Why To Sell Your LearnDash Online Courses With WooCommerce

It’s no secret that LearnDash is the best LMS plugin for WordPress, according to Hubspot. But we’re always looking for better ways to deliver the best e-learning tools to help our students succeed. ‘ Since WooCommerce can be integrated with your LearnDash membership, we strongly suggest doing so.

Here, I’ll explain why Woocommerce is a great option for selling your courses. Bonus: You’ll get a detailed tutorial on how to install, configure and use it on your website.

Woocommerce: What Is It and What Does It Do?


It’s possible to turn your WordPress website into a fully functional e-commerce platform with the WooCommerce plugin, which is completely customizable. It’s possible to sell your LearnDash courses through the plugin.

When it comes to course creators, WooCommerce is a great option because it allows you to build your store without any limitations on design or payment processors.

Reasons To Use Woocommerce With Learn Dash

There are times when you may need additional features to make your course site more robust in terms of automation and user experience with LearnDash. You can use the WooCommer plugin to expand your LearnDash site’s reach by collaborating with other members of the community.

A look at some of the most powerful WooCommerce functions is in order:

It’s easy to automate

It’s easy for your students to sign up for your course using LearnDash’s course registration page. WooCommerce takes this a step further by enrolling you in classes automatically as soon as you register. To improve the user experience, this removes a few steps from the registration process.

You can also process refunds and course removals automatically with WooCommerce, which makes it easier to manage subscriptions.

When it comes to automation and user experience, you can’t go wrong with WooCommerce as a part of your LearnDash subscription.

Payment gateways with a wide range of options.

Payment Gateways

It’s already built into LearnDash, so you don’t have to worry about adding a third-party payment gateway. A lot of features have been added to the payments system on LearnDash because WooCommerce is more focused on the “eCommerce” aspect.

There are more than 100 payment gateways available through WooCommerce, including Apple Pay and Square. You’re giving your potential students a lot of flexibility in terms of how they pay for your course.

Support for physical and electronic products

Because LearnDash was built for courses, you can easily sell your digital courses through it. When you use WooCommerce with it, you can also sell physical goods.

You can better serve your course community by offering more products, such as physical books, merchandise, and even other digital products, such as webinars if your company has dual product capabilities.

More creative control over the checkout process

With LearnDash and WooCommerce integration, you have more control over how your customers’ checkout experiences will look and feel.

Your courses and products can be displayed in a grid-based format for a more traditional checkout experience. If you are selling multiple courses, this is the best option.

SamCart is a LearnDash add-on you can use to set up a sales funnel for increasing course sales. You can use upsells and order bumps to boost sales by using a one-page checkout process to streamline sales.

Product pages can be made more user- and sales-friendly by integrating WooCommerce. With testimonials and guarantees, you can make your checkout pages more like a sales page, or you can give your students more control over their shopping carts.

Membership and subscription options

Subscription and membership features in LearnDash make it possible to set up recurring payment schedules that include course bundles and memberships that provide access to multiple courses.

Add-ons such as auto-renew subscriptions, upgrades/downgrades, and free trial offerings are included in WooCommerce’s features.

A variety of tax and coupon options that can be customized

It isn’t a substitute for an accountant, but WooCommerce has a tax automation feature that will ease your financial burden. Choose whether or not taxes will be computed automatically during checkout in your WooCommerce account settings.

We also offer a variety of custom coupons. Custom coupon codes and referral codes can be created with WooCommerce so that you can reward your current members for bringing in new members.

Bottom Line

LearnDash’s WooCommerce integration is a powerful tool for improving course checkout, increasing course sales, and building a stronger learning community. Selling your courses will be a breeze with this new feature added to your LearnDash course site.

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