WordPress Customization Services

Website development has become an integral part of each and every business today. This has been made possible because of the information age which has given power to the customers to make more informed decisions.

In the arena of web development WordPress has provided many companies and individuals with the facilities and tool required to make a dynamic and attractive website thus helping them project their brand in the grandest of fashion and help them establish traffic and a consistent market based on transparency and information.

With web development needs comes the need to hiring firms which specialise in development, creation and maintenance of WordPress websites and can provide you with the exact tools you need in order to make your website a success in the form of customization services. These involve experts who know about WordPress plugins and other source code methods which are required.

BloggersIdeas, with its panel digital experts has interesting and quality WordPress customization services to offer.  One may first think that it is a blogging site but once you explore the services it has to offer, you will notice quite a deal of expertise in the web development area. They offered detailed WordPress services which can help in the development of comprehensive business websites.

Our main WordPress customization services are:

Free WordPress Installation Services

The first fantastic thing about this service is that it is free.This is because when to take hosting from their affiliate link, they already get some commission from the parent web hosting service which helps their revenue and allows you to start your website with the minimum cost possible.

It is a fantastic service for newbie bloggers and digital marketers who want to make a comprehensive online presence and attract some traffic. It will assist you in obtaining the domain name and hosting account for your website.  Once that is done they will provide you with the complete installation of WordPress over your domain.

One of the things which is essential for the smooth and profitable running of a website is a strong and SEO friendly theme. These guys will install a premium theme for you at zero cost. Thus you will get the benefit of using a premium WordPress theme for free which is huge because most of the Google search algorithms favour premium themed websites powered by WordPress.

They also provide you with plugin installations such as

  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • W3 total cache
  • GASP – Anti Spam Plugin
  • Digg – Social Share Plugin
  • WP Security Plugin
  • Google Analytics

They offer full Google analytics for robust traffic analysis and set you up with Google Webmaster Tools which allow you to track your website better. With unlimited space for free and a host of other implicit services this is one top WordPress Service which BloggersIdeas offers.

Theme Customization

Every premium WordPress theme needs a proper setup and customization. Additionally we can do a facelift for your existing website. Digiexe WordPress experts can help  you to customize your themes according to your requirement.

  • Installing Themes
  • Customizing your Homepage
  • Changing your theme layout
  • CSS Changes
  • PHP and Javascript Edits
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Adding Mailing List Signup Forms
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Moving to a new Hosting Account
  • Installing Sliders
  • Responsive Background Images
  • Tweaking the Mobile Version of your website
  • Adding or Creating Custom Plugins
  • Adding Sidebar
  • Expanding your Footer
  • And much more…

WordPress Search Engine Optimization Services

Getting online traction has never been more difficult and SEO, the process which provides you with has become all the more complex. Thus the need and demand for SEO experts who can make your website more search-friendly and achieve top rankings on the search engines.

Well the guys at Bloggers Ideas also offer some top ranking SEO services especially designed for WordPress websites. The services include:

  • Recommendations for site structure and perhaps a layout redesign to achieve a better conversion of goals like product sales, AdSense revenues etc.
  • Install and configure WordPress SEO plugins.
  • Configure permalinks and other WordPress settings for an improved SEO. XML and HTML sitemaps.
  • Registration and tracking the statistics through Analytics. BloggersIdeas provides essential insights and suggestions regarding the performance in Google search.
  • SEO consulting and advices till deemed necessary. This includes recommendations for keywords, link building and article writing strategies alongside relevant advices as required.
  • BloggersIdeas even addresses any of yours pressing SEO questions

They also provide you with robust support on backlinks and other digital solutions to make your website better.

Migrated Hosting Services

BloggersIdeas provides essential migration services to shift the blog from WordPress to the self-hosted WordPress blog which is better for many reasons. Monetization and passive income possibilities from simple WordPress.com blogs are limited because of various restrictions. However, once you move to a self-hosted WordPress blog, the opportunities suddenly become immense.

After availing these services you get full control of your blog. You control your own SEO; host your own files, add plugins and a lot more like:

  • You get to install themes and plugins of your choice.
  • You can include advertisements on your WordPress.org blog.
  • If you aren’t happy with the commenting system of WordPress.com, you may use alternatives like Disqus or even Facebook comments.
  • You can turn your single-author blog into a multi-user site and even split the advertising revenue with various contributors.
  • A web address like myblog.com (hosted on WordPress.org) looks far more professional than myblog.wordpress.com which uses the free WordPress.com platform.

Thus Digiexe is surely one of the top firms when it comes to providing WordPress Customization services and if you are looking for a good service then this is a one stop solution for you.

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