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A techie Smartphone can reflect your purchasing power, but not the mind behind it. Speak your heart out with some of the coolest, trippy and deeply connecting back covers from dailyobjects.com. Stay with me as I reveal some jaw-dropping features about DailyObjects, and how it can get exactly what you want?

dailyobjects smartphone cases

About the case

Forged out of polycarbonate material, DailyObjects’ Smartphone cases are resilient to jerks and drops. No, they don’t serve just one or two brands of phone, but quite a majority of them. Wondering if it has covers for your rare piece of collectible. Well, go to the provided search bar, type in the manufacturer’s name, the respective model and voila!


DailyObjects runs on a fashionably simplistic interface, for your peace of mind. Everything that it deals in is located in the top user panel. From left to right, you have Smartphone cases, Macbook sleeves, shop by collection and an advanced option for customizable cases. Follow this link to free signup and see for yourself.

Shop by Collection

DailyObjects Buy iPhone 6 Designer Cases Covers Online In India
dailyobjects customisable cases




Besides a range of unisex and artistic variety of Smartphone and iPad covers, DailyObjects has some fascinating themes under Shop by Collection. Whether you are a car & bike enthusiast, fashion follower, music lover, lover, sporty, comical or have a way with quotes; your interests are covered here. Also, a distinct range has been maintained for people driven by floral prints or food & booze.

How to create customizable cases?

DailyObjects Choose Mobile Tablet For Customization Online in India

Dailyobjects (6)

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Yippee, finally I get to coat my phone with exactly what I want. Click on the Customisable Cases options present on the top right followed by ‘Create Custom Case’. Specify your phone’s model in the search bar and it will redirect you to a blank phone case.

Now, select a material for the cover; whether it should be slim or tough. No worries, as each of these durable & lightweight polycarbonate cases come with a lifetime warranty. Thanks to a permanent detailing at the micron level, these embedded prints are guaranteed to never fade, tear or peel off.

DailyObjects ensures a consistently guarded phone by applying the raised lips designs in their cases. The final product is void of seams or sharp edges while the design itself covers 100% of the outer surface.

Since it’s a customization option, users can choose to have a glossy or matt finish. Otherwise, you always get to have an HQ smooth, matt finish cover that can resist smudges and fingerprints. Yet, in case, if any manufacturing defect occurs, buyers can request for a replacement within 30-days.

A customized cover can be built from one of the many theme-based templates or by uploading a design on your own. Either way, there are a handful of features to change the background colour, upload image, and add texts, change font style / colour and a lot more.

The image and texts options are distinctly present to the right of the screen. You can use it to upload any image of up to 10MB size, in .jpg or .png format. Once the image is uploaded, it can be re-positioned by mere drag and drop. Controls are same as any other editing box, with some additional buttons to flip and magnify/ diminish the image. They have rights on Official Batman Arkham Collection, exclusive rights on Official Messi Collection, also they have the official Zomato collection and have recently introduced a special TrulyMadly collection as well.

Macbook sleeves

dailyobjects macbook sleeves

If DailyObjects can create an absolute canvas out of a Smartphone cover, imagine the potentials with a Macbook sleeve. There are hundreds of fine leather covers with fancy graphic designs, comic background, Arkham night stuff, artwork, culture and anything trippy; you can scroll on and on numerous of these fancy covers.

Run along with the slim Mac wrapped in real leather material, as it shines out an unconventional person within you. These print marvels are actually the work of an Epson UltraChrome printed on an artisanal Monet canvas from Hahnemuhle aka premium German material.

Here are my Macbook Sleeves I got from DailyObjects it is so Sexy <3

Dailyobjects (4)

Dailyobjects (8)

Dailyobjects (2)

Dailyobjects (3)

Dailyobjects (1)

75 years a warranty

To feel the security in numbers, the varnish coated leather is warranted for a whopping 75 years against water, fungus and fade. These absolutely gorgeous pieces hold a naturally granular touch which gets better with time. You can order it as a zippered sleeve or an enveloped one, which comes with a closable flap on top.

Since this design series is meant exclusively for Mac users, the covers have been slimmed to support Macbook Air or Pro with screen sizes across 11-15 inches.

Service features

DailyObjects is a customer reliable brand with the perfections of any online marketplace. Its fancy Smartphone cases and Macbook sleeves can often be grabbed at a very cheap price against some discount codes, or via clearance sales.

Payment for the order can be made through one of the various payment methods, including Cash on Delivery. Quick delivery options are also available for instantly receiving the package.


Help is available to you on either end of the page. There is a help icon on top right and a helpdesk option at the bottom of the homepage. It carries the necessary contact details for email, call, text or Whatsapp. Users can ask for help even at times when they cannot decide a photo for the cover.

 Overall I like the quality of the product and would recommend you guys to get your customized mobile cases from DailyObjects.

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