Whatagraph Review 2023: Pros & Cons, Features and Pricing

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Ease of Use
Overall Performance
User Friendly
Customer Support


  • Ease of use, even for people who are not tech-savvy
  • White-label function which allows you to remove the Whatagraph product branding
  • Custom formulas and metrics


  • Pricey compared to competition as the base plan starts at $199 per month.

Whatagraph is a tool for reporting marketing performance that simplifies your analytics and reporting via automated data visualization. It can rapidly convert social media and website marketing data into sophisticated but detailed visual reports.


Are you looking for an unbiased Whatagraph review? Great! You have come to the right place.

You’re a marketer, and you need to be able to track the results of your campaigns and show them in an appealing way to your client or manager.

It feels like you’re juggling too many things at once, and you don’t have time to learn a new tool. You need something that just works without all the fuss.

Whatagraph is the perfect solution for you. Whatagraph 

Plus, it integrates with all your favorite marketing tools so you can get data from all your sources in one place.

So, let us check out Whatagraph in a little more detail.

What Is Whatagraph?

Whatagraph is a tool for reporting marketing performance used by agencies and in-house marketers who want to report on the results of their campaigns. Simply connect the tools you use for your marketing activities and Whatagraph puts together your results in a beautiful report, thanks to its many report templates and widgets.

Whatagraph Review

It enables numerous connections; you can assign responsible personnel to clients, categorize your reports by clients or departments, define unique branding for each client and pay just for what you need, among many more features that will unquestionably elevate your reporting to the next level.

Whatagraph is a technology that provides modern enterprises with a novel and highly visual method of presenting analytics data in formats that are simple to consume and grasp. Whatagraph presents analytics data in an infographic form of reporting that is far superior to the graphs in Google Analytics.

The software’s automated data collection capabilities enable it to collect data automatically from over 40 data sources, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Analytics, among others. Once you connect your data sources, simply choose a report template to import it into Whatagraph and create an amazing marketing report.

Whatagraph lets you customize your reports by adding your own brand colors, fonts and logos. For the ultimate customization experience, you can white label your reports and completely remove the Whatagraph branding.

Whatagraph: Best Features

Whatagraph: Best Features

Whatagraph features and review


This feature allows you to compare your marketing performance across different clients. That way, you can easily see the entire performance of your agency instead of just focusing on one client at a time.

Pre-made templates and widgets:

Whatagraph features and review pricing

Using their pre-made templates, you can generate a marketing performance report in a matter of minutes without having to work from scratch. Add, modify, or delete pre-made widgets to create a client-friendly report.

Fully custom branding: 

Demonstrate to your customer that you made an additional effort to create their report. You can create your own customized reports by changing colors, including logos, and employing custom domains in your reports. Go the full length with white labeling, as explained above.

Add custom data:

With the Google Sheets and Public API connectors, you’ll be able to import data from any source and integrate it with your report.

Automated report delivery: 

Whatagraph features and review pricing latest

You no longer have to worry about sending reports manually. Just choose the reporting interval your clients want – once a week, month or quarter or whatever you agree on. Whatagraph sends the reports automatically in your name.

Cross-channel reporting: 

A single report including all of your marketing analytics. Blend data from several channels, accounts, or campaigns and give your customer a transparent performance analysis.

Whatagraph Pricing & How To Sign Up for Whatagraph Free Trial?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Whatagraph and click on ‘Pricing’.

Step – 2: Choose the parameters, and click on ‘Start Free Trial’ below the plan of your choice.

Whatagraph features and review pricing new

Step – 3: Fill in the details and click on ‘Get Started. You can also choose to sign up with Google.

Whatagraph features and review pricing account
Whatagraph features and review pricing account

If you reach 25 data sources or five users on the Professional plan, you do not necessarily need to upgrade to the Premium plan immediately; just contact your account manager or their live support, and they will assist you with purchasing additional sources and users.

Depending on the package, you can schedule an onboarding session for your team in which everyone will be instructed on how to use Whatagraph and the best practices depending on your current requirements.

For the Professional and Premium plans, you need to sign up for an annual plan. There is a 30-day money back guarantee for all plans.

Why Do I Recommend Whatagraph?

Add data from sources that API does not currently support:

With Whatagraph’s robust CSV/Excel file import, marketing analytics data from any source can be added. Create KPI reports encompassing all your marketing channels that are simple to comprehend and obtain a comprehensive view of the work you do for your clients.

Incorporate offline data into custom data widgets:

The infographic reports allow you to insert custom data widgets and visualize them easily. Create a single report to simplify your business plan for your customer acquisition, activation, retention, and revenue.

Add pictures to reports:

You can add images to your reports to make them more understandable for you and your clients. Each marketing report can include insights using personalized images.

Utilize your brand

You can personalize your reports with your logo and color scheme and send them from your domain. Having removed all Whatagraph branding from the reports, you can claim all the credit for the beautiful reports you create.

Create reports from multiple sources:

Whatagraph enables you to view the performance of all your marketing channels in a single report. Compare and contrast various marketing campaigns and landing pages. Monitor the performance of various landing pages in terms of visits.

Maintain a comprehensive check and compare the same statistic across several data sources to determine how landing page performance relates to traffic, registrations, purchases, and target achievement.

Schedule marketing report automation:

You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly automatic reports to your clients on your chosen date. Keep abreast of the performance of your automated reports with report delivery summaries.

FAQs On Whatagraph Review

What is Whatagraph?

Whatagraph is the top online tool for tracking website, campaign, etc., performance across several media. It generates graphic reports that may be customized to help you improve your company. Whatagraph is mainly used by e-commerce website owners and digital marketing companies to improve the presentation of analytics data to customers.

Does Whatagraph provide customer support?

Yes, Whatagraph provides excellent customer service to all of its users. After creating an account on Whatagraph, you may communicate with their support staff through live chat.

Why should I go for Whatagraph?

Whatagraph is the only instrument that provides multi-channel monitoring of real-time data. Numerous marketing professionals utilize Whatagraph to monitor their performance and growth, which enables them to make the best business decisions.

Does Whatagraph offer a free trial?

Whatagraph is the most effective tool for monitoring data in graphical format. Whatagraph provides all new users a free trial to try out all of its features. Start your 7-day free trial of Whatagraph now.

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Conclusion: Whatagraph Review 2023

When it comes to Analytics, they often cannot accurately comprehend its integration. Analytics may be complex, particularly for those who need information presented in clear terms.

Using Whatagraph, data display is a piece of cake. The material is presented simply to study and comprehend. As soon as you understand the language of your data, you can move swiftly to make the most informed business choices and take prompt action to drive the development of your firm.

Whatagraph collects information from over ten data sources without requiring your participation in a complex procedure. The whole data collection process is automated, and the system makes sense of all the information it has gathered and generates intelligible reports.

The reports are instantly forwarded to your mailbox for review, analysis, and comprehension. You will save substantial time and avoid all the problems associated with data processing and analysis.

In addition to the notable aspects, the data may also be analyzed based on a specified period range. You can generate custom reports by specifying a date range. This provides a level of versatility not seen in other data visualization engines.

Because of all this, I highly recommend Whatagraph. 

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