Reasons Why Laravel Developers Host on Cloudways

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There are several well-known PHP frameworks available in 2022. So, why do developers like Laravel? Additionally, developers can use a variety of hosting providers to launch and host their finished apps and websites. So, why did they pick Cloudways?

In a nutshell, developers find Laravel greatly simplifies the development process while maintaining application functionality. And they have very particular requirements for their hosting providers in order for their apps and websites to function properly – requirements that Cloudways is well capable of meeting.

In this article, we’ll go through why developers gravitate toward Laravel, what they want from hosting providers, and how Cloudways meets those needs.

What Makes Laravel such a Popular Development Framework?

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Laravel’s enormous success (over 741,766 live websites!) is based on how it makes the development process less painful. Routing, sessions, authentication, and caching are just a few of the dull and routine chores performed in any other web project. Here’s what makes it so special.

It has a short learning curve and a welcoming community.

Laravel is thought to be simple to understand and use by developers, especially if you’ve worked with PHP before. The Laravel developer community is mature, and it plays an important role in assisting newcomers when they get stuck. The documentation is extensive, and there are several tools available on platforms like as Laracast,, Reddit Laravel, and our own Cloudways Community to assist developers.

More than any other PHP system, including CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, or Zend System 2, there are hundreds of Laravel libraries, including entire Laravel outlines on 20+ various Object Oriented libraries. This enables developers to create online apps that are responsive, valuable, and modular.

It’s also simple to use because of Laravel’s versatile and user-friendly interface. It streamlines and improves the efficiency of long and complicated programming operations including routing, authentication, and caching.

Efficiency, speed, flexibility, and automation are all advantages.

Laravel is more versatile and efficient when it comes to routing and requests. It also allows for backward routing. The built-in template engine in Laravel is more productive than the templating engine in any other PHP framework. Furthermore, Laravel automates a large number of processes; you may achieve a high level of automation simply by utilizing the appropriate scripts.

Laravel also caches nearly all data to speed up processing and improve proficiency. Caching saves data in a temporary storage area, allowing websites to load faster and improving SEO rankings and customer happiness.

Scalability, security, and performance are all possible thanks to its MVC architecture.

The MVC architecture of Laravel makes it simple to build large or small commercial applications by streamlining your coding structure. Developers will like its built-in security features, which include a sophisticated authentication mechanism that allows you to authenticate users for each request they make and fetches them from the database as needed.

Deployment with Git

Web developers frequently use Git integration to track changes to both open source and commercial projects. Git can also be used with major operating systems and integrated development environments by developers.

Using Git for version control and collaboration features like bug tracking, task management, and incorporating requests for each project is less onerous for engineers.

Backups that are carried out automatically

Automated backups ensure that you meet the recovery point objectives agreed upon by the administration, in addition to resolving a file loss scenario. As a result, they reduce the chances of your app and server data being lost.


Among the databases supported by Laravel are MySQL 5.6+, PostgreSQL 9.4+, SQLite 3.8.8+, and SQL Server 2017+. A hosting company that caters to Laravel applications should be able to support at least some of these databases.

Firewalls with a specific purpose

Dedicated firewalls and other security measures should be available from managed hosting providers to protect your apps from hostile attacks. Firewalls will be available from the correct hosting provider without adding to administrative complexity, which Laravel developers would welcome.

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The Laravel framework’s usage curve is still rising, and it’s likely that it will be used more in 2022 than in the previous year. Its popularity is due to a variety of factors, including ease of use, security, scalability, and so on.

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