Which Is Better For You – Facebook Ads Or Promoted Posts?

There is no denying the fact that Facebook is one of best online advertising platforms available on the internet. Any Facebook advertising campaign will involve costs and time. Making the most of the time and money spent by you will depend on the Facebook advertising strategy that you adopt for your campaign. Facebook provides two paid advertising options to businesses, Promoted Posts and Facebook Ads.

Each option has been proven to provide the desired results if properly used. However, identifying which option will work for you is not easy. To help you decide on which Facebook advertising option to choose, we have listed out the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts.


Facebook Ads

This is the most commonly used option for Facebook advertising. These Facebook ads will be displayed to your target audience thereby increasing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


  • Reasonable budget
  • It is simple to establish
  • The cost of the ad campaign depends on the success of the ads
  • It is a quick and easy way to get more ‘Likesand fans
  • You have the option to test a variety of concept and Ads.


  • Facebook Ads do not guarantee clicks or audience engagement
  • Some Facebook users have found these Facebook Ads to be annoying
  • A considerable number of people are of the opinion that these Facebook ads are spam

Promoted Posts

Promoted Posts are posts that are paid to be displayed on the wall of Facebook users. These promoted posts are considered an amalgamation of Facebook ads and Facebook posts. Any post that is posted by you can be made into a promoted post by simply clicking on the promote button. The cost of this advertising option depends on the number of people who want to reach out to, through the posts.


  • Found to be effective for launches, events or promotions
  • The promoted posts are easy to spot in a new feed
  • The process to launch this advertising option is simple
  • Can reach the targeted audience and their connections easily
  • Reasonable budget
  • Can help increase brand awareness
  • It is known to provide better engagement from fans and followers


  • You can only reach out to users and their connections, who have liked your Facebook page
  • Will cost more to reach out to followers
  • As the ad reaches out to a smaller group, it will have less impact

Which is better?

If you are looking to promote your brand, the best option will be to opt or Facebook Ads. These ads can reach out to a larger audience and is a quick way to increase brand awareness and to get likes. If you are planning to promote an event on Facebook, promoted posts will be the best option.

Promoted posts have been designed for promoting special offers or events and therefore will be effective in doing so. The reach of promoted posts is less as it will only reach out to Facebook users who are your followers or people who have liked your page. Therefore, this option is not ideal for a brand building exercise.

Author Bio: Matthew Anton is an online marketing researcher who has been monitoring the advantages of Facebook advertising facebookadsppc.com as a powerful online marketing tool.

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