[Updated] WooDropship Vs AliDropship 2019 : Which is the Better Plugin?

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    You might have read a number of ways to make money online and obviously, Dropshipping is one of them. Not just in the list, it is one of the best in the list presently. The increasing credibility of Dropshipping is basically attributed to the fact that it requires probably no or very low cost to start the Dropshipping business.

    The problem that people face while in this business is that they rush into this and bear loss at an early stage. The key to success in the Dropshipping is the patience and time.

    WooDropship vs AliDropship

    I have a number of guides on How to start a Dropshipping business and you should definitely read them before starting here if you are new to this.

    After you have started the business, some tools are important and inevitable. You should definitely try them. So, WooDropship and AliDropship are really important for the Dropshipping if you have got your store on WooCommerce. These two are the competitors in the industry and that’s why I have decided to give you a detailed comparison between WooDropship and AliDropship.

    Detailed Comparison between WooDropship & AliDropship: Which is the best WooCommerce plugin? October 2019

    Before starting, let me give you a small overview of WooCommerce and its usability. AliDropship and WooDropship are the two plugins that work similarly to that of Oberlo. Whereas Oberlo works for the Shopify, WooDropship and AliDropsip works for the WooCommerce.

    What is WooCommerce and how does it work?

    WooCommerce is a free eCommerce module that empowers you to offer anything, brilliantly. Attempted to facilitate immaculately with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s most adored eCommerce course of action that gives both store proprietors and planners complete control.

    WooCommerce Coupon Codes - The Best WordPress eCommerce Platform

    WooCommerce works really well with the WordPress which can be used to create an online store. It also integrates with a number of apps.

    In fact, WooCommerce is a phenomenal choice for associations and individuals who need to dispatch their own particular online store, in the case of building it without any preparation or utilizing their current WordPress site or blog.

    WooCommerce seemingly integrates with both of these plugins and helps you import the products from Aliexpress to your WooCommerce store with ease.

    Detailed Review of WooDropship 2019:

    WooDropship is a plugin tool that makes your Dropshipping business a handy one. It can easily import the products to your store from the Aliexpress.

    WooDropship or AliDropship plugin

    It creates your website look like an AliExpress website. Well!! It can fulfill all the orders on Aliexpress with just a single click. It is based on monthly-subscription where it comes for three plans.

    Features of WooDropship

    • Easily Import the Products

     One of the main reasons why these plugins are important in Dropshipping is because they let you import any product to your store with just a single click.

    If you have used Oberlo for Shopify, then you must be aware of this feature and how important it is when you have the products to add quickly.

    WooDropshi vs AliDropship

    Who doesn’t want to save time!! With this plugin, you can easily add products to your store right from the Aliexpress. The perk is that you decide the pricing of the product accordingly.

      • Inventory & Price Sync

    It would become confusing as well as disruptive if the inventory or the Aliexpress store is not well synched with the Dropshipping store.

    Let us consider that if a price of the product is increased by the supplier but you are unaware of that or if the product goes out of stock and you have no clue about that. WooDropship solves this problem too.

    It integrates the inventory in Aliexpress with your store so that when the price of a product goes up, you can change it accordingly. Similarly, if a product goes out of stock, it will be directly shown on your Dropshipping website.

    • Set Your Pricing

    Now, this is really important!! If you aren’t making profits, then there is no use of setting up a Dropshipping business. You need a potential profit margin on each product to keep your Dropshipping business on the run.

    When you add the product to your store, you can also edit the description of each product and also set the pricing so that you can set a profit margin for your products.

    If a product sells for $9 on the store, then make sure you keep your store price at a nominal price. As there are a number of stores running on your niche, the better one and the not the most expensive ones are liable to be sold.

    Pricing for WooDropship

    Thus, you can calculate taxes, shipping and all other charges including your margin to make up the total price. Bulk edit the pricing to test each of your pricing models.

    • Customize Your Product

    Just like the pricing is vital, the product information is equally important for the customers. No one is ever going to purchase the product with no or less product information.

    Customers like a detailed description with various images of the product. WooDropship gives you the option to edit the title as well as the description of the products. You can also add images to each product. Set the pricing and add variants accordingly.

    • Inbuilt Image Editor

    There’s another thing that would be concerning for you when every time you will add the images to your store. And that’s watermark!!

    Watermark is the transparent image or a text on the product images that make sure that their original image is not copied. You might have often seen the watermark images on the Google image search results that are at high risk of copying.

    Though in Aliexpress, there are some watermark images of the product they can easily be removed using the inbuilt image editor of the WooDropship. It removes the watermarks from your images so that your store looks premium and loaded with genuine products. Thus, it doesn’t typically look like a Dropshipping store.

    • Order Fulfillment

    The simple order fulfilment process takes place with WooDropship. It fulfils order directly when the customer orders with just a single click. The products are added automatically to the Aliexpress cart and all the details of the customers are auto-filled within minutes.

    Dropship Woo vs ALiDropship



    WooDropship and AliDropship comparison

    WooDropship is a subscription-based monthly service which starts with as low as $14 per month. It also gives you a 7-day trial before paying for the subscription. The order fulfilment depends on the type of plan you choose.

    $14 per month

    • Import 3000 product variants
    • Auto fulfilment
    • 100 Orders/month
    • Daily Product-Inventory sync
    • In-app Image Editing
    • Pricing Automation

     $29 per month

    • Import 15000 product variants
    • Auto fulfillment
    • 500 Orders/month
    • Daily Product-Inventory sync
    • In-app Image Editing
    • Pricing Automation


    $49 per month

    • Import 60000 product variants
    • Auto fulfillment
    • Unlimited fulfillment Orders/month
    • Daily Product-Inventory sync
    • In-app Image Editing
    • Pricing Automation

    Set Your Custom Store

    AliDropship or WooDropship Comparison

    Above all, it also gives the complete customized Dropshipping store for just $99. If you have a lack of time or if you are new to this, you can spend $99 and get some great benefits of the customized store with following features:

    • Complete store set-up for your desired niche.
    • Use your own domain or get a new domain with .com extension.
    • Get 1-year hosting with 100 GB storage which is perfect for the Dropship store.
    • Get WooDropship plan worth $29with it.
    • You can choose a variety of themes for your store
    • Payment Gateway setup with PayPal as the main gateway.
    • Free SSL certificate
    • Inventory and Product after every 24 hours
    • Set your own profit
    • Dedicated Customer Support
    • Customized logo according to your niche

    Pros and Cons of WooDropship


    • Quick Order Fulfillment
    • Ease of Dropshipping
    • Customization
    • Free hosting and SSL
    • Inventory and Product Sync


    • Monthly Recurring Fees
    • Limited order fulfilment according to the subscription
    • No Add-ons


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    Detailed Review of AliDropship:

    AliDropship is another great automation software for importing the products to your store turning it a great E-commerce store. It does the same work as the WooDropship does but yes each of the tools has got its features and the pricing.

    AliDropship vs WooDropship

    The good thing about this plugin is that it is available in two extensions; WooCommerce plugin and WordPress plugin. The WordPress extension transforms your WordPress site into an E-commerce store making the dropshipping easy. The WooCommerce extension imports the product to your store and is used for the WooCommerce.


    WHo is better- Alidropship or WooDropship

    • Auto Fulfill Orders

    This plugin is useful and can be used to import the products from the Aliexpress to your Dropship store. Whenever the customer orders the product, it visits directly to the store and all you need is to click the confirm button.

    • Store Synchronization

    It syncs the store with the products in the Dropship store. When the price of the product increases, you will be notified about it. Similarly, when the product goes out of stock, it will be shown on your site too.

    • Auto Search

    Just search for your desired keyword or niche and all the products will be displayed to you from that niche.

    • Add-ons

     Unlike WooDropship, AliDropship has got a number of add-ons that ease certain tasks and makes the automation process easier. These add-ons include the Facebook business Add-on, Google merchant, Upsell, Social Rabbit and several others.

    Dropship add-ons

    • Google Chrome Extension

    The Google Chrome Extension for the AliDropship helps you to easily import products in bulk or even one by one to your store. You can also filter the products using various data such as the various shipping methods. You can choose if the product has an ePacket shipping option available.


    • Customize Your Product

    Just like the pricing is vital, the product information is equally important for the customers. No one is ever going to purchase the product with no or less product information.

    Customers like a detailed description with various images of the product. WooDropship gives you the option to edit the title as well as the description of the products. You can also add images to each product. Set the pricing and add variants accordingly.

    • Excellent Marketing options

    The reason why I chose the AliDropship plugin for a review is that it is the only plugin that gives you the marketing options. In the Aliropship plugin, you get the flexibility to share the discount coupon on your website from the Aliexpress. It also gives the product review to your store and email lists to engage the customers.

    •   Abandoned Cart Recovery

     This is a great re-marketing technique. If done on time and frequently, it can increase your ROI by up to 150%. If a customer has left the product abandoned in the cart, then he will be emailed repeatedly.

    • Affiliate Program

    This is really great!! If you are an affiliate of Aliexpress, then you can install this plugin into AliDropship. This way when an order is fulfilled using this link, you can earn the commission of up to 12% on a single product.

    Best Dropshipping plugin- AliDropship and WooDropship

    • Lifetime Dedicated Support

    I love this plugin more because I take the customer support into consideration before reviewing. The AliDropship plugin gives the lifetime dedicated support to the customers and you don’t need to pay any fee in the future.

    • Payment Gateways

    AliDropship plugin gives various payment gateways which might not be available with various plugins. You can use various payment gateways and integrate it into your store such as Stripe+, square and Mollie payments.

    AliDropship Pricing

    This is pretty good and straightforward. The subscription of this plugin is just one time. You need not pay it, again and again, each month like WooDropship.

    The single time subscription fee for this plugin is just $89. With this, you get the unlimited products, automation of the products and pricing, marketing, support and every other thing listed above.

    The downside of AliDropship is that its hosting is charged extra unlike the WooDropship.


    Alidropship coupon code promo discount coupon

    Hurry Up Use this Special discount coupon 48 hrs left only 10% Discount on Every Order You make on Alidropship

    Coupon : BID25

    Get the Custom Store

    While the WooDropship has a custom Dropshipping store for just $99, the AliDropship has a costly Dropshipping store. It costs $299 but with more features than that.

    WooDropship vs AliDropship plugin

    It comes in three different packages:

    Basic: $299

    Advanced: $299

    Ultimate: $899

    WooDropship and AliDropship comparisoon

    The store will have the following features:

    • Domain Name
    • Keyword for your niche
    • Mobile-friendly site
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Social Media Pages
    • On-page SEO
    • Payment gateways
    • Social media promotional tool
    • Custom Design
    • 12% commission
    • AliDropship Plugin
    • Promo Video

    You can check out the custom stores from Dropshipping here:

    WooDropship or AliDropship difference

    Pros and Cons of AliDropship plugin



    • One-Time Fee
    • Lifetime Customer Support
    • Several Payment Gateways
    • Marketing
    • Unlimited Order Fulfillment


    • No Web hosting
    • No themes

    The Verdict: WooDropship v/s AliDropship: Who Is the Winner? October 2019

    Both of the plugins are equally efficient and performs well with the WooCommerce. While with the WooDropship, you don’t have the option for the WordPress plugin but with the AliDropship, you get the WordPress as well as the WooCommerce Integration

    Also, the AliDropship gives one-time subscription fees whereas the WooDropship gives a monthly subscription. Only the add-ons and marketing are quite worthy too.

    In my opinion, AliDropship is quite better than the WooDropship. This was my opinion. What’s yours? This was my comparison between WooDropship & AliDropship. If you have used these plugins earlier, give us the feedback in the comments box.

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    Get 10% Off on Custom Store

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    1. Tushar Alagh

      Hands Down, I love WooDropship. It’s so affordable and easy to use that I haven’t faced any issues till now (using it for the last 3 months). The prices are so convenient and their customer support is amazing. I would recommend trying WooDropship.


      • Torres

        Hi, How long do you get your custom store with woodropship. It is already 3 weeks since I ordered my store but I have not got any thing. I also tried to email woodropship but nobody has replied me. Woo support is terrible.

      • Torres

        If I rate Woodropship, it’s 0 start for customer support, 3 starts for web design. I managed to contact them, change email, chat with them but nothing works. They already read my chat but they have not replied any thing. Very bad support.

      • Prathiban Sukumaran

        WOODROPSHIP SUCKS !!!!!!…..donot engage or even think of joining woodropship its a scam…….they probably have only rebecca (woodropshhip’s service only employee probably the ceo as well XD )behind a pc……they only reply if they feel like it. Hope the right authorities can take action , in away woodropship looks like a Nigerian prince scam(only way i can put it to words).

    2. Jason Moore

      FYI – The person (Rebecca) from WooDropship apparently stopped responding to any tech support related questions. My SSL certificate wasn’t renewed in the first three months and I’ve been writing them for weeks – no response. I contacted GoDaddy India (since the hosting and DNS info is outsourced) and have to transfer this site away. However, I’m having a hard time getting GoDaddy to let it go to my servers because I don’t have access to the email address that WooDropship submitted to GoDaddy India.

      I’ve also noticed newer reviewers have paid the $99 for a new site from WooDropship, and the company took the money and never delivered a website. Don’t waste your money on WooDropship!


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