linked to your Weglot account. After entering it, click Reset Password. Then a mail will be there in your Mailbox by which you can easily reset your password, and then the change is done.

✔ How to cancel your Weglot Subscription?

The process of canceling the subscription is as easy as the process of buying it. To cancel your subscription, you simply have to go to the Dashboard of Weglot and head towards the Billing section. After heading to that page, an option of Cancel plan will be there. Simply click on that option if you want to cancel your plan.

How can I delete my Weglot account?

Deleting a Weglot account is very easy. If you want to delete your account, you simply have to write a mail to the support team of the Weglot website with your account details and reason behind deleting it.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription on the Weglot website. Open your Weglot Dashboard then go to the billing section. There you will see an option of cancel plan. Click on it to cancel your plan.

Which Payment methods are currently accepted by Weglot?

Weglot currently accepts the payment by Credit card methods. It also accepts gocardless payments but from a few countries.

How will I get my payment invoice?

The user's invoices are available in his Weglot account. To get the invoice, simply go to the Weglot Dashboard. Then go to the billing section. You will see a download button near all your invoices. You can easily download it in PDF format.

How do subscription upgrades work? When should I warn my client about an automatic upgrade?

You can switch plans for your Weglot subscription at any time from your dashboard. If you reach the limit on words for one plan, you will automatically be switched to a higher level. You should make sure that you are not nearing the limit allowed by your plan because this will cause certain translated pages no longer to be available.

How do I update the billing information / transfer the subscription to my client?

If you have subscribed to Weglot for yourself, and now that you are ready to use it with your client instead, tell us at [email protected] They can change the payment information so it is for your client instead.

What’s the best way to manage a Weglot project with a client?

If you will be in charge of these payments, the best practice is to create a master account for your agency to manage your different projects and clients. One way to do this is by using a Weglot account. To start, you need to create an account with one of your agency's email addresses. It can either be personal or generic. You will also need to integrate Weglot on each client's website as you normally would. When you have a new client, click on the + at the top left of your Weglot dashboard and follow the instructions as if it was someone else's project/client that you were working with before.

How do I add team members?

This is a feature that can help you. It will let you give access to your team or to clients. You can give different levels of access to different people (Translator or Manager). There are more details on our document here. You will find these settings in the Settings tab on your Weglot dashboard. Click on Add members and choose the role permission and enter the email address for the person who should have this setting. This will determine what features and content they'll have access to. Click on Save changes.

What is the total number of translated words?

The word count in your Weglot dashboard is the total number of words that Weglot has translated. It includes both visible and invisible content, such as SEO metadata for your website.

Can I use Weglot for free?

After signing up, you have a 10-days free trial period to test Weglot.

How can I estimate my total number of translated words?

If you had 20 pages and added two more languages, your total number of translated words would be: 20*20*2 = 400 words. 500 words each page = 20,000

How can I change the flags of the language switcher?

If you want to change the flag, go to your Weglot Dashboard. You need to switch on the display of the flags in the language switcher if it is not. Then click on Save changes.

How to change the design of the language switcher?

Using Weglot, you can change the design of your language switcher. You have these options: 1. Change your language switcher options 2. Add some custom CSS 3. Some examples of custom CSS

Is Weglot compatible with WooCommerce?

Yes, Weglot is compatible with WooCommerce. It is able to work on the home page, product pages, metadata and SEO items, and the checkout page.

How does Weglot manage the SEO?

Weglot follows all the best practices of Google. This means that you can translate a page, and then it will also show up as a search result for people looking for that same page in their language. There is no need to do anything else.

What is the refund policy?

They are very focused on providing the best product and Weglot offer great customer service. Weglot understand that it is not perfect for everyone, but Weglot would like to be. If you want a refund, send them an e-mail at [email protected] and tell them why you want one.

Why use Weglot?

Weglot automatically provides a first layer of translations. If you don't like it, you can edit or improve it. You can also replace the machine translation with professional translations that are ordered by professionals who are plugged-in to Weglot.

How do I use Weglot in WordPress?

Go to Admin on your website and click on the Plugins tab. Find the Weglot plugin. Click on the button that says, Install Now. Once installed, find the Weglot tab in your dashboard.

Does Weglot Slow Your Website Down?

When I add new things to my website, like a plugin or a service, I always pay attention to how it affects the performance of the website. When I added Weglot, something that makes my website display more pages in other languages, it didn't affect the performance of my site at all and that was great.

Weglot Alternatives

1) GTranslate.io

GTranslate - Overview

Gtranslate is one of the strongest competitor of Weglot website. It allows the user to translate their website into many languages with just a few clicks.

This website has more than 7 million downloads on most of the popular platforms which includes WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace and a lot more.

This website has many enthusiastic features which interacts the users a lot. Currently the website is translating more than 3 lakh active websites and is also holding an average of rating of 4.9 stars which is truly awesome.

The website also offers many awesome features to it’s users. These features are:-

  • Search Engine indexing
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Machine translation
  • Usage statistics
  • Language hosting
  • URL translation
  • Seamless updates
  • And much more.

Gtranslate gives a 15 day free trial to it’s users.

  • It has five plans, namely
  • Free (costing 0$ per month),
  • Custom (costing 7.99$ per month),
  • Startup (costing 17.99$ per month),
  • Business (costing 27.99$ per month)
  • and Enterprise (costing 37.99$ per month).

2) TranslatePress

translatepress reviews

TranslatePress is another strong competitor of Weglot website. It is also used by many of the top websites to translate their webpages with just a single click.

This website is also fully SEO optimized allowing the user to rank up his website and engage with a higher audience. Users can grow the traffic of their website with very ease from this website.

This website has translated more than 1,30,000 websites till yet. It allows the users to translate their website into more than 220 languages. It also has an average rating near to 5 stars.

This website also offers many enthusiastic features to it’s users which make it truly different from other websites. These features are:-

  • SEO friendly
  • Translate the entire page
  • Automatic translation
  • 221 languages
  • Editorial Control
  • Image translation
  • Customisable language switcher
  • Automatic user language detection
    And much more.

The website contains three main pricing plans. These plans are-

  • Personal plan which costs 79€ per year.
  • Business plan which costs 139€ per year.
  • Developer plan which costs 199€ per year.


WPML reviews

WPML or WordPress Multilingual plugin is another strong competitor of Weglot website. It also translates the websites of the user in a simple and interesting way.

This website has truly made it easy for the users to establish and run their multilingual websites. It is also highly compatible with all the softwares and devices allowing everyone to use it.

This website also provides an interesting feature to it’s users. It allows them to change the themes and page binders to whatever they want. The website is always running automatic tests with many themes and plugins.

This website offers many unique features to it’s users. These features truly make it different from others. These features are:-

  • Multiple languages
  • Powerful translation management
  • Multilingual E-commerce
  • Translation for theme and plugin tests
  • Affordable professional Translation
  • Works with most WordPress themes
  • Reliable support
  • And much more.

The website has three main pricing plans. These plans are:-

  • Multilingual blog which costs 29$.
  • Multilingual CMS which costs 79$
  • Multilingual agency which costs 159$.

Quick Links:

Weglot on Social Media :

Weglot is the best! I’ve had numerous nightmares trying to translate my website using countless plugins, and they never…

Posted by Marcelo Palacios Mori on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Weglot Review – What Separates Weglot From Other WordPress Translation Plugins?

Weglot helps you to translate your WordPress website. It does this in a different way than other plugins. Weglot uses machine translation, which is fast. If you want to change something, you can do it by hand or order professional translations of your website content.

With Weglot Translate Any Website : Here is Tutorials for it

Translate your Wix website and make it multilingual with Weglot Translate

Translate your Shopify store and make it multilingual with Weglot


Translate your WooCommerce store with the Weglot multilingual plugin

Conclusion: Is Weglot The Best Translation Plugin For Any Website? Weglot Review

In the end, I would conclude by saying that Weglot is one of the most effective and efficient Multilingual plugins to translate your website in the easiest and most effective manner.

The Weglot website can simply be linked to your website.  After linking, you can easily choose the language you want to translate your website into.

Weglot is a SaaS app that helps you translate websites. It lets you do this automatically without needing to write any code. People might not trust the translation at first, because they think it’s like Google Translate. But Weglot’s translations are still good even though it is not perfect. I tested converting English sentences to Hindi (my native language) and found that they were still good even though the translations were not perfect.

I cannot test how well Weglot works in other languages because I do not know any. But there is a 10-day free trial. You can also try the free plan to see if Weglot meets your needs.

Weglot is not the cheapest option though: The premium version will cost you a lot of money! If your site consists of one page or two, then the free plan will be enough. But most sites need at least a Starter or Business plan from Weglot to work well and be good for SEO.

All you need to build an impressive website that works in many languages can be found with Weglots help.

You can try this free plugin to see if it is good for your site. If not, the paid versions of this tool have a lot of extra features. It’s up to you whether or not the benefits and how easy this tool is outweighs the cost for monthly or annual fees.

Weglot is a powerful translation tool that translates content from a WordPress site into many languages in just a few moments without needing any code. Weglot definitely does what it says, in over 100 different languages.


This tool also has a very simple interface which makes it understandable to the customers who use it daily, and this makes it one of the most used translation tools on the internet.

Hope you find my Weglot review satisfying and use Weglot in your website and reach greater heights in your business.

Andy Thompson

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17 User Reviews on Weglot Review

  1. Weglot is great for translating websites. You can review the translation and change it. The result is awesome. If you have any problems, the customer service people will help you fix it quickly. I recommend Weglot to anyone who needs to translate a website into other languages.

  2. After translating our website to English with Weglot, international sales doubled. In the following month, they quadrupled.

  3. We needed a quick translation solution for the Italian market. Weglot helped us with this and allowed us to translate quickly which sped up conversions and made merchandisers focus on other tasks. Now we have more flexibility and launch available stock much faster.

  4. We had an instant website that was multilingual. We could modify the translations and publish them faster than with a normal translation method. When we launched 4 new languages, we saw a big increase in conversions – especially in the German market.

  5. Weglot is a new company that helps you translate your stores. I like it because it was easy to use and the support is helpful. I also think it’s good because it’s simple and not too expensive.

  6. WEGLOT is a great tool. It made managing stores easier and the support was helpful. I recommend WEGLOT for anyone who wants to translate their stores.

  7. Weglot makes it easier to manage a store in a different country. It is easy to use and the help is very helpful. I recommend Weglot for anyone who wants an easy and cheap way to translate their store!

  8. Weglot is very easy to use, and it also has some features that other websites don’t have. That makes Weglot the best when it comes to the Multilingual plugin. And even though Weglot is known for its most popular WordPress plugin, it can also work with any type of website.

  9. Weglot helped me change my website to be in different languages. Now, I meet customers from around the world that have different languages but the same needs. It helps me unite all of these customers under a single platform.

  10. You can have a translation for your website without knowing the other language or hiring someone. Weglot provides quick but reliable translations. People who read my website in their own language are happy because they get to understand what I’m saying. I really recommend this service!

  11. Weglot is an excellent way to translate your website into different languages. You can review translations and edit them if needed. Weglot provides great customer service when you have a problem with your website translation. I recommend this company to anyone who wants to translate their website into another language.

  12. Weglot is the best! I used a lot of plugins Like Gtranslate that didn’t work for my website, but then I found Weglot and it was really easy to use. It’s also good because it works well, too.

  13. The WordPress extension did a very good job. I like how easy it was when you translated it and the dashboard is intuitive.

  14. Weglot is great at technical support. They solves any problems in just a few minutes and very efficient. We’re really happy with their work and service!

  15. Weglot Translate does what they say. It can be hard to set it up without code skills. But the support team is very friendly and responds quickly. I want to thank Marie in Support for all her help!

  16. Weglot is the superd abd trusted! I have had a lot of troubles translating my website. The plugins never work as well. But then I found Weglot and it helped me translate everything for the better. It’s easy to use and it is also a good tool.

  17. I wanted to be able to quickly translate my websites into other languages, but without knowing all of those languages. I found a solution that provides reliable translation: Weglot! Everybody who reads my sites in their own language is impressed by the translations. I highly recommend Weglot!

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