List of Top 20 Best WordPress Instagram Plugins For Extra Traffic

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Ae we all know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform with the huge user base, that’s the great opportunity for your online business in order to get extra traffic on your blog. Instagram is now being owned by Facebook.

Specifically for photo bloggers, basically Instagram should be the great source of traffic as this one is the photo sharing platform with the bulk of potential visitors and if you can pot quality images you will be going to create a nice follower base on Instagram. Somehow if you are not using Instagram try it now as you can see its source through which you can simply get more traffic. Here the following WordPress Instagram Plugins will definitely make it for you to integrate the platform right with your blog quite effectively.

Here all these WordPress Instagram Plugins will help you in showing the photo galleries right from your Instagram profiles in your blog beautifully. In this post, you get many high-quality free WordPress Instagram Plugins that we have researched on the Internet and we have tried our best to compile the list of Best WordPress Instagram Plugins. Check out the complete list here..


List of Best WordPress Instagram Plugins 2023

 1. Instagram For WordPress

Instagram for WordPress - WordPress Instagram Plugins

Here Instagram for WordPress is the best Instagram widget for your WordPress website or blog. Here this comprehensive widget can showcase your Instagram account right in the way you want with many customization features.

You can simply display latest photos, tagged photos along with photos from many other places or locations and much more. This widget will set up to fit any website or blog in three ways like Grid, Grid with Paging along with slideshow options. Simply to get started with it, download and activate the widgets on your website and blog. Now simply drag and drop the Instagram Widgets right into one of your widgets areas and after that simply click on the Connect to the Instagram button.


2. Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram Slider Widget — WordPress Instagram Plugins

Here this one is nice looking and responsive slider plugin that will let you show more than 20 photos from any of the Instagram user profile. You can simply link the images right to any custom URL you to do. This one is really easy to use plugin. Basically here the Instagram images are imported into WordPress attachments. You can simply display the images in the slider or thumbnails and simply link the images to your user profile, attachment URL, custom URL and many more.


3. Instagram Portfolio

Instagram Portfolio - WordPress Instagram Plugins

Instagram Portfolio, is one of the high-end WordPress Instagram Plugins that will be helping you in creating great looking Instagram Gallery. Basically, it comes with more than 10 special effects that will be going to amaze your users and definitely will keep them on your website.

Mainly it supports images along with videos to show in the Gallery which can be really fully customized with the header along with other elements on it. Here you can simply make the images open in a great looking lightbox. And here the plugin is fully responsive and definitely, it will make the widget look stunning on all the devices.


4. Flexi Instagram Feed

Flexi Instagram Feed — WordPress Instagram Plugins

This one is a new Instagram Plugin that has multiple layouts along with displaying options which will make your Instagram account stand out among all of the crowd. Here this one is having an easy interface and setup wizard will make your Instagram feed layout easy. This plugin basically includes advanced customization, lifetime update support. And this plugin is fully responsive in which device you are viewing on. Here you will get various layouts for your stream now you can simply spread the photos in classic form. If you have bought the license here you will get free lifetime update.


5. Intagrate Lite

Intagrate Lite – — WordPress Instagram Plugins

This plugin will integrate Instagram with WordPress blog. It will help you in fetching and posting new images right from your profile to the blog post. Basically, this theme is 100% compatible with the Instagram’s new API terms. Here this plugin will allow you to automatically integrate your Instagram images right with your WordPress blog. All you need to do is install this plugin. Log in to Instagram and pick your default WordPress post setting and you are all ready to go. Simply take photos or lots on Instagram and the next time whenever someone visits your site a new post will be created with your every photo from Instagram.


6. Simply Instagram

Simply Instagram- WordPress Instagram Plugins

Here as the name suggests this one is very simple Instagram WordPress plugin that will help you in showing your photos from Instagram you have the two choices here one is by using the shortcode and another one is by using widgets. Mainly this plugin requires your Instagram ID and Access Token. After installing and activating this plugin simply go to Settings > Instagram and then log in to your Instagram Account > simply authorize Simply Instagram here this will retrieve your ID and access token.


7. InstaShow

InstaShow- WordPress Instagram Plugins

Basically, InstaShow is an Instagram widget plugin that will help you in simply creating stunning galleries of Instagram images. This one is fully responsive and retina ready WordPress plugin that will help in making galleries look great on all the devices.

Here it comes with more than 50 adjustable parameters that will be helping you in creating the great looking images sections that have more than 10 beautiful color schemes. It will also provide you control over all the kinds of images along with hashtags, username, and URL. You can also control the sizes of the images as per your choice and environment.


8. Enjoy Instagram

Enjoy Instagram — WordPress Instagram Plugins

Here Enjoy Instagram is a quality WordPress plugin that will integrate the Instagram right with your blog and website. You can display photos all in a stunning carousel or slider that you can simply show anywhere right with the widgets or the shortcodes.

Here users can simply display photos just by using the Instagram hashtag or the Instagram account. This one is a fully responsive plugin that will help you make your images look great even on a small screen device. You will get widgets from the sidebars simply to publish Instagram feed with the carousel along with grid visualization. This plugin is completely responsive and optimized to fro the mobile devices.


9. Easy Instagram

Easy Instagram — WordPress Instagram Plugins

Here this one is another option to show your photos right from an Instagram profile. You can simply show photos right through your user ID or the hashtag or by simply using the shortcodes or widgets. You will not find any complex setting here and this one is very simple integration plugin. It will also automatically create a gallery of ten images fed from the Instagram User ID or Tag. Here you will get a streamlined code for the optimized plugin performance and here you have the option of widgets and shortcodes. You will also get the option to simply display the image author’s username along with the changed link text.


10. WP Instagram Widget

WP Instagram Widget — WordPress Instagram Plugins

Basically, it’s a simple Instagram Plugins just to integrate your Instagram profile right on your WordPress blogs. WP Instagram widgets that will showcase your latest Instagram pics.This one is a plugin and a ply type of tool that will not require you to provide your login details or sign in via OAuth. Here it provides no style/css and it is up to you to simply style the widget to your theme and taste. Filters are also provided to adjust the cache timings.

Top WordPress Instagram Plugins 2023

11. Instagram Badges

Instagram Badges — WordPress Instagram Plugins

This one is a simple WordPress plugin that will add the Instagram badges right to your WordPress blog that will definitely help you to simply link and promote your Instagram profile. A must have plugin if you’re a photo lover. Basically, this plugin works better with multisite enabled WordPress.

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12. Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram - WordPress Instagram Plugins

Simple and powerful Instagram WordPress plugin that will let you show your photos right from any profile or simply with the hashtag in the widget or the shortcodes. Basically, users can insert the images right into the post or pages without any additional coding. Here the fetched photos can be simply linked right to your Instagram page, specific URL along with Lightbox slideshow according to your wish.


13. Instagram Theater

Instagram Theatre- WordPress Instagram Plugins

If you are willing to make the best use of the Instagram platform, this is the plugin you must have. Basically, this plugin is created to pull the photos right from your profile and simply sue them on your site. You can show the photos in many different layouts like a grid, list along with full-screen.

This one is a fully responsive plugin that will showcase your photos beautifully in all the screen sizes and this plugin will also offer you many different models to showcase your photos right with the special cases and animations. Mainly this plugin comes with three fully responsive site templates so that you can simply manage your user experience which is similar to the one in the demo.

It has full-screen layout mode and this view mode will turn your site into the full-screen gallery using your Instagram photos. Basically this plugin is fully mobile responsive, basically, this plugin scale to accommodate all of your devices like iPhone, iPad along with Android.


14. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed- WordPress Instagram Plugins

This Instagram plugin will offer easy options to showcase your photos from any nonprivate account right in a single feed along with multiple feeds as your requirement. Basically, this one is a fully responsive plugin and it will make all the photos look great even on the small screen mobile devices.

This plugin is fully customized so that you can make it fit right with your WordPress themes. As here you can customize the width, height along with columns, image sizes, background color and more. Here you can also have different thumbnail sizes as per your requirement and you can also display the feel right anywhere with the provided shirt codes.


15. Instapress

Instapress — WordPress Instagram Plugins

Another fully customizable WordPress plugin to simply display your Instagram photos. Here you can simply display photos right in the sidebars along within the post or pages as per your requirement. You can customize the number of images you are willing to display, the size of the images and you can also display the Instagram title, it’s up to you whether you want it or not. Simply create your own Instagram Gallery with the Instapress paging functionality. Here it makes use of jQuery fancy box plugin to display the stunning slideshows for your images.  You can display your own Instagram feed, friend Instagram feed along with popular media and more.


16. DesgnWrks Instagram Importer

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer — WordPress Instagram Plugins

Here this plugin will allow you to import all of your Instagram photos as posts right into your WordPress blogs. Simply set up extremely user-friendly and here it will allow you to consider control all over how all the photos are imported. It mainly includes robust options that will allow you to control all the imported posts formats including built-in support for the WordPress custom post types along with post formats.


17. InstaLink

InstaLink- WordPress Instagram Plugins

Basically, this one is the fairly basic widget plugin and you can simply use this free plugin to simply import the standard Instagram feed right into your site. Here you can change the header color, image sizes along with the option to how far you want the users to scroll with the feed. And you have the option to choose whether you want the header or not. It basically works with @username along with the #hastags and it will adopt all the sizes and devices. You can also use the gallery without the heading along with the customizing the size of the images. It also supports multiple languages.


18. Instagram Journal Plugin

Instagram Journal- WordPress Instagram Plugins

Here this plugin mainly uses the full advantage of the Instagram API and it will give more control over what you can do right with your feed. You will also get fin layouts which is available like the infinity slider. Basically, the theme colors are fully customizable. You can also host an Instagram contest simply on your website. The best thing is that here you will also get the free Instagram-centric WordPress theme which is included with this plugin.


19. Instagram Feed WD Plugin

WD Instagram Feed – — WordPress Instagram Plugins

This one is a free plugin from Web-Dorado. Here the profile and video for this plugin is a bit misleading. You can simply import the Instagram Feed right into your websites. Right with the free option here your customization options will be limited. But if you don’t want much more than simply displaying your photos as a thumbnail then this one is the right pick for you.


20. Instagram Feed Pro Plugin

Instagram Feed Pro- WordPress Instagram Plugins

This one Instagram Feed Pro Plugin by the Smash Balloon. If you are looking for the customization then it comes with the free version of this plugin. You can import multiple feeds it into one and you can also create a carousel and you can open each photo with the lightbox. It will also help you in creating shoppable feeds right with the purchase links, integrate videos and more.

Here it will increase the engagement between you and your Instagram followers and you can also increase your followers simply by displaying your Instagram content directly on your site. This theme is completely responsive and always mobile ready layouts will look great on any of the screen sizes.

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EndNote: 20 Best WordPress Instagram Plugins For Extra Traffic

All the above mentioned WordPress Instagram Plugins will help you in integrating Instagram effectively right with your WordPress blog and will definitely help you getting extra traffic along with engaging your visitors with many high-quality photos on your site.

I hope this post regarding WordPress Instagram Plugins suits your purpose well. Feel free to add many other quality plugins that should be a part of this list. Share this post on the entire trending social media platforms.

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