Wishpond vs Woobox 2020: Which One Is Best & Why ? (Pros & Cons)

Wishpond vs Woobox
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      What better battle will be there more than this!!! Wishpond vs Woobox??.A contest for the best contest page builder!!!. Are you new to the online market searching desperately for customers for your website?.

      If you do the right move, you can even convert normal youtube streamers or Facebook scrollers as your customers? Want to know how? Here’s the secret, creating a landing page for your website is the best way to do it. In this article, I am going to compare the best landing page builders in the business Wishpond and Woobox based on every critical feature and you can take the first step of your success in online sales by choosing one of them for the creation of your own website’s landing page. So, Let’s go!!

      Before giving an introduction about the companies, Let’s see some basics to ensure that we are on the same page. This article is entirely going to be about the landing page. So, Let’s clear the most obvious question.

      What is a landing page?

      Landing page, as its name suggests, is the page you will land on when you click the ads you see on youtube or Facebook.  Unlike other pages, the sole purpose of this landing page is to increase the customers by conducting various contests for the prizes or highlighting the offers for your products.

      The reason why Landing pages ARE BETTER in grabbing customers than YOUR OWN website page?? is that it reduces the distraction of the customers by focusing on just one product and guiding the customer through all the steps till payment.

      Landing pages can be used for two purposes

      • For Convincing your customers to buy your products and guiding them through payment.
      • For collecting your customer’s information to notify them about your products in exchange for prizes or free stuff.

      Wishpond vs Woobox: Overview

      Wishpond: Overview                        

      Wishpond is one of the best marketing companies available in the field which was founded in 2009. It uses four marketing tools to increase customer conversion for your website. It gives you the feature to conduct various interactive contests like Photo contests, Instagram hashtag contests, and various other contests to engage more customers to your website.


      Wishpond integrates with more than 300 companies to give you the best features possible for a marketing solution. The drag and drop option makes your landing page more interactive and user friendly compared to other page builders.

      Woobox: Overview                       

      Woobox is also one of the pioneers in the landing page builders business which started its journey in 2010. Like Wishpond it also gives you the feature for running various interactive contests in social media to increase your customers and it also uses four marketing tools to convert the normal visitors to your customers.


      Woobox integrates with 500 plus companies to give you the best tools possible for marketing.

      Unique features of Wishpond: 

      Lead database:

      This feature helps you to track the customer’s activity across the internet. This gives you exclusive information on what your customer likes and it will help you to personalize the marketing strategy for each customer.

      Wishpond-Lead DatabaseMarketing automation:

      This feature helps you to create personalized emails for each customer based on their response towards your previous email or previous contest.

      As you can see from this image, this entire system of personalized emails is fully automated and you don’t need to waste your time managing all these things.

      Wishpond-Marketing automation

      It also gives information about the customers who are interested in your products. This helps you to convert every potential customer as your regular consumer.

      Referral Suite:

      This feature helps you to multiply your customer count from one to hundreds. By incentivizing your old customer with bonus points and prizes for every successful referral of a new customer this feature helps you to motivate your consumers for bringing new customers to the website.

      Wishpond-Referral Suite

      Unique features of Woobox: 

      Pre-Built templates:

      This feature gives you various types of Pre-built templates to use as your landing page. This reduces your time for creating the landing page from scratch and you can use it directly for your marketing by modifying one or two changes based on your demands.


      Like this image, there are pre-built templates for every format available and you can choose anyone that matches your demand. These templates are 100% customizable which gives you the freedom of modifying anything on the template. 

      Hashtag Gallery:

      Woobox gives you a feature of automatic selection and organizing your content on the website from social media with you just deciding what type of content you want from social media.

      Woobox-Hashtag Gallery

      It can support all types of media such as photos, videos, and text and it can be easily embedded to your website. 

      Personalized coupons:

      This feature helps you to create a unique coupon for each and every customer. Personalized coupons will give you unique discount codes for an individual customer which makes the customer feel personalized with your company. 

      Wishpond vs Woobox: A comparison of basic features

      Even though Wishpond and Woobox have some unique features of its own, in order to be an efficient landing page it needs to have some basic features and we are going to compare these basic features for these two companies in the following topic.

      Automated Management

       For an effective landing page, all types of management activities should be entirely automated in order to obtain real-time data of all your leads activities and current conversion rates.


      Wishpond offers various types of features like the lead database to track all your customer’s movements and the automation guides your customer’s to the next step by creating a personalized bond with the customer.


      Woobox automates all of the content managing section on the website by making autonomous decisions for all your media, based on your requirements and it finds suitable content by searching through all kinds of social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc..


      Even though both of these companies give automated experience in different fields, Wishpond gives automation management in critical areas like lead management and customer tracking. So, Wishpond offers better-automated management than Woobox.

      Customer conversion methods

      The success of a landing page depends on how interactive their pages are compared to their competitors and this gives an edge on conversion rate compared to others,

      Since both of these websites use contests as their main interactive method with customers, Let’s see whose contests are winning the contest for the best landing page builder!!.

      Wishpond: Contests

      Wishpond offers some interesting contests like

      Photo Caption Contest:

      This contest is all about captioning a picture and circulating it in social media to get votes for this picture. In the end, the caption with the most number of votes wins the competition.

      Wishpond-Photo Caption Contest

      Since a Unique URL will be allotted for every participant, with every share they are doing, there are some huge opportunities for new potential customers for your products and this will increase the number of new consumers to your website.

      Like this, the caption with the most votes wins the competition but the true winner is you, by identifying new customers. 

      Leaderboard contest:

      This game has the potential to convert your consumers into a salesperson of your products. This game is all about creating a leaderboard for your consumers and the consumers can earn points by completing the tasks assigned by you. In the end, the consumer with the most points can win some cool prizes.

      Wishpond-Leaderboard Contest

      Since the tasks are assigned to you, You know how to make them share your products in an interactive way.

      Like this, there are a variety of contests like

      • Referral contest
      • Video contest
      • Instagram Hashtag contest etc.. to increase your customer level.

      Woobox: Contests

      Woobox also offers some interactive contests in an effort to increase the conversion.

      Code Giveaway:

      You can collect your website visitor’s information in an interactive way like this game.

      Woobox-Code Giveaway

      This game involves sharing a form to the visitor requesting all the information you need and upon successful completion of the form, you can give them an exclusive code which can be used not only by them but also can be shared to a limited number of people to get an offer for your products. (You are the Boss, you only know how much to discount for your products!!)

      Trivia Quiz:

      This game gives you an insight into each customer’s taste. By asking the questions regarding their preferences, You can find out how to approach this customer with your products and you can change your marketing strategy according to that.

      Woobox-Trivia Quiz

      I mentioned just some of the contests Like this Woobox offers a variety of contests like


      Both of these competitors bring their best game to the business regarding these contests but based on my observation Woobox contests are slightly more interactive than Wishpond contests. 

      Wishpond Vs Woobox: User-Friendly Interface

      Landing page should not only be an easy guide to the consumer but also it should be easily accessible by owners like you in order to easily manage all your products. Let’s see how user-friendly these companies are


      The drag and drop editor feature makes Wishpond’s landing page more user friendly and it’s 100% flexible option makes it easy to modify every bit of the template you use for the marketing purpose.


      Woobox gives you the option of Pre-built templates which makes it easier to manage your landing pages and also it offers a free trial to try all of their features which makes you familiarize with the interface before actually investing your money.


      Even though Woobox has some user-friendly features the drag and drop editor makes Wishpond more user-friendly than its competition. 

      Wishpond Vs Woobox: Uniqueness

      Uniqueness is important for a landing page builder to stand out from the rest of its competitors. More unique features make their users monitor their customers more carefully than their competitor’s users. Let’s see how unique these companies are!!

      Wishpond: Uniqueness

      Wishpond offers some unique features such as lead database, Marketing automation, etc.. to personalize with the customers more than their competitor’s users which gives an edge in the competition for Wishpond users.

      Woobox: Uniqueness

      Woobox also brings some uniqueness to the table like media embedding, frequent updates on contests, and various others to lead this competition.


      Even though both companies being unique in different ways, the unique features of Wishpond are much more appreciated by the customers than Woobox’s unique features.

      Wishpond vs Woobox: Pricing Battle

      Wishpond: Price     

      Wishpond offers three types of plans for the users based on the features available and some of the plan’s cost will vary depending upon the number of leads you are requesting. But Wishpond offers a Free trial for 14 days for all of its plans.


      These are the plans offered by Wishpond

      For starting out plan Wishpond offers

      • Unlimited landing pages.
      • Unlimited access to social contests.
      • Leads up to 1000.

      For this plan, Wishpond charges $49 a month with a free trial of 14 days.

      Everything you need a plan:

      This plan costs around $99 a month and it contains these following features

      • All starting out features plus
      • A/B testing
      • Leads up to the count of 2500

      For Rapid Growth plan:

      It costs around $199 a month and it can vary up to $2989 a month depending on the number of leads from 10,000 to 1,000,000 leads

      These are the following features in the Rapid Growth plan

      • All everything you need plan plus
      • Top customer support
      • Wide range of leads. 

      Woobox: Price

      Woobox offers five types of plans and one of them is a Free plan which gives you free usage of some of its features.


      These are the plans Woobox has to offer

      For free plan

      • Contest participants up to 100
      • Unlimited campaigns

      For the basic plan

      Cost is around $37 a month with these following features

      • 1000 Participants for contest
      • Access to most of the contests
      • Unlimited campaigns etc..

      For the standard plan

      It costs around $32 a month and it has

      • Unlimited participants
      • Unlimited Campaigns
      • Access to all the contests

      For the advanced plan

      The price is around $99 a month and it gives

      • All standard plan features plus
      • Customization of java coding

      For the Power plan

      This is the most expensive plan Woobox has to offer and it costs around $249 a month offering

      • All Advanced plan plus
      • A separate Team of customer support exclusive for you.

      Wishpond vs Woobox: Customer Reviews

      For landing pages, Customer review is most important since it gives you a complete overview of what to expect in these companies before you actually invest in these areas. Let’s see how customers reviewed the performance of these companies.

      Wishpond: Customer Review

      Most of the consumers appreciated their features such as lead database, Marketing automation, and Drag and drop editor and they think it needs improvement in the areas like Updates on interactive contests and media embedding.

      Woobox: Customer Review

      Woobox’s features like interactive contests, automated web design makes most of the customers happy and it still needs improvement in some of the areas like testing of the templates and user-friendliness. 

      Wishpond vs Woobox: Pros & Cons

      Wishpond: PRO’S

      • Wishpond’s automation on marketing reduces the huge stress of managing them with human resources.
      • A/B testing feature of Wishpond gives you an opportunity to assess your landing page before publishing it
      • Drag and drop editor makes it a more user-friendly interface.

      Woobox: PRO’S

      • Contests offered by Woobox are more interactive than the competitor’s contests.
      • Web content automation feature by Woobox reduces the stress of managing the website.
      • Free access to its feature gives the customer a demo of what to expect in their interface. 

      Wishpond: CON’S

      • The price of the plans is expensive compared to their competitor’s price.
      • Wishpond needs improvement in improving their website automation(Not marketing automation, It is great!!)
      • Contests need to be a little bit more interactive.

      Woobox: CON’S

      • Woobox does not offer A/B testing which is a huge disadvantage compared to others.
      • Woobox’s interface is not user friendly compared to Wishpod’s interface.
      • Woobox needs to upgrade its automation in marketing techniques. 


      👉 Do landing pages really increase my customer count?

      Yes, of course, Landing pages monitor the customer activity and it will help to increase customers by giving a personalized experience with them.

      👉 Do landing pages cost a lot to create?

      Of course, Not most of the companies offer various types of free trials to give you most of the basic features but if you want some additional features, you have to pay depending on the features you need.

      👉 Do I need Web Design knowledge to create these landing pages?

      No, both the companies mentioned above do not need any type of coding knowledge to create these pages. Their editors make it user-friendly to approach and they provide you various guides with pre-built templates to ease your work.

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       Conclusion: Wishpond vs Woobox 2020

       Based on the features perspective:

      Wishpond features will be suitable for those who really want to differentiate themselves from the rest of their competition whereas Woobox will be suitable for those who want to grab the attention of their customers on the first sight of notice.

      Based on a Price perspective:

      Wishpond will be suitable for those who are ready to invest some considerable amount of dollars towards their marketing strategy to stand out among the competitors but Woobox will suit those who want to take a slow and steady approach towards their marketing investment. 

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