Why Visitors Reject your Facebook Page

Viewing a page’s social plug-ins in Insights will not always lead to happy victories which consist of likes and positive feedbacks. It can also show them the depressing thumbs down and how many they’ve got of it.  Getting negative feedbacks often happens and it’s definitely bad news for the page and its administrator. However, it also helps them evaluate how they manage Facebook page. Still the question remains, “Why does a page get rejected?”

Visitors Reject your Facebook Page

Unrealistic Outcomes, Misleading Results

Some people promote a Facebook page which promises false results. Usually, these outcomes are so unrealistic that even the common people notice them. These posts are ridiculous and one will end up wondering why the administrator has not realized it. This is a sure way of getting sarcastic feedbacks, complaints, and angry remarks.

False Identity

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Facebook encourages people to use authentic identities before they start creating pages. Facebook users need the assurance that administrators are real and existing. If they are to be expected to believe them and their posts, it is then within the users’ rights to expect that the administrator’s identity is real and not just fictional. Trust lost is trust never to be fully regained. If this so happens, it is to be expected that those thumbs up will begin to disappear.

Using Sensitive Material

A lot of people are really sensitive about some issues and these issues shouldn’t be touched at all, especially if the post will only make fun of them. This will possibly to lead to a shocking decline of likes and high increase of dislikes. Administrators don’t do it consciously all the time though. Sometimes, they post well-meaning articles and advertisements, but it only takes one person to attach a horrible meaning into it so that others also end up seeing it as offensive. It is better to manage Facebook page and avoid these issues:

  • Racism
  • Religion
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Homosexuality

If one touches one of these, one way or another, he’ll end up offending a group of people.

Long, Boring Posts

Once in a while, a great idea will pop up inside an administrator’s mind and he will see it fit to post it on the page. Unfortunately, these ideas will sometimes be too brilliant that they simply can’t be explained in 5 sentences and so administrators end up making a whole blog. Users then will scan their news feed, take one look at the post, and ignore it. They just don’t have the time and energy to read the whole post. Facebook are for people with wit and who has the ability to display this in as few words as possible.


If one achieves success to promote Facebook page, he’ll find a lot of people following him and his posts. These people will like posts and comment on them. If there is a certain question or problem raised, it is necessary to address them directly. But some administrators prefer to ignore them. This will lead Facebook users to think that they are avoiding the issue, or worse, they don’t read the comments under their posts.

Too Many Posts or an Empty Wall

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If one is too eager to promote Facebook page, he may end up posting every single minute. This is honestly beyond annoying, especially if the posts contain the same idea in different words. On the other hand, there are also pages that don’t seem to exist at all. Updates come once in two months and the page is just barren. In another two months, this kind of page will be completely faced out and extinct.

When any of the situations above applies to your page, it may be a good idea to start changing and manage Facebook page the right way immediately. It’s never too late to get those big, blue thumbs up again.

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