White Label Website Builder – General Onboarding Strategy

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To begin, you must have a thorough knowledge of your target audience. We don’t sell websites, we sell results. As we all have the same clientele, this should come as no surprise.

To begin with, the consumer has an issue, and they’ve already taken the first step toward solving it: they’re looking for help on a platform or with you. It’s fantastic to have a lot of cool features and a nice design, but it won’t be the only thing that catches their attention (or at least it is not going to retain them as customers).

Anyone who attends has one goal in mind: to gain more consumers and, in turn, more revenue and profit for their company or ideas. The trick is to persuade them that hiring a contractor is the best option.

Teach ’em to do it!

Customers will flock to their business if they have a stunning website.

Because of their online and mobile accessibility, they’re a must-have in today’s world.

white label website

– To create landing pages that generate sales, calls, leads, or traffic, based on whatever the customer’s ideas may be. ”

– Demonstrate to them that they do not need to pay thousands of dollars to participate in the process.

Getting acclimated to a new product takes time, no matter how good or easy it is. This is true for products of all kinds. Regardless of whether you sell it as a do-it-yourself project or use it to construct websites for your clients, you must demonstrate to them just how fantastic and simple it is to use.

How-To Videos

The phrase How To on a cork notice board

As a starting point, video tutorials are a great way to understand the platform fast and efficiently. The first time you go to the builder, we strongly advise you to use a video pre-loading.

In real-time

It’s a terrific approach to ensure that no one leaves because they haven’t been given an answer. If you have a large client base, it may be intimidating, but for the first few hundred customers, it will help you discover valuable information about your customers’ behaviour and most importantly, you may ask them questions.

As a result, you’ll learn more about their general issues and preferences, which will improve your business’s interaction with them.

What if you’re not sure where, to begin with live chat? Check out this comprehensive comparison of the most effective live chat applications currently available.

Guides to Using

Help guides are essential, so we’ve created non-branded guidelines that you may use in your white label. People may easily discover an answer to an issue without having to use a chat or email to communicate with a support representative.


One of my favourite methods to onboard new clients is by using these Webinars are excellent because they allow you to demonstrate your product in real time, while also allowing participants to ask you questions. Make sure their complaints and queries are addressed and that you adapt your conduct based on their actions.

There are several benefits to this strategy, including higher conversion rates and a more engaged customer base. Since you need to discover new consumers for your platform, we’ve produced an exclusive Webinar Script that shows you exactly how to do it.

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