What Is Terra 2023: Is It Worth It?

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In This Post we will discuss about What Is Terra 2023

The global community was alarmed by the crash of a cryptocurrency. According to a statement from the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), the non-crypto currency profit’s reserves decreased from approximately 80,000 to 300. Consequently, a number of investors were exposed to turbulent market conditions.

The decline in the value of Luna has been attributed to reasons such as whale dumping – i.e., international institutional investors who were bulk buying and selling tokens at the same time – – as this caused panic among regular investors.

“The question revolves around the capacity of blockchain technology to handle such fluctuations in market sentiment. Despite the fact that algorithms can lead to the stabilization of stablecoins, a resilient system is critical under such circumstances.

Aliasgar Merchant, the developer relations engineer at Ignite, a blockchain development business, said, “Terra’s demise showed us that we need to focus more on constructing than on profiting.”


In January of 2018, Daniel Shin and Do Kwon, the CEO and co-founder of Ticket Monster (TMON), founded Terra. Focusing on price stability and usability, the effort was designed to encourage the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Kwon was formerly the chief executive officer of Anyfi, a provider of decentralized wireless mesh networking solutions. In addition, he has worked at Apple and Microsoft.

Terraform Labs is a business in South Korea that profits from bitcoin transactions. Investors including HashKey Digital Asset Group, Divergence Digital Currency Fund, and Huobi Capital donated $57 million.

The contributions received are in addition to a financial pledge of $150 million made on July 16. Kwon Shin, the chief executive officer of Terraform, asserts that numerous Koreans have used the service to purchase theatre tickets with Terra currency.

What Is Terra, Why did Terra fall? 

Terra is a public blockchain platform that allows the public to invest in two stablecoins, UST and Luna. Terra helps enterprises construct infrastructure for apps on which people trade.

The value of UST is tied to $1 at any given time. This Terra is able to assure that if UST falls, Luna can support it by purchasing and selling these two coins on the various marketplaces.

For instance, if foreign investors begin selling rupees, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) intervenes in the market to reduce volatility by selling dollars, so preventing the rupee’s value from falling excessively.

What Is Terra

By executing this arbitrage, Terra managed to keep the price of UST tied to the dollar by earning money from Luna, without having to maintain a constant reserve of US dollars.

Built within the platform are algorithms that track the demand and supply of UST and Luna and are intended to balance the two systems.

This system collapsed in May when significant investors in UST and Luna began dumping their shares, resulting in massive price declines.

Terra announced that they will establish Bitcoin reserves, another cryptocurrency, to balance the system by purchasing additional Luna and UST to prevent their prices from plummeting. However, it did not work.

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What Are Terra, Luna, and UST’s Future Steps?

Terra developers have endured a hard week. Some had questioned the project’s use of bitcoin reserves, including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, and the Luna Foundation Guard, which protects the UST, tweeted that its bitcoin reserves had decreased from 80,000 (approximately $2.2 billion) to 313 ($9.2 million).

The remaining reserves will be used to “compensate remaining US Treasury customers, beginning with the smallest holdings.”

CEO of Terraform Labs Kwon has a controversial idea to resurrect luna.

Kwon came up with a plan to split the terra blockchain, or “fork.” In essence, this means that a new blockchain will be made that is based on the old one but has some important changes.

What Are Terra, Luna

A billion Luna tokens would be made at the same time as the new blockchain. These tokens would be given to holders of Luna and UST and used to pay for the development of new Terra apps.

Kwon suggested taking UST, which was once the main selling point of the blockchain, out of the terra ecosystem. He may have been admitting that tying luna to UST was a fundamental problem.

“Hundreds of developers are contributing to Defi, a fungible labor market, modern infrastructure, and a robust community in Terra’s app ecosystem,” he said, suggesting that developers should keep it at the cost of terraUSD.

In 2016, Ethereum had the most well-known split in the history of crypto. After a hacker stole 3.6 million ether from a DAO, which was worth $50 million at the time but is now worth over $7 billion, the developers of Ethereum split the blockchain.

They made a new chain that was the same in every way except that the stolen million ether were not put back. It split the community, and some people still use the original chain, which they call Ethereum Classic.

This fork is mentioned in Kwon’s plan. Under the new plan, the current Terra blockchain will be called Terra Classic, and the new one will just be called Terra.

There are many people who are unsure whether this plan will work, including Zhao, but UST and luna holders voted for it. Terraform Labs is expecting to launch its new ecosystem around May 27, so luna will enter a new era.

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