WildFit Review by Eric Edmeades 2021: Top 5 Features (Pros & Cons) How Much Does WildFit Cost?

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Ease of use


  • Easy process for anyone to master
  • High success rate
  • Highly active community
  • HD Video lessons
  • Fun Joint Group Sessions
  • Small Coutrses & Lessons
  • Enhanced mental performance.
  • No exercise required during this program.
  • No need for expensive supplments


  • Program might be pricey for some.
  • Not conducted regularly

The Wildfit plan costs around $899 for the 90-day program and it includes lifetime access. The content is updated on their portal each year and you can always stay up to date with all the new revelations and studies. I can understand that the course is expensive but this is more of a commitment. As per Mindvalley, this is their most famous food plan available on their portal.

Price:$ 699

Looking For Unbiased Wildfit Review? I’ve Got You Covered.

I was looking for a weight loss program for myself as due to the Covid Pandemic I had really put on a lot of weight. My work and personal life both were getting affected and I seemed to be getting depressed now and again.

A lot of my friends suggested to me a couple of options. Some told me to get a Gastric Bypass surgery done, after I read about the process it did not appeal to me as it just did not seem natural.

I was not going to invest my time and money on things that were not the right and normal way of losing weight. Without further asking for people’s advice I started to do some research online and found out about WildFit.

I was quite intrigued with this out-of-the-box way of changing your lifestyle and getting into good eating habits. Let me tell you more about what WildFit Review by Eric Edmeades is. 

Bottom Line Upfront:

In my opinion, Eric Edmeads is an amazing nutritionist and dietician that knows his thing about fitness. After reading so many positive reviews, I gave a try to WildFir program and the program was intriguing for me. There are amazing modules and short duration lessons with a clear agenda in mind. You would need no supplements to get fit when you have Wildfit and Eric as a mentor.  Being unbiased, I recommend WildFit Program to you and everyone who is on the fitness journey.

Wildfit Review: Who Is Eric Edmeades:

Eric Edmeades is renowned in Evolutionary Biology and Nutritional Anthropology. Eric, himself was a victim of excess weight, acne, chronic fatigue, throat infections, and chronic sinus. 

He started his journey by experimenting with the ways of Wildfit on himself and within 30-days there was such a drastic change that his doctors advised him to not undergo surgery for his Sinus treatment.

WildFit review- Eric edmeades wildfit founder

Eric had a revelation and decided to study further on conscious eating and the right way to live. He studied the role of food in human life and dedicated his life to the study.

Wildfit is a collection of Eric’s work over the years and he has been working hard ever since to help people live a quality life. 

Wildfit is a program that lasts for 90 days that helps you become the best version of yourself. It is called a paleo-influenced health methodology.

Wildfit program is part of the Mindvalley quest learning platform allowing its followers to improve their lives. The main reason for this program is for a full body and mind transformation that is not a task but easy to follow and implement even in the long run. 

Wildfit Review: Why do I recommend Wildfit? Introducing WILDFIT- Wildfit by Eric Edmeades

A challenge of 30-days where you need to remove 10 minutes of your day every day for yourself. A game-changer if you ask me as only in such a short time I had started getting control over my mind and my habits.

The main motive of the program was to ensure that I focus on the right diet and exercise plans. If you were to plan on getting into workouts and a healthy lifestyle then the first thing your trainer is going to ask you to do is to get rid of everything that you love eating and is harmful to you.

They focus on creating diet plans that consist of foods and recipes that usually you would not love to consume and focus a lot more on your exercises. Once you enrol in the Wildfit program, they do not ask you to stay hungry or exercise.

Initially, I was quite sceptical about the fact that how could 10 minutes of your day bring such a drastic change in one’s life and then after I started I saw what this meant.

Wildfit program review-Eric edmeades sucesss stories

Every 10 minutes they make you condition your brain in splits to understand the importance of a good life. You are put in a group that works together to achieve goals and support one another in this process.

The group helps each other in creating a mind-frame for success and helps in working together. Their diet plan works on 6 cores of human hunger patterns.

You get to understand what diet your body really needs and how you have been hurting your entire system by not being in harmony with yourself. 

In this diet routine, they did ask me to eat something special or complex like the kind of dishes other health gurus make you eat. They focus on giving you hygienic, organic, and safe to consume food that works wonders in a couple of days. 

My Experiences and Learnings after the Wildfit Program (Wildfit Review)

program curriculum

  1. The will to not do anything and be unproductive went away. I got more connected with my work and also with my old interests that were hidden in a closet like my Ukulele. 
  2. Your mind will start getting clearer and making decisions becomes easy. I have started seeing a clear path ahead on my goals and future plans. 
  3. Their plan greatly promoted my wellness and health. It was so shocking to see that eating the right things could clear so many issues for me. It is true that you are what you eat. 
  4. I would always be up late at night and being alone and in the dark would usually make me do things that were not helping me, for example, I would get on my console each night to play video games and kill time. Now I know the importance of good rest and sleep and always ensure that I get my proper sleep at night. 
  5. Since I have been sleeping well at night, my days go really well. I do not feel lazy or sleepy and the diet plan helps a lot as heavy food slows me down mentally so I have started avoiding some food products on my own. 
  6. They conduct a 14-day reset program, the program is focused on resetting your mind and body slowly by teaching you what your body needs and what is of no use to the body and the mind. 
  7. I had set my ideal weight with a lot of stress as I was doubtful as to whether I would be able to meet my goal or not. The process was so simple and easy-paced that I have kicked off my access weight and am still doing great in maintaining my weight. 
  8. Walks have become longer and more fun and I see myself getting stronger each day. Never thought that diet was so important. 

While I was part of the program, there were a lot of myths that they debunked and I thought everyone should know about them. 

WILDFIT by Eric Edmeades

  • Exercise is a must to stay fit: Exercise is great to keep your heart pumping and stay active for the day. It also helps in losing calories but science also shows that 95% of the reason for weight gain or an unshaped body is the diet of the person.

If you see how big and powerful the food industry is you will start to understand how they have been manipulating you into eating “sugar-free” and drinking “diet colas”.

Consuming products from such corporate giants and working out will never help you in achieving the right weight goal and the desired body shape. Only when you get as organic as possible by adding the right foods to your diet will you see results.


  • Unique diet for each Individual: When you get to a nutritionist, they start talking about the water content. in the body and how some bodies need high carb diets and some high protein.

The thing is that the human body has not really evolved to such an extent that each person would have different dietary requirements.

The idea is very simple, food is for us to survive and have the energy to go about our daily chores. It should not have been made so complicated. The right diet with good ingredients and healthy options is all anybody needs.


  • The Food Industry Makes Health Conscious Products: Believe me, if this were true then the situation would never have gotten this worse were people in their mid-years get heart diseases and children get diabetes.

The Food Industry is one of the most misleading industries controlling billions of dollars around the world. The last thing you should do is trust them. Almost all products you go for have been stuffed with either sugar, sodium, or unhealthy fats that ensure that you keep getting cravings in a couple of hours for your next fix.


  • Calorie In = Calorie out: This statement now, seems like one of the most absurd statements to me after my program. Becoming calorie conscious and tracking how much you eat so that the next day you can start burning the calories.

If this is how you see your body and lifestyle then things are always going to be on an edge for you. It is important to understand that you need to reverse this saying.

By focusing on having a more productive day and then eating once your body is in need of energy is how it should have been taken in the first place.

How Wildfit Works?

How does it work?

  • The Principles to Lasting Health

Wildfit focuses on Paleo-Influenced health methodology which draws majorly from the history of evolution and the modern hunter-gatherer clans. Its principles are very simple, all that lives has a diet and the degree to which a species can consume the said diet to live a healthy life and increase their longevity.

The principles of Wildfit have been crafted from the last 5 million years.

  •  Powerful Behavioral Psychology

Eric Edmeades, a professional speaker and a renowned business mentor studied and understands human behaviour and how he can create a long-lasting change in you.

His program is developed on the basic principle of behavioural psychology helping in the implementation of the right changes that the human body needs. The practices are defined as a quick and easy solution to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Microlearning For Even Your Busiest Days

The microlearning programs have been designed for the busy day-to-day schedule of all individuals. This program runs on the Mindvalley quest platform that allows you to work on the program with multiple other members and get real-time assistance and guidance from the founder of the program.

For 90 days all you need to do is take out 10 minutes of your time and see how your life changes.

  • No Starvation And No Exercise

The Wildfit program has been carefully created so that the person going for this plan does not go Hungry. You need to find time to exercise is also not all that important for pursuing this. The plan is based on following a good balanced nutritional diet and increasing your energy levels and good sleep.

Once you see the changes coming in your life you will automatically feel like taking that walk or run that you always wanted to. Your focus will move to you becoming a lot more active and happy.

  • Designed For Results In 90 Days

Knowing what are the right things to eat is no rocket science. It is just that we try to avoid following the right way because of how our habits and likings have become.

If you were to write down a diet plan for yourself while planning your weight goal then you would definitely jot down the right foods for yourself. Following the diet is what is tough. It becomes very easy to fall out of good habits and revert back to a destructive lifestyle.

Keeping this in mind Wildfit was designed as a 90-day program to condition the human mind to gain a lasting change and lead a good life.

  • Group Coaching and Team

It is so important to be a part of the group when it comes to you trying to achieve something. History shows that great civilizations were created together. This is the reason the Wildfit program places you in groups of people so that you may have a common goal and move towards it together.

Your group becomes your building bricks and you too can become someone’s support when needed. The more you stick together with your group the more you will be able to see better results.

  • The WILDFIRE Program Requires No Special Foods

It is true that organic and healthy food costs more than fast and frozen foods but they will never ask you to pay a huge amount on special medicines and health powders. You will never be asked to take subscriptions on supplements and shakes.

customer sucesss stories

Wildfit believes that these things work against the human body and make the human body rely on such supplements to function. Wildfit does not want you to get addicted to such things and then keep paying hefty amounts to keep yourself going.

The only thing needed is to know what food works for you and how you should consume it. Wildfit shows you the way to understand your body and how food should be chosen in the right way. 


  • An easy process for anyone to master.
  • A very high success rate due to the applications used.
  • A highly active community of followers that grow together.
  • HD Video lessons.
  • Start bringing change into your life by this course made using behavioral psychology.
  • Just spend 10 minutes of each day from your busy schedule and see how you feel in 90 days.
  • Your group becomes your strength and you can mutually grow together.
  • You start living a life free of restrictions and stress by eating what you love.
  • Get ready to see changes in your life and see how your organs start functioning, each day seems to be better from the previous.
  • You don’t need to buy expensive supplements or other food items.
  • A step-by-step process designed to take things slowly and effectively.
  • A program that helps you to figure out if some foods are causing allergic reactions.
  • A vast majority of people who have succeeded after Wildfit.
  • See your sleep cycle and daily efficiency increase.
  • Enhanced mental performance.
  • No exercise required during this program.



  • The program costs a lot. But there are no hidden costs and add-on purchases.
  • The program is conducted only at selective dates and there is usually a long cue for joining groups.
  • It’s not a one-night wonder. This will take time.
  • Due to the lack of availability, not everyone is able to join the plan.

Wildfit Pricing

Pricing plan 

Wildfit is active on the MindValley platform online. Mindvalley is known to offer a lot of plans that help people in their lives. They have worked hard in creating a constructive platform where people can bring positive changes in their lives.

Wildfit is basically a partner program as in a third-party program that has found a platform to push their course. If you are a member of the Mindvalley All Access plan then this course will not be included you will have to pay extra for Wildfit.

If you would like to know about the membership plan of Mindvalley then it costs around $500 annually. The plan offers 30 plus quests for you to complete.

Join the Program-Wildfit by Eric Edmeades

The Wildfit plan costs around $899 for the 90-day program and it includes lifetime access. The content is updated on their portal each year and you can always stay up to date with all the new revelations and studies.

I can understand that the course is expensive but this is more of a commitment. As per Mindvalley, this is their most famous food plan available on their portal.

MindValley WildFit Customer Reviews & Testimonials: 

Here is what customers say about the Wildfit program:

WildFit program reviews- Wildfit by erid edmeades

Wildfit program review-Dean casss facebook testimonial

Wildfit by eric edmeades review-WildFit program testimonials by customers

Wildfit Review: FAQs

🔥Whom is Wildfit for?

You really need not ponder on the fact whom exactly Wildfit has been designed for. In general if you look at the kind of lifestyle everyone has been living where our diets consist of fast cooked and bad food along with such a busy lifestyle where preparing hearty good food is not an option. This plan is for anyone who can feel the toils of bad eating habits and lifestyle take over them. You don’t need to only be joining the course just because you need to lose a few pounds or if you need to be successful by being the best version of yourself. This plan is for everyone. It only shows you the way you should have been looking at food and how it could bring forth drastic changes in your life.

👓 How does the Wildfit Program work?

Wildfit has been designed to bring major transitions in people’s lives with the right way of living and diet. It focuses on a more practical diet rather than a rigid one. The Program works as a 90-day challenge created for you to overcome your obstacles daily and see yourself getting better and progressing each day. You are assigned into a group that focuses on helping each other each day to be more effective and win in this entire journey. Your guided tutoring lessons and tips that are given by Eric himself will give you the power to consciously work on your body and mind constantly. The program is held online and the approach is not to make the person fall for a stressed out plan and give them challenges that are tough to complete. It is a slow-paced and self learning Program.

✔ How is Wildfit for Vegans?

If you study the plan, one of the best things you will notice is how flexible and easy the entire program has been created. There are no restrictions or limitations to how you can achieve your goals with Wildfit. Yes, the plan not only focuses on Vegans but vegetarians also, your diet will be planned as per the nutrient content in the foods and not just on what you eat. If you are well informed on what nutrients and benefits you get from your food then you will realize that there is a substitute for each and every food type that you would want to avoid. Hence the plan focuses on people of all lifestyles and food choices.

💥Will Wildfit work for me?

The completion rate of Wildfit is 96% showing that the ease of the program is really convenient. All you need to do is take out 10 minutes of your day. If you ask me, it has been really effective in bringing a lasting change in my habits. But then again, there are things that are not always in the program’s control. Your dedication and willpower is something that you will really need to work on. Although their plan is designed to help you in taking the right decisions, people do revert back to their own ways but that is just something one can never control.

👓How much exercise do I need while undergoing the Wildfit Program?

One of the biggest misconceptions on leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your weight is that you need a lot of exercise. In Wildfit, this is exactly the kind of myths that they get rid of. You need to understand that 95% of your body weight problems and body shape issues are due to your diet. Exercise is nothing if you are not following the right diet plan. Therefore they do not focus on making you workout and follow some rigorous routine. You simply need to follow the right diet plan set out and start seeing the changes in your weight and your lifestyle. You start getting high spikes of energy once you start with the program and then you automatically start burning the energy by working out on your own.

✔ What is the refund policy of Wildfit?

Wildfit gives you a very flexible refund policy. The reason is that they have a lot of confidence in their program. You will get the opportunity to get a full refund in 10 days of you starting your program if you do not start seeing the results.

💥 How do I prepare myself for the Wildfit Program?

You really should not dwell over such things. That is the entire purpose of joining Wildfit. You need not stress yourself in the entire journey. You need to ease into the program. It has been styled in such a way that you do not take this as something that will drain your energy and time everyday. You are expected to work slowly on changing the way you look at food and also to work on your habits and mindset. You need to work on the kind of thoughts you have and how you can change to become a better person. So please do not prepare yourself for the program let it just happen to you.

✔Why do I recommend Wildfit?

There are so many ways offered by experts to live the perfect life. Some will ask you to head to the gym and start weight training, some recommend outdoor workouts, yoga, supplements, medicines and even surgeries. If you write down the entire process you will realize that all this is connected with something that is essential in all their routines and it is Diet. When I came to realize that all these routines connect with the same thing that is food and then I read about the Wildfit program I could make sense that the most important thing in leading a healthy life is food and what you consume. My journey was slow but highly effective. I have transitioned into a person who loves to stick to the basics and the roots. I would never want to consume a burger without thinking a hundred times about the consequences of indulging in such things. I have stopped consuming sugar, it is something that I naturally just wanted to give up after the time I spent working on the Wildfit program. Once you take this course you start to realize that the way of life is simple. You do not need to complicate your life by getting into stressful situations to bring positive change into life.

Final Verdict on Wildfit Review: Is WildFit By Eric Edmeades Scam?

Not really! In fact, this is an amazing program.

If you are serious about shifting your habit of food to good, then this program is a great fit for you.

WildFit by Eric exposes various illusions and loopholes in the food industry that needs to be addressed. It even empowers you to make intuitive, educated decisions and reprograms your way of thinking about what you eat.

In fact, the price tag might be high and I agree with this. But, once you step into it, there’s no turning back!

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