Weglot vs Langify 2023: Which Is Better Translation Tool? (Pros & Cons)

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Top Websites and Enterprises with huge multi-lingual translation.

Shopify multi-language sites for displaying your translated store content.

  • Translated metadata
  • Dedicated URLs
  • Hreflang tags
  • Automatic language detection
  • New domain for each language.
  • Translated metadata
  • Supports 150+ languages
  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Translates Texts in Images and Videos.
  • Gettext, ISON, and CSV formats can be imported
  • Unique Graphic Interface
  • Fast language swithcer
  • Does few grammatical errors
  • No automatic translations.
Ease of Use

Weglot interface is really friendly and easy to use. You can find all your content in a few clicks and then translate it quickly and efficiently.

Very user-friendly, and the translated content displayed is highly accurate and understandable by all the users.

Value For Money

With free trial and yearly plans, Weglot's value of money is incredible.

Slightly expensive than Weglot, Langify offers good value for money.

Customer Support

Weglot is well known for its customer support desk. They are very fast and responsive at resolving customer issues.

Langify has one of the most fantastic customer support and is available at the user’s service at any point of the day.

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In this article, we have shared a Detail Comparison Of Weglot vs Langify.

Langify and Weglot are the two well-known translation tools. Both are immensely used for making translations smooth and easygoing. But the main challenge is how do the users choose between the two. 

The users must decide this based on the requirements of their business.

In this article, I will review the various features of the two translation tools, starting from their overview to their features as well as cost pricing

By the end, I hope you get a clear picture of both the translation tools so that you can go ahead with the best one for your business website. So let’s move ahead.

Overview: Weglot vs Langify


Weglot Overview- Weglot vs Langify

Weglot is an easy way to create a multilingual website and translate your website into more than one language. It is one of the best translation tools available and has garnered several positive reviews from its customers.

It is compatible with any CMS and integrated with them in hardly a few minutes.

If you want to make your website presentable to several users across the world, Weglot does it all for you. It can be considered superior to all the other tools in terms of features, speed, and customer support. 



Langify Overview- Weglot vs Langify

Langify is a translation app by Shopify built for displaying the translated content on the Shopify website. It is one of the highly-rated language translation applications. But unlike Weglot, it doesn’t solve the entire website content in all the languages.

You need to provide the translated content by yourself, and the app will only display it. Hence creating the content tends to be a time-consuming process.

But one of the reasons to choose this platform is that it is very user-friendly, and the translated content displayed is highly accurate and understandable by all the users.

It has various attractive themes as well as additional plugins in order to make your website look attractive and hence attract visitors and leads.


Common Features: Weglot vs Langify

Here are the common features:

1. Language detection

This feature automatically detects the language present on the website and provides you suggestions of the various languages available for translation. 


The process happens instantaneously using and does not hang or hinder the running of the website. As soon as the website opens, the language is deciphered and suggestions are given out.


Langify Features- Weglot vs Langify

Langify detects the language present on the website and the users can manually change the language to whichever they desire.


Weglot detects the language more efficiently as it supports 150+ languages and hence the viewers get to view the document in the desired language. 

2. Website Redirection

The websites automatically redirect the entire website in the language which the user has selected for his or her system as default.


The tool analyses the data present in the default language settings and converts the entire website accordingly.


The website completely changes to the language preferred by you. Not only the text but also the content of the images get translated and hence you get a clear picture of what the website contains. 


Weglot is faster than Langify by any means and ensures that the website loading time is not hampered during redirection.

3. Language Switching  

This feature available on the website enables you to switch between the languages in seconds. 


If you do not understand the written content in a particular language, you can instantly switch to the other language with just a click and read the same content available on the website.


This tool provides you the option of switching languages. With just a single click you can make your website available in several languages


Weglot provides you with a button in order to switch languages hence making it easy for the website users.

4. Multilingual SEO

Both the platforms have a multilingual SEO. This helps the website to be found in new markets with subdirectories, the hreflang tags are also automatically added and the metadata is translated as well. 


Weglot makes all the tags, headings as well as subheadings available in the language of users’ choice.


Langify makes data crawling by Google easier due to its features of SEO available in multiple languages.


Weglot has a better multilingual SEO as it converts the payment info, the bills, and the receipts in the other language as well which Langify fails to do.            

Unique Features

Here are the Unique Features of Weglot vs Langify


Weglot features- Weglot vs Langify

  • Automated translation

Weglot automatically translates the entire website content into the language which the user has set the default for his system. Since the content is machine translated it is bound to have a few errors but they can be corrected manually.

It is further also found that the users love the translations done by Weglot and they seem to be more accurate than any other translator tool available.

  •  Translation team

A professional team of translators is available with Weglot and they translate the entire data content provided to them with the correct grammar and language. It is preferred by the users who require 100% accuracy with their content.

  • Optimized SEO

The translated context is automatically indexed on Google and made available in the market so that users can reach your website faster.

  • Language switcher 

The language switcher button provided by Weglot, enables the users to change the language of the website in minutes. This feature does not take a lot of time to load and hence is appreciated by the users.


  • Language selection

Langify enables its users to manually select the language of their choice; after doing so, the entire website is redirected to that particular language.

Though there is automatic language detection of the website according to your preferred language still manual selection helps you switch between multiple languages very quickly and efficiently.

  • Multiple domain separation

There are multiple domains available for different languages, and each domain is entirely different from the other, allowing Google to crawl your website very quickly.

  • Variable file formats

Langify enables you to import and export translations in various file formats such as JSON and CSV. 

  • Right to left translations

Langify has the unique feature of translating the languages which are written right to left, that is, Urdu and Hebrew. Hardly any other platforms enable the feature of translating these two languages hence giving Langify one more reason to be preferred over the other platforms.

  • Unlimited translations 

Langify allows an unlimited number of words to be translated in just a single plan. Unlike the other contemporary platforms which allow only a certain number of words to be translated.

Hence if you have a website with an ample amount of content, a tool like Langify is of the utmost importance in order to not miss out on the translation of any part of the website.  

Customer Support


Weglot is well known for its customer support desk. They are very fast and responsive at resolving customer issues. The users have been loving the help they get for a long time.

The problem is justified and given a solution that makes the users contended. The help desk is immediate enough at both live chats as well as by emails.

They go above and beyond to resolve customer issues and hence Weglot is considered to be the best when it comes to customer service. 


Langify has one of the most fantastic customer support and is available at the user’s service at any point of the day. It is considered one of Shopify’s best apps so far due to its features and its customer support policy.

The team members give quick and efficient solutions to all the problems of the users. Their helpful and immediate responses have made Langify one of the most loved translation tools by the users.

It maintains the standards of all the other applications developed by Shopify by providing excellent customer support to meet all your needs. 



Weglot has been in the market for quite a long time and has the trust factor of their customers to a great extent. All the data collected by the platform at the beginning is stored in a completely secured database.

A few of the details that the platform asks for are for the legal documentation process and the information stays with them until the user is an active member of the platform.

One of the important points is that the content of the website which is to be translated is shared with various members of the translating service but no other third party.


Langify is an application created by Shopify, which is a trusted platform for years. It is a highly secured platform with end-to-end encryption, and all the information provided to them is protected by a unique security system.

None of the bank details or any other website’s internal database information can be accessed by any third party or any other source. It ensures 100% privacy and security. 

Pricing Battle: Weglot vs Langify


Weglot pricing review- top shopify multinlingual app

Weglot provides the users a free plan which has a limited amount of features such as only 2000 words being translated, if the users need a higher amount of words they have to opt-in for the paid plans which are as mentioned below, 

1. The starter plan 

The cost of the plan is $120 and a total of 10000 words can be translated and only a single translating language is available.

2. The business plan

The cost of the plan is $230 per year and almost 50000 words can be translated under this plan. There are three translating languages available under this plan and are recommended for the users who want their website to be available only in a few languages.

3. The pro plan

The cost of the plan is $593 per year and almost 200000 words can be translated under this plan. Five translating languages are available under this plan.

4. The advanced plan

The cost of the plan is $2408 per year and about ten lakh words can be translated at a time. Ten different languages are available for translation.

5. The enterprise plan

This is the premium plan provided by the platform and costs about $6037. It is an expensive plan compared to all the others but has all the features of the platform including a few additional ones.

It allows unlimited words to be translated at a time into several languages according to the user’s choice.



Langify Pricing- Weglot vs Langify

Langify provides you a seven-day free trial, during which you can access all the features provided by the platform thoroughly and hence decide if you want to go about with the paid premium plan. Langify provides only a single paid plan which includes all the features. 

1. The paid plan

This plan costs you about $17.50 and has all the features available on the platform.


Pros & Cons: Weglot vs Langify



  • Weglot supports automated translations as well as manual translations. When a user visits the website 
  • Weglot has over 150+ languages which is one of the highest any platform so far has. Users can hence make their website available in most the languages which will facilitate the website visitors from all across the globe. 
  • Weglot not only translates the text present on the website but also translates the images and the videos if they have any texts in them. Hence the people visiting the website get a clear interpretation of all the aspects present on the website. 
  • Weglot provides the users with a button so that they can switch between the languages according to their choice.
  • It does not increase the loading time of your website and ensures smooth flow and work. May the software version be new or old Weglot never slows down your website. 
  • It is very simple, intuitive, and reliable, as the translations provided by Weglot are super-fast, accurate, and error-free.  


  • Weglot is slightly expensive for small-scale businesses, few updates are such that they apply extra charges and hence weglot is expensive in the long run.
  • Once the subscription is over, the translations are no longer available.
  • Weglot faces a few grammatical errors which are required to be corrected manually.



  • The graphic user interface provided by Langify is unique compared to the other platforms and works very smoothly hence facilitating the users to have a consistent workflow.
  • Langify allows the import and export process to be done in getting text, ISON, and CSV formats.
  • The language switcher is very fast and accurate and hence helps the users to switch between the languages of their choice at the same time
  • It supports image translation with the help of translating an image with specific text in it hence making it legible.
  • It is an entirely bug-free platform after the recent update, and the customers do not find any glitches in the long run.


  • Langify doesn’t translate the website on its own but only displays the pre-translated version that has to be manually stored in the database and hence is time-consuming.
  • Langify does not support the automatic translation of the text.
  • The pricing tends to be slightly expensive for small shop owners, small-scale businesses, or startups.

How To Make Your Choice?

Use Langify if:

  • You are having a very limited budget 
  • You are having fewer integrations
  • You are fine with a limited number of features

Use Weglot if:

  • You need E-Commerce websites like Shopify
  • You need many integrations
  • You need instant customer support
  • You need manual translation by humans

FAQs On Weglot vs Langify

✔ Can a project be transferred from one user to the other?

Weglot allows this transfer, as one account can be handled by multiple users. Langify does not support transferring of projects or any content by any means.

💥 Are the translations grammatically correct?

If the translations are provided by the team of professional translators from the platform the translations can be sure enough to be error-free, but when the entire website is translated using the inbuilt translators, you might enquire few errors which you will have to correct manually.

👓 Can we get the money back if the tool doesn’t satisfy?

Refund is only possible within a time span of 15 days and not more than that.

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Conclusion: Which Is The Better Translation App?

Hence from the above article Weglot proves to be a better platform than Langify. 

After comparing both the platforms and noticing that both of them have a few similarities and dissimilarities, along with a few pros and cons and according.


Therefore, the users must thoroughly analyze both platforms before deciding which one they would use for their website. I would advise that you first use the free version for the stipulated number of days and then decide if you want to use that particular platform for a longer time.

I hope this article helped you.  

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