WiziShop Review 2023 (Features & Pricing): Is it the Best eCommerce Platform ?

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The eCommerce industry has exploded in popularity since 2016, and it is now arguably the most profitable online business model on the planet. Because of the eCommerce industry’s rapid expansion, technology and customer behavior are moving at such a rapid pace that it might be difficult to keep up.

Consumers are shifting to more mobile shopping methods, and the internet is becoming increasingly incorporated into our daily lives, with the Internet of Things looming in the near future.

This necessitates the use of appropriate and dependable software or tools that enable e-commerce business owners to effectively run their online stores and generate sales by connecting with marketplaces.

WiziShop is one of the market leaders when it comes to solid eCommerce technologies in this regard. In this WiziShop review, we’ll look at everything this SaaS eCommerce platform has to offer. 

What is WiziShop?


WiziShop is an all-in-one eCommerce platform developed to assist shops with website development, hosting, marketing, and sales optimization. It is an integrated website manager, which means that all modules are available regardless of the pricing plan chosen.

It is a complete eCommerce system that has been hailed by users and critics for its performance-based economic model and creative, powerful, and scalable offer. It was founded in 2008.

The WiziShop eCommerce blog covers industry news and offers helpful hints to help online shops prosper. Every day, the Wizishop eCommerce blog assists online retailers in breaking into the online sales industry and expanding their operations.

Services offered by WiziShop


WiziShop is similar to an ERM (Enterprise Resource Manager). It has built-in order management, shipping, and payment functions, all accessible from any one location. You can also create sales funnels to automate billing, shipping, and order alerts by email and SMS, making it easier to manage the client journey.

  • WiziShop offers help with website hosting, design, marketing, and sales optimization for online stores.
  • It is an integrated website manager, which means that all modules are available regardless of the pricing plan chosen.
  • Users can handle content, products, product catalogs, clients,  orders, delivery, as well as shipping. Other important features include website designs, M-commerce, marketplace and social commerce, SMS marketing, and emailing.
  • Apart from being an eCommerce solution, WiziShop provides a number of other features that might assist online shops.
  • WiziShop provides dependable hosting, customer assistance, and follow-up tools, as well as tools to establish, administer, and advertise your own online store. 

With WiziShop, you will be able to handle all of the following aspects in one handy location:

  • Hosting
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Customer support
  • Payment

Website Creation

In only a few hours with WiziShop, you can create attractive, eCommerce websites that are fully SEO-optimized. Choose one of the customizable templates to get started.

You can even change your template at any moment and your content will not be lost. The designs, on the other hand, are quite simple and lack variety…

You can customize your website without coding using WiziShop’s live editor. WiziStore, however, does not offer a drag-and-drop editor like other platforms do, which makes it feel a little limited. Instead, inside each theme, you may select from a variety of alternatives, change the logo, and customize the color palette. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WiziShop’s SEO tools are a big part of what sets it apart. You don’t have to be an SEO expert, though, to make your site more useful. WiziShop templates, on the other hand, are created with SEO in mind. You can work with sitemaps, pagination, automatic page redirects, Search engine markup, and more.

Furthermore, you can secure your online store with SSL certificates and also monitor 404 and 301 errors.

You’ll also get access to a special SEO eBook that will help you better grasp your e-commerce website’s technical SEO and why a bulletproof link-building strategy is so important for your store’s success. You’ll gain access to insights from some of e-commerce’s most known SEO specialists in the eBook, which will help you boost your online store’s sales. In addition, you will learn:

  • How do you get the most out of your investment by fine-tuning your content strategy.
  • How to use long-tail keywords and complex approaches like subject clusters to increase conversions. 

Marketing and Analytics

WiziShop allows you to automate your sales funnel from beginning to end, including unique sales funnels that respond to consumer behavior. Limited-time deals, product discounts, and flash sales can all be triggered by stock levels. These are but a few instances, but you get the idea!

WiziShop’s other marketing capabilities include the ability to auto-generate promo codes and create loyalty programs for devoted customers. You can also share product highlights and updates to customers via newsletters

Furthermore, you can launch segmented email marketing campaigns to upsell using banners and widgets.


WiziShop has an integrated content management system. From here, you can establish your own blog, complete with article categories, keyword optimization (including meta descriptions), and author information for each post. You can also:

  • Customize URLs of blog posts 
  • Schedule posts
  • Encourage visitors to share your content by adding buttons to posts and pages for social media sharing.  
  • Enable/disable blog comments as well as respond to them as needed.



WiziShop was built from the ground up to provide the bulk of the tools you’ll need to get your store up and running without the need for third-party integrations. It’s simple to manage all of your business activities from one single dashboard, thanks to batch processing, pre-built automation, and a smart CMS.

Shipping and Payments

Some of the payment and delivery alternatives WiziShop supports have already been highlighted. It’s worth noting, though, that you may manage your couriers right from your WiziShop dashboard. You can then create labels, set up pickup points, and automate order tracking.

It also includes tools for properly managing deliveries and calculating shipping expenses. WiziShop also offers a total of 30 different payment options. You can define your own payment terms, accept installment payments, and accept checks and bank transfers.

Pricing Details


WiziShop provides a free 15-day trial. Following that, you can select one of three priced options. You can pick between a committed or uncommitted plan, which is billed monthly. On the committed plan, you’re locked into a one-year contract that saves you money on your monthly payments.


Price: $37 per month ($27 Annual)

You’ll get a professionally hosted website with this plan. Furthermore, you also get access to free training along with a business coach. You also get:

  • Access to API
  • Selected automated features like abandoned cart follow up
  • SSL certificate for website security
  • Two new product filters (Coming soon)
  • 2% commission charged on sales.


Price: $97 per month ($77 Annual)

This plan includes everything offered in the Standard plan, plus:

  • All automated features
  • Predictive search showing potential queries for items
  • Multilingual sites including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Durch, and Portuguese
  • 8 product filters
  • 1% commission charge on sales


Price: $347 per month ($277 Annual)

This plan includes everything offered in the Pro plan, plus:

  • Dedicated IP address
  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • 20 product filters
  • Priority support and access to business coaches
  • 0.5% commission on sales

WiziShop’s CMS, analytics, SEO, and marketing tools and features are included in all of their plans. You may also build a bespoke eCommerce store with payment and shipping integration. Finally, you may manage orders, goods, and content from your WiziShop dashboard.

To learn more about the WiziShop plans, prices, and features offered in each plan, quickly jump onto the official WiziShop pricing section and explore all the choices.

Payment options

You can additionally provide customers with a variety of payment and delivery choices, such as: 

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • FedEx
  • Amazon pay
  • PayPlug
  • RoyalMail
  • DHL
  • Colissimo

Why do we recommend WiziShop?

Wizishop brings you all the customization and versatility you’ll ever need, as well as security, performance, and seamless integration. Everything is cloud-based for greater reliability. WiziShop also provides free education, training, and access to Business Coaches to help you succeed in the long run. 

You’ll have access to an easy-to-use interface with built-in SEO capabilities, as well as responsive and mobile-friendly designs to establish a completely customizable store with WiziShop’s all-in-one eCommerce solutions. Furthermore, you will receive comprehensive training through outstanding self-help tools and business coaching.

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Wizishop is an online website builder that allows users to create and manage eCommerce stores in order to generate revenue by connecting with marketplaces. It’s aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs.

WiziShop users benefit from increased security, performance, and reliability because it runs on the cloud. You won’t be reliant on a single server with cloud hosting, and you’ll be able to grow your bandwidth as needed.

All in all, WiziShop is indeed the one-stop solution for all small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses looking for a reliable tool for managing their overall eCommerce business!

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