15 Best Work From Home Jobs In Indonesia 2024 (100% Working)

Working from home is truly a magnificent option that people have all around the world to generate more income every month besides the regular. Whether you talk about the reduced office distractions or a custom environment at your home, there are thousands of advantages you would have by working from home. In this post, we have listed the top 15 Best Work From Home Jobs In Indonesia 2024 to start working from home easily and effectively.

Best Work From Home Jobs In Indonesia

At your workplace, you could have more interruptions and disturbances in comparison to your home. It means you can be more productive and focused while doing the works. In addition, you do not need to travel regularly to reach your office and return home. Overall, you can count the innumerable advantages of working from home on your fingers.

Beginners or strugglers in Indonesia might not know much about the jobs that they can do from their home. As a result, it would be easier said than done to find out whether you will maximize your talent or vanish it.

When you are continuously working from a physical location like an officer, you would not consider working from the home a beneficial option. However, you can talk to your closed people and loved ones who think about doing jobs from home.

If you are much keened about doing work from home in Indonesia, you must review the top options you have at the moment. Getting the right work from home in Indonesia will become an easy thing to do when you undergo different options at the same time. Here are some of the options you have to work from home in Indonesia without any kind of doubt:  

List Of The 15 Best Work From Home Jobs In Indonesia 2024 | (MUST TRY)

1) Blogging: Start a Blog 

Blogging is another magnificent option that you have at the moment to work from home in Indonesia. It is expected that this profession will have more demands in the future. However, you need to choose a specific niche about which you will write constantly in your blogs.

How to Earn Money from Home - Blogging

If the audience fined your content for blogs relevant to their interest, they will become your regular audience. In easy words, the quality of your blogs will determine how well you can do after being a blogger and getting started with a particular niche blog.

2) Freelancing

Freelancing is surely a wonderful career option while exploring home-based jobs in Indonesia. At the present time, freelancers have become able to earn more because every business needs quality works. Most of the companies have to promote their websites through the content that search engines acquire and display. If the content of your website is not appropriate and refutable, search engines will not take it. This is why you can think about becoming a content writer without any kind of doubt, especially while searching for the best jobs in Indonesia.

Being a content writer, you can easily decide the time of working as well as the schedule that you will follow. In addition, you get more chances to improve your writing qualities and skills as much as you want. Freelance content writers are in huge demand throughout the world. So, you will not only help websites in getting more reaching but also you will get paid from the comfort of your sofa.

How to work from Home - Freelancing

Now, you can recall these points when identifying the real significance of working as a content writer from your home in Indonesia. It is possible that you get some misleading information about the job of a content writer. In the end, you just need to evaluate the pros and cons of the same profession to make the final decision.

3) Affiliate Marketing 

The second awesome option you have work from home in Indonesia is affiliate marketing. In this type of business, you need less capital to get started. You need to have a specific website or blog that will generate money for you through affiliate marketing.

How to Do work from Home - Affiliate Marketing

More companies and brands will ask you to promote their products on your website and that’s where you get paid. You need to place some links to the products of other companies. If anyone clicks the links you have provided, you will get a payment. 

4) Copywriter 

Copywriting is another recording option that people love in Indonesia, especially the ones who want to work from their homes. As the name shows, the copywriting job asks you to have more concentration and focus on it. Being a copywriter, you can get the copywriting projects from different platforms. 

How to Start work from Home - Copywriting

 If you always want to be in a profession that can help you to have a good image, then you must become a copywriter. In addition, you need to get more qualities and skills.


5) Selling E-books

Selling E-books isn’t a hidden wealth that you can’t explore from the comfort of your home in Indonesia.  At the present time, more people look interested in buying ebooks. If you are good at writing some books then you must prefer writing the ebooks. There is a wide range of options and opportunities you have to dominate this particular profession. 

How to Sale In Indonesia - Ebook

You can sell your ebooks through a third-party website or through your own website. However, you need to be a bit more confident about the things you want to sell in terms of ebooks.

6) Make money with online courses 

Online courses are one of the most search things in recent past times, and that’s why you can record some online lessons. In easy words, you can make money from the comfort of your sofa by providing some online courses to the people who need them. By using any smart device, you need to record some specific lectures on a topic or subject.

Best Make Money Online In Indonesia- Online Course

 After ensuring the quality and impressiveness of your online lectures, you can upload them with the help of any reputable tools. Once your recorded lectures get more views and followers, you can become highly successful in this particular line. 

7) Freelance Translator 

Freelance translators can become another helpful work from home option for people who are seeking home-based jobs in Indonesia. Being a professional freelance translator, you will always have the freedom of working as you can decide the word time and make schedules that meet your interest. If you love to do the works in the morning time, then you can prefer the morning time more. 

How to work from Home - Freelancer Translator

In this profession, it is possible to work on a wide range of projects at the same time and earn money through them. To get started in this profession, you have to connect a desktop or any other smart device. Hopefully, you will compare the pros and cons of this profession and then make your final decision on it.

8) Consulting Business 

Of course, you can talk about working as an online business consultant from your home in Indonesia. These days, businesses need highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants who can help businesses in ups and downs. After earning a lot of experience in the profession of a business consultant, you can start this job even from your home without any doubt. 

In the implementation, growth, and education of a business, a business consultant is involved. Business consultants get a higher salary. You have limitless options to earn money. It is an admired and reputable position. Overall, you have thousands of advantages of being a business consultant.

How to Start A business In Indonesia - Consult Business

With the help of these important points, you might have understood the benefits of being an online business consultant. Furthermore, you can talk to some of your loved ones and let yourself know what they think about this profession. It is advisable that you should compare the pros and cons of working as an online business consultant. 

9) Online Surveys

If you are looking for a job that you can do for some hours only and get paid, then you must think about the online survey. To improve the quality of the products and services, most businesses conduct online surveys with the help of a specialist. As a result, you can become an online service specialist and help businesses in knowing what they want about their products and services. 

How to Start A business In Indonesia - Online Surveys

You just need to complete the survey projects that your clients have given to you. Within a short amount of time, the service price will be transferred to your account without any doubt. You need to do different kinds of surveys online without leaving your home. This is why it is going to be a very successful business you can start from your home in Indonesia. 

10) Online Accounting 

Thousands of businesses need online accounting services to handle the most important aspect of their business. Accounting is not a profession that everyone can handle easily, and that’s why you can get more money from your home. It is also possible to go craft a special online accounting tool to provide the accounting services that your customers need. 

How to Earn Money Online In Indonesia - Online Accounting

By adding some helpful features and specifications to the accounting tool, you can make it more popular and reliable for people to use. If you are good at computing skills or accounting skills, then you can also try to create an accounting app.

Local businesses need online accounting services, and that’s why you do not need to advertise your business. Overall, there are thousands of benefits you can get through this profession.

11) Sell products online 

Selling products online looks an easier way to earn money from home, but it is not so. At the present time, many people look engaged in this particular business that could be done from the comfort of a home. However, you need to make improved Strategies and plans to reach more audiences. If you have some products that meet all the quality standards but they are not getting the customers, you can start selling them online.

Best Make Money Online In Indonesia - Online Selling Product

Perhaps, you will undergo a lot of ups and downs in this business, but you should not get disappointed at any cost. People who have done great in selling business online also have suffered a lot. So, gaining experience in terms of selling the products is very important to dominate this particular option.

12) Develop apps

App development is surely one of the fields that will rise with the passage of time in the future. These days, app developers are in heavy demand due to the skills and capabilities they have. Every business needs a professional app that could drive more online traffic through different mediums. Hence, you can start working as an app developer and serve local companies in Indonesia that need apps. If you talk about the money rewards of being an app developer, then there are countless because you can develop different kinds of apps.

Today, app development is one of the largest markets in which you can get involved by start developing apps from your home. In this profession, higher and regular money benefits are guaranteed. Without any doubt, app developers are in heavy demand all around the world so you should not miss this opportunity. As mentioned, every business needs some apps to drive customers, and it means you have more earnings.

How to work from Home - Develop Apps

Hence, these are only a few advantages you can expect to have after being a professional app developer and start working from the comfort of your home in Indonesia. If you still have any kind of doubt left there in your mind about this profession, you can talk to your loved ones. App developers service individuals and companies around the world so your business is not limited to any certain location.

13) Graphics Designing 

If you should try to accept the truth, the profession of being a graphic designer is so much rewarding when you want to work from your home in Indonesia. Once you get associated with a reputable company, you can start earning big money without leaving your home. Everybody knows what graphic designers do and which kinds of roles they have to play. Therefore, this is going to become yet another magnificent alternative you will not overlook. Let us introduce the advantages of being a graphic designer and start working from home in Indonesia:

How to work from Home - Graphic Designing

You can work as a freelance graphic designer. In addition, you can boost social skills and expect to have a higher salary. Moreover, it is an in-demand job that would let you get the rest of the advantages without any doubt. 

Now, these kinds of rewards and advantages will make your mind clear about working as a graphic designer from your home. If you still have any kind of doubt left in your mind, you can compare the pros and cons of this particular profession. 

14) Home-Based Editing Business 

In Indonesia, home-based editing business could become one of the best things you can do at your home. People who are good at editing files and content can easily prefer this particular job. In the recent past time, the needs of home-based editing services have increased in Indonesia. As a result, you can think about serving different companies and individuals that need editing and services without being out of your couch. Everybody knows that the home-based editing business is a vast work that has constant rewards and profits.

Home-Based editing of permanent services has been popular all across the world. In this business, you will be able to work from any part of the world by choosing this profession. You will never stop learning through your profession. As mentioned earlier, complete flexibility is a reward that has been associated with this profession.

How to Start Home Base Business In Indonesia- Editing Business

Due to these wonderful reasons, you might consider home-based editing as a good way to generate income from your home in Indonesia. At the present time, more people are engaged in home-based editing so be careful about the skills you have. It’s your accountability to ensure that your skills are sufficient enough to get paid by companies in Indonesia.

15) Start a Resume Business

Online resume builders are the gentlemen who build a highly impressive and efficient resume for their clients and get paid by them. Last but not least, starting a resume business is quite a praiseworthy thing you have found.  Everyone who is looking to get a job in the upcoming time needs a professional resume, especially the ones who are willing to serve the private sector. This is why you can start this business to help people in getting quality resumes.

How to Start Business In Indonesia- Resume Business

Without any doubt, it is an enduring business that would stay in the popularity for the coming time is well. You can have your own website of resume building where you will be building thousands of resumes according to the needs of the customers. Once you get the right amount of knowledge about starting a resume business, you would reap more rewards through it.

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Conclusion: Top 15 Work from Home Jobs in Indonesia ( 2024 )

At the present moment, you have successfully reviewed different kinds of options you have to work from home in Indonesia. By exploring the mentioned above paragraphs, you have gone through some wonderful information about working from home. Now, you are the only one who has to determine the rest of the things about working from home in Indonesia. Make sure that you will take a brief review of the offered details at least once before choosing any recommended work.


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