What is Strikingly? Is Strikingly Good for Blogging?

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Looking for what is Strikingly? You are at the right place. I will tell you Why Strikingly is the best website builder.

What is Strikingly ?

Strikingly is perfect for one-page layouts. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to create such a site rapidly.

Strikingly is the most loved website and ecommerce builder by entrepreneurs. They’ve launched 12+ million websites & online stores—and counting!

Strikingly’s mission is to be the CTO for every entrepreneur. They were born in Silicon Valley, backed by Y Combinator & investors of Google and Facebook. We’ve been featured on Forbes, New York Times, USA Today, and many more media outlets. Strikingly is known for two things: being ridiculously easy to use and having the best customer support. Building a website or storefront with Strikingly is as easy as making a slideshow.

Why do people love Strikingly?

Strikingly features and pricing

Strikingly is the most loved website and ecommerce builder by entrepreneurs from around the world. They’ve launched 12M+ websites and stores.

Here’s what one of their users said: “I don’t need a CTO, Strikingly is my CTO.”

Strikingly customer reviews

Why do people love Strkingly ? Here are two key reasons:

  • Ridiculously Easy to Use.  Building a website with Strikingly is like building a slideshow, literally. If you have used Powerpoint or Keynote in the past, then you’re more than capable of publishing a website with Strikingly. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example of how a blind man created his website with Strikingly and Wow’ed his job interviewers. Yes, that’s how ridiculously easy Strikingly is.
  • Best Customer Support. Their customer satisfaction score has been over 98.5% for the last 6 years straight. Their customer support team is called “Happiness officers”, and they aim to deliver happiness, not just satisfactions.
  • Don’t just take their word for it. Here’s what Strikingly real customers are tweeting about them, and it’s 100% unsolicited:


Their support is 24/7 on both email and chat. And we respond in minutes, even seconds, instead of hours, and certainly not days! We also do this for people around the world. Currently we support 14 languages. Here’s the list.

  1. English
  2. Japanese
  3. Simplified Chinese
  4. Traditional Chinese
  5. French
  6. Portuguese
  7. Spanish
  8. Norwegian
  9. German
  10. Dutch
  11. Italian
  12. Romanian
  13. Czech
  14. Arabic

And They’re adding a new language as they speak!

They know that launching a site or store can be scary to start with. Trust me, the moment you chat with our Happiness Officers, all these worries would be gone. That’s a promise.

Not convinced yet? We also offer the most competitive feature sets in the industry.

Is Strikingly Good for Blogging?

Strikingly is one of the greatest free blog sites available in the industry when it comes to streamlining the process of website creation. It includes a user-friendly website editor as well as an integrated blogging platform, allowing you to get your site up and running in as little as 30 minutes.

Power Features For All Your Need

People who think that anything simple and easy can’t be robust haven’t met Strikingly. Easy and simple is our core building principle, but feature wise, we’re just as robust.

  • Responsive content blocks. Every template and section of Strikingly is responsive and mobile optimized. Your website will automatically adjust to look great on mobile, desktop, and any screen size in between.
  • Powerful ecommerce management. Get a fully functioning global online store in minutes, with easy order management (on desktop or mobile) and multiple payment options (credit card, Paypal, Google Pay, and more).
  • Full suite marketing & sales tools. Strikingly offers marketing tools such as newsletters, custom emails, pop-ups, and more to drive more traffic and increase brand awareness.
  • Top Industry standard encryption and free SSL. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) boosts trust and credibility of your website, and ensures a safe and secure browsing experience for your audience. It’s totally free.
  • Dynamic Paid Membership and Multi-Tier Membership Features. You can start a subscription business and get paid every month! Add multiple tiers to give that “exclusive access” vibe to your more premium members.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Your website going viral? Sit back and relax. Strikingly offers powerful enterprise-level hosting that scales with your website traffic.
  • Growth-oriented site add-ons. Add features like live chat, product reviews, and pop-ups to expand the capabilities of your website.
  • Convenient mobile editing on the go. Experience freedom and download our mobile app. Edit your site, manage your site orders, or respond to your audience any time, anywhere.
  • Simultaneous editing. Collaborate with your team and edit at the same time. Invite up to 10 team members and set up different roles or access.
  • Fully secure password protection. Secure your content and limit access to your entire site or selected pages.
  • Customized customer experience. Build a unique touchpoint experience with your site visitors by creating your own custom form, or customizing your own ecommerce checkout.
  • Free domain for 1 year. Get your first domain on the house! Absolutely free for 1 year with Pro Yearly plan and plus.
  • Extreme dedication to our user base. We release new features every week. Every feature we release came from our users. Yes, we listen all the time.

Talk is cheap. Sign up with Strikingly and you’ll see all that we promise here are true. And it’s absolutely free to sign up!

Simple Prices. Serious Value.

Strikingly offers very competitive pricing for each stage of your business.

Strikingly Pricing 

Strkingly Pricing

Strkingly Pro Yearly plan with three (3) Pro sites is definitely one of the most attractive pricing options in the entire market. You can launch a powerful ecommerce store, add paid membership, enjoy unlimited bandwidth, get a free domain and more, for just $16/month. This is the price most providers charge for publishing just one (1) website.

With Strikingly, you get to publish three (3)! Their Pro Yearly plan is easily one of the best pricing options in the market, and it’s the most popular choice for our users. Default to this option, and you can’t go wrong.

Other Pricing Options:

  • If you need more power features like multiple membership tiers, multi-language sites, or priority support, they have a VIP Plan for the serious merchants. It’s like our Pro Plan but on steroids.
  • Or if you have a limited budget and can’t get the Pro, you can choose their Limited Plan. For the price of two coffee, you can publish two .com websites.

For anyone who has searched the market for a solution, it should be clear that our pricing is very competitive. Check out Strikingly pricing page. They want to make it a no-brainer for anyone to choose Strikingly.

Basically, our name is our promise: “Strikingly is actually striking”. This quote from our user says it all.

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