Wiremo Review 2023 : Must Need Customer Review Platform??

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Wiremo is a service specifically designed to provide the possibility to generate genuine reviews. Wiremo also provides the possibility to moderate and gives appropriate statistics about each and every product reviewed. This can be used with the following platforms: 

  • Website builders: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix
  • eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Woo-commerce, etc.
  • Web hosting services.

For details on how to setup Wiremo for your preferred platform, you can take the help from their Wiremo Support Page.

Wiremo Review

Wiremo Features 

Below I will talk about how these features help in generating sales and increase conversion rates of the particular e-commerce site or website builder it is attached with.

1) Smooth interface

Wiremo is very easy to use widget that provides a variety of features to generate reviews from the customers. The plugin has to be installed within the eCommerce site or your website and it practically does everything by itself, from keeping track of sales, sending triggers to the customers and generating reports regarding your products and its reviews.

2) Triggers

Triggers are used in many forms, firstly, it is used just after a customer makes a purchase, the trigger sends them a thank you message along with another message and an email asking to post a review regarding their purchase.

Wiremo Review - Triggers

The review widget can also be customized by the user in terms of design. You get customization options such as, change it’s position on the webpage, change language and also has a status button that can be switched on or off depending upon if you want to send triggers to your customers or not.

3) Detailed reports

This service provides you an opportunity to get reports on the products purchased under several categories namely, star rating – number of  5-star ratings and total low ratings, best comment by customers and common problems faced by them. All of it can be viewed on the review section of the widget. Based on this, you easily get to analyze which products are getting good sales, and which ones need improvisation. Then the products can be adjusted accordingly. 

Wiremo Review - User Rating

4) Wiremo Carousel

We all know that widget design looks good right on the mobile devices and on big screens as well. Now you can simply insert the Wiremo Carousel widget anywhere right on your website and simply show messages to your customers. You can even control the work of the platform on your website. 

Wiremo Review - Wiremo Carousel

5) Automated Review Requests:

Automated review requests is one of the key features of Wiremo. This feature tracks customers who have made a purchase and then asks them for a review of the product. This is a very important feature, as most of the customers after purchasing a product do not come back to the website to leave a review.

Here, you can set up automated review requests, where customers will be asked for a review after their purchase and this can be very useful as a good number of review always helps to build trust with the customer and thereby increases sales. 

You can set it through Wiremo plugins for woocommerce, Squarespace and soon for Shopify. It can be used in other platforms as well by using the API provided by Wiremo. You can check out their support page for an in-depth guide on the same: https://wiremo.co/wiremo-support/setup-an-automated-review-request/


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6) Technical Support:

The best part about this platform is that they offer reliable customer support. Their tech support team is available 24/7 and they are ready to answer your questions. Along with that, they will also help you in integrating their widget right into your website and more. 

7) Social Signals:

Actually, there is authorization right through all popular social networks like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. And the best part is that here it comes with automatic wall cross-posting and sharing features. That will definitely give you a great opportunity to easily get social signals for search engines and increase your website traffic without putting extra efforts. 

8) Structured Data Markup:

Here the feedback collection system supports the structured data markup through the schema.org. And this will enable faster indexing as well as the improvement of the website’s position by the keywords. 

9) Review Moderation:

All the reviews that you will get from your customers will go through moderation. With the help of this feature, you gonna have quality and user reviews that are actually appropriate for your product. You can just change or delete a review if it is offensive. However, you can’t change the number of stars. 

This is how you can use Wiremo to generate reviews. Wiremo makes it handy for you to understand your customers better and work on the downsides to boost up your sales and reach.

Wiremo Overview

It helps different websites to manage its customer reviews in such a way to extract maximum benefits. Wiremo offers a demo on how it handles review and what all you can do with the tool in an easily understandable manner. The features provided can be used directly after installation and its dashboard consists of powerful features listed on the left side of the widget, namely:

Wiremo Review - Customer Feedback

  • Reviews– Here you can get a detailed statistical analysis of reviews, such as how many stars the product has received and the number of comments on it.
  • Conversations – You can start a conversation with your customers by either thanking them for their specific reviews or by solving their problems if any. This way you keep in touch with your customers and understand their requirements
  • Settings– Setting is the important feature of any website whereby you can customize your widget and also read about how to use a specific feature. It also gives you the ability to control its function accordingly. This gives you the option to change the language, position, and style of the widget, switching on or off some features.
  • Support– Support helps to install Wiremo on a specific platform and consists of the full tutorial. Wiremo also has a live support option from where you can take all the help you need to set up, or any other help relating to Wiremo.  
  • Campaign– This feature helps you to characterize your specific audience or customers into segments. Depending on a particular product bought by the segment of the customer or by the niche that is favored by them, you can characterize your specific audience into segments. This helps you to break down a cluster of prospective clients into small groups and makes it easier for you to analyze the data efficiently. Wiremo also uses this segmented data to refer review requests and send triggers accordingly. Once the segmentation is done and action is added in the form of campaigns, this process can be automated.
  • Tools– The tools basically consist of triggers and gives you the option to choose which triggers you want to send for the target customers, reviews or for a specific purchase. 

Other features include:-

  1. Wiremo allows your customers to leave reviews on your platform by logging in through four platforms namely Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Wiremo, for easy access.
  2. The review section gives a report of the total breakdown of the number of clicks, bounces, conversions, total score, the total number of reviews, and more, in an organized manner.   


How can you use Wiremo and its pricing details –

  • Wiremo provides a 14 days trial period for its users. So you can use it and know how it works on different platforms. It has a properly detailed tutorial on how to install Wiremo on your specific platform. Once you have signed up, you can set up, configure and test all its features and further upgrade it.
  • It consists of 3 plans: Essential, Professional, and Custom. You can purchase it on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis.
  • There are two methods of importing reviews into your dashboard, you can do it manually or upload a .csv file and do it in bulk. Sign in to your dashboard to import a sample and then go to reviews, press import reviews button `and choose the form you want to import.

Wiremo Review - Pricing

 My take on Wiremo:-

  • It is a review generating application so, basically, it acts as a free advertising agent by presenting genuine and organic reviews from people who have used these platforms.
  • It works on keywords, in turn, works as organic SEO and helps you to get easily discover a large number of audiences.
  • Wiremo helps you to gets tons of reviews and fast responses. 
  • You can track the customers who purchased your products and which of them left low stars on any product. You may then have a personal conversation with them and solve their issues. and gain back their trust.
  • The system can be easily automated. You just need to set up the message, style, and format. This can directly send emails to customers to encourage them to leave a review. Different triggers can also be assigned.
  • One more important feature is review moderation, along with useful and quality reviews, sometimes, you may get a review that can be offensive and not so appropriate, in such cases you can delete such reviews. However, for these reviews, you cannot change the number of stars.

Original reviews about Wiremo from verified users:-

Wiremo Review - User Review 3 Wiremo Review - User Review 2 Wiremo Review - User Review 1

All in all, it’s pretty easy to use applications and gives you good results in the long run. Do check out their website https://wiremo.co/ and try it for yourself.



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