Why Your Blog Cannot Stand Out From The Crowd?

You might ask,

Why should I make my blog stand out from the crowd?

Have it in mind that “Standing out from the crowd of blogs will not only drive traffic but also let you earn great credibility and you’ll be easily recognized in the blogosphere”

About 6.7 million people blog from free blogging platforms and this number scales to a total of 1.2 billion sites up and active now. For so much noise in the blogosphere, your main goal should not be “How to blog?” but it should be “How to build a blog that stand out from the rest?”

Having just a blog with decent posts is no more the talk of the town. If you want to make a brand for your blog, you need to get into the cream layer.

For that, you have to assess your blog. You need to find out what went wrong and how you can do better on those to get into the top blogging community and make an outstanding blog.

Now answer my questions!

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  • Is your blog among the top blogs in your niche?
  • Is your blog mobile-friendly?
  • Are you making a difference in the lives of your readers through your blog?
  • Can you proudly say that you have a blog that is so much acclaimed for the impact it produces on your audience?

If your answers are “Yes”, I’d like to appreciate your spectacular blogging performance.  If any of your answers is a no or an “umm.. Don’t know, not sure” then, I must say you need to read this post right now.  In this post, I’m gonna discuss some basic reasons for your inability to make your blog stand out.

9 Definite Reasons for Not Making Your Blog Stand Out


  1. You’re using an unfriendly SEO & mobile theme

A theme is like your blog’s apparel! It has to be neat, clean and not loaded with ads. If you are using a free theme that you’ve downloaded it from a site or a friend gave you, beware of it. It can have malware that can hack your blog. Besides, free themes are usually loosely coded that can increase your blog loading time, and are not fully SEO optimized.

You don’t need to pay big dollars to get a customized theme, but at least make some investment to acquire a unique SEO friendly design and tweak it with a colourful logo. The visual impression could be the deciding factor as your readers like your blog or not.

Again, beware of mobilegeddon, the biggest ever Google algo update that gives preference to the mobile friendly site in the SERPs. Be sure to have a responsive theme as well.

  1. Your content is not worth or repeating others in same style

You might be in a misperception “Am I writing the same as others”. I would say nothing wrong with it as you need to present essential data for your readers, but it would be good to create an epic content with your own voice.

Make a wide research about the topic that you’re gonna write, understand the crucial concepts and then craft the blog post in your own style to win the reader’s heart.

  1. You’re not targeting the audience

Did you know for whom you are writing for? If not, how it is possible to make your blog stand out from the crowd?  First, target your audience, find the genuine ways to reach them, study their needs, write something that really matters and give solutions/answers for their requirements.

Here is a post under the topic “How to find your target audience”, do read if you’re interested. I would also suggest you to be active on social media sites where your target audience gather.

For Example: If your target readers are girls, you should look for Pinterest for the inspiration of posts.  If your target audience is teen community, you could stalk them (yes stalking in this sense is okay!) over sites like Facebook or Twitter.

If you don’t know who your target audience, here is a trick!

  1. a) Go to alexa.com
  2. b) Type your site URL and press find.
  3. c) For the audience demographics, scroll to the bottom and check out your audience.

alexa rank


  1. You’re not performing guest blogging

Writing repeatedly for your blog would not let it grow. Do write for other active blogs through guest blogging, get new readers and develop a good relationship with other blog owners.

This is my familiar method that helps me to make my blog stand out from the crowd. My guest post on popular blogs has gotten me recognition and loyal readers. Check out some of my guest posts like mini-guide to Google plus and how to blog consistently.

Read it : SEO Mobile Practices 

  1. Not using social media effectively

Social networks are widely by the bloggers as it has the tendency to create authority for their blog. Don’t be just another me-poster! You should share 20% of information from yourself and rest 80% from fellow bloggers & niche news.

If you continued to share some exceptional information in social media, your followers would trust you and help to make your blog stand up from the crowd through their constant support in doing sharing and commenting.

Also, give easy access to your social media profiles from your blog to the readers to follow you. While performing guest blogging, leverage the author bio to add your social profiles so that people will notice you at ease.

  1. You are hurting yourself to prepare daily post

Who told you to publish post daily on your blog? Why are you in a rush to create the blog posts daily? A Research says publishing daily won’t help you much in increasing your traffic. If you have ability to write with vast knowledge in your niche, you publish daily posts.

However, if you want to present the worthy posts for your readers, do exploration about the topic, cover as much information as you can, proofread the blog post and then publish it. If you’re giving two evergreen posts per week to your beloved visitors, it would be really good but be sure to keep up the same.

I found an impressive blog post of Ankit Singla where he nailed the topic with his comprehensive post on How to Increase Twitter Followers?

  1. Poor or over SEO

Even I did this blunder! Yes, not over SEO, but with poor SEO. In my initial days of blogging, I used to write whatever I know on my fascinating topics and this hadn’t allowed my blog stand out from the crowd. So, I’m suggesting you to follow the basic SEO techniques and please the search engines to drive organic traffic for your blog.

Likewise, don’t spend too much of time in keyword researching to grab the keywords and to stuff in your blog posts. Just write for your audience with SEO touch and focus on providing value to your visitors.

  1. Not using quality images

Blogging have become progressively visual in recent years. You know very well that the Pinterest and Instagram are visual in nature. To drive traffic from these visual-based social media sites, you need to share imposing images & graphics over there.

Using tempting images in your blog posts would give the pleasant feel to your visitors and lead to sharing your posts on their network. Then, no one could stop your blog stand out from the crowd.

You may make use of some online image editing tools like Pixlr and PicMonkey to create exciting pictures for your blog posts.

  1. Not showing your character

Presenting the blog post without your personal touch is like a human without soul. Guide your readers through your experiences and entertain them with a sense of humour.

Speak to your visitors; ask questions and inspire them to leave valuable opinions through comments. Respond to them as soon as possible in a polite way and discuss the fresh perspectives about the blog post. Showing your personality would definitely let your blog stand out from the thousands of blogs.

Final words

Fresh innovative blogs are being created every minute and thus it is essential to take some serious steps for your blog stand out from the crowd. You don’t need to even hard word; think wisely and execute smart work in your blog. The more people find your blog, the more chance you could make it popular. Identify some prudent ways to improve your readership.

If you’re not doing the above specified blogging errors, then a big applause from my side and I am sure that you could make your blog stand out from the crowd soon. If you are accepting your mistake, I’d be pleased about your genuineness and suggest you to correct the inaccuracy to increase the power of your blog.

It’s your turn to speak now. Come on tell me! What could the bloggers do to make their blog stand out from the crowd? Do you have any better suggestions on this matter? I would like to hear your opinions through comments.

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About nirmala santhakumar

Nirmala is an enthusiastic blogger who blogs about online money making, technology, social networks and blogging on her dynamic blog MyMagicFundas. Writing is her zeal and helping others is her best attitude. You may connect with her on Google Plus to learn some impressive stuff to earn money on the web.


  1. Well explained article @Nirmala mam,

    You mentioned some very actual reasons that most of the bloggers face during the blogging. Specially, these two reasons “You’re not targeting the audience” and “Poor or over SEO” are quite informative and helpful.

    Thanks for this great share !!

    • Hi Amit,

      Thanks for getting time to read my guest post and I feel good with your kind appreciation.

      Targeting our audience through keyword research is essential for every blogger as it would let us gain good authority and help to take our blog to next level.

      Yes, SEO should be done in a proper way to grab search engine traffic.

      Good to know your thoughts, keep blogging.

  2. Rahul Krishnan

    Hello Nirmala Ma’am,
    A well explained guide to take our blog to next level. I totally agree with all your points, though I haven’t tried something you mentioned.
    Clean and elegant theme is the foremost requirement of a good blog. First impression is the best impression. So it is necessary to have a breath taking theme to grab the eyes of visitors at once. Unless they will simply click on the “X” button.
    As Bil Gates said, Content is King. He said this in early years of 1990s. But it is still worth. No one notices your blog if you continuously craft poor content. Write what is useful to viewers.
    I am not targetting audience. Will do a deep research in this topic and implement what is required.
    I know guest blogging is a good way to get some loyal readers. I have guest posted on some authority sites and experienced a hike in my page views.
    Social media and SEO are two golden mines of bloggers. I am getting more traffic from Social media than from Sarch Engines.
    All other tips you have shared are very much useful.

  3. Hi Nirmala mam,

    This is my first visit to your blog and I must say it will not be the last. Thank You so much for providing such a wonderful post in a very simple way. I Agree with your all point especially “No Need daily” I think quality and informative post in a weak is good for blog.

    Nice Article !
    Have a great weak ahead.

    • Hi Saurabh,

      Glad you liked my post. BTW, this is not my blog! I appeared as a guest blogger here to share my views on making a popular blog.

      Yeah, some bloggers think that the daily post publishing activity will help to get more traffic and thus they present poor quality posts for the audience. It would lead to reputation loss. Thus, I added that point here.

      Thanks for reading my post, have a good day!

  4. Hello Nirmala, Thanks for your this complete guideline. I was just checking your Facebook Activity and i got your this Guest Article. And this Article Title make me crazy to read it. I am totally agree with your all points . Every points are really so much valuable for every bloggers. But specially i want to do discuss about point 8 as well “Not using quality images”. This is really a big matter. I checked this myself as experience when i use good quality picture, my readers love to share that more and more. But with low quality picture i don’t get enough engagement.Would you please love to share which online website/tools are you using to make a good quality picture ?

    Happy Blogging

    • Hi Tonmoy,

      Cheers, you’re agreeing my points on not making a blog stand out.

      Yes, it is more important to use good-quality personalized images on the blog posts to grab more eyeballs.

      I use to choose the relevant images from Freedigitalphotos.net and I use the excellent picture editing tool ‘Pixlr’ to edit the chosen images and add my blog logo on them.

      Thanks for getting time to check my post and it is really good that you’ve landed here from FaceBook.

  5. Sagar T Rajan

    Hi mam,

    You have explained everything that I and everyone in this blog-o-sphere need to make sure in order to stand their blog out from the crowd. It was worth reading.

    Thank you.
    -Sagar T Rajan

  6. Hi Nirmala and Jitendra

    Good to see you here as you are a vast-experienced blogger and being guest authored off and on is your forte.

    Very powerful topic and all the reasons are damn genuine without any exaggeration and without any bookish approach each one is purely practical reason.

    I like the last three more particularly and especially the poor or over SEO that is just taken partially and many enthusiastic blogger overuse the SEO and expect the results with the blink of the eye.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful post that is must read in this age of stiff competition.

  7. Thank you Sagar T Rajan for your praising words.

    I’m delighted that you liked the post, thanks for leaving your comment here.

  8. Hi Nirmala,

    Great topic. If you want to build a profitable blog, you need to stand out from the crowd. We all know that, building a brand is essential to make more sales and drive more traffic.

    Great points covered!

    • Hi Anil,

      Sorry for replying late and thanks for your comment. I feel good with your appreciation and yes, brand name matters a lot in driving the traffic. Have a good day!

  9. hello nirmala Mam,
    Great article really helpful, Mam please tell me how to improve my backlinks

  10. Just Incredible Post, Nirmala Mam. I really like this article. If possible..Will you please write about Event Blogging?

  11. Hello Nirmala,
    This article is just awesome. Loved it. In this article all steps are very important for every blog. Again thanks.. 🙂


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