Wishpond vs Clickfunnels 2021: The Ultimate Comparison (Pros & Cons)

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Are you looking out for the best marketing and business analyzing tool for your business? Here’s What I want you to show you, Wishpond vs Clickfunnels, the comparison between the two best tools you are looking for!

Marketing is the fastest, easiest, and valuable source through which every company, business, and brand can build their presence on different platforms.

It allows companies to take advantage of diverse tools and innovative ways to develop unprecedented sales. The country’s current situation has made us realize the importance and use of online marketing.

Though many civilians and businesses use e-marketing ways now technology has assisted them in knowing the effective and efficient way to utilize it to the full extent.

 There is a dire need to consider numerous aspects such as targeted audience, age group, targeted area, etc. while marketing. Besides, it assists in building customer satisfaction, trust, saves time and cost, customer engagement, and so on.

However, brands and businesses can create their unique presence by creating a strong profile, updating regularly, conducting campaigns, finding ingenious ways to engage the audience, and many more. Due to the underlying need for creating and generating leads, we’ll be introducing you with two resourceful tools.  

Wishpond vs Clickfunnels 2021: Overview

Wishpond  Overview

Wishpond is the easiest and handy tool that helps businesses and brands in nurturing and generating leads. It’s one of the best tools in the world that assists in managing and marketing the business. However, creating websites and landing pages is a hectic process but Wishpond mission for providing you with the easiest way is quite incredible.

Wishpond Overview - Wishpond vs Clickfunnels

Devoid of seeking the aid of programmers and developers, one can simply create and build one. The greatest benefit of using Wishpond is that it doesn’t require any expertise and specialization in a niche like marketing or web designing.

Besides, it offers a wide variety of options and features that can benefit your business in numerous ways if utilized appropriately. It gives feasibility to every business to grow and explore the market and build stunning pages and achieve a goal.

Clickfunnels Overview: 

 ClickFunnels follows the same concept as Wishpond of generating leads and converting them into sales but innovatively and uniquely.

ClickFunnel Overview- Wishpond vs Clickfunnels

Millions of entrepreneurs use a different platform to generate sales funnel and get their message out to the world. Even so, Clickfunnels is a cloud-based platform that allows every business to get hold easily.

It assists in collecting data of customers and visitors, developing and designing a beautiful website and landing pages, and building your brand. There is no need to hire any professional or programmer as landing pages can build without coding.

Clickfunnels are easy to use but for that, you need to go through every application to get a glimpse of using tools effectively.

Their unique feature helps your business to grow in the market. It guides it’s users throughout the entire process step by step so they don’t get confused. They solve the customer problem by concentrating on the core point and help the customers by tracking the customers even after they leave the page.

Wishpond vs Clickfunnels: Key features and benefits

Hassle-free Sign up


At times, things seem to be difficult but it is easy to sign up in Wishpond. It takes only a few minutes and clicks to get you to register on Wishpond. You can start your Wishpond account easily in three steps. 

Wishpond Features- Wishpond vs Clickfunnels

  1. Go to the campaign dashboard and click on free trial sign-up. With the help of this, you are easily landed on the sign-up page and free trial. Now, you’ll be able to edit and design the page in your style.
  2. You can publish your campaign on your website.
  3. The last and important step is to create your Google advertisement and connect the ad URL to the campaign URL.


Clickfunnels offers you a straightforward sign-up. The easiest step is to go on their website. Where you will be required to sign-up for a 14 days trial and need to fill in the details.

Clickfuunel Features

After this, you will be prompted with an option ‘to build my first funnel’, required to select a plan that will best be suited for you. In the end, you have to be clear whether to sign-up for one funnel page or more.

However, after the demo video, it offers you a t-shirt if you watch the complete video. Now, you have completed the procedure. 

Verdict: Although both offer an easy and straightforward way to sign-up, ClickFunnels allows you the same free trial, and with the money-back guarantee. Well, it ups to you what would you think best suited to you as sign-up doesn’t make much difference.   

Drag and Drop Builder


One of the biggest problems businesses face today is generating new leads. Though difficult Wishpond offers you numerous ways in which it can be generated easily.

Such as organizing social campaigns, contests, competitions, coupon apps, etc through these tools you can address leads by email also.

It is a user-friendly site through which marketers can make use of pop-up pages, mail chimp, landing pages, etc. to nurture leads. Wishpond also stores the information of visitors like age, gender, location, etc. that will enhance your customer relationship.

Besides, it offers you to optimize your landing page, A/B testing, and detailed analysis. 


It provides its customers with a valuable and special tool drag and drops website editor. In today’s world where tons of people are coming with their new business, it becomes tough to generate leads.

Marketing is becoming oxygen for every business without it no one can survive in the market. With different marketing strategies and innovative ways to generate sales and leads, Clickfunnels offers to send emails to visitors by storing information through lead forms.

It allows you a sales funnel page through which you can easily generate sales through videos, sales letters, and many more to go with. 

Verdict: Both of these tools ensure you generate leads through various innovative and creative ways. Clickfunnels offers you many different and unique features from the beginning. Moreover, though both the tools are the same, again it comes to long-term retention.

So choose wisely, according to your business needs. 

Sales Funnel Builder


Today’s world generating sales is a very big deal as it is a way to build a consumer relationship. The company has to be tactful to conveyance its customers in their manners.

Wishpond Salesfunnel-Wishpond vs Clickfunnels

They immediately know it’s customers’ behavior. Wishpond uses simple ways to generate sales via email automation and collecting information through contests and engagement. Facebook ads, coupons, landing pages, etc. These are some tools that help in getting leads.


Sales funnel is ClickFunnel’s main feature that helps in generating leads. It involves the procedural steps that a user needs to follow to become your customer.

Clickfunnel salesfunnel

An understanding of sales funnel can help you a lot while using Clickfunnels. Whenever a visitor goes for a Google search or a social link they land on some website or other. Once they landed on your website and filled the form.

Now the lead needs to convince via phone or offers. Through, the sales funnel includes many more innovative options. 

Verdict: Both tools are good at generating sales leads. Clickfunnels are the best in this case as it offers various ways in which sales can be produced. Although, they use quite a different approach in the sales funnel but are best in their ways.

Filter your Audience Feature


Wishpond offers many ways to filter your audience. By running ads on Facebook and other social media platforms. With this, it also includes many contests like sweepstakes-That give you a chance to give your lead.

Vote contest- This will assist you to get feedback and get leads. Photo caption contest in this they will have to caption a photo that you gave them.

Photo contest- people have to submit the best photo of their product or business whichever given, essay contest, video contest, music contest, referral promotion, Pinterest contest, Instagram contest, etc. These are the various methods through which Wishpond filters it’s the audience.


Clickfunnels involve many innovative ways via which filters your audience can easily do. This is done by initiating custom groups. Filter by social, contact, funnel, product, broadcasts, lists, and email.

These custom groups are very useful especially when you want to connect or reconnect or want what customers want, anything you can use these different custom groups easily to filter your audience.

Again, you can easily create multiple custom groups and connect to a different audience at the same time.

Verdict: Surprisingly both the software provides the best available methods through which businesses can filter their audience. In this case, both are amazing and provides innovative ways in which leads can be generated

Consumer Support


Wishpond is readily available with all-time consumer services via emails, chats, and contact numbers. Consumers can access the services anytime. Also, it keeps a live record of the accomplishment of every visitor and provides its, customers with FAQs that answer most of their questions.

Still to fulfill the demands of customers Wishpond services are accessible 24*7. 


Clickfunnels offers you its consumer services anytime. At times, they may get delayed, but technicians are available to provide you 24*7 assistance. The support team and experts are available on chats, emails, and contact. It also promises you to give full support throughout the process. 

Verdict: Both are reliable in terms of consumer support. Equally, provide 

Security: Wishpond vs ClickFunnels


Wishpond is the safe site though it collects data from visitors and that keeps safe and protected. The information people fill via forms are only sent to the business to generate leads.

Apart from that, the data of businesses, companies, and brands are safe and secure. If you are still not sure about using Wishpond you can read testimonials. 


There are thousands of entrepreneurs’ using Clickfunnels to generate leads and it is quite expensive also if we select any plan. Therefore, the main concern of any user is the security of data.

You can rely on Clickfunnels for security as all the information you provide. It is safe and protected. 

Verdict: Both the tools are very safe and secure when it comes to security. Since more than 1000 plus users use both the tools on a daily basis and relying on these sources. Well, the decision is up to you as both are equally reliable.   

Pricing Battle: Wishpond vs Clickfunnels


Here is the Wishpond pricing:

Wishpond Pricing


1) Basic monthly plan $69/month

  • Able to generate 1000 leads
  • Can able to create unlimited landing pages and pop-up pages. 

2) Pro $199/month

  • maximum of 2500 leads
  • testing can be done easily

3) Growth $129/month

  • It can able to generate about 10,000 leads 
  • Unlimited users


Yes, it does include testing, only if the landing pages and templates and all the things need to be created in the software only. No outside page testing is included in it.

1) Shared funnel plan $19/month 

This is the very least-cost plan and is offered to the people who want to experiment and features and dealing with ClickFunnels and doesn’t have enough budget.

 1) Standard plan $97/month

  • you can create up to 20 funnels
  • maximum of 100 pages can be designed
  • 20, 000 visitors 
  • 3 domain

2) Platinum plan $297/month

  • In this plan, one can create unlimited sales funnels and pages. Also, they can generate unlimited traffic. It can be beneficial for the businesses that need to use and add all the sales funnels features in their accounts.

3) Collective plan $1497/month

  • Since the collective plan is very expensive it offers many options that can help businesses in tracking the record. However, the first two plans also help in recording the data and giving the information this gives more accurately. 
  • This plan will help in tracking the live report with technical assistance 24/7. Helps you in organizing 4 live events a year. With this, the collective plan provides many other benefits. 
  • Unlimited email on all the plans 
  • If you are not sure about which plan to go for you can go for 14 days trial that can help you to understand. 

Verdict: Choose these plans wisely according to your business requirements and size. As more can be, useless if the business is small and less can lead to a loss if the business size is large. Both offer different plans, Clickfunnels is expensive in all the cases but provides the best.

Pros & Cons: Wishpond vs Clickfunnels



  1. It is best in tracking the live records of visitors and their information like where they come from, age, and gender.
  2. It provides easy assistance with good consumer services. 
  3. Everyone can easily get register themselves on Wishpond and use its features effectively
  4. It is easily manageable though it provides real-time tutorials to learn and use it resourcefully.
  5. It helps in managing the contest and other programs interesting once set up fully.
  6. The pop-up pages are very easy and help in generating more leads, as it is somewhat attractive to the customers with customized information. 


  1. It offers a wide variety of options through which generation of leads and sales can be easily done.
  2. It helps keep tracking the record of data of the visitors.
  3. The very special feature Clickfunnels offers is a sales funnel, a marketing funnel that helps in efficient marketing. 
  4. There is no need to connect all the pages like a page builder, email marketing tools, etc. all are interconnected thus saving your time. 
  5. It is user friendly and anyone can easily work irrespective of developer or a designer by templates. 
  6. Clickfunnels is one of the simplest marketing and sales funnel software that provides all-in-one assistance. It allows creating proven funnels that generate conversions.  
  7. It provides advanced sales tactics to foster your business. 



  1. However, the introduction of more features would help in developing leads. 
  2. A lot of complaints regarding consumer support services as some people are not satisfied with the billing and refund concept. 
  3. Once people log in for 14 days of the free trial, they are stuck.


  1. It is very expensive but offers numerous features.
  2. It can be a bit confusing as many features can turn out to be a tricky one if not explore properly. The creator of Clickfunnels (Russel Burnson) wrote a book DotComSecret to help. 
  3. If you like to sell a product, you must have a business that has a good value to deliver to the people. It means you must have a wide range of contacts and means to approach.
  4. The user won’t be having ownership of any kind of pages built by you. Everything is managed by the Clickfunnels. In the future, if you opt to leave the ClickFunnels then your business should be built from scratch. 
  5. If Clickfunnels got bugs, you also got stuck with it as everything is managed and controlled by Clickfunnels only. You will never have code access ever.


How will you help in generating leads?

This is the point where everyone needs to shift his or her attention. It uses SEO (search optimizing engine), social media marketing, email campaigns (Mail chimp is the best tool for this), etc. This all will help in getting your business higher reach and visits.

What if I need help immediately is the customer services are available?

Well, our customer's services are available 24/7, and even though by chance they failed. Then there is a live chatbox that provides all the solutions for your problems. They will surely help you with, as they are our answer bot and some real human beings that you are being connected with.

What if I need to test my existing pages outside both tools since they include testing?

Yes, it does include testing, only if the landing pages and templates and all the things need to be created in the software only. No outside page testing is included in it.

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Conclusion: Wishpond vs Clickfunnels 2021: Who Wins?

I believe both these tools are equally beneficial for your business. As both have the ability to provide you with their intrinsic feature that will help in the growth of your business as well as foster lead generation.

Turning out the lead generations into sales and providing innovative marketing strategies to aid businesses and brands to develop a unique presence in the world.

ClickFunnels uses cloud-based technology to provide the best services to its users. The pricing plan strategies used by both the software are very different. When you analyzed all the plans, you will get to know about the basic differences. 

Although, in both tools, users don’t require any specification and expertise as people can develop and design the landing pages and websites with easy assistance.

Moreover, both tools provide tutorial videos so that one can easily get hold of it. Understanding the needs of the customers is both the software designed in a very beautiful manner.

Though, I feel like Clickfunnels offers ample features and can be very useful for large businesses. 

Overall, both tools deliver the best results in their ways. However, in the whole article, I have helped you to see the differences between both the tools. Well, Clickfunnels is quite expensive from Wishpond as it provides advanced features and qualities.

Well, both are equally reliable and can be used by anyone.

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