10 Best WordPress Poll Plugins To Boost Engagement 150% 2023

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 Most of the times polls and surveys conducted by many websites owners, who like to interact with their users, get to know them better. Polls and survey always do wonders regarding increasing user’s engagement right on your WordPress site and definitely it will help you in knowing your users better so that you should start offering content according to their interests.

You can simply run poll just by using your social profiles, Facebook fan page of your brand along with using many other platforms but trust me running polls on your blog will make a huge impact. Here the results will be more specific and accurate. As you can see many professional bloggers using this amazing feature effectively just to engage their users along with creating a community around their blogs.

WordPress users can from a variety of poll plugins which can be also integrated as a widget in most of the cases. Here I have compiled a complete list of Best WordPress Pool Plugins which can really change the total mood of the websites. Check out the complete list here..

10 Best WordPress Poll Plugins To Boost Engagement 150% 2023


1. YOP Poll

Here YOP Poll plugin will help you in creating a beautiful survey on your WordPress blog. You can simply run multiple polls simultaneously and basically it will provide you the full control over the tool after the activation of the plugins.

YOP Poll- WordPress Poll Plugins

You can simply create a new poll or you can also create a new poll and you can also manage that votes, what details to display and what you are willing to keep private from the dashboard. Do not worry it’s a free WordPress plugin, and it will provide you a number of amazing options and features that make this one a premium quality tool.

2. WP-Polls

Here, WP-Polls is one the most popular and free WordPress plugins for running polls on your blog. It has more than 100,000+ downloads, and this plugin one of the popular plugins in the list for running polls.

WP Polls — WordPress Poll Plugins

This one is the simple and highly customizable plugin via templates and CSS styles. Here it will provide you a number of options through which you can show the poll in the specific post along with the sidebar. You can also use the shortcodes which are being provided by this plugin just to place the survey.


3. WordPress Survey and Poll

WordPress Survey & Poll- WordPress Poll Plugins

This one is an extremely beautiful and most useful WordPress survey plugin. Here this plugin will help you in showing the poll results in an animated and graphical interface. This plugin will also provide the full control over the survey right in the terms of the content of the poll along with looking and feeling the survey. You can also easily show the poll anywhere on the site just by embedding the survey right to any page or post simply by using the provided shortcodes.


4. Hot or Not

Hot or Not- WOrdPress Poll Plugins

This one is really a useful poll plugin for WordPress. Here this poll plugin is fully customizable to fit into your theme perfectly. You can simply engage many visitors with amazing comparisons. Here this plugin will engage visitors attention and will hook them right on your site. This plugin will allow you to show other media like embedded videos and text.


5. Poller Master Ultimate WP Polling System

Here this one is premium WordPress poll plugin and it is a fully responsive tool which is based on Bootstrap. You can simply create beautiful surveys just by using the WordPress editor with the single along with multiple choices according to your requirement

Poller Master- WordPress Poll Plugins

It will offer you more 85 visual effects along with 500+ Google fonts just to power your survey along with making it look very attractive. You will also get unlimited colors options just to customize every section of the poll, here you will also get unlimited poll templates or you can also create your own templates. It will also offer you 40+ specially designed styles for the checkbox along with the radio inputs for your surveys.


6. Responsive Poll

Responsive Poll- WordPress Poll Plugins

Here, Responsive Poll is another simple and stunning WordPress poll plugins. It will offer you 7 attractive animated charts for displaying voting results. Here with this plugin, you can insert multiple polls right on a single page if you are willing to show more than one poll. Basically, this one Bootstrap based plugin that has three layers security just to protect your site from your site and survey.


7. WordPress Easy Polling Plugin

WP Easy Poll — WordPress Poll Plugins

Basically, this plugin brings an easy interface to interact with your website visitors along with gathering their feedbacks and views for different things regarding your site or regarding anything else. This plugin is fully customized and compatible with BuddyPress and you have the authority to create a Social Polling site just by using their BuddyPress add-on and really this one is the great extension of this plugin.


8. Total Poll

Here this one is an extensive poll plugin for WordPress which will let you create great looking along with responsive polls right on your site. You can simply place it in the sidebar using the built-in widgets or you have the choice to place it anywhere else just by using the shortcodes.

TotalPoll- WordPress Poll Plugins

This plugin will offer you security layers for more credible polls, sessions, cookies, IP restriction along with captcha. You will also get few options to customize it and change the look feel of the polls and it will also offer you default templates which you can simply use for your site.

9. Advanced Polls for WordPress

Advanced Poll - WordPress Poll Plugins

This one is another extensive poll plugin for WordPress which will let you create great looking and responsive polls right on your site. And this one fully based on Bootstrap and it will provide you option for multiple answers and choices. Here with this plugin, you can simply show the results in a popup with many graphical figures that will definitely catch your user’s attention right to your surveys.


10. WPolling System

WPolling System- WOrdPress Poll Plugins

This one is another effective and premium poll plugins for WordPress, here can show polls in a different way and style right in your WordPress blog with the help of this plugin. It will also provide you a start rating feature that will help your users to directly rate your posts easily. This one is another Bootstrap based plugins which will offer you unlimited polls along with answers options and multiple choice answers to vote.

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11. Pollify

Pollify Simple WordPress Poll Plugins

This one is a simple poll widget for WordPress. And here it will help you in creating a fabulous survey for WordPress blog. It features in three-layered security, animated bars along with elegant designs. It supports 5+ languages and RTL support. This one is having an elegant design with the animated bars and customizable.


12. Social Polls

Social Poll- WordPress Poll Plugins

Basically, Social Polls will allow you to simply add polls right to your WordPress site, post or pages. And trust me this one is the greatest way to engage all of your visitors along with interacting with them to get more insights about your content and mainly your online business.


13. Democracy Poll

Here this plugin basically adds a clever and convenient system to simply create various polls with many features like single and multiple voting, quick admin button for Admin, plugin menu in the toolbar along with inline CSS & JS included. This plugin also works with WP Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

Democracy Poll — WordPress Poll Plugins

The best part is that users can also add their own answers that is why it named as democracy. You have the liberty to insert new polls to any posts by putting the democracy shortcodes.

14. Dyamar Polls

Here this plugin will allow you to add many interactive and dynamic AJAX polls right to your WordPress website. You can simply use shortcodes to manually place the desired questions right in the post or pages. There is no any limitation and you can simply create as many polls as you want along with many questions you are willing to ask your users.

DYAMAR Polls — WordPress Poll Plugins

It features in single and multi-answer poll along with 8 theme sand poll widgets. And in the pro version, you can add images to the questions and it features in simple CSS editor along with graphical reports section.

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15. Quick Chat

Quick Chat — WordPress Poll Plugins

Here this WordPress chat plugins basically supports private chat, chat rooms, and avatars along with words filtering, caching plugins and more. Basically, Quick Chat is self-hosted chat solution.  That means you all of your chat messages will be stored right inside your local WordPress database and that will be totally under your control. It basically supports multiple private ones on one chat session and here this plugin will filter out the bad words.

16. PollyDaddy — WordPress Poll Plugins

Here this plugin Pollydaddy will allow you to simply create and manage polls along with ratings from your WordPress dashboard. You can easily create polls and you have the choice to choose from 20 different styles of your polls along with viewing the results of your poll when they come.

Polldaddy Polls Ratings — WordPress Poll Plugins

Here all the polls are fully customized and you can simply set a close date for your poll, create multiple choice polls. The best part is that you can even embed the polls you create on the other websites too.


17. Votely by WPGens

Votely by WPGens — WordPress Poll Plugins

Basically, Votely is the simple opinion system that acts like a poll, which is basically placed at the ends of each post once added during the post creation. This plugin is perfect to get users attention along with increasing engagement. This one could be used for simple opinion questions with the Yes/No answers. Here this plugin is fast, AJAX powered and basically coded with best practice and it will not slow down your site.

18. Formidable Forms

Here Formidable Forms is a free and flexible free WordPress form plugin. You can simply create contact forms, polls along with surveys, lead generating forms and many other forms you can simply imagine.

Formidable Forms –— WordPress Poll Plugins

You can simply start with a pre-built contact from the template or you can simply create totally customs forms. Now you can easily create professional WordPress contact form without any coding and for the customization option, you will have the access to change the form HTML and CSS.


19. Colored Vote Polls

Colored Vote Polls — WordPress Poll Plugins

Here this Colored Vote Polls will allow you to add polls with multiple choice answers right to your poll. You can simply display the colors from red to green or you have the choice of any other colors you like. You have the choice to make answers mandatory or not. You can simply add the pols to your website or on the pages and post just by using the provided shortcodes. This plugin is really easy to sue and setup.

20. TotalPoll Lite

TotalPoll Lite — WordPress Poll Plugins

No doubt TotalPoll is a powerful WordPress poll plugin that will let you create and integrate polls very easily. Here it will provide you many options and features that will give you full control over the polls and this plugin is very easy to use.

Basically, this poll is user-friendly as it will let you create polls in 60 seconds. The best part is that this one is SEO friendly as SEO is the important factor of any website as the TotalPoll will make the pols more search engine friendly so that you will get more and more traffic.

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EndNote: 10 Best WordPress Poll Plugins To Boost Engagement 150% 2023

No doubt the polls and survey methods mainly engaging methods to simply keep your users on your site along with interacting with them. As it will also help you in reducing bounce rates of your site.

Now you have got the Best WordPress Poll Plugins through which you can conduct polls and surveys in a super easy way. Let us know the feedbacks and suggestion right in the comment sections below. Feel free to share this post with your circle.

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