Why Readers Hate your Blog: Learn How to Make Them Happy

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Okay!! now that you may have realized that your readers do not approve of your blog, you may be contemplating as to how to work it through. Well there are many ways of luring them back to your blog. However, the first and foremost thing to identify is why did they start hating your blog all of a sudden? You are writing regularly, yet you do not get to see the traffic driven to your blog!

Luckily I have been able to locate a few of the problem areas as I talk to a lot of bloggers. Being a blogger, I love to help others and also seek help from others. So have a look at what I found out:

Blog readers unhappy

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1) Lack of a conversational tone

Many a time I have noticed bloggers talk down to their readers. Phrases like “did you not know” and “were you not aware of this already” are such examples. It is quite obvious that no one likes to be talked to like this.

One way of doing away this habit would be to consider that you are the only person who knows about this which is why you are providing the information.

2) Going off the topic   

This is another problem that of straying away from the topic. I have come across numerous of blogs wherein a blogger started with something else and ended up with something totally different. Thus the conclusion seemed to be confusing and so did the whole blog. I quite did not understand why were these posts written in the very first place? It got me confused; imagine what the readers must have been thinking.

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There is no point in writing something that confuses others. Moreover your blog should convey a message which went missing in these blogs

Remember your readers read your blog because they have a liking for your writing or they share some common interests with you. So focus and write posts other than going off the topic. If you are writing about crafts write only on them and do not write a few posts on car insurance all of a sudden. Give your readers the reason to come back visit again!

3) Boring write ups

This could be the biggest turn off for a reader. Yes writing boring and monotonous blogs with long sentences or simple long blogs. Understand that your readers do not have all the time in the world. They may like to read what is readable or to the point discussions.

Always focus on how you can manage saying a lot in short. Well there cannot be a particular word length but by posting blogs of different types you can find out what kind of blogs are being read the most. Have a look at the analytics for this!

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4) Not posting regularly

This certainly is a big problem as regular posting can bring in traffic steadily. On the contrary not posting at proper intervals or irregular posting should be a big concern for a blogger. This is because a reader does not know when they should come back for a fresh write up. Once they return to your blog and find the same old posts, they will no longer be interested.

Hence it is up to you to hold their interests and keep them returning.

Now that you know the reasons that make your readers hate you, here is a complied list of to do things that will keep them visiting your blog:

Make your blog readers happy

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1) Speak the language that your readers like

That is correct speak the language your readers like the most. There is a specific style of writing that a teenage blog follows and another way of laying things on the table for a fashion blog! Create that atmosphere with words that your readers cannot forget and they will keep coming back for sure.

Check out this video:

How to make your readers/followers happy!

2) Always run spellcheck

Although many bloggers do not believe in this software but I rely on it heavily and ask all my fellow bloggers to use it on a regular basis. Oh come on now! How do you look you call yourself a writer and scribble down wrong spellings!

This could cause a big time embarrassment, especially if you get a comment from a reader that this spelling was wrong in your last post. Others may not even pin point at you but will simply not revisit your blog. Why get into all this trouble when you have your savior in spellcheck!

3) Turn on the comments

Grow up! You have just turned off the comments because you may think people may disagree with you. Big deal, everyone has the right to have their opinion. Why not let them flow in? This will make your blog look like a real blog and not like a spamming blog which needs nothing but traffic. This will create an image for you as your readers will feel free to express themselves, just the way you are doing it through your blog!

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4) Provide links

Write about the latest topics and provide links. This is the simplest and easiest way of driving traffic to your blog. That is very true, for example write about some breaking news or a happening product that went viral, provide a link to it and you will see how your traffic flutters up in no time at all. This is a trick that bloggers use to promote their won blogs without a fail.

In the end it has to be mentioned that you cannot get a magic wand to pull in traffic. What are you waiting for? Why wait anymore, when you know what to do by now? Get into action and share your experiences with me.

I will be more than happy to help you further with this. This is all probably any blogger would want instead of losing their readers over flimsy grounds. Go on and write something right away and give your readers what they want. You will soon notice the curve is moving upwards.

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