WishList Member Review 2021: Ultimate Membership Plugin (Why 9 Stars)

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No free trial
Ease of use


  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Many Shopping Cart Integrations
  • Central Content Control
  • Easy To Setup Simple Memberships
  • Accept payments from over 20 of the most popular payment providers
  • Seamless integration with WordPress
  • Automate your entire membership workflow
  • Easily add new members into your autoresponder or CRM
  • Detailed support guides & WordPress Basics Course


  • Not Modular
  • May be Overwhelming With too many options
  • No free trials

Trusted by 106,817 membership sites, online courses, & communities Wishlist Member is one of famous plugins in WordPress community. You can easily Easily build and sell your online course (with support for all major Learning Management Systems). I highly recommend you to try Wishlist member if you really serious for building kickass online courses.

Price:$ 47

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable WordPress membership plugin then  WishList Member is worth your try. You get a bucket load of features for making your time at the membership site safe, simple, and enjoyable. Here, I will be Doing deep WishList Member Review and presenting to you it’s good and bad aspects.

For reading my views on the WishList member continue reading till the end.

What is a Membership Site?

A membership site is a place where you give access to a certain amount of members, it can be free and paid. You decide the level of membership you want to give like Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.

A content manager gives exclusive content and an opportunity to interact with them through these memberships. You decide what perks you want in your membership and the payment amount.

WishList Member Review: In A Nutshell

WishList Member™ is a WordPress plugin for membership sites. It is one of the oldest WordPress plugins and hence it is a trusted one. The UI is designed in such a way that simple steps are required to make your own membership site. With WishList, you can create a full-blown membership site very quickly in fact in minutes.

Wishlist Member Review

It is truly a powerful software solution for membership and with the various email and payment providers. Not only are they safe but secured with WishList’s integrations which makes them difficult to crack.

A recent update of WishList is the reason for its rise. The previous update was not acknowledged by its users which caused them to shift to other alternatives. WishList learned from its past mistakes and brought changes in the latest update WishList Member 3.0.  There are other WordPress membership plugins such as Restrict Content Pro and MemberPress. Check our detailed comparison of Restrict Content Pro vs MemberPress here. 

Features of WishList Member

Wishlist member reviews

WishList  Member is recently known for its variety of features. The features provided in the latest update are eye-catching for someone who has technical knowledge about them. With so many features available a beginner is not able to use the full extent of these and ends up using the basic ones.

Wishlist Member Review WP
Wishlist Member Review WP
  • Content protection

Protecting your content is very important. Especially when you have a membership site. After adding your content to WordPress you just have to activate the protect option in the tools and select which tier of members you want to have access to.

  • Payment providers

When you are on WordPress you roughly have an idea of what payment provider is the best but still, you have to consider other providers also. It is always good to have vast payment providers at your disposal. 

These providers are insured by WishList and you can select any one of them. Few of the payment providers are Paypal, Stripe, Payblue, etc. WishList gives you support for one-time payments, recurring payments, and cancellations.

Payment Providers:

    • PayPal Payments Standard
    • Recurly
    • Infusionsoft/Keap
    • Premium Web Cart
    • Red Oak Cart
    • 1ShoppinCart (API)
    • Stripe
    • PayPal Payments Pro
    • eWay
    • JVZoo
    • Pin Payments
    • SamCart
    • Thrivecart
    • PayPal Express Checkout
    • UltraCart
    • Authorize.net
    • 2Checkout
    • ClickBank
    • Cydec

WishLIst Member - Payment Providers

  • Email providers

The majority of your business is handled in the email. If there are a limited number of email providers in a membership site it is not deemed as good customer service. Therefore, In this membership site of WishList, you won’t face the problem of a lack of email providers.

 As your content can be uploaded with the help of any email provider, WishList gives you various email providers as well like Infusionsoft by Keap, MadMimi, etc.

Email providers:

    • Infusionsoft by Keap
    • Mailchimp
    • AWeber
    • Drip
    • SendLane
    • arpReach
    • Constant Contact
    • ConvertKit
    • GetResponse
    • iContact
    • Interspire
    • MadMimi 
    • Maropost
    • Ontraport
    • ActiveCampaign 
    • Generic
  • Drip content

Drip content is when your content is scheduled at a fixed time and you have to go through it as per the schedule set by you. A member gets automatically upgraded after 30 days.

  • Getting started wizard

This tool helps beginners in setting up their membership site with tutorials and videos. With the help of this, your membership site is created in a matter of minutes.

  • Zappier

It is a tool to connect your WishList Member account to other applications and services.

  • Members statistics

This is the major feature that helps you regulate your members. You can see new, expired and active members. As a content manager of the WordPress membership, you have the power to remove a member.

It is viewed in a single glance into the dashboard Membership statistic option. It is one most important tools.

WishList Member - Statics

  • Membership level

You can change whenever you want the perks of each member level like you can add a few more levels to your membership.

With a few clicks, you can get a detailed look at each member, which membership they have brought, their name, etc.

WishList Member Membership

You can add unlimited membership levels to your site and have no problem if need be to reduce them. There is no restriction on the price for a certain membership; it can be free or paid.

Wishlist membership products

  • Partial content display and Sneak peek

When you want some part of the content only shown to your members of a specific member level. With this, you can hide some content from the non-members. 

The show more articles are a good example of Sneak peek. When a member clicks on the show more the article is displayed but a non-member has to join a membership. You can have a specific membership level for some articles.

  • Multi-level Access

As you get a grip on how your member management system works you can bring some innovations with this tool. You can create sub-levels at a membership level. In these sublevels, you can keep a price difference and then give specific perks to each of them.

This type of tool helps in maintaining the price difference so your member gets more options to choose from.

  • Membership Time

With this WordPress Plugin, you can select the duration of each membership. Then it can be from 3 days to a year. You can also control the duration of a particular member’s membership.

  • RSS Feeds

 An RSS feed you get the notification for certain blogs or content you are interested in whenever new content is added by them. The notification you receive from different sites otherwise requires you to log in and then you get the updates. But with RSS feeds you don’t have to always log in, still you get the updates.

  • Custom Error pages

As a content manager, it’s in your hands which content your members/non-members can see. But you can go even further and an error page can be shown to them if it’s not permitted to be seen by them. This is one of the tricky features which might be used very often.

  • Login ReDirection

You get the control of what your members see immediately after login into the membership site. It is a very useful feature and is the center of marketing of newer memberships plans. People use them for showing the latest news, welcome messages, and updates to the membership levels.

If you are worried about how to market or convince your members to upgrade their memberships for much better perks. Login redirect is the perfect tool, you can add updated perks, their pricing, and the link for upgrading their membership.

  • Full Rest API

This API enables you to customize your coding. The coding can be done on template tags that resemble WordPress. It lets you customize your coding without any restrictions.

  • Unlimited Membership Level

You can start with 1 or 2 membership levels and as your membership site grows you can increase your membership level with it. There is some content you want to show to specific members and you create a different level for them this how it comes in handy.

Wishlist Member- Features

WishList Member Pricing Review

The pricing for WishList Member is divided into the number of sites you want WishList for and a fixed duration of one year. They treat each domain as a single site or URL. This has turned out to be a profitable pricing plan for them. 

You get all the features in each of its packages as they just differ in the number of sites. There are not many people with multiple sites. The wishList has seen more small businesses using these memberships which consist of a single site.

This might be due to the fact that as the sites increase the members increase and handling a large number of members is a difficult task. As the content is also needed more frequently. 

  • 1 site = $147
  • 3 sites = $197
  • 10 sites = $297
  • 50 sites = $397

Wishlist Member Pricing Review

When you compare them to other competitors these are very affordable prices. That’s why the WishList member is one of the trusted membership sites. With such vast features. You get access to customer centers that are available 24/7 for your help, 30+ training videos which help you tackle issues.

The only offer you will see of WishList is after trying for 30 days if you feel unsatisfied with its performance WishList will give you a 100% refund

Such kind of offer shows the confidence of a brand in their software and UI. The trust they have built after years of memberships reflects in this offer. 

How To Create Membership Website With Wishlist Member?

Wishlist member plugin

WishList promises to have a fast procedure for creating your membership site. Just three steps for starting your own community with this membership site.

WishList Member - Installation

STEP 1: Create your content

It doesn’t matter whether it is an article, video, mp3, or PDF. Any format of the content is accepted.

STEP 2: Upload your content

You can easily upload your content and keep it secured with your WishList plugin wordpress site.

STEP 3: Integrate your shopping cart 

Without any hurdles, you can integrate your shopping cart.

This is their three-step process for smoothly creating a WordPress site enhanced with the WishList membership site.

You don’t get a hang of it instantly so there are video tutorials provided in the training videos. After watching those videos your handling will improve dramatically.

WishList Member - Levels

WishList Member – Pros and Cons

Wishlist pros and cons

As there is no perfect WordPress membership, each membership site has different pros and cons. Few pros of a membership site attract some and they decide to get that membership.

I will be explaining each and every pros and cons of WishList. Which will certainly help you in deciding WishList is the WordPress membership you are searching for.  


Wishlist member support

  •  Membership per post

You get a unique feature of adding different memberships for a single post. So, once you get the membership for that post you need some more in-depth content on that particular post.

  • Flexible Membership Options

There are no restrictions on how one should build their membership levels, membership time, membership price, etc. Flexible membership is when the person who wants to get the membership has various options for his section created by us. It helps in upgrading some member’s membership and canceling some members from membership.

If your membership levels and members are changing your pricing will also change. You have to always update the perks so that members are encouraged to join the memberships.

  • Control Viewed Content

With features like partial display and sneak peek you can limit the content very easily. It’s a great strategy for keeping different types of content and limiting those content for specific members. 

This results in more people buying a membership at a higher level. With different membership, levels you control the content you want to show them.

  • Easy Member Management

With the above-mentioned features, member management becomes very easy. As member management is easy, member reviewing is also easy. This helps in creating a good marketing image and the environment in your management system.

  • Secure RSS Feeds 

Having a secure RSS feed is very important. It helps us members in their privacy. They can admire it with their favorite RSS reader, But the controls will be in your hands. It is only for the members: Non-members cannot get access to it.

  • Constant updates

As the latest version is more popular with more refined features. WishList keeps coming up with updates fixing bugs or adding new features to the membership software.

Having constant updates keeps you in the touch of the latest features which helps you in customizing your membership sites.


  • Customization

When you are a beginner and learning how to use the WishList member through WordPress plugin it’s confusing at the start. A certain amount of time is required for learning and implementing the features you choose.

  • Coupons

There are not many offers or coupon codes with the WishList Member. So the price they have is the final price.

  • Built-in Affiliate feature

There is no built-in affiliate feature. This type of program is seen in the other membership sites.

  • Managing subscription

A member doesn’t have access to manage its subscription. They also can’t change their credit card info once they buy a subscription through it.

My Honest Review- Should you Invest in WishList Member?

Wishlist member gauranteee

As I pointed out in the cons section that it takes time to adapt for a beginner. I recommend WishList member if you have prior experience with handling a membership site. Someone who has a good amount of experience and handles multiple sites. 

Sure WishList will work fine for a single site but when a person is handling multiple sites then you are using WishList at its peak potential. As it is one of the oldest WordPress plugins and its latest version has created hype of being much better than the previous version. It is definitely worth your time. 

Quick Links

Wishlist Member Customer Reviews

Wishlist membership plugin reviews

Steve D.

I probably overdid it in the Pro’s category but I’ve been a huge fan of WishList Member for many years. I have used way more membership plugins than I’d care to say and still use a couple of them – mainly because I’m too lazy to switch them, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix them. I can say though that if any of those

Kenny Handleman

“Outstanding membership site software” I have tried several membership site software products in the past, and then I found Wishlist Member. Since I am a long time WordPress user, I am very comfortable with using Wishlist because it integrates so well with WordPress. I can post content on my WordPress membership site, and then control if the content is protected for members only, if it

Kate M.

Best for Digital Courses and Membership Websites I would rate this software well above Kajabi, Thinkific, and other platforms such as Teachable and Udemy because it gives the user complete control over their course and membership website. I’ve been building out digital courses for 8 years, and if you are already a WordPress user, then this is the absolute best solution for delivering your course.

Wishlist Member Customer Reviews

Wishlist Member FAQs

👉Is WishList Member™ compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

Definitely, WishList Member is compatible with the latest WordPress, and if it isn’t then just wait for a little while. WishList Member gives you the update if there are any changes made.

👉Is it possible to drip content for members?

Yes, you can drip content for your members but not for your non-membership members. They get automatically to the next content after 30 days with the “ Sequential Update” feature. If a member’s payment is due then they can’t get to the next level.

👉Is there a way to confirm each new member before granting access?

You can set up a registration for content before they get access to it. An email can also be sent to confirm their registration before granting them access.

👉Can I easily import/export my members?

Yes, in the dashboard you will get all the information on the members even of different membership levels. From there you can import and export the members after checking the payment details. A CSV template feature is used to import members from another system.

Conclusion- WishList Review 2021-Is It Worth the Money?

While concluding I would like to say that WishList member is one of the biggest membership sites which can make a WordPress site into a fully functioning membership site in minutes. The story of them coming back to the top with their latest version is amazing.

The features added in its latest version are absolutely impeccable! Even after comparing it with others, it has once again risen to be in the top membership sites. With its affordable prices, WishList has a set-up standard for its competitors.

People have always shown trust in WishList Member as it’s been the authorized WordPress plugin for years.

I hope this WishList Member Review suits your purpose well. And if this post helped you, kindly share it on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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