How Whizlabs Online Training Courses Helping IT Professionals (Reviews)

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Whizlabs – the perfect door to be knocked for the online certification preparation. Whizlabs is a renowned name in the online certification training industry that provides online courses and practice tests covering almost all the hot domains in the market.  Whizlabs primarily focuses on the quality of the courses that have made it the first choice for the IT aspirants who desire to have a bright career in IT. Let’s check if Whizlabs online training courses are really worth.

Whizlabs Online Courses- Affordable Online Courses

It’s not easy to create a successful online training course but needs a lot of knowledge, skills, and efforts. Whizlabs keeps the needs and expectations of IT professionals at the top while designing and creating any course or program. Although you can find that a number of other companies are also claiming to provide such courses, the thing that makes Whizlabs online training courses so demanded is the sublime quality and 24*7 assistance provided by the Whizlabs to its users. 

How Whizlabs Online Training Courses Helping IT Professionals?? (MUST READ)

(Whizlabs Online Training Courses Reviews)

Whether you have been an existing user of Whizlabs or choosing it for the first time for your certification preparation, the question may arise in your mind if Whizlabs online training courses are really helpful. If yes, how do Whizlabs online training courses help IT, professionals? We’ll give answers to your questions with Whizlabs online training courses review in the next sections. But first, let’s have a look at the popular Whizlabs training courses. 

IT and Project management certification preparation via online virtual classroom | Whizlabs

List of Popular Whizlabs Online Training Courses

Whizlabs has tamed its business very well. Earlier, Whizlabs was primarily dealing in the practice tests from where Whizlabs earned a lot of name and fame. After assessing the increasing demand for online courses in the market, Whizlabs has also started focusing on online courses. It makes Whizlabs offer a complete certification exam preparation package to its users. The list of Whizlabs training courses in different domains is too long. So, let’s have a look at the list of some of the popular Whizlabs online training courses:

How do Whizlabs Online Training Courses Help in Certification Exam Preparation?

A number of online training providers are launched in the market every day. Then there are some questions in everyone’s mind like what’s special in Whizlabs online courses? What additional features will they get with Whizlabs online courses? Why choose Whizlabs? What are the support and assistance facilities? 

Here are the salient features of online courses as well as the answers to your questions to help you make a sensible decision.

  • Main Focus on Exam Objectives and Pattern

The first and most important thing that everyone looks in the online courses before getting it purchased is whether the online course covers 100% syllabus or not. Don’t worry about all these things with Whizlabs’ online courses.  You don’t need to roam here and there, even for a single topic.

Whizlabs Online Courses- Best Online Training Providers

  • Covers 100 % syllabus
  • Aligns with the exam objectives
  • Follows the exam pattern and blueprint
  • Short and Separate Videos on Every Topic 

Whizlabs video course duration may be 10-15 hours long or even more in total. Basically, these video courses are intentionally designed this much longer to cover all the topics with real-time detailed explanations and to make it easy for the aspirants to understand the concepts. These videos are designed by the experienced and certified team of Whizlabs in such a way, that it becomes easy to get over even for those with no or very little knowledge on that particular topic.  

To make it easy to start or switch to the desired topic, the whole video course has been divided into multiple short or medium duration videos. Generally, aspirants don’t have enough time to cover all the course videos in a single go and therefore to make it easy for them to surf the videos and switch among the videos, separate short but detailed videos have been provided on each topic. The duration of videos generally varies from 5- 20 minutes that makes it easy for aspirants to remain focused.  

  • Explanation with Real World Examples

The knowledge, experience, skills, and dedication of Whizlabs’ subject matter expert teams reflect in their online training courses very well. Being a pioneer and to remain at the top in the industry, the experts at Whizlabs focus on using real-world examples to make it easy for the students to understand the concepts. The explanations with real-world examples make their courses and videos more effective and productive. This is one of the significant reasons Whizlabs online training courses are gaining popularity among IT professionals preparing for the certification exams.

  • Whizlabs Hands-on Practice Labs 

“Whizlabs hands-on practice labs” is a new salient feature of the Whizlabs online training courses that helps the aspirants in preparing the exams with hands-on practice. Whizlabs offers hands-on labs for all the AWS training courses. Through these practice labs, Whizlabs offers you a hands-on platform along with the online course to provide real-world experience. Real world experience is beneficial to all whether you are new to the domain or already have some experience. 

  • Auto-updates to the Content of Online Courses

Auto-updates is one of the most invaluable characteristics of Whizlabs online training courses. It is a well-known fact that the exam syllabus and blueprint is being changed by the certification exam authorities and vendors from time to time. The Subject Matter Experts of Whizlabs work continuously to keep the course updated with the latest syllabus and pattern. Even the experts at Whizlabs keep taking the certification exams to know the focused domains and understand the changes in the exam. 

How Whizlabs Online Training Courses-Whizlabs Certification course

On this basis of their own experience, the team makes changes in the existing content and update it as per the latest updates. If you have purchased any of the Whizlabs online course, you will get the auto-updates for the content whenever they make any changes. One good thing is that you don’t even need to pay an extra penny to get the updates in the content.

  • Lifetime Access and Unlimited Validity

Like other online certification training providers, Whizlabs doesn’t bind your purchase in 1-year or 6 months subscriptions. If you purchase any online training course at Whizlabs, you get unlimited access to that course. With these features, one doesn’t need to worry about the subscription and can watch the videos as many times as desired.  It’s lifetime validity and auto-updates features make the purchase with Whizlabs a worthy decision.

  • Whizlabs Learning Management System: One Tab Solution

New Whizlabs Learning Management System has made it easy for you to access the online course and switch among online courses, practice tests and hands-on lab with one click only. With this new system, you don’t need to visit different pages, just select the tab on your dashboard and you will reach to the online course. Therefore, this new system has made learning and preparing with the Whizlabs online courses convenient, flexible and reliable.

  • 24* 7 Support and Assistance

At Whizlabs, you get 24* 7 support and assistance to get all of your queries resolved. Whizlabs online courses are the top choice of the aspirants and if you purchase any course for the exam preparation, it is possible for you to have some queries. Although the trainers have tried their best while explaining the topics, you may also face some problems or doubts while going through the training videos. 

To resolve all these issues, Whizlabs has a well-experienced team of experts to provide support to the users. New Whizlabs Learning Management System has further increased the reliability of Whizlabs’ support system. To get assistance, you just need to submit your queries at Whizlabs Helpdesk and the support team will revert you. You can also use Ask an Expert feature of the Whizlabs learning management system to submit your queries. You will be able to view all of your queries along with their status at the dashboard.

Highlights of Various Whizlabs Online Courses (Whizlabs Online Training Courses Reviews)

To give you more details about the Whizlabs online training courses, we gathered some information and latest updates about the online courses available at Whizlabs. In this section, we’ll provide you highlights of the Whizlabs online courses in various domains. So, let’s get ahead and have a look at the following points.

  • AWS Online Training Courses – Just like Whizlabs AWS practice tests, its AWS online training courses are gaining popularity among AWS professionals. Whizlabs offers hands-on practice labs for AWS certification preparation that help the aspirants in taming popular AWS services and real-world scenarios. Therefore, Whizlabs makes the aspirants ready for the competitive world with real-time experience. Candidates find AWS online training courses very helpful in passing the AWS certification exams. Here is the list of AWS online training courses at Whizlabs:



  • Microsoft Azure Online Training Courses – After the launch of Microsoft Azure role-based certifications, professionals are moving to get these certifications. While most of the training providers are not working on Azure certifications as many of the new certifications have soon been expired, Whizlabs has launched a number of Microsoft Azure certifications online course and practice tests. 

How Whizlabs Online Training Course- Microsoft Azure Certifications

These online courses are really helpful for the aspirants to pass the Azure certifications in the first attempt. Inside the Microsoft Azure online courses, you will also find many practice labs and you’ll be able to understand the concepts easily. Check out the Microsoft Azure online training courses at Whizlabs:


  • DevOps Certifications Training Courses – With the evolution of cloud computing, there has been a visible growth in the demand for DevOps tools, thus, DevOps certifications. So, to help the DevOps professionals give recognition to their skills with DevOps certification, Whizlabs has also launched a Docker Certified Associate online training course.

How Whizlabs Online Training Course- DevOps Certifications

  • You may also try Docker Certified Associate practice tests once you are done with the online course. Their DCA online training course is focused on the exam objectives and prepares you such that you could pass the certification exam in the first attempt. Check Whizlabs DCA online training course here:


Docker Certified Associate Online Course


  • Google Cloud Certified Cloud Architect Associate Online Course (To Be Launched) –Whizlabs has a highly experienced team to update the existing Whizlabs online courses regularly as per the updated syllabus and also prepare the new one for the topic in hot demand. Looking at the demand of Google cloud certifications in the market, Whizlabs team is currently working on Google Cloud Certified Cloud Architect Associate online training course.

How Whizlabs Online Training Course- Google cloud Certifications

To provide the best possible quality, Whizlabs has a team of experienced and certified team members. These team members also keep on taking the certification exams to prepare the courses as per the latest pattern and important topics. 

  • Oracle Java Online Training Courses – Whizlabs Oracle Java certifications training courses have their own place in the online certification training market. Oracle Java certifications have also been changed recently, some have just changed in

How Whizlabs Online Training Courses- Oracle Certified Associate

  • the terms of the name only. Like other online training courses, Oracle Java training courses are also focused on the exam
  • objectives. These courses cover full syllabus of the exam with detailed programming concepts and thus help the professionals to pass the exam in the first attempt. As of now, there are OCAJP8 [1Z0-808] and OCPJP8 [1Z0-809] Java certifications online training courses available.


OCAJP 8 [1Z0-808] Online Course

OCPJP 8 [1Z0-809] Online Course


  • PMI-ACP Training Courses is a Complete Self-Study Package– PMI-ACP is one of the most demanded certifications in agile project management.  Whizlabs’ PMI-ACP online course is a highly rated course and the top choice of aspirants. Like all other Whizlabs online training courses, PMI-ACP course also covers all aspects of the exam with a number of real-time problems that make the aspirants ready to clear the exam and get the certification. As a bonus at Whizlabs, you also get PDUs, exhaustive e-book covering the whole syllabus, 5 full-length mock exams along with the online training videos under Whizlabs PMI-ACP online training course. 


PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Online Course


  • Linux – Red Hat Certifications Online Training Courses – Whizlabs is one of the top choices for Red Hat certification courses. Whizlabs’ online courses for RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) and RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) have been designed completely on the basis of the blueprint and pattern of the exams. These courses cover all the important problems in every section. As Red Hat certification exam involves hands-on, practical tasks, the concepts in the course are explained with real-time scenarios. These courses also provide practice problems with clear and detailed explanations. Whizlabs offers online training courses for the following Red Hat certifications.


Red Hat Certified System Administrator Online Course

Red Hat Certified Engineer Online Course


  • Project Management Online Training Courses – Whizlabs’ Project Management online training course is one of the best training courses available in the market.  PMI has announced new PMP exam changes that will come into effect from 16th December 2019. As per the latest updates, the team has started working on the new courses as per the new PMP exam content outline. If you are looking to take the PMP certification exam before December, you can start your preparation with current Whizlabs’

How Whizlabs Online Training Courses- project Management Course

  • PMP online training course without a second thought. If you are not sure when you will take the PMP exam, then you can also take this PMP course, as you will get the updated content with the auto-update feature of Whizlabs online training courses. Along with PMP, Whizlabs also offers CAPM, PMI-RMP, and PRINCE2 training courses.



  • Whizlabs Online Training Courses on Udemy – Whizlabs online courses are now available on Udemy with their additional offers and discounts. Udemy is a platform that offers training courses from various online training providers. You can find Whizlabs AWS, Azure, Red Hat, Oracle Java, and Big Data training courses at Udemy, soon you will get more of the Whizlabs training courses at Udemy. A number of professionals have taken Whizlabs courses from Udemy and achieved success in their career. Here are the links of Whizlabs online courses at Udemy:



  • Other Training Courses at Whizlabs – From the beginning, Whizlabs has been focused on the certifications training and so most of the courses are certifications oriented only. But their users demand more and on the basis of customer’s demand, Whizlabs has recently launched two topic-specific online training courses rather than certification-specific. These training courses cover basics to advanced concepts and are helpful in the preparation of more than one certification exams. Even if you are not preparing for any certification exam, you can take these training courses just to expand your knowledge.


These training courses are –

Why Choose Whizlabs Online Training Courses?

Now there would be a common question in everybody’s mind, why choose Whizlabs online training courses while there are so many other training courses in the market claiming to provide high-quality training at the lowest prices. The most important thing with Whizlabs is that they don’t only claim but they actually provide what they promise. In this section, we have mentioned some benefits of Whizlabs online training courses, that makes Whizlabs the right choice. 

  • High-Quality Content: Although there are a plethora of online training course providers in the market, Whizlabs stands out because of the quality content they provide. Quality is one of the most desirable features of any course. While designing their courses, Whizlabs makes it sure that the training content is focused on the exam objectives and covers 100% syllabus. 

Moreover, Whizlabs keeps its training material up to date as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern to make it easy for the aspirants pass the certification exams in the first attempt. Moreover, their approach to explaining the concept with real-time examples provides aspirants a hands-on experience; essential for the success.  

  • Learn at your own pace: At Whizlabs, you get an opportunity to learn at your own pace that is a rare and one of the most desired characteristics. Whizlabs understands well that everyone on this earth has different learning pace and that reflects in their online training courses clearly. 

Whizlabs designs their courses in such a way that anyone can start at any time. The online courses consist of training videos that you can watch and study wherever you want. All you need is a device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) and an internet connection, and can start learning from anywhere.

  • Affordable Prices: Although you might be hearing about so many training courses daily, claiming the lowest prices in the market. You may get these courses at cheapest prices but at the cost of quality (a thing that no one wants to compromise). This is the point where Whizlabs comes as a rescue. At Whizlabs, you get online training courses across various domains at very affordable rates without compromising with the quality. Yes, high-quality, and best-in-industry online training courses at affordable prices, what else you want.

Azure Exam AZ 302 | File Shares in Storage Account - Lab | Whizlabs

  • Unconditional Support: Last but not least, Whizlabs provides 24*7 expert assistance to its users. Whizlabs has a dedicated team of subject matter experts from various domains who are always ready to resolve your queries in no time. This is also one of the important benefits of Whizlabs online training courses. Moreover, Whizlabs provides 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the content and fails to get the certification, you can ask for a refund. 

So, as of now, all of your doubts have been cleared. Whizlabs is not a boom among IT professionals, it’s a game-changer. Whizlabs online courses and practice tests are one of the best in the online certification training industry.

Whizlabs Customers Review:

Whizlabs Online Training Courses- Customers Review

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Bottom Line: How Whizlabs Online Training Courses Helping IT Professionals  (Whizlabs Online Training Courses Reviews)

Whizlabs is a well-known name in the online certification training industry and its online training and practice tests are considered one of the best. The above-mentioned features of Whizlabs online training courses have made it a popular name among IT professionals. Whizlabs online courses for AWS, Project Management, Agile, and Linux are high-quality courses. Soon, more online courses will be added in this list. 

If you are an IT professional and aspired to take your career to the next level, you should get a certification and add it to your resume. As Whizlabs online courses are best in the industry, choose the course for your certification preparation, and get ready to become a certified professional in one go. What are you thinking about now? If still have a doubt, check their free introductory video before you purchase any course. Get up, make the right choice, and get ahead in your career!


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