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User Friendly
Page Builder


  • It has over forty-two styles and templates- it also has a customized icon style for action, has tab and sliders design, support for a column, etc.
  • There is an option to choose between the tab layout or the slider design.
  • There is also an option for query settings- you can do customization related to top-rated products or featured products.
  • There is a various fantastic option of content designing by customization style
  • It is effortless to use; many clients had positive feedback towards it.
  • You can toggle with the offer price counter and picture editing settings.
  • The customer services are really super-fast and quick


  • More pricing options needed

Price:$ 59

Did you often feel you need a graphical, drag-and-drop feature to establish your whole WooCommerce store? It is essential to refine the layout of your business correctly. Maximizing your designs would significantly impact your conversions or even how often items your customers purchase.

Since you’re a designer, though, it is often challenging to embark on this career towards your template customization, and that’s why many WooCommerce outlets focus on off-the-rack designs.

WooLentor- Page Builder

Using a WordPress page creator addon becomes an approach. Consumers love Elementor since using just a drag-and-drop tool helps you creatively create fully personalized projects. You can’t do this, therefore, to build your whole WooCommerce shop via definition. WooLentor helps you by using the Elementor app to take responsibility for all aspects of such business, including your grocery cart as well as lists. This is where WooLentor steps in.

I’ll guide you over almost everything about its functionality and demonstrate to you just how this approach works throughout this WooLentor analysis.

Why is Woolentor Pro is Used?

In what seems like a rundown, the famous Elementor page creator addon is expanded by WooLentor such that you will still need to create any single aspect for your WooCommerce business. Including your official websites through your company archives sections and perhaps even your grocery cart, payment, thanking your site, my profile section, as well as more.

The next aspect is extraordinary since the basket and payment sections are not touched by any other software, ensuring you really have to focus upon your template for most of these websites. WooLentor improves that, with somewhat useful modification tools, you may monitor the interface and style.

To help you accomplish these, WooLentor tends to come along with Forty-One plus unique plugins relevant to WooCommerce, which you’re using throughout your layouts for Elementor. You’ll receive buttons to embed the title, picture, definition, respectively. Of an item, for instance.

For stuff, including promotions, cross-sells, compatible goods, etc., you can even get other sophisticated gadgets. You can be on top of the conventional WooCommerce functions; there are also custom buttons. It will help you identify promotional alerts and monitor unique offer posters, including “request for rate”/suggested rates, which are among some examples, and much more.

Although WooLentor helps you create the layouts for your company through scratch, to aid you to begin establishing, this even offers a range of pre-built importing models. In order to obtain specific exclusive WooCommerce templates, WooLentor Pro often packs in the permission, while WooLentor can function with just about any WordPress theme.


  • Renaming the label

WooLentor helps you rename the Purchase, Item Info, Basket, Site Message Checkout logo. Apply filters to the cart’s icon and text to the purchase site areas, for instance.

WooLentor- Page Builder Layout Store

  • Demand for rates

You can get an item at no rate. To understand the offer, your client will contact you. We noticed several sites whereby goods are advertised with little to no expense. We have applied such attributes to this style of platform. If someone presses on just a smartphone icon for “Contact for market value,” a consumer can conveniently consult you via mobile.

  • Alerts for revenue

The whole option enables displaying a sales message or maybe even a toolbar that views factual order information. There seems to be a possibility to handle the layout of its alert throughout the taskbar.

WooLentor- Page Builder Tab Layout

  • Billboard Unique Event Deal

There’s a whole variety of unique events, including Special Christmas Week, Halloween Day, and Black Friday. Coupons and promotions are expected to boost retail prices at those times. A billboard will draw visitors’ interest, often increasing the transition value by fifteen to thirty percent. Lately, we’ve added a plugin to include a special event deal.

WooLentor- Page Builder Queiry Option

  • Personalize an individual product prototype for WooCommerce

WooLentor helps one to develop a unique prototype for a given item. Build a special look at your company’s website. Its free edition really does have the choice of designing a popular item site layout. The professional program enables you to establish a new template between each official site.

WooLentor- Page Builder Auction Button Setting

  • WooCommerce Payment Site Optimization and Domain Designer (Pro)

WooLentor Pro lets us configure the product pages to decrease the drop efficiency and increase the conversions. Often it would be best if you had a customized purchase section for it as an e-commerce shop. WooLentor Pro makes this simple. In addition to creating a customized payment site, WooLentor helps you delete or modify payment section categories (bill payment and purchasing sectors).

  • Suggested Price

Your client may recommend a value with your goods. You may insert this icon somewhere on the company profile list. We placed all this on the right-hand side from the insert tab here on the basket. Unless the consumer taps on this, a survey questionnaire will be opened to give a pricing recommendation.

WooLentor- Page Builder Price Counter

 Exceptional WooLentor Rates and Costs

Unlike in other freemium extensions, WooLentor arrives mostly as a free app of WordPress.com and a superior quality edition with far more functions.

The free edition allows you certain additional flexibility throughout your business’s layout and introduces Eighteen features of WooCommerce to which you can access. Although the very distinctive capabilities are within the Pro edition, that is what you’d like to build your basket, purchase, my profile tab, and so on.

WooLentor- Page Builder Price Counter

The Pro variant begins at only $29 every Year with service and upgrades on such a unified platform. Or you might spend $59 towards lifetime assistance and notifications upon the single account.

Prices will increase whenever you try to do the same with various sites.

Annually the price packages are as follows:

 One domain


  • 29 dollars a year
  • One of the sites
  • Notification of One Year
  • One Year of assistance
  • Such as internet sites for individual & clients
  • Three Luxury Designs shall be provided

For five Domains


  • 89 dollars/Year
  • Five sites
  • Follow up of One Year
  • One Year of assistance
  • Private & Customer platforms
  • Three Luxury Styles are included

Unrestricted Portals

The Agency

  • 149 dollars every Year
  • Limitless Platforms
  • Follow up of One Year
  • One Year of assistance
  • Private & Consumer internet sites
  • Five Exclusive elements featured
  • Links to so many existing modules

For a One Platform


  • 59 dollar / Lifespan
  • One Homepage
  • Upgrade for a lifespan
  • Lifelong Assistance
  • For domains including private & clients
  • Three Featured Exclusive Styles

For Five Domains


  • 239 dollars / Lifespan
  • For Five Portals
  • Upgrade for a lifespan
  • Life – long support
  • For platforms for personal & clients
  • Three Featured Unique Designs

For unrestricted Domains

The agency

  • 349 dollars per lifespan
  • For Blogs with Unrestricted limit
  • Upgrade for a lifetime
  • Lifelong Assistance
  • Including pages of personal & clients
  • Five Featured Luxury Styles
  • Admittance across all our modules

Elementor PRO vs WooLentor PRO

When you’re associated with Elementor, you may realize that Elementor Pro currently has a particular WooCommerce Creator, which allows you to use Elementor to create your specific item and shop sites.

Maybe you’re curious to know that there’s some distinction among both of the Elementor Pro or WooLentor?

Yeah, the conclusion is yes. Although it has always had certain similarities between WooLentor and Elementor Pro, WooLentor provides a lot better versatility than Elementor Pro does. For instance, using WooLentor, you’ll have the ability to modify the layouts of both subsequent sections:

  • Cart Shopping
  • Account for me
  • registration system
  • Checkout
  • Thank you very much

Through Elementor Pro, you couldn’t do that. For individual sections, you should be using your template or design them manually using CSS, which also restricts your versatility.

WooLentor provides you with enough plugins associated with WooCommerce, too. There are many specific plugins for starters, such as a display screen for inventory stock level- progressive stock bar. WooLentor pro even provides its specific pre-designed remarkable frameworks, which are separate from Elementor Pro.



1) It has over forty-two styles and templates- it also has a customized icon style for action, has tab and sliders design, support for a column, etc.

2) There is an option to choose between the tab layout or the slider design.

3) There is also an option for query settings- you can do customization related to top-rated products or featured products.

4) There is a various fantastic option of content designing by customization style

5) It is effortless to use; many clients had positive feedback towards it.

6) You can toggle with the offer price counter and picture editing settings.

7) The customer services are really super-fast and quick, as without any delay in solving the problem. And further, double checks the client by educating them regarding the issue.


There are no significant cons regarding WooLentor Pro. The only major flaw is that many users have claimed that the Free version is of no use. And it’s better to invest in the PRO version.

Pretty much across the board, if you’re using Elementor to build your WooCommerce website, I feel that WooLentor seems to be a very excellent resource.

Another astounding fact regarding WooLentor vs. Elementor Pro has been that WooLentor Pro helps you to build enough of your stores using Elementor, like the accompanying areas:

  • A Cart
  • About My Profile
  • Checkout
  • Thank you

There are really significant points that can impact your shop’s growth. Therefore, you would like to be willing to get them correct somehow.

Although Elementor Pro functions very well around the service and store’s individual sites unless you try using Elementor instead of WooCommerce.

It will not let you access all those other areas, which would be a significant disadvantage. This is resolved by WooLentor Pro and provides you far more power over the whole business.

In addition, also it usually includes certain apps as well as other specialized functions, such as selling updates. It would be best if you used the available beta at WordPress.com to try things up. I assume plenty of the great attributes, though, are indeed accessible throughout the Premium upgrade.

So, do not hesitate and try this fantastic WooLentor PRO version. Trust me because it is a really great plugin for anyone out there.

FAQs Woolentor Pro Reviews

👉Would there be any additional service?

We strive to ensure the responsibility of our clients with the utmost dedication. We have a widget setup & configuration facility with an available certificate (Agency License) for one domain with zero charges.

👉What’s so good with an unrestricted license?

Another popular thing throughout the unrestricted license seems to be the Flone WooCommerce Style. for mostly numerous domains, this template includes thirty-eight plus home sites. The whole design is used by many as 1500 internet sites, and the web developers claimed their revenue improved while adopting the Flone WooCommerce Design. The live demonstration can be reviewed.

👉Then what is its variation in Licenses?

The personal licensing would be for One domain, the developer license would be for Five platforms, and the agency approves accessible web pages.

👉What advantages would the use of an unrestricted license have?

For marketers/companies/developers who really want to build websites frequently through their customers or company, the Agency license is the safest.

👉What are the critical features of WooLentor Pro?

These are the features in short- Theme Generator (simple) for WooCommerce WooCommerce Included, New, Highest Performing, On Offer, Maximum Ranked, Sliding / Tab for section-based items. Forty-Two designs of the label. Icons of operation in various areas Special offer for System Program Enable/Deactivate Material Gallery Limitless Font and Color Variety. Settings for Slider Power The Service Grid choice in the tab

After using this plugin, we had tons of queries, so I have a few answers to the most basic questions-

Testimonials For Woolentor Pro

WooLentor- Page Builder Testimonials

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Conclusion: Woolentor Pro Review 2021 Best Woocommerce Page Builder

We addressed an even more outstanding aspect of our WooCommerce WooLentor addon today. You may easily construct a customized WooCommerce single-product layout utilizing this function.

WooLentor may very well help you develop a design for more than just a specific brand listing for WooCommerce. You will then build a standard personalized system for so many of the items when you’re using the free edition. But the pro edition would allow you to personally create a unique WooCommerce product site framework for any item. It has various features to select from, of which you can design your site within a few mins.

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