Why Google Hates BlackHat SEO And How You Can Get Penalized

Why Google Hates BlackHat SEO And You Can Get Penalized

What is BlackHat SEO? 

Blackhat SEO are those techniques that are not officially approved by google for search engine optimization. Blackhatters are those who break the rules set by google for ranking. Google hates them. Whitehatters hate them. Yes, they is unethical.

According to google, any method other than organic sharing is Blackhat. Yes that includes PBNs, link building, tiered links, keyword stuffing and everything else. Yes, even guest posting and mutual sharing of links too.

So what is WhiteHat SEO? 

This is the exact opposite of Blackhat SEO. Ranking websites following google’s guidelines. These methods are way difficult to implement and take a long time to show results. But their benefit is long termed. This include web redesigning, Meta tags, quality content providing value to readers etc. This is the way to go if you want long term success.

Video Explaining Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid


It’s all about money, money, money. 

It’s very simple yet important for Google. The main aim of blackhat is to rank your site as fast and high as possible, though only for a short period. This is the precise contrary of how google earns money. Google makes money by showing ads related to the search query.

It hurts Google bad when sites employ these blackhat techniques and exploit the “loopholes” to rank to gain customer and business rather than using Google AdSense to advertise for every keyword and pay money to google.

Still didn’t get it? (Huh!)

Let’s take an example –

Supposedly you are an e-commerce company XYZ Ltd. Now because you are new, your site visitors are very low. Completion is high as your main competitor, ‘Amazon’, is already very popular and dominates search rankings. This is what you can do –

  • Go to Google and pay them a ton of money to show your website advertisements on every page. Let’s suppose they charge you $$$ for the ads.
  • The second option you have is blackhat seo. Here you will have SEOS who will use shady tactics and loopholes in the algorithm of search engine. Obviously this method is way cheaper and google loses a money out of it. You only pay $ here and benefits are infinite but for a short period of time. This is what Google doesn’t want you to indulge in. They want you to pay them to show your ads. This is why they are rapidly changing their algorithms to kill all the loopholes.

But you must also know about the other side of the coin here. Call it a rule of thumb that whenever something seems too easy, that something has to be wrong. Recently Google has been on a rampage of banning sites from its search results for using such unethical (according to google at least) methods and deindexing their pages.

Blackhat SEO might be too attractive because of being cheap and getting quick results but for a longer run it’s something you must not follow. Someday Google is got to catch you and all you’ll be able to do is cry. Private Blogging Networks were all in rage last year but recent changes in Google’s algorithm and tracking of footprints has affected all those websites ranking high only because of linking expired domains without providing any value to users.

If you’ve been using blackhat, you’ve got to stop. If you’ve been planning to use it, think again.

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  1. Hi Mayank,

    It is a very useful post covering all the details in a very clear manner. It is imperative for everyone to know what is the difference between ‘Black Hat’ and ‘White hat Seo’. Some Seo experts or bloggers in lieu of small gains fall in for these Black hat techniques resulting in long term losses. It is therefore imperative that all these details are completely known and understood. Google every year is getting strict with its ‘no spam’ policy, which makes all the more sense to stick with White hat methods to promote your blogs or website. Good post Mayank, Liked it!

  2. shane mcquillan

    Good article but i believe google would consider any company which takes away from their advertising revenue a black hat company. Google makes it impossible for a small start up to rank , no matter how good their site is on an international level. Its all about the money and just about all companies buy links.


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