WP Engine Affiliate Program: SCAM FRAUD DONT JOIN !

It is no secret that WPEngine affiliate program has a very high payout. Bloggers always look forward to high paying affiliate programs & but It is no secret that a WPEngine affiliate program has a very high payout.But naked truth is that they are one of Scam affiliate programs when it comes to the commission structure. Here is my story of WP  Engine Affiliate Program SCAM Story.

WP Engine Affiliate Program Fraud Scam dont join

You can earn a lot of money with WP Engine Affiliate Program but there  is Twist in their affiliate program

So WP Engine wants to promote this hosting because they offer a huge commission rate of  200$ but there is a fucking dirty secret behind these.

WP Engine is very clever in their affiliate program I will share my personal experience here:

Wp Engine fraud affiliate program

Why Bloggers & Affiliates promote WP Engine

For one simple reason their affiliate commission rate is damn high(200$) I too promoted WP Engine for huge affiliate commission & got some good sales.

So every blogger here try very hard to promote WP Engine hosting & rank on 1st of Google SERP.


I too tried & rank on the keyword  WP Engine Coupon on 1st page.  As a blogger I make lot of  efforts to rank site on Google. You know SEO is not easy thing, bloggers like me have sleepless nights and we work hard to rank our sites on Google 1st page. WP Engine here takes advantage  of bloggers like  us. It is  time to teach them lesson. They  cannot play  with the feelings of hardcore bloggers  like us.

They voided my huge commissions too check  screenshots below: loss of more  than $3500

WP Engine Fraud

WP Engine affiliate program is  very  deceptive in their terms & conditions

wpengine fraud 6

Some sites which use  WP Engine Coupon keyword but  still not banned, I dont have harsh feelings for  these sites but my  question  is that I need affiliate policy should be same for every affiliate partner,  if they have special   terms they should mention in their policy.






Why these sites are allowed to use Coupon keyword if they have a strict policy of not using the coupon in any promotional offers. This clearly states their T&C are not fair, they can change their rules  according to authority sites. This is unfair to bloggers who work day & night to rank their keywords  on top of Google, give them sales & traffic. They don’t understand how much efforts blogger is putting to rank their keyword.

Screenshots from  some  of my conversations with them, they went silent when I ask why you  allowing coupon keyword to these sites:

wpengine fucks fraud scam

wpengine fraud affiliate program

wpengine affiliate program fraud scam


I got warning & I removed keywords coupon from article

I  did get  a warning from WP Engine for using coupon keyword on my blog post: BloggersIdeas.com, but  once I  got the warning I immediately removed the coupon keywords from my article.

Here are some proofs of my blog coupon keyword removal.

wpengine fucks dont buy them

wpengine scam reviews


After coupon keyword removal my rankings got down & I  didnt made any sales from  WP Engine. after a month I got my ranking up again , I made some sales but again they reverted my sales.

WP Engine is a bloody cheater when they see your sales are increasing they will try  to cut down your commissions automatically by sending your warning emails, I heard this from lot of bloggers who are promoting WP Engine. They just use bloggers like us to  get sales & in return they also  dont offer us commission.

Their sales team is not supportive at all & they also claim that they fraud seriously, are you fucking kidding me. If you take fraud seriously why not have proper T&C for affiliates. You cannot  have different T&C for various affiliates if you choose to have please mention it.

wpengine fraud 3 wpengine fraud 4wpengine fucks 2


Conclusion: Avoid WP Engine Fraud Affiliate Program otherwise you  will  cry


Attention : Top Best Affiliate Programs

WP Engine should clarify this issue, they have caused me a huge loss & my efforts which I had done to rank those keywords.

I would advise every blogger or affiliate marketer to stop promoting their affiliate program as they are playing with the feelings of bloggers. If bloggers get ranked above those authority sites like Retailmenot, etc. WP Engine try to ban bloggers account & threat them to deindex or remove that post.  What is the problem if we rank above those authority sites, bloggers like me work day & night to rank those keywords & earn their money. WP Engine uses bloggers like  us  to make money & then they discontinue our affiliate accounts. Cheaters bloody losers.

Please stay away from WP Engine Affiliate Program.

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  1. rahul

    Thanks Sonam for this great article… I have heard about WP engine but you explained it beautifully and it cleared all my doubts regarding it and i m going to register with them now…. Keep sharing such great content… cheers

  2. I wonder how many users does the site have to serve usually for the webmaster choose WPEngine over other hosting companies?

  3. Thanks For This 🙂 atleast it will help many people to getting in this Wp Engine scam

  4. Thanks Sonam for this article. It helped me to save lot of time as I’m planning to join their affiliate program.. Now I’m gonna change my mind and concentrate on bluehost affiliate program.. They are always awesome… 🙂

  5. Imran

    Do post this also in web hosting reviews site for more exposure and to know others warned about their affiliate program.

  6. pradeep

    thanks.. bloggersideas for shaving me from this.. now i will not promote them any more..

  7. Thanks for the warning. P.S. Sharing this article for other bloggers.

  8. Srikanta Das

    the same case with me they are bloody cheater

  9. Saubhagya

    The only thing I find unfair was not giving you the $3500 commissions.
    Every company has it’s own conditions and agreements, so not allowing the use of certain keywords is totally acceptable.
    But they should have given the commissions for the sales because whatever the case was, they are going to benefit from those referrals.
    Anyways, I’ll clear all these matters with them before joining their program. Thanks for bringing this to my notice.

  10. I was not aware of this. I am going to cut the name of WPEngine from one of my blog post which is sharing top high paying affiliate programs. They are the true losers who play with the feelings of bloggers. I can understand how much annoying is that when they would have asked you to remove that keyword from the website and in undue influence you did that too to get commission which was voided. But they are heartless. Really.
    Thanks for sharing and say them F*** O** from my side too.

  11. Marvin Talaro

    Hi Sonam!
    I never thought they could do that. I applied for their referral program and I was declined. It’s good to know that this program is nothing but scam.
    Thanks for the information!

  12. Thanks Sonam for this review. I was looking for another hosting affiliate program to promote, but will beware of this. I appreciate you informing us of your experience.

  13. Tim

    I really appreciate it Sonam, that you are putting out the truth about the WP Engine program. So I decided to do the hard work and read carefully through the terms and try to make sense out of it. Well, turns out that there is a lot that is open to interpretation which is making a little difficult to work with them.. :/
    Best of luck!!

    Human readable version of the terms here:

  14. so sad. although many blogger marked it as a high paying and best one in web hosting platform.

  15. Attila

    One of my friends recommended them as he made good money a year ago. I was thinking to start with WP Engine but I might stay with the other hosting companies like Bluehost. Thanks for this information!

  16. samantha corine

    I can understand Now the Fraud

  17. Imran Fazal

    WPEngine has just now acquired StudioPress along with its Genesis framework. So, beware guys! 🙂

  18. Ohi Hossain

    Thank you for this awesome article

  19. Olalere Damilare

    Thanks for exposing them, I wanted to join their affiliate program and use my precious time in promoting them but this post came in to my way, thanks once again

  20. Miki

    I have 5 sales HostGator but do not get paid, I just read the articles on internet, and i know that they scam. And now WPEngine is the same thing, That is too much

  21. Litlisted

    This article definitely clears the basic idea of WP Engine. Thanks a lot for sharing this informative content which is indeed of great help!!

  22. Litlisted

    Really good content. Got a better perspective of WP Engines Affiliate Programs.
    Thanks Sonam!!

  23. Christy

    TRUE STATEMENT. Just thought I scored big getting them 6 sales in a week, owed me $1200. Then they voided all the payments to me and won’t answer my phone calls or emails. Keepin’ it classy Share-a-Sale and WPEngine. Ugh. Wasted a hundreds on PPC and hours of time of set-up just to be scammed.

  24. Tammy

    I was approved in January and after earning several commissions was now declined. All because I promoted them on Twitter.

  25. Ohi Hossain

    Holy crap, btw thank you for the post

  26. John

    You broke the rules. You can’t advertise for coupon keywords. Many people who advertise this way have no coupons and just steal some other affiliates cookie. WP Engine affiliate program works well for me. Heck, I will take $200 for a $35/mo sale any day.

    • They took away my sales and they didnt allow me do SEO, while other affiliates doing SEO for coupon keywords. They are surely a SCAM


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